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FERWP Chapter 4

Break up immediately

Under the swaying candlelight, Li Quyin stared at Xia Xixi in a dazed manner, being completely stunned.


Shen family?

Shen Bailou?


Who bullies who?

Li Quyin’s mind was messy. He looked at Xia Xixi on the opposite side. Xia Xixi didn’t seem to have discovered his identity.

But if Xia Xixi didn’t find out his identity, what did he mean by that?

Shen Bailou bullied him? He bullied himself?

Li Quyin was silent, and Xia Xixi’s eyes grew firmer when he saw this scene.

He didn’t know why the Shen family treated Li Quyin that way, but it didn’t delay him from hating the Shen family even more.

“We are already dating, so I hope you will stop hiding it from me in the future. I just hope you can do well.” Xia Xixi said seriously.

When speaking the last sentence, Xia Xixi felt a little uncomfortable.

He and Li Quyin hadn’t known each other for a long time. The time of contact was also short. The things he just said now, wasn’t it a bit too bold?

But they are already dating and Li Quyin is very kind to him.

Xia Xixi blinked. He nodded while still dreaming. His white face was full of seriousness.

Yes, Li Quyin is his boyfriend.

There is nothing wrong with being bold.

“Why do you think…” The corners of Li Quyin’s mouth twitched. He tried to restrain it to hide it.

Li Quyin wanted to ask why Xia Xixi felt that the Shen family treated him badly, but he didn’t know how to ask.

Ever since he knew Xia Xixi, he knew that Xia Xixi hated Shen Bailou.

Recalling what happened that day, Li Quyin was in a daze.

When he had taken the initiative to walk over to Xia Xixi to strike up a conversation, the moment Xia Xixi had looked back and seen him, he had instinctively frowned, and there was even more uncontrollable hatred in his eyes.

Before being stared at by Xia Xixi like that, he had never even thought that Xia Xixi who looked so otherworldly clean and pure would show such an expression.

As a celebrity, Li Quyin has seen the expressions of too many people after recognizing him.

Some were surprised, some were excited, and some were nervous. But being so much disgusted uncontrollably by seeing him, Xia Xixi was the first and only one.

So at that moment, Li Quyin knew that Xia Xixi hated him.

Later, he mistakenly, unexpectedly, and accidentally became Shen Bailou’s ‘older brother’, Li Quyin.

Seeing Li Quyin still trying to cover up, Xia Xixi lowered his voice and said cautiously: “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

If it weren’t for being treated harshly, how could the Shen family never admit that there is another son in the family? It’s as if Li Quyin doesn’t exist at all.

While taking a sip of the red wine then slowly swallowing it, Xia Xixi licked his lips.

This wine is delicious and sweet.

Li Quyin’s lips moved. He always felt that he should explain, but looking at Xia Xixi’s serious black eyes, he couldn’t speak.

Moreover, Xia Xixi’s face seriously said that he would help him…

Li Quyin took a sip from the wine glass in front of him, trying to get rid of the dryness in his throat.

After drinking, that feeling did not dissipate, but it became stronger.

The scorching sensation spread from his throat, making him hot.

He looked away and didn’t look at Xia Xixi, because he was afraid that he could not help but want to do something if he watched him[XXX] again.

Li Quyin took the wine bottle to pour the wine for himself to divert his attention. He picked up the wine bottle, but he found that the bottle was empty at some point.

He was stunned. When he looked up again, Xia Xixi was licking his lips happily.

Under the dim candlelight, Xia Xixi’s thin and plump lips were watery. It made people want to bite and kiss him.

Li Quyin’s breathing became stagnant and his eyes became hotter.

“It’s sweet.” Xia Xixi licked his lips and sucked them contentedly.

Finally, he handed the cup to Li Quyin expectantly. He still wanted to drink it.

Li Quyin shook the empty bottle. He then looked at Xia Xixi, whose cheeks were reddened and there was a thin mist in his eyes. His[XXX] situation was obviously not right.

“Are you drunk?” Li Quyin stroked his upper jaw with the tip of his tongue. His heart was itchy.

How could Xia Xixi be so defenseless?

Was he not afraid of what he’ll do?

Xia Xixi stared in surprise when he heard the words. He tilted his head slightly, a little dumbfounded, “Drunk?”

He hurriedly lowered his head as if thinking of something. He first touched his stomach, and then touched his hot cheeks.

After the inspection, he shook his head seriously, “No, I still know you, you are Li Quyin, my boyfriend, hehe.”

Thinking that the person in front of him was his newly picked boyfriend, Xia Xixi was so happy that he couldn’t stop laughing.

He is also a man with a boyfriend.

Li Quyin was not sure at first, but now he is sure that Xia Xixi is definitely drunk.

“You rarely drank before?” Li Quyin held up the wine bottle and looked at the candlelight in disbelief.

This wine was indeed the wine that he had specially imported over but it had a very low degree of intoxication. It was basically a fruit wine.

Except for children who can not drink, it is basically not intoxicating at all.

After looking at the bottle, Li Quyin went to see Xia Xixi on the opposite side. While he was happy from his heart, he was also a little disappointed. What Xia Xixi said just now seemed to be just drunken talk.

For a moment, his heart was beating wildly because of Xia Xixi’s words.

Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi who was drunk.

Xia Xixi barely goes out in sun all year round, so his skin is very fair. Coupled with the youthful feeling on him, he feels particularly fair and beautiful.

But what really attracted Li Quyin was not Xia Xixi’s outstanding looks, but his eyes.

