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FERWP Chapter 15

From now on they are officially starting a war!!!

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After cursing himself aggrievedly, Li Quyin bit his teeth and decided to trouble Miao Mingyi.

“How is the investigation? Have you found out who it was?” Li Quyin sent a message and asked.

As soon as the news came out, Li Quyin immediately asked Miao Mingyi to investigate it.

About this matter, he will not let that person get away with it so easily.

Once he finds out who was the person behind that news, just wait and watch how many ribs he’ll break of that person.

“I’m investigating, I haven’t found that person yet. The other party broke the news on Weibo and anonymous forums. Even if I found the IP address, it didn’t work.” Miao Mingyi responded quickly.

“Hurry up.”


After having a conversation with Miao Mingyi, Li Quyin went out to see the reaction on the Internet.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of a lot of people and it continued to spread. An hour ago, this news, even directly made into the list of hot headlines.

Many fans thought that this was impossible. Their male god does not even have a girlfriend and would never do such a thing.

Many people thought that there must be a misunderstanding. The picture was unclear and it was impossible to know where it was. At most, it can only be said that Shen Bailou was walking in front of a lover’s hotel.

But there was no lack of anti-fans among them who were taking this opportunity to rant about the collapse of the male god. They even brought out his previous scandals to defame him.

Because of this, the popularity of this news continued to remain as a headline. It can be said that the news will continue to remain like that for several days.

Li Quyin rubbed the bridge of his nose. Xia Xixi on the other side had already cursed and complained about Shen Bailou.

“He was originally this kind of person. It was only a matter of time before he was exposed. But I really admire him for hiding his disgusting behavior so deeply that he was not exposed until now.” Xia Xixi said.

“You aren’t allowed to learn anything from him.”

Li Quyin wanted to cry but the tears didn’t come out, “Don’t worry. I won’t. I’m different from him.”

“That’s good.” Xia Xixi happily rolled around on the sofa, feeling a little sleepy.

“I’m a little tired. I need to go to bed first. You should rest earlier too.” Xia Xixi yawned.

“Okay, good night.” Li Quyin.

Xia Xixi glanced at the time and realized that it was already more than two o’clock in the night. He suddenly thought it was a little strange. Why did Li Quyin stay up so late?

“Why haven’t you slept yet? It’s already so late.” Xia Xixi asked.

“Something went wrong.” Li Quyin was really ”suffering”.

“Is it serious?”

Li Quyin looked at the message. He didn’t know how to explain it for a long while. His boyfriend misunderstood that he and another person went to the hotel to do ”that” and he was even cursed. Wasn’t that a serious matter?

“Well, it’s very serious!” Li Quyin smiled bitterly. After all, this matter was so serious that he could not cry even if he wanted to.

“Is there anything I can help?” Xia Xixi was worried.

He turned over and lay down on the sofa. His feet were swaying.

“I can solve it. You should go to bed early.”

“Well, good night.”

Seeing that Li Quyin was not prepared to say more, although Xia Xixi was still a little worried, he didn’t ask any more. He believed that Li Quyin would definitely be able to solve it.

After coaxing Xia Xixi to sleep, Li Quyin went to bed after taking a look at the latest ”speeches” and discussions about him on the Internet.

He has been in the industry for many years. He undoubtedly has the basic psychological qualities needed in this kind of situation. So, this situation does not affect his sleep.

Early the next morning, when he opened Weibo again during a temporary break after finishing the show, the hot headline was still hanging on the homepage.

And after a night of chaos, the situation became even more confusing.

In the morning, someone even broke the news that they knew the name of the female star who had gone to the hotel to do ”that” with Shen Bailou.

After getting some obvious hints from that person, the clever netizens quickly picked out the name of the female celebrity.

That female star was the second female lead of the movie which had Shen Bailou as its male lead before. She was called Yi Gupan.

Yi Gupan had made her debut not long ago but because she had some connections in the industry, she often brought investments into the group. So she had participated in many major productions.

But her acting skills were average, so she hasn’t become popular so far. The only thing that helps her to attract attention from other people is her sexy and mature dressing style.

Li Quyin remembered Yi Gupan. When they were working together, Yi Gupan had once threw herself at him before.

It’s just that Li Quyin hated those kinds of people, so he never gave her a good face.

The only reason why Li Quyin remembered her was because Yi Gupan was extremely shameless. Even if she was always treated with a cold face by him, she could immediately come up with a hippy smile.

As soon as the news came out, someone went to Weibo and asked Yi Gupan if it was the case. Yi Gupan said a lot but made a vague statement. She didn’t make a clear statement about whether that news was true or not.

Her attitude immediately caused more people to guess that the woman in the picture was indeed Yi Gupan.

Li Quyin looked at all this and couldn’t help but sneer.

This Yi Gu Pan is quite clever.

First, she broke the news about the photos of him and Xia Xixi.

She must have seen Xia Xixi too. Then, she deliberately chose such a vague photo to break the news, just to blur Xia Xixi’s gender, so that she could replace him.

As the person involved, even if he knows that was not the case, before denying everything, he must consider the fact that Yi Gupan might reveal that it was a man who went to the hotel with him…

Therefore, Yi Gupan was determined that he would not refute it clearly. So she deliberately and blatantly tried to make the statement vague to get the attention.

Yi Gupan was a threat.

