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FERWP Chapter 13

A big bad hungry wolf.

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Xia Xixi’s hand holding the phone hung in the air. He didn’t put it down for a while.

He didn’t expect Li Quyin to send him such a message.

If it was just a place for a date, it would be a bit weird to choose a hotel specifically.

But if it was not just an ordinary date, the other party suddenly sent him a hotel address…

Xia Xixi’s long, slightly curled eyelashes trembled slightly.

Li Quyin’s face and his tall and slender body could not help but appear in his mind. Li Quyin should have exercised all year round. So, he was in very good shape.

Realizing that he was thinking about something naughty, Xia Xixi tried to control his heart.

“I’m talking to you!” Old man Liao said abruptly, awakening Xia Xixi.

He looked up. Old Man Liao was sitting opposite him.

The two of them had gone to the police station together and had come back together.

At the hospital, Xia Xixi immediately went downstairs after receiving a call from Brother Wu.

When he came to the parking lot, the people who had smashed his car had run away, leaving only the remaining parts of the almost-destroyed car.

Later, Xia Xixi reported it to the police. After the old man Liao also came down, the two took Brother Wu to bandage the wound and for examination. They then went to the bureau to make a transcript.

Brother Wu’s injury was not serious. He was accidentally injured when the opponent was smashing the car. Xia Xixi especially let him off for a few days to let him have a good rest at home.

The person was okay, but Xia Xixi’s car was almost destroyed. He won’t be able to use the car for a time being.

“I think the incident this time must have something to do with that surnamed Shen. You see, the car was smashed as soon as you went to the hospital.” Old man Liao analyzed, “And after you left, he also went to see You Hai in the ward.”

“He was also in the hospital?” Xia Xixi was surprised.

“Well, you just had walked out of the room when he had come.”

“What was he trying to do by going to the hospital?” Xia Xixi frowned deeply.

“He said that he had gone there to see You Hai specially. It is strange to say but that You Hai insisted that this matter has nothing to do with him…”

Being reminded, Xia Xixi also remembered this incident.

“You Hai is indeed strange.” Xia Xixi had already noticed.

You Hai seemed to have been reluctant to say more. That kind of avoidance was not like fear after being threatened, but a bit like deliberately concealing something.

“Anyway, wait for the police to investigate now. I want to see who was so bold!” Old man Liao was angry.

No matter who it was, he will never let that person go so easily!

This time, it was just smashing the car, maybe later someone will come to smash a person.

“You have to be more careful these days.” Old man Liao reminded.

“Okay.” Xia Xixi responded.

“By the way, where did you go when you weren’t home two days ago?” Old man Liao had visited Xia Xixi two days ago, but he didn’t find anyone, so he had called before.

“I went to have fun.”

Old man Liao just hummed and didn’t think much.

Xia Xixi was reminded by him about the text just now. He looked at Old Man Liao.

“What?” Old man Liao was uncomfortable being stared at.

“Let me ask you a question.” Xia Xixi got up and poured himself a glass of water.

“What’s the question?”

“If someone invites you to the hotel, what do you think he means?” Xia Xixi’s dark eyes looked straight at Old Man Liao.

Although old man Liao is not reliable, he is also a person who has lived in this world for decades.

“Huh?!” Old man Liao almost jumped up with excitement.

He looked at Xia Xixi. His eyes were looking at Xia Xixi as if he was about to send off his own daughter to her husband’s house.

“Whose family’s kid asked you out?”

“You don’t know him(the word for he/him and she/her sounds same in Chinese).”

“Where did you meet him?”

“At a bar.”

Old man Liao’s expression looked complicated.

With Xia Xixi’s identity and ability, the people of their circle, who want to introduce their granddaughters to Xia Xixi, if are queued up, then it can be as long as the distance from Xia Xixi’s house to the street road.

It turned out his ”daughter” was actually already seeing someone!

“How long have you known each other?” Old man Liao was so angry that he had no granddaughter, but he always regarded Xia Xixi as his grandson.

Otherwise, why does he have to worry so much?

Xia Xixi’s head tilted a bit. He seriously counted, “Eighteen days..”

“You guys have only known each other for little more than ten days?”


Old man Liao flushed with anger. His face looked stupified, “That person invited you to the hotel in the middle of the night after meeting for only ten days?”

Old man Liao didn’t say anything. But the words ‘that person is not a good person’ were clearly written on his face.

Xia Xixi has been friends with these old guys since he was a child. He has no friends of the same age. He is very smart and very capable, but he really lacks socializing ability.

Old man Liao didn’t think this was bad before, but now he feels nervous that Xia Xixi is about to be abducted.

“Let me tell you, nowadays there are many people who cheat people for money and sex. Didn’t you see it? It’s all written in the news…”

Xia Xixi thought about it seriously, Li Quyin cheated him for money and sex?

To cheat money, Li Quyin probably didn’t know that he was quite rich.