Xia Xixi’s eyelashes are thick and long. They are also slightly curled. His dark pupils seem to be covered with thin water mist. He occasionally shows hazy and ambiguous eyes. In Li Quyin’s eyes, they are suffocatingly sexy.

At this moment, Xia Xixi was sitting drunk in front of him and his eyes were full of that kind of ambiguity.

Li Quyin withdrew his gaze and took a sip from his wine glass in embarrassment.

The sweet wine inside his belly did not soothe his restless heart at all but made him want to turn into a wolf more and more.

Li Quyin put the empty wine bottle aside and didn’t plan to open the one that hadn’t been opened yet. “No, just one bottle is enough.”

Xia Xixi opened his lips slightly. He was a little dazed.

He looked at the wine in Li Quyin’s glass, and then at the empty bottle. He hadn’t had enough.

“You can drink it later.”

There was no wine. Xia Xixi put down the glass in disappointment.

He licked his lips again as if recalling the smell of the wine.

On the opposite side, Li Quyin took a deep look at Xie Xixi and suddenly immersed himself in suffering.

After licking his lips, Xia Xixi took a peek at Li Quyin while eating casually.

Li Quyin’s lips are neither too thin nor too thick, and they look so good…

Xia Xixi raised his hand and touched his own lips. His heart throbbed, and he felt blushing at the thought he had just now.

However, Li Quyin didn’t seem to notice anything. From the very beginning, he just kept eating.

“Stupid!” Xia Xixi bulged, although he didn’t know what he was angry with.

“What?” Li Quyin looked up. His tongue was feeling tasteless. His mind was full of Xia Xixi licking his lips just now.

Absent-minded, he had already made up his mind not to let Xia Xixi drink casually in the future.

Even if he wants to drink, he can only drink it in front of him.

“Nothing.” Xia Xixi shook his head.

He shook his head and suddenly felt his body becoming even dizzier. So he forgot to be angry and it became even harder to remember why he was angry.

Unable to remember, Xia Xixi lowered his head to eat.

The chefs there were very skilled and the food was delicious, which made him feel better again.

Among these foods, there were probably some foods that brought that effect of dizzy feeling.

For some reason, he was a little dizzy from the beginning. He didn’t hate that feeling but instead felt quite happy.

“Are you full? I’ll take you back.” Seeing Xia Xixi finished eating, Li Quyin got up.

“So soon?” Xia Xixi was a little bit reluctant to hear that he was going back.

He didn’t want to go back so soon. This was the first gift Li Quyin gave him.

He then stood up. He just wanted to say that he still wanted to enjoy the air here, when he staggered.

Fortunately, Li Quyin was prepared for a long time. He quickly grabbed him with his hand and didn’t let him fall.

“Strange.” Standing still, Xia Xixi rubbed his head. Why was the house under his feet shaking?


Xia Xixi took a step aside. He was just about to ask when his body shook. Then he crashed into Li Quyin’s arms.

He was leaning on Li Quyin’s chest and smelling the breath of his body. Xia Xixi’s cheeks were piping hot. But he didn’t hate this feeling.

He was feeling dazed in Li Quyin’s arms and didn’t want to leave so quickly.

“Fortunately, you are not Shen Bailou.” Because of a guilty conscience, Xia Xixi deliberately asked for something to say.

“Huh?” This actually caught Li Quyin’s attention.

“When I first saw you, I thought you were him. Who made you two look so alike?” Xia Xixi looked at Li Quyin’s face.

He frowned for a while, then smiled again.

The frown was because of thinking of Shen Bailou, and the smile was for Li Quyin.

“You really look alike.” Xia Xixi muttered.

Li Quyin’s eyebrows are dark. His body structure and skin are beautiful. He’ll look handsome even if he becomes old, just like Shen Bailou.

Even if Xia Xixi didn’t want to admit this, he had to admit it.

Thinking of Shen Bailou, Xia Xixi flattened his mouth, annoyingly.

Li Quyin hugged the drunk person in his arms. He was feeling complicated, “…What if I was… him?”


“I mean, what if I was Shen Bailou?” Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi’s eyes. He didn’t want to miss any of his micro-expressions.

Xia Xixi thought about it and then got serious, “If you are Shen Bailou, then we will just break up. We will break up immediately!”

His brows frowned as if thinking of something disgusting and unbearable.

He stood up straight, not leaning on Li Quyin’s arms.

He looked at Li Quyin with scorching eyes but Li Quyin in front of him seemed to be always moving. His head was too dizzy.

Xia Xixi had to reach out and hold his cheeks, which made him obediently stop shaking his head.

Staring at Li Quyin, Xia Xixi said seriously: “You are not him. You are different from him. You are you.”

He felt that Li Quyin was feeling inferior. That’s why he[LQY] had that absurd idea.

This is not surprising. If he has such a younger brother who is loved by his parents and enjoys the financial support of the family business, he’ll not like it too. He will definitely feel jealous and envious.

However, he chose to associate with Li Quyin instead of Shen Bailou.

“My boyfriend is you, Li Quyin, not Shen Bailou, that trash!” Xia Xixi cursed fiercely.

“You don’t have to compare yourself with that trash. You are you. You are thousand times and ten thousand times better than him. He is the one who should feel inferior.” Xia Xixi was super fierce, super super super fierce!

Looking at the close face of Xia Xixi and listening to his affectionate confession, Li Quyin’s heart still wanted to cry all over.

If you want to confess then just confess, can you stop swearing?


The author has something to say:
The film emperor·Shen Bailou: Were you scolded today?
The film emperor·Shen Bailou: Y E S √

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