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FERWP Chapter 6

It was a joint boycott against us

Looking forward to Shen Bailou’s disappearance from this world sooner, Xia Xixi felt better.

Next to him, Li Quyin also put the movie’s matter aside.

He got up and came to the fishing platform. He took the fishing rod and checked whether the bait was still there.

The bait was still there but there was no trace of it being eaten.

“Why are there no fish?” Li Quyin couldn’t help but mutter.

Li Quyin rarely has such free time to take a nap and rarely does he go fishing. If counted it was his first time.

“Do you want to catch a fish?” Xia Xixi thought they were just here to sleep.

Just after they got here and plugged in the fishing rod, the two of them had laid down on the master chair and had taken a nap. Xia Xixi didn’t even pay attention to whether there was a bait there or not.

“I asked them, they will help us to cook fish after we catch a fish. I originally wanted to catch a fish for you to eat.”

The villa provides fishing tools. If they can really catch fish, the people in the villa will help them in the cooking process for free. They can choose to eat boiled fish and pickled fish.

Listening to Li Quyin’s words, Xia Xixi was stunned. The sleepiness that had just been brewing disappeared instantly.

“You won’t be able to catch the fish directly like this.” Xia Xixi rolled up his sleeves and exposed his white arms, going to help.

He looked at it and found that the set of fishing equipment prepared by the villa had everything required and was complete.

He took out a jar from a pile of things, opened it, grabbed the things inside it, and sprinkled it into the water.

Before fishing, you must first use a specific bait to lure the fish, wait for the fish to smell it, then only you can catch the fish.

Li Quyin leaned over and took a look. The jar was filled with red-colored grains. It smelled a little strange, and it should have been specially seasoned.

After spreading the baits, Xia Xixi again took out different kinds of baits from the box, “There should be many grass carp[type of fish] in this lake. We’ll catch grass carp.”

With that, he chose the corresponding baits and started to change the bait for the fishing rod.

“Do you often do fishing?” Li Quyin was surprised to see Xia Xixi very skilled.

Hearing this, Xia Xixi’s action of covering the lid paused. He vaguely answered, “There are a few friends of mine who like to go fishing. I have followed them several times.”

Speaking of this, Xia Xixi was a little annoyed. His round eyes became rounder while staring.

Who told him to be friends with that group of old men with gray beards. The fifty-year-old guy was considered young among them.

They either drink tea or coffee or go fishing and playing chess all day long. So he had also learned it from them.

Thinking of those old men with gray beards, Xia Xixi secretly made up his mind to stay away from them in the future. He was still young and didn’t want to live like a little old man.

And if Li Quyin knew that his hobbies were the same as a group of grandpas, he would definitely laugh at him!

Li Quyin didn’t think much. He took the fishing rod prepared by Xia Xixi and went to the side to get down.

The setting sun hung on the top of the mountain. The warm yellow sun’s rays spread on the lake, and the lake was mottled when the breeze blew.

It seems it will be completely dark in an hour.

Li Quyin inserted the fishing rod, moved a small stool, and sat sideways. He stopped dozing off. He wants to catch a fish for Xia Xixi to eat.

Xia Xixi saw it. He also sat next to Li Quyin, sticking to the side.

The two of them sat on small stools, basking in the sunset, chatting one after another.

During the period, Xia Xixi’s cell phone rang several times. He blocked all of them without even looking at the numbers.

He really had had enough of these people. They were too annoying.

In addition to skills, a large part of catching a fish depends on luck. Probably they were out of luck today, so they didn’t catch a single fish until the sun went down.

After the sunset completely disappeared over the mountain, the two had to pack their things and go back.

At night, it was unknown if the other side had already seen his determination. It was rare that those people didn’t harass him again.

This made Xia Xixi breathe a sigh of relief. If the other side had continued to harass, he would have called the police.

Early the next morning, Xia Xixi and Li Quyin went out. Today they are going to climb the mountain.

There is a mountain near the villa that is not too high but has a nice view, which is a good place for a date.

They set off at five o’clock in the morning and reached the top of the mountain at six o’clock. The morning sun was rising, illuminating the whole world.

Li Quyin stood against the light. He was slender and tall like a male model walking down the runway. Xia Xixi couldn’t move his eyes from his waist and legs.

Xia Xixi picked up the phone and took pictures of him.

Li Quyin heard the clicking sound and looked up, with a faint doubt in his black and transparent eyes.

Being watched by him, Xia Xixi suddenly felt good to have a good-looking and handsome boyfriend! He[LQY] was very seductive.

“Nothing.” Xia Xixi guiltily took two pictures of the view next to Li Quyin, not daring to tell Li Quyin that he had just photographed him.

His ears were slightly hot. If Li Quyin knew what he was thinking…

Xia Xixi pretended to take pictures with his mobile phone everywhere. He was feeling happy when suddenly his mobile phone vibrated.

For a moment, Xia Xixi thought it was from Shen Bailou’s people who changed to a new number to harass him until he saw the caller ID. Then he put away the anger that gradually appeared on his face.

