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FERWP Chapter 16

It was really weird.

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

[Some people blurt out their random opinion just because they are considered a ”famous expert”. What about the evidence? ] Li Quyin immediately posted on Weibo.

He didn’t name the other party either, but anyone with eyes could tell who he was referring to.

After posting on Weibo, Li Quyin glanced at the other party’s Weibo account again.

The other party pretends to be like a great damn human being. From time to time he posts some random knowledge on different things but guess what? Can you convert a donkey into a cow just by washing it? Similarly, that guy behind that account is just a loser with some serious mental illness.

Li Quyin had posted from Shen Bailou’s Weibo account.

Looking at the content that Shen Bailou had posted, Xia Xixi sneered and shook his head. He had never seen such a shameless person.

Xia Xixi has no evidence to prove that Shen Bailou already has someone he loves. But he believes that Li Quyin will not lie to him.

After all, Li Quyin is Shen Bailou’s own brother. He will never make some random things to tell Xia Xixi about Shen Bailou’s affairs.

If it was other people, Xia Xixi wouldn’t have bothered. But when he thinks about what kind of person Shen Bailou truly is and thinking about his(SBL) poor boyfriend, Xia Xixi can’t help but be extremely angry.

This matter, he can’t just be indifferent and watch that poor guy being cheated on.

[You mean you don’t have a boyfriend? You dare not even admit this? ] Xia Xixi directly questioned under Shen Bailou’s Weibo account.

If Shen Bailou really denies that he doesn’t have any boyfriend, then Xia Xixi hopes that Shen Bailou’s boyfriend could see his post and then stay away from this scumbag.

After Li Quyin surfed Weibo’s hot topics for a while, he refreshed and immediately saw the comment that was at the top among the thousands of comments.

Li Quyin, who was holding fire in his stomach, immediately wanted to fire back. But looking at the comment, he hesitated.

He immediately thought of Xia Xixi.

Although Xia Xixi certainly didn’t know about this, if he denied that he had a boyfriend, wouldn’t he be denying his relationship with Xia Xixi?

When he thinks of Xia Xixi’s face, Li Quyin was unable to speak such a lie.

And in case Xia Xixi knows that he is Shen Bailou in the future and if he will see his Weibo then…

Li Quyin hesitated for a long time but he couldn’t do anything. On the other end of the network, Xia Xixi, who had been waiting for a while, only felt that he could not underestimate this jerk Shen Bailou.

[You don’t dare to speak, does this mean you have admitted it? ] Xia Xixi left a comment again.

[It’s none of your business. ] Li Quyin replied.

Although he didn’t know how the other party knew that he had a boyfriend, the other party’s approach undoubtedly involved Xia Xixi, which made him angrier and angrier.

He didn’t want Xia Xixi to be involved.

Thinking about Xia Xixi, the corners of Li Quyin’s mouth pressed tightly. His black eyes were filled with cold light.

[OPPS! I heard that someone sold fake goods to others turning out to be a fraud?

It seems that the victims had called the police, and the police had intervened?

That was a major event suspected of fraud. If you cannot even find a difference between an original and a duplicate product, you should go to buy eyeglasses rather than barking here. ]

Since the last incident, Li Quyin had asked his assistant to find someone to investigate Miao Mingyi secretly.

He had also asked people to check out about You Hai. The matter of Miao Mingyi didn’t come to fruition so quickly, but the matter of You Hai got a quick result.

Knowing that something wrong had happened with that loser expert, Li Quyin was very happy at that time. This kind of person, who is talentless and sells his stupidity, just deserved it!

[Don’t talk nonsense about things that haven’t been concluded yet. Besides, it has nothing to do with you. You should better take care of yourself first. Such a jerk who doesn’t even dare to recognize the people he associates with. ] Xia Xixi gritted his teeth. His already pale face was even paler with anger.

He and that surnamed Shen were really incompatible with each other. They can’t get along at all.

The two people quarreled with each other openly. Seeing that the two were about to fight, everyone waited taking a deep breath.

Shen Bailou, the film emperor, there was almost no one who didn’t know him.

The Weibo account used by Xia Xixi, called “Xia Yu Wei Zhi”, was recognized as the Weibo account of a valuable and high profiled expert because it has been tagged by many official Weibo users and companies.

Although Xia Xixi doesn’t use Weibo much and rarely interacts with others, he is very famous on the Internet.

The two people were openly roasting each other together. One can imagine how much the internet was affected.

The people who didn’t like Shen Bailou in the first place now stood on Xia Xixi’s side. They also randomly started to criticize Shen Bailou for not doing well.

Shen Bailou’s fans were not people who were easy to mess with. Naturally, they didn’t believe a shit without evidence. They were ready to fight and kill haters.

Xia Xixi glanced roughly at the people who became noisier and happier because of their open conflict. He turned off Weibo.

He has no interest in guiding anyone to attack someone. He just really can’t understand Shen Bailou.

Turning off Weibo, Xia Xixi thought for a while. Then he sent a message to Li Quyin and asked him how he was?

Li Quyin had said last night that something big had happened to him.

“It’s okay, the matter has almost been resolved. It’s just some random mad dog barking to get attention.” Li Quyin was already using Weibo on his mobile phone, he immediately replied when he received the message.

