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FERWP Chapter 3

As long as you like it!

Looking at the snack box, many people in the crew were secretly guessing who Li Quyin had just gone out to meet with. They had never heard that the film emperor Shen Bailou had a secret lover!

Because of the dual identities of Shen Bailou as the film emperor and the sole heir of the Shen family’s financial company, there have never been shortage of people in the entertainment industry who are eager to throw themselves in Shen Bailou’s arms.

Among them, there have been some bold people trying to seduce him openly.

But so far, they have never heard of someone who moved Shen Bailou’s heart. He has never even cared about anyone, let alone accept someone.

On the contrary, many people who had thrown their arms around were pushed away by him face-to-face. They were even taught a harsh lesson in front of everyone. Sometimes if he is in a bad mood, then he just directly scolds them in front of reporters.

He is notoriously cold-faced. The nickname ‘Dead Face’ was never given to him casually.

Everyone was speculating and discussing absent-mindedly, continuing this situation until three days later, when the shooting of the whole movie was finished.

In the evening, after confirming that there were no plots that needed to be filmed, Li Quyin left without waiting for his assistant to find him first.

After returning home and changing his clothes, Li Quyin drove out the car that the assistant had rented in advance.

Before leaving the house, he called Xia Xixi and told the other party that he had set off.

When Xia Xixi received the call, he had already prepared the luggage, “Just wait for me at the gate of the community. I will come down immediately.”

After hanging up the phone, Xia Xixi went downstairs with a small luggage.

He went to the gate of the community. Facing the sunset, Xia Xixi waited quietly.

Five minutes later, a car stopped in front of him.

Li Quyin opened the window and poked his head out of the car, “Get in the car.”

Under the warm yellow sunset, Li Quyin’s face looked soft and gentle. His black pupils were faintly transparent in the sun, like clear black glass.

Xia Xixi raised his eyelashes slightly and got into the car with a smile.

During the action, he secretly glanced at the waiting private car from the corner of his eye and signaled the Brother Wu that he didn’t need to send them away.

He was originally letting Brother Wu to send him and Li Quyin to the villa.

After putting the luggage and getting in the car, Xia Xixi had just sat down when Li Quyin leaned over to help him fasten his seat belt.

Xia Xixi wasn’t quite used to this kind of closeness and looked a little stiffly at the hairy head in front of him.

Smelling the faint smell of shampoo on Li Quyin’s head, his ears were a little hot.

Li Quyin’s body was fragrant. Moreover Li Quyin was so close.

Feeling all this, Xia Xixi’s heartbeat pounded uncontrollably. His ears were also piping hot.

“Done.” After he fastened his seat belt, Li Quyin sat back in position.

“Do you have car sickness? Do you want to open the window?” Li Quyin’s low voice was slightly concerned.

He specially asked his assistant to rent this car temporarily. He originally wanted to drive his own car, but he was afraid of revealing his identity.

“I sometimes have it.” Xia Xixi said. He usually doesn’t get car sickness, but sometimes he does.

“Is it serious?” Li Quyin analyzed Xia Xixi’s words.

To Xia Xixi, he was more patient than anyone and he was willing to be more patient.

It is because he likes Xia Xixi. He liked him at first sight.

Xia Xixi shook his head. He was feeling good to be cared for, which made him realize again that the person next to him was his boyfriend.

Half a month ago, he was still single.

“I have already called and asked. The villa hasn’t been very busy recently and there are a lot of rooms.” Xia Xixi found a new topic to divert his attention.

The place they are going to is a very casual resort. It was not very far from here, only three hours away.

Xia Xixi had been there with friends before. He only stayed there for one night and returned the next day.

He had a good impression of it. So he thought of inviting Li Quyin to have fun.

They are now going there and can relax there for three days.

“Don’t worry, I have already booked the room.” Li Quyin said suddenly.

Li Quyin’s adam’s apple slipped. When he was booking a room before, Li Quyin almost booked a couple’s room with his ‘brilliant’ brain.

That kind of couple’s room is decorated with all kinds of couple ornaments and only has a big bed covered with rose petals. It although was old-fashioned but was also heart-stirring.

“Rooms can also be booked online, so I booked two rooms with the best locations in advance.” Li Quyin’s voice was low and gentle. It sounded very nice. His eyes were twinkling.

They have only been dating for a few days. How can they live in a couple’s room when they go there?

Li Quyin couldn’t help but look back at Xia Xixi.

He really likes Xia Xixi. It’s not the superficial liking, but the liking that he wants to develop further.

So he didn’t want to scare Xia Xixi. Nor did he want to be too aggressive and leave a bad impression.

After a pause, Li Quyin said again: “I also have prepared a gift for you.”

Xia Xixi pretended not to see the small car rental advertisement posted in the corner. He suddenly remembered that Li Quyin had gone to the construction site to do part-time work for this date.

For this date, Li Quyin deliberately made a lot of preparations.

At that moment, Xia Xixi suddenly wanted to raise Li Quyin himself. He was kind to him and seemed to be quite good.

“Okay.” Xia Xixi responded.

The car moved forward quickly and the scenery outside the window quickly reversed.

When the sun set, the night took its place.

About three hours later, the car drove into a mountain forest in the suburbs and circled up on a quiet highway.

After another half an hour, they came to a holiday villa.

This holiday villa is quite famous nearby. The scenery and various facilities are very good. It is not open to the public, usually only open to the guests who know or have been here.

In addition, it is not a tourist season recently, so there were not many people here.

After getting out of the car, the two went to the front desk with their luggage.

