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FERWP Chapter 5

Annoying person!!

Li Quyin could neither laugh nor cry. But Xia Xixi seemed to have not cursed enough. He kept scolding and cursing Shen Bailou.

Especially when he thought of the continuous nagging of Shen Bailou’s people during this period of time, he became angrier.

He doesn’t know how Shen Bailou’s side got his phone number. Since that day, strange numbers popped up to bother him from time to time.

Xia Xixi didn’t reply. He blocked all of them.

But this did not in the slightest reduce the enthusiasm of the opposite party. On the contrary, it made the opposite party even more persistent.

This also made Xia Xixi even angrier. Are the people working under Shen Bailou all brainsick?

Doesn’t he know what it means to be rejected?

And it’s just making a movie. If it’s just to find someone to help you check the settings of the film, just find someone else?

There are people everywhere who have that ability and can be invited, why do you have to pester him?

Thinking of this, Xia Xixi’s cheeks bulged, “Shen Bailou is just rubbish!”

He’s particularly annoying rubbish!

Take him to the garbage recycling station and there will no sorting that he can go because he is not even as good as garbage.

Li Quyin’s eyes were faintly dark. He was embracing Xia Xixi, who was moving unfaithfully in his arms. He has long lost his mood and was feeling restless.

“I’ll send you back to rest.” Li Quyin wanted to take Xia Xixi downstairs.

He walked to the side, but Xia Xixi didn’t cooperate. His[XXX] whole person fell towards him.

Li Quyin hurriedly held him and was about to say something more. During the action, he found that Xia Xixi had already closed his eyes for some time.

Xia Xixi kept cursing while being drunk and fell asleep like this.

Li Quyin looked at his delicate profile with the help of faint candlelight. He didn’t dare to think about what would happen after Xia Xixi found out that he was Shen Bailou.

According to Xia Xixi’s character, when he said he would break up immediately, it was by no means a joke.

Li Quyin bent over and hugged the man sideways.

They went downstairs and entered the door. Li Quyin put the person on the bed.

As soon as Xia Xixi was put on the bed, he turned over and slept sideways comfortably without any guard.

It was a bit different from his usual cold self. Xia Xixi, who was asleep, was a lot livelier. He loved to roll around.

Li Quyin took the quilt and helped him cover it.

During the action, Xia Xixi mumbled something about Shen Bailou fiercely, as if he was cursing him even in his dreams.

Li Quyin’s eyes were dark and gloomy. He wanted to cry but tears wouldn’t come out.

He really didn’t know how he had offended this little ancestor. Xia Xixi was so disgusted with him that he was even scolding him in his dreams.

After turning off the light and going out, Li Quyin was still thinking about it after returning to his room and lying on the bed.

As a public figure and even the best among his peers, Li Quyin is very self-aware. He knows that he is not perfect and he definitely has some anti-fans.

Ordinary anti-fans are okay. At most, they just criticize him to express their dislike. Extreme anti-fans’ words are extremely disgusting. They can’t wait to mobilize the whole world to boycott him.

Xia Xixi obviously does not belong to these two categories. If Xia Xixi is really to be divided into levels, then he is at least the anti-fan among the anti-fans. He can’t wait for him to blacken to death.

Thinking of Xia Xixi, Li Quyin was not drowsy. He took his cell phone and contacted his assistant.

“Boss?” The little assistant who had just fallen asleep yawned and sat up from the bed, wondering why his boss was crazy.

“What have I done to make people complain?” Li Quyin was straightforward.


“Make a list for me.”

“???” For a moment, the little assistant thought that he had fallen asleep, or his boss had a bad brain.

“It must be particularly hateful.”

“…Boss?” The little assistant was sure, his boss just had a bad brain.

Is it because there is too much pressure recently?

Recently, people throughout the company have been busy preparing new movies.

Outsiders all are anticipating excitedly. And the media urges to publish some news every other day. The pressure was indeed quite high.

In addition, the company that Shen Bailou is in is also his own company. He has a large share of the company. Being both the owner and the working personnel of the company, his pressure should be even greater.

“By the way, boss, the film manager’s side told me that the other side has been stubborn and refuses to help.” The assistant suddenly remembered.

“Let them hurry up.”

“This…” The little assistant scratched his head and didn’t know how to speak. “I heard that none of our people have seen that person yet. They are only contacting each other with their mobile phones.”

“Then first meet and then discuss it.” Li Quyin was in a bad mood thinking about Xia Xixi’s things. When he heard about this, his mood became worse. His voice became colder.

The assistant hurriedly said: “The other party seems to be very difficult to get along with. Our people contacted him, and every time they say less than two sentences, they will be blocked out, let alone meet.”

“Then change the person.”

“But it is said that that person is an expert man in the industry, and his status is very high. No one can compare to him in terms of professionalism and ability.”

Li Quyin’s movie must be the best.

Li Quyin’s cold eyes were frightening, “What’s the reason?”

“I don’t know.” The assistant thought about it, and guessed: “Maybe our price is too low, and the other party wants to increase it?”

The other party’s status in the industry is one of the best, and the general price tag is definitely not cheap.

Li Quyin was silent for a moment.

The price they offer here is definitely not low.

Although it was his side who asked for help from that person first, that person showed too much attitude. It really made him unhappy.

“Then increase the price for him.” Li Quyin agreed.

“Okay, I’ll tell the manager.”

“Yeah.” After a pause, Li Quyin didn’t forget to explain again, “Tell me about that list as soon as possible.”

