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FERWP Chapter 2

Who will sneak my food?!!!

Xia Xixi had just refused when someone ran over from a distance.

He looked up and saw Li Quyin who was wearing a dark shirt, running towards him.

Li Quyin was tall and slender with wide shoulders and narrow waist. He had a standard model figure.

These features coupled with that face which was not inferior to the film emperor Shen Bailou, even if his clothes were covered with dust on his face, he still exuded a breath of suffocating masculinity, which was very eye-catching.

Especially the warmth that appeared from him [LQY] after seeing him[XXX], that gentleness could make people intoxicated easily.

Xia Xixi lowered his head, avoiding his sight.

“Why did you come without saying a word?” Li Quyin panted and stopped in front of Xia Xixi.

Xia Xixi came over suddenly causing him to be frighten to death.

If Xia Xixi had just went in to find him without calling him, then the secret of him and Shen Bailou being the same person would have been exposed by now…

Just thinking about the possibility, Li Quyin got a headache.

“I came to see you, can’t I?” Xia Xixi raised the food container in his hand, “I brought snacks.”

“Of course you can.” Li Quyin quickly explained, “It’s just that there is a lot of dust here.”

The drama he came to make a guest appearance temporarily was an action based. The last scene was a fight scene in an abandoned construction building.

After breathing, Li Quyin pulled out his collar. He was sweating a lot at the momemt because he had ran over hurriedly.

While speaking, he looked at Xia Xixi in front of him.

Xia Xixi had wore fitting white shirt and slim-fit black pants. This simple clothes on Xia Xixi’s body made him more clean and beautiful.

If one had to use some exaggerated words to describe, he exuded the fairy-like otherworldly aura even in this kind of deserted place.

Especially the gleaming collarbone on his neckline was even more perfect. Li Quyin’s mouth went dry and his whole body was hot.

He looked away, but his eyes turned towards Xia Xixi’s collarbone uncontrollably.

“This way.” Li Quyin led the way to the outside of the construction site, avoiding the crew.

After a while, the two came to the ground floor of a vacant building next to the construction site.

That building should have been build as a hotel or something. The lobby on the first floor was very spacious. There were stone platforms on the corners with large glass walls.

Those nearby areas were all under industrial construction. This building had been completed ahead of schedule but no one had moved in yet. So there were neither crew members nor passersby there.

Li Quyin looked around to make sure there was no one. He was silently relieved.

Xia Xixi didn’t notice much. He took out the coffee and pastries he had brought and put them on the stone platform.

“Try it.” Xia Xixi looked at Li Quyin after placing things properly.

“You made this all by yourself?” Li Quyin knew at a glance that the pastries were not bought. Because the boxes containing the pastries were for household use and these pastries were not the ones that are often seen outside.

It was a box of thumb-sized white pastries with a little red dot in the middle, which looked very cute.

“En, do you like sweets?” Xia Xixi asked softly.

He just remembered that he hadn’t even asked Li Quyin whether he liked sweets or not but brought it directly over here for him.

It was the first time for Xia Xixi to interact with people, so he was not proficient in many things.

It was also the same about going to the holiday villa. He should have said in advance, so that Li Quyin could have time to prepare.

Thinking of this, Xia Xixi lowered his eyes slightly. He have to be more mindful in the future.

“Yes, I like it very much.” Li Quyin said.

While talking, he took a small pastery and put it in his mouth.

The next moment, a sweet fragrance came over.

Li Quyin endured it to not frown. He really didn’t like to eat too sweet things.

The film emperor Shen Bailou did not like sweets. This was a well-known thing, but he was now Li Quyin, not Shen Bailou.

“It’s delicious.” Li Quyin gave an evaluation.

Except for the sweetness, Li Quyin felt that this pastery was really delicious. Especially after knowing that it was made by Xia Xixi and delivered by himself.

Xia Xixi seemed to be in a good mood. He smiled crookedly, “I have coffee too.”

He took out the cup, poured coffee, and then handed the coffee to Li Quyin.

Xia Xixi was already good-looking and he also carried the clean and clear temperament of a teenager. His smile was like the warm sun in March, which made people feel better.

Li Quyin was taken aback when he saw his smile. Only then did he reacted.

When he recovered, he quickly took a sip of coffee.

He wanted to use the bitter taste of coffee to dilute the sweetness in his mouth, but after a sip of coffee, the sweet taste came again.

Xia Xixi had put a lot of sugar and cream in the coffee, all of which diluted the bitterness of the coffee.

“It’s delicious.” Li Quyin was so sweet that he also started to talk sweetly, “Do you like sweets?”

Li Quyin was surprised, because this kind of Xia Xixi was just like a child who was sweet addicted.

This kind of him was also inexplicably cute.

“Actually, I don’t like coffee. But my friends all drink coffee.” Xia Xixi seemed to be sophistry. His cheeks were hot and a little uncomfortable.

Li Quyin laughed from the heart, “Don’t drink if you don’t like it. Drink something you like. How about milk tea?”

“No.” Xia Xixi refused. “My…colleagues and friends all drink either coffee or tea. If I drink milk tea, it will be too much like a child and they will definitely laugh at me.”

Thinking of his group of grizzled-bearded friends, Xia Xixi puffed up a little.

Those old guys just knew how to flaunt their age. They always teased him by calling him a child whenever they got the chance.

Obviously he was in his twenties and he had a boyfriend.

“You exactly are like a child.” Li Quyin smiled towards the cute child.

“I’m not much younger than you.” Xia Xixi glanced at Li Quyin quietly. They were quite the same age.

Xia Xixi felt that it was not that he looked like a child but that Li Quyin was too mature.

