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IIEWFP Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Jin WoWo’s eyes brightened when he heard that there were fruits of various kinds. He loved all kinds of sweet fruits.

For the first time in his life, Raymond lined up in a queue. In the past, he thought this was a waste of time, but today because he wants to eat with the golden snail, he didn’t mind at all.

Jin WoWo inquired from the crowd and finally found out why there were so many people here.

Turns out, this small shop specialized in selling all-interstellar fruit cuts.

Most beastmen were carnivores, meaning their diets contain less green. Although they can eat some fruits, vegetables, and other vegetarian food when they are in human form, it was a bit difficult for them to digest them.

If they accidentally ate too much, they will most likely vomit or have indigestion.

But, there were some beastmen, especially female beastmen and subbeasts, like to eat sweet and sour fruits.

This small shop was specifically created to virtualize the taste and texture of various fruits to satisfy the appetites of these people without the backlash from their digestive tracts.

Raymond’s tall figure, wearing a small vest and short pants with red furry ears and tails, stood out in the crowd of females and was especially dazzling.

The females around him kept glancing at him frequently.

A female whispered, “That male, looking so strong and mighty, unexpectedly likes to eat sweet fruits. hehehe.”

“Who knows if he is a strong and mighty beastman in reality. Maybe his beast form is like a rabbit.”

Raymond waited diligently with his back upright. When it was finally his turn, he ordered a portion of each variety of fruit from the store, walking out of the crowded shop with a super large plate.

However, since there was no place to sit outside, the two stood in the open space nearby. Raymond subconsciously acted as a table, holding the plate in front of Jin WoWo.

Jin WoWo took a piece of unknown red fruit and took a bite. The sweet juice seeped out of his mouth, and his eyes narrowed from content.

The two fiery red ears on his head stood upright and twitched. But as if they were not enough to express his feelings, the furry tail shook happily behind him.

Raymond’s eyes couldn’t help but darken.

“Come on, you taste it too.”

Seeing that Raymond was holding the plate with both hands, Jin WoWo took a piece of fruit and fed it directly to his mouth.

Raymond, who was able to handle the plate with one hand, held it firmly with both hands.

He slowly opened his mouth and ate the small piece of fruit in his mouth. A sweet taste instantly filled his mouth. Looking at the sparkles of Jin WoWo’s eyes, his eyes overflowed with tenderness.

“Is it tasty?”


In fact, Raymond usually doesn’t usually eat these things, but his mother prefers them.

From the queue in the store before, the two female beastmen who whispered about Raymond came out with two large plates and were suddenly fed dog food.

They happened to see the interaction between Raymond and Jin WoWo when suddenly two male orcs rushed over, walked up to them, picked up their forks, and ate.

The two female beastmen were angry, and kicked them away, saying “Eat, eat, and all you know how to do is eat! Why didn’t you line up for it by yourself?!”

“We are males. How can we line up to buy something that only females and subbeasts like to eat? It’s embarrassing.”

The two male beastmen kept talking as they moved their hands, holding forks and consistently stuffing fruit into their mouths.

Jin WoWo glanced over there, smiled and said to Raymond, “You are the best.”

Raymond’s throat moved slightly. The furry ears on his head suddenly trembled, and the furry tail behind him shook subconsciously.

Jin WoWo saw his wagging tail, his eyes formed crescents. “Are you happy?”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond felt that these pair of hairy ears and tail were simply exposing himself.

He was both happy that this prop showed his true emotions but also nervous about how Jin WoWo would react if he knew his thoughts.

Jin WoWo smiled at him, bowed his head and continued to eat the fruit.

Raymond felt a little lost. Why didn’t Jin WoWo ask him why he was happy?

Jin WoWo raised his head and saw that Raymond’s expression remained the same, but now the two hairy ears on the top of his head were drooping, and his tail was hanging down.

“Why are you unhappy?”

Raymond: “…”

Jin WoWo blinked and reached out his hand to touch Raymond’s furry tail. He smiled and said, “This tail is not as good as your python tail.”

The hairy ears on Raymond’s head suddenly stood upright, and the tail wagged uncontrollably.

Jin WoWo snickered in his heart. Raymond’s expression hardly changes so he generally couldn’t guess what Raymond was thinking.

Today however, with the help of this prop, he discovered that Raymond’s inner emotions were so rich.

If someone were to glance at Raymond’s body that was lying in the virtual cabin, they would see his ears were covered with a very suspicious blush.

But of course, these couldn’t be seen in his virtual character.

Raymond cleared his throat and asked, “Are you tired? I’m as steady as a horse.”

Jin WoWo: “…???”

What was Raymond talking about?

Raymond shifted from holding the plate with both hands to one steadily.

Then he pointed to his leg blankly and said, “You can sit here and rest while eating.”

The golden snail: “…”

It turns out…this was what he meant.

Can the virtual character even be tired?

The answer is, of course not.

But, Jin WoWo didn’t say it because he saw the two hairy ears on top of Raymond’s head standing upright, looking a little stiff.

‘Oh, Raymond turned out to be very nervous.’ Jin WoWo thought.

He looked at Raymond and suddenly felt that this big man was quite cute.

“Okay.” He smiled.

After speaking, Jin WoWo turned around and sat on Raymond’s lap.

This human-shaped seat was pretty comfy.

He took a bite of the fruit by himself first before stuffing Raymond another bite. As he was doing this, he could see the furry tail behind Raymond wagging more and more enthusiastically.

The two female beastman saw this and were severely hit by 10,000x dog food.

Looking at their males, let alone using them as human-shaped seats. They wouldn’t even queue up for them.

In fact, they have always been the ones to line up while the males waited outside for the food.

But after seeing the tall beastman not only queuing up to buy fruit for his partner, but also serving as human-shaped seats, it would be weird if their standards wouldn’t change a bit.

One should not be afraid of comparing goods but be afraid of knowing other goods.

Looking at their own goods, the more they, the more unpleasant they became.

The two female beastmen had an unprecedented tacit agreement and kicked the two males away.

Then, the two of them stood face to face, guarded the plate with both hands, and prevented the two males from coming over to steal food.

The two male beastmen were extremely depressed and could not understand why their females were so irritable today.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Those tails & ears are beyond adorable, lol. ML is really cute!

  2. Avatar G says:

    Kekekekekek I cannot with them

    Thanks for the updaaaate ~

    May I ask if this book has any update schedule?

    1. Avatar julesjanchari says:

      Same! I swear this story makes my day o(≧▼≦○〃

      As for the schedule, there will be 2 updates every weekend (unless I die from academics again haha). Usually, I upload either on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon in Philippine time (GMT+8).

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