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FERWP Chapter 14

He has someone he likes.

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Xia Xixi stared at the very naughty and considerate employee and then at Li Quyin. Li Quyin was actually such a person……..

Being watched by Xia Xixi’s dark eyes, Li Quyin clearly read his mind.

He opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but he swallowed those words back into his stomach. At this moment, no matter what he will say, it will sound like he is trying to cover up something.

Annoyed, he turned his head and glanced at the employee next to him. Li Quyin’s deep and cold dark eyes made the smile on the employee’s face froze. He then returned to the front desk feeling embarrassed.

It was already ten o’clock in the night. From time to time there were couples coming in and out of the hotel. At this time, those people would look at the two people at the door suspiciously.

Xia Xixi was a very sensitive kind of person. He felt embarrassed. So, he turned to leave.

When Li Quyin saw this, he hurriedly followed.

“Actually, that was a message that my friend had secretly sent while I was away.” Li Quyin explained.

He felt guilty and was a little cautious. So, he glanced at Xia Xixi frequently when he spoke, for fear that Xia Xixi would not believe it.

Xia Xixi actually believed most of it immediately. After all, before he came, he had felt that the message did not fit Li Quyin’s style, which was a bit strange.

However, Xia Xixi decided to ignore Li Quyin when he thought of how those people had stupidly stared at him while he was standing alone as if he was a monkey.

Xia Xixi walked on the street quietly with a cold face.

The light of the cars on the roadside interlaced with the lights of nearby shops, turning into a river of light, blurring the outline of Xia Xixi.

“I didn’t expect you to really come…” Li Quyin looked at the angry person next to him and tried to explain.

Xia Xixi’s angry look was very cute. His cheeks were bulging, making people want to poke.

Xia Xixi paused. So Li Quyin was blaming him?

“I didn’t mean that.” Li Quyin found himself getting more and more wrong.

He was also weird. Although he is not usually very much expressive, he is at least a person who can speak clearly.

In addition, he is an entertainer, so he has learned a lot about speaking.

But why did he always say something wrong when it comes to Xia Xixi?

“Shall I treat you a dessert?” Li Quyin lowered his voice, admitting his mistakes sincerely.

Xia Xixi still ignored him, staring straight ahead.

Li Quyin noticed with his sharp eyes that Xia Xixi’s adam’s apple slid uncontrollably. He knew Xia Xixi was greedy for desserts.

Li Quyin couldn’t help laughing. He hurriedly said, “I heard that there is a very delicious dessert shop nearby. Do you wanna try it?”

Xia Xixi fluttered his eyelashes lightly but still ignored him. He is very angry!! How can an angry person be bought by a mere dessert?

“I heard that there are many sweet varieties, including chocolate series, butter cakes, national style, and foreign ones. You can try them one by one and know what you like. Then next time, we can come and eat directly the ones you like.” Li Quyin tried to endure it and didn’t laugh out loud.

“Really?” Xia Xixi turned back hesitantly.


“There are many kinds?” Xia Xixi asked with great difficulty.

If there are many kinds…

“Really! I heard that there are a lot of new products, maybe there are some you haven’t eaten yet.” Li Quyin nodded seriously with a smile.

Xia Xixi rolled his eyes with a serious face, “I don’t want this to happen again. I don’t like other people playing tricks on me.”

Li Quyin immediately promised, “There will never be another time.”

“Okay, then!” Xia Xixi agreed softly…….. for the sake of dessert.

Li Quyin hurried to find the car next to him. He was afraid that if he didn’t find something to do, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but laugh out loud.

That way, Xia Xixi will be angry and maybe he’ll ignore him again.

After getting in the car, the two of them drove away.

At the hotel entrance.

On the side of the road, in the temporary parking line, a woman with red nail polish nervously grabbed the phone of the person next to her, “How was it? Did you get it?”

“Don’t worry, I got it.” The driving man said, “I’ll send it to you now. This is extremely big news. The actor Shen Bailou meets a mysterious man…”

“Are you stupid?” Yi Gupan, who was wearing red nail polish, gave the man an angry glance. Why didn’t he have any brains?

The man was puzzled, “Since you didn’t want to publish this news, why did you take these photos so hurriedly?”

“I’m too lazy to tell you. I’ll arrange it any way. Don’t mess with my arrangements. Remember, no one is allowed to talk about this.” Yi Gupan glared and threatened.

“I know, but what are you going to do?”


When Xia Xixi was sent back to the community, his stomach was already swollen and round.

On the way home, he rubbed his stomach. He narrowed his eyes with joy.

The place Li Quyin found was really good.

It was a newly opened dessert shop. It was still not well-known, but the craftsmanship of the dessert chef was very good and the desserts they made were exquisite and delicious. He believes that the shop will get huge popularity soon.

Xia Xixi licked his sweet lips, wondering how many times he would get to eat with Li Quyin there before the store became popular. Maybe he would have to make an appointment to line up in the future.

Just when he was thinking about it, Old Man Liao popped out from the side.

“Xia Xia, come here.” Old man Liao waved at him.

Xia Xixi rubbed his belly and walked over obediently.

When he arrived at the door, he saw that there were many people in police uniforms in Old Man Liao’s house.

“Do you guys have some results about the car smashing incident?” Xia Xixi asked.

Old man Liao’s complexion was not very good. So he quickly explained, “It’s not that. Something has happened. Do you remember someone asked you to appraise a Tang Dynasty porcelain before?”

Xia Xixi nodded. He indeed had an impression about that.

Just half a month ago, a collector came to him and asked him to help identify a blue and white porcelain vase from the early Tang Dynasty.

The art, workmanship, and appearance of the porcelain were all on the upper level. They were also very well preserved.

