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FERWP Chapter 7

I write reports.....


“Huh?” The assistant was stunned. He didn’t expect Li Quyin to make such a request.

“I want to talk to him.” Li Quyin usually appears to the public mainly as Shen Bailou. He usually handles company affairs in private and there was also a special department to deal with the public.

Under normal circumstances, Li Quyin won’t have to deal with the trouble personally, but this time, the situation was obviously unusual.

“Okay, then I’ll go and ask.” The assistant responded. He also could feel that Li Quyin was really angry this time.

“There was also a thing I asked you to do before, why is there no news yet?” Li Quyin asked again.

“Huh?” The assistant was taken aback again. He thought for a long time but couldn’t remember what else Li Quyin had asked him to do but he didn’t do it.

“Didn’t I asked you to list the hateful things I have done?”

“Bo.. boss?” The assistant stuttered for a while. He thought Li Quyin was just mentioning it casually.

Li Quyin was seriously asking for it?

What unlucky thing irritated him?

“As Soon As Possible!”

Li Quyin hung up the call after finishing the conversation.

He squeezed the bridge of his nose. He had a headache.

He must make his movie perfectly.

All the previous preparations went very smoothly, which made him breathe a sigh of relief. He didn’t expect to encounter such a bastard expert when things were about to move in a good direction.

If the other party just wanted to get a hefty reward, he had already agreed to increase the price. But he did not expect that the other party was still not satisfied. He even stubbornly made move against him.

Thinking about this, Li Quyin called his agent again.

His agent was called Miao Mingyi. He was called his[LQY] agent but he was more like a co-operating partner.

When Li Quyin left home to start his own business, he met Miao Mingyi, and the two had cooperated.

Later, Li Quyin founded the current entertainment company. Miao Mingyi had invested, so he owns 10% of the company’s shares.

In all, although he does not have the management rights of the company, he is still the second-largest shareholder of the company.

The phone rang for a while before it was connected. Miao Mingyi on the opposite side seemed to have just woken up. His tone was a bit bad, “Who?”


Hearing Li Quyin’s voice, the other side was quiet for a while. Then his tone changed, “Didn’t you go out to have fun, why did you suddenly think of calling me?”

Li Quyin frowned. He faintly heard the woman’s voice on the phone. He has always ignored Miao Mingyi’s private life but he may not be used to it.

“It’s about my movie. Let someone find out the background of that damn expert.” Li Quyin said.

His assistant could only deal with the trivial matters in his life or give some advice. It is Miao Mingyi who is really in charge of his everything. Li Quyin was more willing to talk to him directly to save efficiency.

“What expert?” Miao Mingyi was dumbfounded.

“It’s that guide I had invited for my movie. That bastard schemed against me on my back so that other people could not pick up my movie!” Li Quyin’s tone was cold.

“Omg, This thing actually happened?” Miao Mingyi was surprised. He hadn’t heard of it!

Li Quyin’s eyes were dull. His fingers tapped on the table impatiently. Miao Mingyi went too far this time. He had the face to say he actually didn’t know anything?

Opposite, Miao Mingyi also seemed to notice that he was a little too much. He quickly said: “I got a rare holiday. I had wine with a few friends yesterday and I still haven’t gotten up from the bed…”

After a rough explanation, Miao Mingyi hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, I will ask what happened right now.”

Li Quyin did not speak.

“Don’t worry, isn’t it just an expert? There are so many experts in this world. I don’t believe there are people who actually can’t be bought with money. Besides, you are Shen Bailou! Shen Bailou, the great actor! Just putting your name is enough for them…”

Before Miao Mingyi could finish speaking, Li Quyin hung up the phone.

Miao Mingyi’s character has always been like this- pretentious, bragging, and showing off to impress people.

In fact, Li Quyin had already wanted to replace Miao Mingyi.

But he has been busy making movies and dramas and there was no new suitable candidate too. In addition, Miao Mingyi has shares in the company. The two are still friends, so it is not so easy to replace him.

And Miao Mingyi is also very sharp-witted and intelligent. Although he has a bad temper and is very pretentious, he has never really made any trouble.

This made Li Quyin unable to find any excuses.

Thinking about Miao Mingyi’s affairs, Li Quyin’s face grew colder.

Miao Mingyi, who was talking vigorously on the other end of the phone, suddenly heard a busy tone on the phone and his face suddenly turned dark.

He threw the phone on the bedside table, wiped his face, and cursed, “What the hell!”

The woman with heavy makeup next to him heard his curse and she hurried over smiling.

Miao Mingyi pushed her away impatiently. After thinking about it, he took the phone back again and called the company.

“How the hell are you guys working? You can’t even handle such a small thing. Isn’t the company paying you enough?” Miao Mingyi started to yell as soon as the call connected.

“No, we have already done so many things, but…”

“What ‘no’? How many days have passed since you were assigned this? You know nothing aside from talking back.”