When they put their luggage, the sky was completely dark.

The villas in the mountains appear to be exceptionally quiet at night, except for the whispers of insects and birds in the mountains. This kind of noise under the quietness, gives people a feeling of being at indisputable peace in the world.

Xia Xixi liked this feeling very much, which calmed his heart down.

He was standing at the window in a daze. Li Quyin came and knocked on the door to take him to dinner.

After going out, Li Quyin didn’t take him downstairs but took him upstairs to the opposite.

This surprised Xia Xixi slightly.

Not long after, the two went up to the top floor.

The villa is not high. The front and rear are only four and a half stories. But probably because it stands between the mountains and forests, it looks quite tall at night.

Especially when standing on the top of the building, people can see the starry nights which give them the illusion that the stars can be picked up by the hand.

Upon reaching the top of the building, Xia Xixi just at a glance from a distance saw the chairs placed on the empty roof as well as the candlelight and the small room that had been carefully decorated by flowers around it.

The starry sky beacame the curtain, the flowers became walls and the candlelight became the lamp.

Xia Xixi always thought that he would not like these. After all, it was quite ambiguous. But at this moment, the corners of his mouth could not help but raise upwards.

He doesn’t hate it.

Xia Xixi looked at Li Quyin. Under the night, Li Quyin’s outline became clearer and the dark eyes that looked at him became deeper.

Staring at his eyes, Xia Xixi had the illusion of being sucked away by them.

“Sit.” Li Quyin stepped forward. He then like a gentleman pulled the stool for him.

Xia Xixi walked over and sat down.

He looked around. There were only two of them on the entire roof and the atmosphere was just right.

Li Quyin walked to the opposite side and sat down. At the same time he sat down, he reached into his pocket and held the small flat box that had been packaged for a long time. The box contained the present he had prepared for Xia Xixi.

The present that he painstakingly prepared.

“Thank you, I like this gift very much.” Xia Xixi’s eyes under the candlelight were full of smiles. That joy had came from the buttom of his heart.

Gift? Li Quyin paused his hand that was about to take out the box.

On the opposite side, Xia Xixi was looking around carefully, “How did you find this place?”

He didn’t even know there was such a place here.

Li Quyin followed Xia Xixi’s gaze and looked around. He understood that Xia Xixi had mistakenly regarded this candlelight dinner as a gift.

“Do you like it?” Li Quyin’s slightly raised hand under the table didn’t know if he should take it out or not.

“Yeah.” Xia Xixi looked over. The him under the candlelight had a bit of vitality in his eyes.

“As long as you like it! A friend of mine told me about this place.” Li Quyin put the box back into his pocket. He smiled but he was a little upset in his heart.

He knew that the idea of that guy was not reliable at all.

What ‘The most romantic thing in the world is to throw an unlimited black card to the partner’, He will believe it only after his brain cracks down.

In fact, when you think about it, that guy doesn’t seem to have ever had a real relationship.

Li Quyin twitched the corners of his mouth imperceptibly. He didn’t understand why he had his brain twitched in the first place. He really believed in the stupid idea of ​​a person who had never been in a relationship.

Xia Xixi listened to Li Quyin’s explanation but immediately understood that Li Quyin must have secretly made a plan.

Thinking of Li Quyin facing the map and various propaganda of this holiday villa, biting the pen and thinking like having a headache, Xia Xixi’s smile deepened in the depths of his eyes.

“Can you drink?” Li Quyin rang the bell and asked the waiter to come up.

Xia Xixi was about to shake his head instinctively but he immediately reacted and nodded quickly.

Before, Li Quyin said that he was like a child. Xia Xixi did not want Li Quyin to treat him like a child. No one would fall in love with a child.

Moreover, only child never drinks alcohol.

And he has never drank it…..

The waiter quickly went upstairs and left, leaving a delicious meal and a bottle of red wine.

Under the candlelight, Xia Xixi took a sip of the dark red liquid in the cup like Li Quyin.

He thought he would have to drink the wine with nasty smell. So he was being prepared but the taste turned out to be slightly sweet.

“This kind of wine tastes relatively sweet, you should like it.” Li Quyin said. Knowing that Xia Xixi likes sweet things, he specially imported it from abroad.

“It’s tasty.” Xia Xixi continued to sip it and couldn’t put it down. The sweet taste made him feel refreshed.

Xia Xixi wasn’t aware until he finished drinking the whole cup. Then only he stopped quickly.

Li Quyin saw it and naturally poured the wine again.

With the faint fragrance of wine, the dim candlelight and Li Quyin’s focused and affectionate eyes, Xia Xixi felt dizzy. Everything in front of him seemed to become ambiguous.

Xia Xixi didn’t know if it was because of feeling happiness, he just thought that having a boyfriend seemed pretty good.

“I know that the Shen family has always been bad to you, so you have had a hard time.” Xia Xixi thought about it and decided to speak out his own thoughts.

Li Quyin was stunned. He thought that he was hearing a hallucination.

“But if Shen Bailou of the Shen family bullies you again in the future, you can tell me.” Xia Xixi looked straight at Li Quyin’s eyes. Li Quyin treated him well, so he didn’t want Li Quyin to suffer any more.

After all, they are already lovers.

He can’t watch his boyfriend being bullied and turn a blind eye. He won’t allow such things.

The actor Shen Bailou, who was drinking red wine, was stunned, what? ? ? ? ?


The author has something to say:
Xia Xixi: My boyfriend is a little pitiful (distressed.jpg)
Li Quyin: …? ? ?

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