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IIEWFP Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Ren looked at his body in disbelief. Finally, his eyes fell on his hands. 


He clenched his fist tightly as if he was holding onto the huge amount of energy contained in his body.


Doris was so ecstatic that she almost knelt down in front of Jin WoWo. But after remembering that this was her daughter-in-law, Doris held back.


Raymond hadn’t felt the breath of energy from his father for many years, so he was also very excited, “Father, do you want to go to the training ground now?”  Raymond asked.


“That’s a great idea!”


Ren, who was already over ninety years old, was excited like a young beastman who couldn’t wait to try his abilities.


“Your father has just recovered. Wouldn’t it be too much to do strenuous exercise right now?” Doris hurriedly said.


Jin WoWo waved his hand nonchalantly, “It’s okay, Auntie. Uncle is already fully healed. There’s no problem with doing strenuous exercise right now.”


A few people came to the training ground in the middle of the father-son bonding. So, Jin WoWo added a barrier to cover the battlefield and prevent the audience from being affected, especially since the energies the two were emitting were too strong.


Although Ren held a high military position before, he hadn’t fought in over 20 years. His fighting skills had become rusty.


Raymond couldn’t show off his skills on purpose in front of his own father. He was there for his father mainly as a training partner, and to accompany his father as he familiarizes himself with energy once more.


On the training field,  two giant pythons came and went at each other repeatedly as they fought heartily for more than an hour.


In the end, Raymond considered Ren’s physical condition as a newly healed man whose physical strength was unable to keep up with his excitement. So, the two gigantic pythons stopped and turned back into their human forms.


When Ren came out of the training arena, he looked a little tired but the light in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.


He came to Jin WoWo, put his hands together above his head, bowed deeply, said solemnly: “WoWo, my whole life as Ren before he was incapacitated…Thank you!”


Ren wanted to say that he would pledge his life to Jin WoWo but hend back after realizing that Jin WoWo was his daughter-in-law and saying such a thing would be pointless. Thus, he changed his words at the last minute.


Jin WoWo felt relieved after hearing Ren’s words. The action that Ren did should probably be a specific kind of etiquette similar to a kowtow of this world.


“Uncle Ren, you don’t need to be so polite. Aren’t we a family?”


“Yes. Yes. Yes!” Doris happily took Jin WoWo’s arm, “We are a family! A family!”


She turned to her son and said, “Raymond, I think you and WoWo’s companionship ceremony will be placed on the agenda as soon as possible.”


Raymond clearly had a happy expression on his face, and his gaze couldn’t be pulled away from Jin WoWo as he waited for his response.


Jin WoWo gave a light cough, “This… we don’t need to worry for the time being.”


Jin WoWo still had a lot of things he needed to do, especially since he’s a pauper right now, spending Raymond’s money.


Once he receives the 3 billion from the pirates, he’ll do something big and finally have some money for his marriage and future babies.


Raymond did not feel disappointed with Jin WoWo’s answer. The two have been getting along better and better. Apart from not living in the same bedroom, the usual small interactions have made him feel like he was on cloud 9.


Every day, when he comes back from the military department, he would see Jin WoWo waiting for him at home. Each time, his chest would be filled with a sense of warmth and happiness.


When Ren and Raymond had come out of the training ground, it was almost midnight and several people had already returned to their rooms to rest.


Filled with excitement, Ren couldn’t sleep. He planned on how he would go back home to train his fighter skill in the fully enclosed training room.


When the old butler got up in the morning and he felt the breath of energy coming from Ren, his eyes almost flew out in surprise.


The old butler also grew up watching Ren. So, their relationship was naturally very close.


At present, Ren couldn’t let others know that his energy core has been repaired, but the old butler was obviously not someone else.


When the old housekeeper learned that it was Jin WoWo who had repaired Ren’s energy core, he couldn’t fully express his gratitude to their young lady.


Doris hasn’t been out shopping for a long time. With such good news, she made an appointment with a close madam to go out and play.


Jin WoWo slept until noon. After having lunch, he went to the virtual mall. The system automatically sent him to the shop.


When Jin WoWo came in, he found a young beastman waiting in his shop.


The stores in the virtual mall don’t usually close since the items on the shelves were all virtual products. Some items that do not need entail any sort of interaction with a salesman or the store owner could even be bought on the spot. Once the owner returns, they can immediately ship the product out.


The young beastman saw the old man in a weird white gown suddenly appear in the shop, and said hurriedly, “Boss, you are finally here.”


Jin WoWo saw that this person had been here yesterday. He was also one of the people who asked about the price before walking away. Why did he come again looking so anxious?


Jin WoWo sank into the soft chair, stroked his long white beard, and said slowly, “You need something from me?”


The beastman said in his heart that he had never seen such a business/businessman. This shop would only open at noon and the store owner wouldn’t even welcome or talk to the customers. Furthermore, only strange things were being sold.


“I am a little interested in the things in your store. I want to ask which research institute developed your medicine? Which pharmaceutical factory made it?” The beastman asked.


Jin WoWo raised his eyebrows, “This is my master’s unique formula. It has not been certified by any research institute or pharmaceutical factory.”


The beastman nodded. The beastman was a small interstellar internet celebrity. He had tens of millions of fans on the platform. Now, internet celebrities are becoming mmore and more competitive. Many of them are trying their best to get new and interesting things to show and attract fans.


Yesterday, he accidentally stumbled into this shop. At first, he dismissed the “painless way of clearing your veins” slogan. After all, a small unknown shop was selling a “magical medicine” for an expensive amount!


However, after going back, he thought for a while. Whether this “medicine” was useful for clearing the toxins in the veins or not, it was a very novel thing.


If this were a scamming shop, he would just expose it.


So, he came again today.


“Then, get me a bottle,” the young beastman said.


Jin WoWo glanced at the other in astonishment. This beastman obviously didn’t believe it, yet he actually wanted to buy one.


Jin WoWo didn’t say anything. He knew about the effects of this medicine, and anyone who bought it would not lose money.


After the other party placed the order, Jin WoWo looked at the back of the store and said, “It will be sent in the afternoon.”


After the young beastman left, Jin WoWo stayed in the store for another two hours. Like yesterday, several waves of people came. But because they were skeptical of his medicine, they all left in the end.


Jin WoWo left the virtual world, packed a small bottle of the “Vein Clearing Liquid” and placed the customer’s address before asking the old butler to help send it out.


The old butler was naturally very concerned about what the young lady was doing. So he picked up the box, intending to express send it, and left.


“Grandpa Butler, wait,” Jin WoWo called, “Drink this.”


The old butler turned his head and saw Jin WoWo holding half a glass of transparent liquid in his hand.


The old butler knew the young lady has strong magical powers. So, the thing he is handing out for him to drink must also be something good. 


The old butler, like Cory, blindly trusts in Jin WoWo now.


Without saying anything, the old butler took the cup and drank it in one gulp.


After drinking, the old butler smiled, picked up the courier box, and left.


Before going down the stairs, the old housekeeper felt like an earth-shaking change had just taken place in his body.


The energy in his body was now smooth, as if it was just slipping along his veins. There was no feeling of being stuffy or any sort of blockage at all!


The medicine prepared by his young lady was simply amazing!


He had a lot of old bones. Thanks to the young lady, he doesn’t have to suffer from the periodic energy dialysis anymore!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Publicity presented itself at the door, lol.
    The cute little couple are getting closer & cozier together, that’s nice!

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