“But Mr. Miao, that expert didn’t want to see us at all. Let alone talk, he even told others to not…”

“You can’t meet him just because he told you?  I don’t know whether you have no legs or you lack brains for still not finding him. Also, he asked you to not call then you just stopped calling? Who does he think he is? I still don’t believe it. Who in this world would not be moved by money…”

“I’m warning you guys. If this matter can’t be done within the day after tomorrow, you will pack everything up and scram!”

After reprimanding people, Miao Ming threw away the phone angrily.


Xia Xixi slept comfortably. When he woke up naturally, it was already afternoon.

When he went to the lounge, Li Quyin was sitting there reading a book, earnestly and attentively, which made people a little bit unbearable to disturb.

When Li Quyin turned the page, he noticed that there was someone on the opposite side.

“You woke up?” Li Quyin put down the magazine.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Xia Xixi put down his coffee.

They came here for two days and he just slept too much for two days.

The corner of Li Quyin’s mouth curled up, “I thought you must be tired. So I wanted you to sleep a little longer.”

They went hiking in the morning and walked for a long time.

Xia Xixi didn’t talk. Sometimes Li Quyin was really attentive, especially to him.

“Do you want to go fishing later?” Li Quyin asked again.

Xia Xixi glanced at him. Li Quyin probably was still thinking about fishing for him.

“I asked the people here and they said that this season is very good for fishing. Yesterday we should have had bad luck.” Li Quyin was afraid that Xia Xixi would not go.

“Okay.” Xia Xixi picked up the coffee and took a sip, “Is something wrong?”

From the very beginning, Li Quyin’s face was a bit ugly.

Hearing this, Li Quyin paused. He didn’t want to express sad emotions to Xia Xixi.

Only when facing Xia Xixi’s question, he couldn’t help but talk more, “It’s still about work. It’s just that person from before.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Xia Xixi remembered that Li Quyin had said before that he had met a very annoying person.

“He schemed against me behind my back.” Li Quyin’s eyes were icy cold. So it’s best not to let him find that person.


Li Quyin smiled bitterly, “For the money, I guess.”

Xia Xixi didn’t ask anymore. For the sake of money, some people could do anything.

T/N: Seriously??? LOL

“Time flies so fast.” Li Quyin sighed.

Tomorrow afternoon, they’ll have to go back.

Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi on the opposite side. Xia Xixi was still the way he was when he had first seen him.

The white shirt and black short-footed suit trousers looked as clean and clear as college students in school.

His eyes were pure and free from worldly mess.

“What kind of work do you do?” Li Quyin suddenly became curious. It was really hard for him to imagine Xia Xixi going to work every nine to five.

Xia Xixi was about to open his mouth to say that he does an antique appraisal, but he swallowed the words. He has been discriminated against in this industry.

It is not the kind of discrimination that is full of contempt, but the discrimination that is not understood.

In the eyes of many people, what they do is not called hard work. They think people like him fool people and sell fakes.

“I write reports.” Xia Xixi said.

He usually doesn’t have much work and basically doesn’t need to go to work. He only needs to come forward when needed or help make an appraisal.

Of all things, writing reports is what he does the most.

So strictly speaking, he did not lie.

Li Quyin heard the words and imagined Xia Xixi sitting in the office writing a report. He was amused. This was really inconsistent with Xia Xixi’s temperament.

He thought that Xia Xixi should live in the deep mountains and forests, drinking coke and dew and living comfortably.

“How about you?” Xia Xixi didn’t want to talk about himself.

He was also somewhat worried that Li Quyin would detect his true identity. After all, it was not the time to tell Li Quyin about this. He was afraid that Li Quyin would feel inferior.

When there is a suitable opportunity in the future, he will tell Li Quyin.

Moreover, his identity is not just an expert in appraising treasures.

“Me?” Li Quyin was asked in a daze, “I just do odd jobs everywhere. I will go wherever I am needed…”

Xia Xixi’s lips fluttered. Doing odd jobs?

“You don’t have a formal job?”

“Ah? Well, that’s right.” Li Quyin said vaguely.

Artists are all contracted. Where they should work entirely depends on the contract they are holding.

He usually runs with the crew most of the time. This play is here and the next play is there, and occasionally he will make cameo appearances in other movies or shows. It seems appropriate to say that he runs around doing odd jobs.

Most importantly, he can never say that his job is filming.

Xia Xixi looked at Li Quyin but he was thinking of Shen Bailou. The Shen family regarded Shen Bailou as a treasure, but Li Quyin as a grass.

Fortunately, Li Quyin did not have any personality distortion until now. If he were to change his personality, he might have been distorted and become cynical.

While chatting, Li Quyin’s cell phone rang suddenly.

He didn’t want to pay attention, but from the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the above content. Miao Mingyi had sent over the contact information of the previous expert.

Li Quyin immediately sat upright. He unlocked the screen and opened it to take a closer look.

At about the same time, Xia Xixi’s phone rang.

It was a message from his friend about Shen Bailou.

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