In addition, even if that workshop, at the time of its establishment was small but its reputation wasn’t small at all. Their family once had even made imperial porcelain for the emperor. Even if that family has been slowly breaking down in the present era, their craftmanship was still very good.

Therefore, that vase was of high value in all aspects. So, Xia Xixi was also impressed.

“That thing was fake.” Old man Liao patted his thigh.

“What?” Xia Xixi was shocked, “How is that possible?”

“Are you Xia Xixi?” The police officer from the room came out.

“I am. That thing was fake? How is it possible?” Xia Xixi couldn’t accept this possibility.

What they are most afraid of in this line of business is this kind of incident where they appraise wrongly.

This kind of incident has to occur only once and all the prestige and reputation established in the past can be completely destroyed.

Xia Xixi could not accept this possibility. But it was not that he was nervous about his prestige and reputation, he just could not accept that his own appraisal was wrong.

He has never made a mistake since he entered the industry for so long.

“That thing is indeed fake. We have asked experts to appraise it. The problem now is that the collectors and buyers have called the police, so we must intervene in this investigation.” The police officer said.

“You also know about the price of that kind of antique product. The amount involved is usually very large and now the estimated price given by other experts has reached tens of millions.”

“Such a large amount is not just a simple fraud, so please cooperate with our investigation…”

Under the other party’s explanation, it took Xia Xixi a long time to finally figure out what happened.

Someone came to Xia Xixi to help appraise the vase before and Xia Xixi did help appraisal. Then that trustee also issued a specific appraisal certificate.

After the appraisal, the original collector resold it because of a problem with his family’s property and he urgently needed to cash out.

But not long after he resold that thing, when the buyer showed it to a friend to appraise it, the friend discovered that the thing was fake.

The buyer immediately found someone to do an appraisal, confirming that the thing was indeed a fake. It was a very low-quality imitation.

After that, the buyer went to the previous collector, and the two parties had a conflict of opinions, so they called the police.

After the police formally intervened in the investigation, Xia Xixi was quickly found.

The police have not completely defined this case as a fraud, and they are still visiting people and investigating. But if Xia Xixi did issue a fake appraisal certificate, he would bear a large part of the responsibility for this matter.

He won’t be able to work inside his circle anymore and there may even be a prison sentence.

After understanding the situation and answering the questions cooperatively, Xia Xixi received a call from his home before he could go to his apartment before sending the police away.

The Xia family has been doing this for generations and no one has ever made such a big mistake.

If this fraud case really falls in Xia Xixi’s hands this time, then the prestige accumulated by their ancestors for generations will be completely ruined.

After Xia Xixi finished talking about the situation, when he returned home, it was already a little over night.

Lying tiredly on the sofa, Xia Xixi was recalling what happened during the day when the phone rang again.

He thought it was a family member. When he opened it, it was an entertainment news feed from video software.

[Shocking news!!! The film emperor Shen Bailou had a secret meeting late at night with his lover in the hotel. It is reported that the woman is the female artist who had starred in his movie some time ago. The two cuddled…]

Xia Xixi looked at the two words ”Shen Bailou” and was annoyed. Before he could finish reading the content, he deleted it.

He sat up from the sofa, ready to wash and rest, only to find that there were still a few unread messages on the phone.

The message was sent by Li Quyin. It was sent after Li Quyin had sent him back to the community.

It’s just that as soon as he entered the community, Old Man Liao caught him in his house and talked about the appraisal, so he didn’t notice.

“Rest early. Don’t stay up late.” Li Quyin.

“I heard that one dessert house will release new products in two days. I have already determined the location and will take you there in two days.” Li Quyin.

Xia Xixi licked his lips, which still had a bit of sweetness. He was healed.


“Did you see your brother’s news?” Xia Xixi was upset and wasn’t feeling sleepy.

He didn’t hope to get a reply. After all, he was asking a little too much. But Li Quyin returned the text almost in seconds.

“That’s fake.” Li Quyin was a little anxious.

He didn’t want to be misunderstood by Xia Xixi about what he was doing with the female artist late at night in a hotel. Even if the person Xia Xixi misunderstood was Shen Bailou, that wouldn’t work.

Xia Xixi hated Shen Bailou enough.

“In fact, he has someone he likes. And the other person is already his boyfriend.” Li Quyin tried to explain.

Xia Xixi was shocked, “He really is a scumbag. He has someone he likes and he has been dating that person. But he actually dares to sleep with other girls deceiving his boyfriend’s feelings behind his back?!”

What an advanced type of garbage !?

Li Quyin suddenly wanted to cry.

As soon as this happened, Li Quyin immediately recognized that it was a photo of him and Xia Xixi in front of the hotel.

It’s just that the other party was very smart. That person deliberately blurred the focus. Even if someone compared, it was impossible to figure out whether the person who was with him in the photo was a man or a woman.

The photo also didn’t show Xia Xixi’s full face, showing him only from the side.

From the public’s point of view, it was the film emperor Shen Bailou who had brought his lover into the hotel late at night.

Li Quyin really wanted to tell Xia Xixi that the person in the photo that Xia Xixi was talking about was Xia Xixi himself. But again, he was not ”Shen Bailou”, but Li Quyin, so it was impossible for him to know about Shen Bailou.

Unless he admits that he is Shen Bailou, this is obviously impossible.

But if he doesn’t admit it, how can he prove that it is a misunderstanding?

After thinking for a long time but still failing to come up with a solution, Li Quyin had to wrong himself, “Yes, Shen Bailou is just that kind of garbage.”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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    That’s silly. He’s already established the narrative that he’s SB’s identical brother, so why not just say “Someone mistook me for him”?

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