Li Quyin gives very mature and stable vibes to everyone. As long as he is by your side, he can make you feel at ease.

It was probably because of this maturity and peace of mind that he[XXX] had agreed to associate with Li Quyin before despite having met each other for only few times.

But no matter what, the man in front of him was already his boyfriend.

Li Quyin smiled and said nothing.

He felt the warm atmosphere surrounding him. He took another piece of pastry into his mouth.

Don’t know if it was a psychological effect, he always felt that these sweets, which he had never liked before, suddenly became delicious.

The more he ate, the more hungry he became. The more he ate, the more he wanted to eat. And the more he ate, the more drier he became.

Ten minutes passed quickly. Xia Xixi stood up when Li Quyin finished his coffee.

“Then I’ll go back first.” Xia Xixi was also worried about the contractor urging Li Quyin. He didn’t want Li Quyin to be scolded because of him.

“So fast?”

“You go back and work, we will go out to play together in two days.” Xia Xixi calmed him down.

Seeing Li Quyin’s reluctance, Xia Xixi was in a good mood.

Maybe it’s nice to have a boyfriend.

After chatting a few more words, Xia Xixi rejected Li Quyin’s offer to send him, and left alone.

After walking out of the construction site, Xia Xixi walked towards the side road for a while, and then stopped infront of a black car.

The driver came down to open the door. Xia Xixi smiled and got into the car.

“Brother Wu, let’s go home.”

“Master is in a good mood?” The driver also laughed. Xia Xixi’s smile was very contagious.

“Yeah.” Xia Xixi thought about what happened just now. He was indeed in a good mood.

Just as he was smiling, Xia Xixi was a little worried again.

Li Quyin still doesn’t know that he is very rich.

He is so rich that if Li Quyin agreed he can even raise him.

Xia Xixi had never thought about this before. He had also never mentioned it before. Now that he knows about Li Quyin’s situation, it becomes even more difficult to say this.

He didn’t want Li Quyin to belittle himself or have low self-esteem because of this.

“By the way, Master. There was a call from home and someone wanted to ask you to guide a movie…”

Xia Xixi’s good mood disappeared instantly. His face quickly became cold, “Movie of Shen Bailou?”

Damn this Shen Bailou was really present everywhere.

And if he remembers correctly, he had just rejected it.

“How do you know?” The driver was surprised.

“Someone asked me just now.” Xia Xixi paused, “Just tell them I’m not doing it.”

Just listening to the two words ‘Shen Bailou’ was enough for him to feel sick not to mention going to help him.


The car drove out of the lane and headed towards the Xia’s house.

Xia Xixi took out his mobile phone to check the time. Turning on the mobile phone, he found that there were a lot of unread messages on the mobile phone and even several unfamiliar calls.

He had been staying with Li Quyin just now without paying attention to his mobile phone.

Xia Xixi unlocked the screen and opened the message.

Most of the messages were sent by his friend from moments ago, saying that Shen Bailou has offered him a very high price.

The rest was sent by that stranger who was working for Shen Bailou, who wanted to discuss with him about the movie.

Xia Xixi glanced at it roughly. But without the patience to finish reading the information, he directly blocked the number.

“Did you give them my phone number?” Xia Xixi asked his friend.

He doesn’t like Shen Bailou, everyone around him knows it.

It wasn’t just because of Li Quyin. His dislike has been going on for several years. Only after getting to know Li Quyin, this hatred was rapidly intensified again.

Thinking of what happened few years ago, Xia Xixi’s face became even more ugly. He became more determined that he would never help that hypocrite Shen Bailou.

“Phone number? No, how could I just give your phone number to someone else. Even if I want to, I will definitely ask you first.”

Xia Xixi breathed a sigh of relief. He always knew that he had a good vision for making friends.

But if it’s not his friend, then who was it?

Xia Xixi was wondering when the phone rang again. It was a call from a new and unfamiliar number.

Not even hesitating for a moment, he decisively refused it.

The phone was rejected, but the opposite was persevering. It didn’t take long for other party to chase after him by sending a bunch of messages.

Xia Xixi glanced at the beginning. The opposite party’s tone was very official. The other party directly used the two words Shen Bailou at the beginning, as if they felt that as long as he heard Shen Bailou’s name, he would definitely agree immediately.

Before even giving other party to finish the information, Xia Xixi blocked the number again.

He didn’t know who had leaked his number. Such an approach made him angry, but it was the people working for Shen Bailou who he hated him even more.

He has clearly refused but the other party is still persevering and entangled which really makes people feel uncomfortable.

Even with that, he also disliked Shen Bailou even more.

Construction site:

Sending off Xia Xixi, Li Quyin returned to the crew holding the snacks box.

Standing in front of the crew again, the smile and gentleness on Li Quyin’s face had disappeared leaving only the thin frost.

The others were not surprised. But they were relieved instead, after all, this was a normal Shen Bailou.

The assistant hurried forward to help take the things in his hand but Li Quyin avoided him refusing and took the things to the table and placed them there carefully.

After placing it, Li Quyin glanced at the people around him. But he still wasn’t rest assured. So he warned his assistant in a cold voice, “Keep looking it, don’t let them steal food.”


When everyone heard this, they were suddenly full of question marks. Who would steal it?

And doesn’t that Shen Bailou hate sweets?

Why did he come back with a snacks box after he left suddenly and mysteriously? Just looking at the box once, you’ll know someone must have made it by him/herself.

If this news leaked out, it’ll definitely be on tomorrow’s hot search headlines.


The author has something to say:

Xia Xixi: Shen Bailou is a trash.
Li Quyin: TVT That’s right, Shen Bailou is a trash.

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