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IIEWFP Chapter 55

Chapter 55

The third prince came over at some point, patted Eugene on the shoulder, and said, “Hey, don’t tease Heller. If you want to like Raymond’s partner, then go and fight  Raymond. Maybe if you win, the subbeast will be yours.”


The third prince wore his usual silly smile but it didn’t reach his eyes.


Eugene squinted at him and hummed, “I won’t fight him.”


He is only in the intermediate level of Rank 7 now, how could he be an opponent of someone on Rank 9. He wasn’t stupid.


Heller glanced at the third prince. “Is that the subspecies you mentioned with dark skin, small eyes, and freckles?”


The third prince touched his nose, “Uh, I was kidding, hahaha.”


Raymond this liar!


After finding a partner, a normal male beastman couldn’t wait to announce to the world how beautiful and good his partner is.


And yet, Raymond edited his partner’s face to be so ugly in the virtual.


The third prince would never admit that he really made such a mistake.


Doris walked over holding Jin WoWo, pointed to Heller’s aunt, and introduced, “This is the Old Marshal Hobby’s wife.”


“Hello, madam.” Jin WoWo greeted politely.


Heller’s aunt nodded and said to Doris: “Doris, it’s been many years. How are you doing?”


“Very good,” Doris answered.


“Ren has been alive for the past few years. You must be taking good care of him.” Heller’s aunt said.


Doris smiled politely, “There is no need for Mrs. Hobby to worry about this.”


Doris didn’t want to see or talk to Heller’s aunt. After all, it would be weird for Doris to be eager to meet her love rival.


Back then, she and Ren had already made a decision to be together for the rest of their lives. But before they had announced the news to the rest of the planet, Heller’s aunt started to make trouble.


Although things have passed decades ago and Heller’s aunt has already been married to Old Marshal Hobby, the two of them have not initiated interactions with one another except for necessary occasions over the years.


Now, fifty years later, Heller’s aunt stepped into the Marshal’s Mansion once again. But to say such words, Doris wanted to glue her mouths shut angrily.


But after all, both of them are old now and are not as impulsive as when they were young. They both knew how to maintain harmony on the surface.


Heller glanced at her aunt, then looked at Jin WoWo. Showing a very nice smile, she stretched out her hand to Jin WoWo, “Hello, my name is Heller. I am the youngest female in Duke Nolan’s family.”


Jin WoWo reached out and shook her hand, “Hello.”


“My name is Eugene, the son of Marshal Hobby. I am now a major general in the military. I am forty-five years old, five years younger than Raymond.” Eugene introduced as he stared directly at Jin WoWo’s face without any intention to conceal the emotions in his eyes.


Of course, Jin WoWo had discovered Eugene’s feelings. Jin WoWo curled his lips up to a smile and said, “Looking at the Marshal Hobby’s fame, I thought his son would be as tall and mighty as the old marshal. I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful. I almost mistook you for a subbeast.”


After he finished talking, Jin WoWo gave an embarrassed smile, “Sorry, I hope you don’t take any offense.”


Eugene’s face stiffened, and the corners of his mouth twitched.  “It’s okay. It’s my honor to be praised by such a beautiful subbeast.”


In fact, Eugene is also tall. After all, he is from the tiger clan. Probably because his mother is a white fox clan, Eugene’s face had a bit of feminine delicateness to it.


The third prince laughed and said,  “I don’t need to think we need to be re-introduced to one another. We met in the virtual mall before.”


Jin WoWo smiled. “His Royal Highness the Third Prince,” he greeted.


Raymond heard the third prince’s laughter and walked over, staring at Eugene with a dark look.


He hadn’t forgotten that Doris told him the other night that Duchess Nolan asked about Jin WoWo.


And, Eugene is the nephew of Duke Nolan.


Eugene looked back at Raymond defiantly.


Seeing that the atmosphere was not so good, the third prince hurriedly interjected, “Hahahaha, Raymond, congratulations on finding such a good partner! Ah, when will I stop being single.” The third prince joked as he inadvertently glanced at Heller.


Heller approached Raymond, her eyes lingering on him.


Jin WoWo didn’t pay much attention to these things before. But today, from the second-floor lounge, he noticed this female named Heller looking at Raymond with unusual eyes.


Raymond is his now. Now that someone is coveting him, it would be weird if Jin WoWo didn’t react at all.


“Well, Miss Heller is right here.  I think you two are very good-looking and good-matched. What do you think, Raymond?”


The third prince choked at Jin WoWo’s words and glanced at Heller quickly.


Raymond listened to Jin WoWo’s words seriously. He looked at Heller, then at the third prince, and nodded, “En, they are indeed a good match.”


The third prince quickly glanced at Heller again, “Hahaha, stop joking around.”


“I wish you an early development with Miss Heller and for her to become your partner,” Raymond said.


The third prince: “…”


After Raymond finished speaking, he turned to Jin WoWo and said, “Let’s walk around, I will introduce you to a few people.”


Raymond nodded to several people as a goodbye and walked away with Jin WoWo.


The third prince touched his nose awkwardly, and glanced at Heller with hidden panic, “Well, shall we go have a coffee break over there?”


Heller, who didn’t say a word from start to finish, nodded and went to the lounge with the third prince.


Eugene was surprised, “Heller’s goal has changed to the third prince?”


Mrs. Marshal Hobby/Heller’s aunt scolded softly, “Don’t talk nonsense in public.”


“Why? Now, even my mother despises me?” Eugene rolled his eyes.


Heller’s aunt frowned, “If only you would get rid of the nonsense, your father would…”


Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Eugene with a sneer, “Who cares.”

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