“That’s good.”

“Aww Thank you.” Li Quyin felt Xia Xixi’s concern. His heart was warmed.

“Huh?” Xia Xixi was puzzled.

“It’s just that I suddenly discovered recently that the existence of some people is enough to make people feel annoying.” Li Quyin looked at that mad dog’s account on Weibo and gritted his teeth.

Xia Xixi didn’t know who Li Quyin was talking about but Shen Bailou immediately appeared in his mind. He smiled and comforted, “Yes, exactly.”

For him, the existence of Shen Bailou in this world is enough to make him feel uncomfortable.

Li Quyin looked at the word ‘Yes’, and a little smile appeared on his angry face.

He found that he and Xia Xixi were really in a tacit understanding and their views on many things often coincided.

Thinking about that night, when Xia Xixi was angry, Li Quyin’s heart was itchy.

He switched to the Weibo page and typed the text to post.

[I have someone I like. But we aren’t dating yet, at least he hasn’t fully accepted me. So even if it’s for him, I can’t mess around. ]

Li Quyin did not lie. Although he and Xia Xixi were already dating, the object of Xia Xixi’s relationship was not Shen Bailou, but Li Quyin.

For Li Quyin, this is still not complete.

He hopes that one day, Xia Xixi can accept him as Shen Bailou.

As soon as Li Quyin posted this on Weibo, the entire Weibo immediately became lively again.

Talking about his previous scandal, it just made some people come around to watch the excitement.

But this Weibo post can be said to directly make everyone on the Internet go crazy.

Who didn’t know that the film emperor Shen Bailou has been single all his life and there has never been a woman around him? He didn’t even have a single romantic scandal.

Because of this, many people have had fantasies, hoping to become that special person one day. There were countless people on the Internet dreaming to give birth to a little monkey for Shen Bailou and calling him their husband.

Such a single national male god suddenly announced that he has someone he likes…

Whether Shen Bailou entered and exited the hotel with someone was no longer important. The important thing was who he liked?

Everyone started to guess, enumerating possible female artists.

Yi Gu Pan was the first one they had guessed. If it was really her, Shen Bailou had no need to stand up and deny that they were in the hotel together.

And Shen Bailou had said it himself, the person he likes has not accepted him. It means that the two haven’t even dated yet, let alone go to the hotel to do ‘that”.

The Internet was going crazier, but the world of Xia Xixi, who had turned off Weibo, was indeed quiet. He was lying on his sofa and chatting with Li Quyin.

The more they get along, the more Xia Xixi realized that the gap between Li Quyin and Shen Bailou was really big.

This person, Shen Bailou, is always cold and arrogant as if the whole world owes him money.

Li Quyin is always gentle and caring in front of him. He speaks quite humorously and Xia Xixi is often amused by him.

“I contacted a member of the previous dessert shop. I just saw that they had sent a message saying that there will be big activities for two days. Would you like to check it out?” Li Quyin asked.

“Didn’t you say that you were busy?” Xia Xixi remembered that Li Quyin had said this before.

“OH It’s okay. It won’t affect my schedule. Since there is some event going on, we might as well go there or we will miss good things.” Li Quyin made a serious appointment.

“Well then!” Xia Xixi agreed. Thinking of the sweet snack, Xia Xixi licked the corner of his mouth like a cat.

Now that Li Quyin has figured out an excuse for him, let’s eat it!

“By the way, I think they also have customized birthday cakes. When is your birthday or should I book one for you in advance?” Li Quyin asked Xia Xixi’s birthday making a weird excuse.

Xia Xixi saw his cleverness but didn’t ruin his plan. “There are still two months left. How about you?”

“It’s already passed, May 15th.”

“May 15th?” Xia Xixi raised his eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why is your birthday on the same date as Shen Bailou?” Xia Xixi sat up from the sofa.

He deliberately opened Weibo again, turned to Shen Bailou’s homepage, and looked at the information on it.

He remembered correctly. Shen Bailou’s birthday was indeed on May 15.

Brothers having their birthdays on the same day. Isn’t it a huge coincidence?

Speaking of which, Li Quyin and Shen Bailou also look alike.

Logically speaking, if the child is not born to the same mother or father, the chance that two children will look exactly the same should be minimal.

Even if two people are like fathers and have not inherited the mother’s genes at all, it is impossible for them to not have a single different thing.

But Li Quyin and Shen Bailou are almost carved out of the same mold.

If it were not because Li Quyin always smiled in front of him and Shen Bailou always had a dead face, Xia Xixi would have doubted whether the two people were the same person.

It was really weird.

“You both look exactly the same and even your birthday is the same.” Xia Xixi said again.

When Li Quyin saw Xia Xixi wondering about his birthday falling on the same date as Shen Bailou’s, his heartbeat jumped wildly uncontrollably.

“How do you know Shen Bailou’s birthday?” Li Quyin asked in a panic.

He was also really puzzled. Doesn’t Xia Xixi hate Shen Bailou very much? How could he know his birthday? He remembered even so clearly.

Li Quyin suddenly had a ridiculous idea. Maybe Xia Xixi didn’t hate Shen Bailou as much as he had thought?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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