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FERWP Chapter 17

I have a boyfriend too.

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Li Quyin’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly.

If Xia Xixi really didn’t hate Shen Bailou as he showed in front of others, then why did he act so hatefully towards Shen Bailou?

If Xia Xixi doesn’t hate Shen Bailou then does he like him instead?

If this were the case, Li Quyin didn’t know for a moment whether he should be happy or cry by being jealous of his own self.

If Xia Xixi really likes Shen Bailou then why does he want to associate with him(LQY)?

Li Quyin sat in the lounge for a while and laughed for a while and frowned. The assistants next to him were all surprised and hesitated to call him.

On the other side of the phone, Xia Xixi replied almost without even thinking about it: “Every year people talk about his birthday as if it’s a god’s birthday. Wherever you go, you’ll just see his birthday-related things. You can’t even imagine how annoying it is.”

Shen Bailou is a popular movie emperor. When it’s his birthday, everyone celebrates it more than they celebrate their own. Even many entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity to offer discounts for their activities in order to attract customers.

When Shen Bailou’s birthday comes over every year, Xia Xixi is annoyed to death. Over time, he also remembered the date of Shen Bailou’s birthday.

“Oh…” Just before this moment, Li Quyin was still struggling with his imagination. Now, he gradually calmed down.

He raised his hand and stroked his forehead, feeling dumbfounded at the absurd idea he had just thought for a moment.

Xia Xixi likes Shen Bailou, how is that possible?

If Xia Xixi really likes Shen Bailou, how can he keep saying that Shen Bailou is an asshole?

“You haven’t answered my question yet. Why are your birthdays the same?” Xia Xixi asked.

Li Quyin was no longer thinking about this matter at the moment. He casually said: “Actually, this birthday belongs to me.”

“Huh?” Xia Xixi didn’t understand that if the birthday belonged to Li Quyin, then how could it be Shen Bailou’s birthday too.

“Isn’t he a celebrity? He can use some fake information.” Li Quyin said.

Xia Xixi was surprised. He immediately frowned. Shen Bailou really broke through the lower limit of his understanding of him every day.

He even seized Li Quyin’s birthday?

Imagine that Li Quyin didn’t get his father’s or his mother’s love in Shen’s family. What’s more, he had such a younger brother. His days were already very sad. As a result, his younger brother still used his birthday…….

Doesn’t that mean that every year when Li Quyin celebrates his birthday, he has to watch people all over the world celebrating his younger brother Shen Bailou’s birthday?

Xia Xixi imagined the scene for a moment and was immediately disgusted. Shen Bailou clearly wanted to embarrass Li Quyin on purpose!

He did it on purpose!


“It’s okay. From now on I will accompany you on your birthday, in fact, I’ll accompany you on your every birthday.” Xia Xixi’s doubts dispersed. All that was left was feeling of distress and injustice.

“Good.” Li Quyin didn’t know whether to be happy or cry.

“Actually, I have always been curious. Why do you hate Shen Bailou so much?” Li Quyin couldn’t help asking.

He had asked his assistant to check what annoying things he had done. He had seen the result too, but he felt that Xia Xixi was not someone who would judge a person’s good or bad arbitrarily because of those things.

The reason Xia Xixi hates Shen Bailou is definitely not because of the rumors on the Internet.

“There are many reasons. Things he does to you and the things that happened on the Internet today are all the reasons I hate him.” Xia Xixi said casually. He was not willing to discuss anything about Shen Bailou because it was annoying.

He had seen Shen Bailou once a few years ago. It was that time that made him start to hate Shen Bailou.

But that was just the beginning of his hatred towards Shen Bailou. It was not the whole reason he hated Shen Bailou.

When you start to hate someone, even if he just breathes quietly, it still becomes annoying.

For Xia Xixi, Shen Bailou was already the person who made his breathing annoying.

“Things that happened on Internet today??? He really didn’t go to do ”that” with anyone.” Li Quyin almost raised his finger in front of Xia Xixi and swore.

“Even if he didn’t go to do” that”, he still has a boyfriend. But he still refuses to admit it. He looks down on his own boyfriend.” Xia Xixi insisted.

Li Quyin’s lips moved. He suddenly remembered that he himself had told Xia Xixi that Shen Bailou had a boyfriend.

Does this mean he dug a hole by himself and jumped by himself?

Li Quyin smiled awkwardly, “Ha, ha, ha.”

“Someone called me, I’ll answer the call.” Xia Xixi sat up from the sofa.

The person who called him was Old Man Liao. He knew at first glance that it must be because of the vase.

“Okay.” Li Quyin replied.

Xia Xixi then connected to the phone.

As soon as the phone was connected, Old Man Liao immediately said, “I have already found the person who had helped with the vase thing that day.”

“Who was it?”

“After I came back, I told the people in the club about this matter and asked them to help and think about who had helped that day. Because it has been a while, it took some time to finally sort it out…”

Old man Liao first talked about the process and finally said: “You also know that person. And you had just met with that person.”

Xia Xixi recalled the people he had met recently, but he hadn’t been to the club recently. So he hadn’t seen anyone else except Old Man Liao.

“It’s You Hai.” Old man Liao said.

“He?” Xia Xixi was surprised.

Xia Xixi really didn’t expect that person to be You Hai.

He remembered that You Hai had just entered their club. The vase incident had occurred when he had just recently joined the club. How could it be him?

However, when Old Man Liao said that, Xia Xixi immediately remembered the matter of seeing You Hai before.