Li Quyin’s eyes were cold. Yi Gupan was smart and courageous, but she miscalculated one thing, that is, he would not allow anyone to threaten him with Xia Xixi.

To be more precise, he would not allow anyone to involve Xia Xixi in these troubles. He would never allow it!

Li Quyin’s fingertips slid across the screen and a long Weibo message was quickly typed.

[I was passing by the hotel at that time but I didn’t go in with anyone. This can be verified by the hotel’s monitoring cameras.

As for some people who are deliberately spreading rumors, please show evidence.

If your so-called evidence is just such a vague picture, isn’t that a bit too much of a small trick?

Since you took that photo as a piece of evidence, I don’t believe you took only a single photo that was even so blurry. The photo is so blurry, it makes people suspicious, isn’t it? ]

Li Quyin did go to that hotel. But he had gone alone and had come out alone. So there was no such thing as that rumor was saying of him ‘bringing someone inside the hotel’.

Even if the hotel’s surveillance was checked, he could only be seen going in and out alone at most.

As for who the other person in the photo was…

Yi Gupan’s exact purpose was to keep the heat for herself. If the person in the photo was someone else, not her, then it will undoubtedly be hitting herself in the face. It will be more like a kind of hitting that was hit on the already swollen face of her.

Therefore, Li Quyin believed that Yi Gupan would not be so stupid.

After Weibo was posted, Li Quyin ignored all those things and continued to do his show.

When Xia Xixi saw this long Weibo post, it was already the afternoon when he came out of the bureau.

After the incident last night, Xia Xixi spent the whole day busy investigating the vase.

After a good night’s sleep, his mind was quite clear. He asked to look at the vase again. The people in the bureau agreed, so he and Old Man Liao went to the bureau.

That thing was indeed fake. The workmanship was very poor, not even comparable to local stalls.

But that vase was not the one he had seen before. If what he saw at that time was also so fake, there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed.

Therefore, Xia Xixi assumed that the vase must have been changed during the period between the time he had completed the appraisal and the obtaining of the appraisal certificate.

Walking out of the police station, after listening to Xia Xixi’s analysis, Old Man Liao frowned immediately.

Xia Xixi was very busy during that period. So after determining the specific situation of the vase, he had passed the vase to him and asked him to help write an appraisal letter.

The appraisal certificate was not something that could be obtained in just a few words. You need to go through the various processes to get the stamp. The processes take a long time, so it’s normal to find someone to help you obtain the certificate when you are busy.

Xia Xixi had something to do at that time. So, he had asked Old Man Liao to help but Old Man Liao was also busy. So he had called through the phone and asked the old man of the union who was free to help.

After that old man had obtained the appraisal certificate, Xia Xixi got the vase again. Then Xia Xixi returned it to the collector.

“I’ll go back and check this matter. I’ll see who the hell had helped you at that time.” Old man Liao’s face was even more ugly than before he had entered the police station. He didn’t expect that the matter would involve him.

Once this kind of thing is settled, there will be no arguments. Then his entire life’s efforts will be ruined.

“I believe you won’t do that kind of thing. I know it’s not you.” Xia Xixi was very sure.

Old man Liao let out a long breath. His tight nerves gradually relaxed.

Xia Xixi gave him such a precious thing without even thinking twice, of course, because of trust.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find out…” Old man Liao left these words and took a taxi by himself.

Watching Old Man Liao leave, Xia Xixi took out his mobile phone to contact Li Quyin when he saw the latest news about Shen Bailou at a glance.

Xia Xixi was in a bad mood at first, and seeing this again, thinking about what Li Quyin had said last night, he suddenly became angry.

He opened his Weibo account that he seldomly-used. He pondered for a moment and posted: [Some people are really a beast in human’s face. Obviously they have their own partner, but they still hook up with other people everywhere. When they are discovered, they still are capable of denying and arguing instead. They really are very inspirational people! ]

When Xia Xixi thought of the partner of Shen Bailou, he felt bad for that guy.

Guys!! Don’t pick up your boyfriend from the trash. Even if you choose very strictly, the thing you’ll be picking at the end of the day will be mere trash.

After Li Quyin’s long Weibo was posted, many people immediately agreed. The question he raised was indeed questionable. So netizens were asking those who broke the news to take out clear photos.

When the situation looked like it was finally beginning to improve, suddenly someone on Weibo posted that Shen Bailou had a partner but he was still hooking up with other women.

Although the other party didn’t clearly call out his name, anyone with eyes could tell who he was referring to.

This immediately brought the situation back to the worst, no, even worse and worse!

Involving in sexual activities with other people when you are single and when you already have a partner are completely two different things.

Li Quyin laughed directly at that Weibo post. He clicked on the other party’s homepage and found that the other party was a certified big VIP.

That person usually only posts some things related to antique historical things. The contents were very small but there were many fans. There were actually several millions of fans.

Li Quyin turned the posts over. The person’s previous Weibo posts were full of historical enthusiastic words, giving people a feeling of dreaming back to ancient times.

Li Quyin sneered. What a pretentious guy!!!

But because of this, he immediately guessed who the other party was. Except for a certain lunatic, he really couldn’t think of anyone else.

Now that it’s all like this, he accepts the other party’s challenge. From now on they are officially starting a war!!!




The author has something to say:

Li Quyin: Pull the knife!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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