The phone was hung up. The assistant was holding his mobile phone. His whole person was a little confused.

List, what list?

He thought for a while. It took him a while to figure out that Shen Bailou was asking him to make a list of the hateful things he had done.

Looking at the phone in shock, the little assistant became more anxious. Was his boss really out of his mind?

The next day.

Xia Xixi slept until the sun rose, then woke up leisurely.

After waking up, his mind was dizzy and uncomfortable.

After breakfast, he laid in the bed for a long time, and finally recovered in the evening.

Xia Xixi was embarrassed about getting drunk on the first day of his date. He was a little uncomfortable when he looked at Li Quyin.

He still had memories of the things he did after getting drunk. Thinking of his boldness, Xia Xixi’s face flushed.

Xia Xixi’s skin is white, and his blush is especially obvious.

Looking at the bright red cheeks, Li Quyin’s breathing was stagnant.

He had to quickly grab the fishing rod and took Xia Xixi to go fishing in the lake near the villa, distracting himself all along.

At the lakeside, on the fishing platform.

The two of them were sitting on the master chair. The wind was blowing leisurely.

The location of this villa is rather quiet, and there are not many guests recently, so it is indeed a good place to relax.

Xia Xixi looked at the fishing rod in front of him carelessly, while secretly tilting his head to look at Li Quyin.

Li Quyin was resting while lying on the old chair with his eyes closed. His eyebrows were sharp, his face was sharp and angular, and he had a heart-pounding masculine atmosphere all the time.

Li Quyin and Shen Bailou looked exactly the same. Shen Bailou has always been known as the most masculine male god. Because of his face, there often occurs a lot of uproars among the fans.

Xia Xixi felt that Li Quyin looked much better than Shen Bailou.

When he was in a daze, his phone suddenly vibrated.

Xia Xixi quickly picked up the phone, not wanting to disturb Li Quyin.

Turning on the phone, Xia Xixi frowned when he saw the strange number on it.

There was no need to look at it. He knew that it must be the message from Shen Bailou’s side again.

From the first time to now, he has blocked almost ten numbers, but Shen Bailou was pestering him like a mad dog.

Xia Xixi was instantly angry. He unlocked the phone and wanted to send the message to warn the other party not to bother him anymore.

The message opened, and after reading the opposite party’s message roughly, Xia Xixi was even angrier and laughed.

The opposite party really didn’t intend to let him go. They actually thought he wanted to ask for an increment in price. They even said that the price was up to him.

If he just felt impatient before, then now the other party was undoubtedly jumping desperately in his bottom line. Who does the other party think he is?

Do they think that as long as they give him more money, he will change his mind?

What he said before, didn’t that show his obvious meaning that he will never help?

Or is it that Shen Bailou felt that people all over the world would like him? Did they take his words of changing the lead role as a joke?

But also, how could a person like Shen Bailou be self-aware?

Xia Xixi moved his fingers quickly and typed the text message, “I have already refused, please don’t bother me again.”

Because of too much rejection, Xia Xixi’s tone became bad.

He really didn’t have the patience to grind the opposite side slowly. He was afraid that the opposite side felt that there was hope because his tone was too gentle.

The message was sent, and the opposite party responded quickly.

Xia Xixi thought that the other side had gotten acquainted, but Xia Xixi was directly grinned at again by the response from the other side.

The other side actually felt that he started replying to the message as a signal of willingness to cooperate, and even asked him to meet and talk in detail.

Xia Xixi felt that he was usually a gentle and talkative person, but looking at the message at the moment, he was irritable and wished to throw the phone into the lake in front of him.

“What’s the matter?” Li Quyin’s voice came.

Xia Xixi turned his head, then only he found that his mobile phone was vibrating. He didn’t know when he had woken Li Quyin, “Sorry, did I bother you?”

“No.” Li Quyin shook his head and looked inquisitively, “Is something wrong?”

“It’s something about work. I met an annoying guy.” Xia Xixi was not going to tell Li Quyin about it.

Xia Xixi didn’t want to tell him about the matter involving Shen Bailou, because he was afraid that Li Quyin will feel upset.

“If there is anything you can tell me.”

“Okay.” Xia Xixi was in a clear mood and smiled.

As he was talking, Li Quyin’s cell phone also rang.

It was his assistant who sent him a message about inviting that expert.

After they made it clear that they could increase the price, the other party really responded, but they still didn’t want to meet and talk.

Seeing that, it can be said that the price was still not enough.

Li Quyin is not short of money. Because he is the one asking for help, he is also willing to pay.

But facing this kind of unreliable person repeatedly, he really doesn’t like him.

Expert! Expert! Even a dog is better than him!

He must be a show-off that takes out fake styles with little skill but no real talent.

“Talk to him again. Pay attention to his intentions. If it doesn’t work then change the person.” Li Quyin’s eyes were cold.

After replying, when Li Quyin raised his head to look at Xia Xixi, the latter was looking at him worriedly.

“It’s also about work?” Xia Xixi asked.

“Yeah.” Li Quyin put away his cold expression and smiled softly, “I also met an annoying person.”

Xia Xixi was amused instantly upon hearing this.

To some extent, he and Li Quyin are always in a tacit situation. Unfortunately, they both even got unlucky together.

“These annoying guys, when can they disappear from this world?” Xia Xixi sighed with emotion.

“Yes.” Li Quyin incomparably agreed.

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