The one who called him was one of his friends, an old man who was more than sixty to seventy years old.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Xixi was not polite with the other side and straightforwardly spoke as soon as the phone was connected.

Everybody says that the older the people are, the more they act like children. Xia Xixi has a very deep understanding of this.

He could easily go and play with these old men. To some extent, it’s probably because they were like children who were more naive than him.

The other person too was obviously not prepared to be polite with him. He asked directly: “Had someone discussed with you about making a movie before?”

Xia Xixi’s mood turned clear again. Was it that Shen Bailou again?

Xia Xixi turned his head and made a gesture to Li Quyin. He pointed to his mobile phone, indicating that he was going to pick up the call.

The latter nodded and said, “Don’t go too far, walk carefully.”

Xia Xixi walked to the pavilion on the side and walked straight to the place where Li Quyin could not hear. He then put away the smile on his face, “There indeed was such a thing, what’s wrong?”

“You refused?”


“Why?” the other side asked.

“Don’t you know how much I hate that person surnamed Shen?” Xia Xixi said this in a bad tone, “You don’t know how many numbers they changed to harass me during this period. I couldn’t drive them away….”

After complaining roughly, Xia Xixi was a little puzzled, “Why did you ask this for?”

“They came to find me in the morning and wanted to ask me to help in making their movie.” The opposite person said.

Xia Xixi was surprised. He hadn’t really expected that Shen Bailou would actually give up harassing him.

“Okay, I see.” He said to the person at the opposite end of the phone and then hung up.

Xia Xixi looked at his mobile phone, feeling inexplicable.

But he didn’t think too much. Shen Bailou’s people stopped harassing him, which was a great thing for him.

After receiving the phone, Xia Xixi returned to the top of the mountain.

Li Quyin was standing in the sunshine and looking into the distance. His eyes were affectionate and focused. The coldness occasionally appeared between his eyebrows. But he has never been cold towards him[XXX]. This made his[LQY] silhouette appear deeply.

Xia Xixi has also discovered these days that Li Quyin was not a person who liked to laugh, but in front of him, he was always gentle.

Xia Xixi felt that if they had to break up someday, he would definitely not give up on him[LQY].

He will be reluctant to give up as soon as he sees his[LQY] face.

At this time, the sun had completely risen. The sun’s previous warmth had changed to become hotter. Xia Xixi stood in the sun. It didn’t take long for his cheeks to be red because of the sun.

Li Quyin took the water bottle and handed it over, “Are you hungry?”

Before going up the mountain, he had deliberately brought breakfast.

Xia Xixi touched his hungry stomach and nodded.

Li Quyin led the way. The two of them found a place with nice scenery and sheltered from the sun to sit down and eat.

After eating and drinking, they rested for a while and went down the mountain.

The way down was easy. After all, it was in the forest area, so it was not too hot. The two of them walked a little slower.

When they returned to the villa, it was already noon.

After lunch, Li Quyin suddenly received a call, as if something went wrong at work.

Xia Xixi didn’t want to bother, so he left a note and went back to the room to take a nap.

Without the harassment of Shen Bailou’s people, coupled with the tiredness of climbing the mountain for a long time, Xia Xixi fell asleep very soundly.

On the other side, Li Quyin’s mood was not good.

Just after lunch, Li Quyin received a call from his assistant, saying that something went wrong.

According to their plan, the company originally had asked a very capable expert in the industry to help and guide, but they had been rejected.

Yesterday, after Li Quyin had advised that they should change the person if that expert didn’t agree, the company contacted that expert again, but they still didn’t get a reply.

After that, they shifted their target and were going to hire another well-known old expert.

It went well at first, but after the old expert made a call halfway, he suddenly changed his words and rejected them straightforwardly.

The company didn’t understand what was going on. So they called him again to ask, but the other side ended up hanging the call without saying a word. That person even blocked them at the same time.

The people at the company were dumbfounded at that time. They didn’t understand what wrong thing they had said and did?

After that, they tried to contact the previous expert[XXX] again, but the other party didn’t even answer the phone and blocked the number directly every time.

They couldn’t contact that person. After thinking about it, the company decided to change to another person again.

To find a new expert this time, people from the company personally went to visit the person.

As a result, as soon as the other party heard about their intentions, that person became cold-faced without saying anything, and they were blasted out.

After being blasted out, a group of people stood at the door for a long time without knowing why.

Later, the company tried to find ways to inquire through various channels, and it was only just now that they finally figured out what happened.

They were boycotted by all prestigious experts in the industry. The other party did not say the specific reason, but people in the company guessed it.

“It must be because of that damn expert we first contacted. Otherwise, why were we suddenly boycotted? It was a joint boycott against us!” The assistant was very angry.

That expert has a very strange temper. He was inexplicably unreasonable.

He himself had refused to help them. So when they changed to other experts, he meddled and made others boycott them.

What kind of fucking guy was he?!

“Are you sure it was him who meddled?” Li Quyin frowned.

He didn’t remember where he had offended that person. He didn’t even know who the other person was.

“Otherwise why?”

Li Quyin’s eyes were cold. His heart burned with anger, “Give me his contact information.”


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