    He remembered that when he saw You Hai the previous time, You Hai had a strange attitude. He kept covering up as if he didn’t want to talk to them too much.

Xia Xixi thought at that time that You Hai didn’t want them to continue investigating him being pushed down the stairs, but now it seems that You Hai didn’t want to contact them.

Did he already know that something wrong had occurred at that time?

“You continue to investigate from the club to see if you can find out when had he changed the real vase. I’ll go and see him.” Xia Xixi got up.

“Do you want me to accompany you?” Old man Liao was a little worried.

“No.” Xia Xixi refused.

You Hai’s attitude was indeed a bit strange. But they have no evidence and it is too early to say anything.

And if this thing was really done by You Hai, he would definitely not admit it.

Although You Hai had just recently joined their club, he has been working in this industry for a long time. He can be considered an old expert in their industry.

If something like this will be known to the outside world, then he will never be able to work in this industry at all.

“Okay, then pay more attention to yourself.”

After hanging up the phone, Xia Xixi did not delay. After telling Li Quyin that he was going out, he immediately took the key and went out.

Xia Xixi took a taxi directly to the hospital at the gate of the community and then went upstairs in a familiar way.

When he reached the door, he knocked on the door. The door opened, but Xia Xixi was taken aback by the people in the room.

“Excuse me, are you You Hai’s family members?” Xia Xixi looked and asked the stranger in front of him blankly.

You Hai, who used to live in this ward, have disappeared. Now, lying on the hospital bed was a young man, and the one who opened the door was a young woman.

“No, did you find the wrong ward?” the woman said.

Xia Xixi retreated to the door and checked the number plate posted on the ward. He did not go to the wrong ward.

After thinking about it, Xia Xixi went downstairs and found the nurse downstairs.

“Oh, You Hai, he was discharged after staying here for three days.” The nurse behind the counter was still the same nurse when Xia Xixi had came to last time. She talked a lot and she started talking by herself.

“Tell me what kind of person is he? The doctor in charge said that he should stay in the hospital for a few more days to observe his condition again. After all, he had hurt his head when he is so old. He didn’t even want to check his conditions. He told us that he wanted to be discharged at any cost…”

Leaving the hospital, Xia Xixi did not rush home but went directly to the club.

Their club’s office was originally a vacant factory building. The location was a bit biased, but the space was large enough to accommodate many people.

When Xia Xixi arrived, there were dozens of people inside.

Some were sitting at the door drinking tea and chatting, some were playing chess, and some were sitting at their desks looking at information wearing glasses.

After getting out of the car at the door, Xia Xixi walked towards the house and greeted the people who were drinking tea along the way.

If you don’t know exactly what this place is, from other people’s perspectives, it is completely a leisure club for the elderly.

And Xia Xixi is an outlier among this group of people.

Because he was only in his twenties, plus he always wore clean and good-looking tops. So he was even more incompatible with this group of old men.

“You came?” Old man Liao walked leisurely with a pot of tea. His face was no longer nervous and uneasy, he looked completely lazy.

Xia Xixi was not surprised. He has stayed here for a long time, so he has contracted a bunch of old man diseases.

Every day he wants to drink tea, bask in the sun, and live like an old man.

If it wasn’t for this, how could he go to the bar alone? If it wasn’t for him going to the bar, how could he meet Li Quyin, and then just get a boyfriend?

“Did you found it?” Xia Xixi pushed away from the tea that Old Man Liao handed over, with a face of rejection.

He found a place to sit down. While asking, he told himself that he was not here for drinking tea.

“I asked others. It was indeed You Hai who had helped that day and the vase was indeed in his hands.” Old man Liao drank tea leisurely.

“By the way, I heard that you and Shen Bailou quarreled on the Internet?” Old man Liao asked.

“How do you know?” Xia Xixi wondered. They had just quarreled a few hours ago and this old man already knew about it?

“The whole network knows it. It’s all in the news.” Old man Liao took out his cell phone and it was the latest little news he had read.

Xia Xixi took a look and the headline of the news was “A well-known old expert criticizes a big star for his misbehavior.”

“This tea is a bit bland.” Xia Xixi took a sip of the tea, squinting his eyes with happiness. That jerk deserved it.

“How funny!” Old man Liao looked at his tea.

“You guys really argued?” Someone asked.

Xia Xixi opened his eyes and saw that there was already a group of people in front of him at some point.

All the people who had just been outside in the sun, drinking tea, and playing chess had all come over. They all looked at him with gossiping eyes.

These individuals, all of whom were experts with a reputation outside, and even big names with noble surnames in the world, were all gossiping behind the scenes.

“I scolded him.” Xia Xixi said.


“He has a boyfriend but still messes with others.”

“Oh, then he really deserves to be scolded.”

“Boyfriend? But isn’t Shen Bailou a man?” Old man Liao stared.

“What’s wrong with having a boyfriend? I have a boyfriend too. It’s not something weird.” Xia Xixi put down his teacup. He took out his mobile phone and found out the secretly taken picture of Li Quyin before, “See this!”

Holding the phone, Xia Xixi’s cheeks were slightly red. He was not here to show off his boyfriend but……….

Old man Liao was the first to come up. He took a look, “Isn’t this Shen Bailou?!”

“No, he is Shen Bailou’s elder brother, named Li Quyin.” Xia Xixi quickly explained that he will never like that Shen Bailou.

“Brother? Impossible!” Another old man stood up, “I’m fairly familiar with the Shen family. There is only one son in his family. I have never heard of Li Quyin.”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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