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IIEWFP Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Raymond thought deeply about something before asking Jin WoWo, “Shall we also order two sets instead?”


“Is the Marshal’s Mansion really going to hold a banquet?”




Since it was certain that the Marshal’s Mansion will be holding a banquet, there will surely be many reporters at that time to take advantage of Raymond’s return alive.


The clerk just came back after checking out when she heard that the two would be ordering two sets. The clerk couldn’t help but be filled with joy!


Immediately, the clerk took out their catalog and talked about the specific details for finalization.


During this period, Raymond vaguely reminded that the two sets should be similar in style. (T/N Aw! Raymond wants to wear another couple outfit <3 )


The clerk understood that Raymond wanted to wear a couple’s outfit. Thus, almost no problems were encountered as they discussed the details.


After shopping, the two went out of the shop and saw lots of people surrounding a snack bar on the street.


Raymond didn’t know what kind of food there was being sold as he usually didn’t enter this kind of snack bar before.


Seeing that Jin WoWo was interested, the two walked towards the snack bar.




A surprised voice called out from behind.


The two turned their heads, and Jin WoWo saw a tall handsome beastman who looked like he had a romantic temperament, looking at them in astonishment.


“Your 3rd Imperial Highness,” Raymond greeted.


“You…what are you doing?? Why do you look like this?!”


The third prince was about the same age as Raymond and the two have a good relationship with each other.


Currently, news about Raymond being alive and in the Ninth Rank is blowing up on the Star Network.


It was only right that when the third prince saw Raymond, he should be happy that his good friend was still alive and congratulate him on his advancement.


However, at this time, the third prince did not “rejoice” nor did he say “congratulations.” He was shocked instead!


The two have known each other for thirty to forty years, and he (the third prince) has never seen Raymond wear a vest and shorts together as an outfit. Furthermore, today, Raymond was even wearing a fox tail and a pair of fox ears.


This image of Raymond in front of him completely shattered his previous understanding of Raymond. It made him so surprised that he completely forgot everything he planned when he reunited with his old friend.


“Is there a problem?” Raymond asked.


“Uh..N-No problem!”


The third prince walked a few steps closer and threw two punches at Raymond’s chest with a smile, “It’s great to see you back alive. I heard that you advanced to Rank 9?!”


“En!” (Yes)


“When will you be showing your ninth-tier strength off to your brother?” (T/N The third prince is asking when they can spar.)


“Any time.”


In the past few hundred years, the power of the royal family has been on a steady decline due to the lack of a top ranking beastman. Now, the royal family was basically an empty shell.


However, now there was a third prince in the royal family. The third prince has been very talented ever since he was a child, and he was much better than his parents. Now, he is just over fifty years old and was already about to advance to the eighth rank.


“Hahahahaha, okay! I will find you to practice another day.” The third prince said heartily.


Then, he glanced at the golden snail next to Raymond not-so-sneakily, and asked with a smile: “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”


Raymond glanced at Jin WoWo and said without changing his expression, “This is my partner, Jin WoWo.”


The third prince: “!!!”


Jin WoWo smiled at the third prince in cooperation, “Hello, Your 3rd Imperial Highness.”


The third prince looked at Raymond, and then at the golden snail.


“You…have already recognized him as your partner?!”


“En. I’m sure!” Raymond replied quietly, but loudly.


The third prince took another close look at the golden snail. His skin was dark, his eyes were small, and there were many small freckles on his cheeks.


Except for the long legs, thin waist, and two little tiger teeth that were a little cute when smiling, the third prince really couldn’t figure out why Raymond was attracted to such a partner.


Subbeasts generally have high appearance values, but the partner that Raymond identified…well, to put it in a more euphemistic way – looked a bit too ordinary.


And the other person’s current appearance may have already been refined. (T/N lol The third prince thinks they tuned up Jin WoWo’s appearance HAHAHA.)


Then he himself must be…!!


However, since Raymond likes him…


“Hahahaha. Good. Good!” The third prince laughed, “Are you planning to take him to the entertainment city?”


Just past this street was the entertainment city.


“There’s an Entertainment City?” 


“No. Let’s go to the snack bar in front.”


Jin WoWo and Raymond voiced out at the same time.


“There is nothing fun in there. It’s boring.” Raymond whispered to Jin WoWo, glancing sharply at the third prince.


There were actually a lot of fun things in the entertainment city, but there were also some things that were not suitable for children.


Because the laws of the Beastman Empire stipulate that under-aged beastmen cannot have ahem ahem relationships, some people have developed a virtual experience device with many underage beastmen choosing to experience ahem ahem ​​in it.


In the virtual space, all senses felt were “real”, only the body was virtual so many people grew to be obsessed with it.


There were also beastmen who are already of age but have no partner who go there to experience it.


Although Jin WoWo is…probably an adult, Raymond feels that Jin WoWo was still very ignorant about this aspect, and he does not want the other party to contact those messy things.


The third prince had no partners so of course he was a regular there. So, he could only open and close his mouth like a fish at Raymond’s sharp look.


After being scratched by Raymond’s eyes, the third prince touched his nose and said, “Hahaha, it’s quite boring. The snack bar is good. There are many kinds of fruits you can try.”

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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Wait until the 3rd prince meets Jin WoWo in person! 🤭 Its hilarious what his priorities are for noticing his assumed to be dead friend wandering about though!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! So straightforward, lol.

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