As for Li Quyin cheating him for sex, Xia Xixi felt that with Li Quyin’s face, it was really uncertain who would suffer loss more.

After all, Shen Bailou’s appearance is recognized as one of the most good-looking ones and Li Quyin looks exactly the same as him.

“Besides, what if he had called you to kill you…”

Xia Xixi choked water into his nose and immediately coughed uncontrollably.

He looked at the old man Liao, who was so troubled about it, with a strange expression. Li Quyin wanted to kill him?

Xia Xixi felt that he wouldn’t have to worry about this issue.

Thinking about it this way, Xia Xixi felt that there was nothing to worry about again.

And judging from his time spent with Li Quyin, Li Quyin doesn’t seem to be such a frivolous person.

The message itself was also quite strange. Maybe something happened?

Or, he sent the wrong message? This message might be originally intended to be sent to others.

“I’ll go out.” Xia Xixi said.


At Shang Que’s home.

Shang Que was flipping through the chat history of the two when a well-proportioned hand stretched out from the side.

“What are you doing?” Li Quyin snatched back his mobile phone.

Shang Que was taken aback, “I was just taking a look.”

Li Quyin took back his phone and immediately saw the past conversations between him and Xia Xixi. His eyebrows suddenly frowned.

He wanted to turn the phone off, but from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the two messages that were sent just now.

“Who told you to touch my phone?” Li Quyin’s voice was cold, with anger implied.

“Are you angry?” Shang Que leaned against the railing cynically, “I was just kidding. Why are you being so nervous?”

Li Quyin turned around and left.

Shang Que was the kind of typical rich second-generation playboy. None of his friends and lovers around him were sincere, and he himself has never been sincere to anyone.

“You really got angry?” Shang Que hurried to catch up.

Li Quyin ignored him. He put down his glass and went downstairs.

Shang Que hurriedly stopped him, “You are so good to him, does he know? Maybe he is playing with you for your money? You are Shen Bailou, the film emperor Shen Bailou.”

Li Quyin stopped.

Xia Xixi knows he is Shen Bailou?

“If he is playing with you for money, he will definitely go to the hotel.” Shang Que said.

Li Quyin ignored Shang Que and continued to go downstairs amid the deafening music.

Xia Xixi couldn’t possibly know that he was Shen Bailou.

Xia Xixi’s dislike of Shen Bailou is by no means fake. Xia Xixi hated Shen Bailou so much. If he knew he was Shen Bailou, he would have broken up with him long ago.

“Why are you so stupid and naive?” Shang Que seemed to be really angry when he saw Li Quyin like this. He was a little anxious for Li Quyin.

He and Li Quyin grew up together. Although they weren’t the kind of close friends who could be soulmates, even if they only watched each other grow up for more than 20 years, there was some friendship.

“If the other party is interested to go to the hotel, isn’t it just right?” Shang Que tempted, “An erotic night is worth a thousand dollars…”

Li Quyin didn’t hear the last words said by Shangque, but after leaving Shangque’s house, Li Quyin still drove the car to the hotel.

Sitting in the parking lot downstairs of the hotel for a while, Li Quyin was thinking about sending a message to explain what was going on when his phone suddenly vibrated.

“OK.” Xia Xixi.

Li Quyin’s adam’s apple slid uncontrollably. The thumb of the hand that he was holding the phone with, inadvertently rubbed gently on the screen.

He pulled his neck tie. The air suddenly became hot, making him unable to breathe.

Xia Xixi actually came here?

“I’m here.” Xia Xixi.

Li Quyin’s adam apple slid again. The loud noise of his own heartbeat shocked himself.

Li Quyin got out of the car and walked towards the hotel lobby. After walking for two steps, he realized that he even forgot to turn off the car’s engine.

He went back and pulled the key, and then entered the hall.

When he got on the elevator and went upstairs, Li Quyin pulled his tie three times in a row, and when he got out of the elevator, he tightened his tie again.

Standing at the door, Li Quyin cleared his throat before lifting his hand to knock on the door.

After knocking on the door, Li Quyin held his breath and his heart almost jumped to his throat. He waited for several minutes but there was no movement inside the room.

Li Quyin knocked again. There was still no movement, so he took out his phone.

“Where are you?” Li Quyin asked.

“Downstairs in the hall.” Xia Xixi replied in seconds.

Li Quyin looked at the closed door in front of him. There was a moment of embarrassment. What kind of naughty mess was he thinking about?

He quickly went downstairs.

Downstairs, Xia Xixi stood at the entrance of the hotel, facing the ambiguously lit lobby. His ears hidden in the darkness were slightly hot.

This hotel is a well-known lovers hotel nearby. The people who came in and out were all couples. Even the boards were hung with ambiguous signs and the air was exuding a touch of wine.

When Li Quyin came downstairs, Xia Xixi had been staring at the hall for a while.

“You actually came?” As soon as Li Quyin spoke, he knew that he had said something wrong.

But it also made his heartbeat even faster.

He made an appointment and Xia Xixi really came. Just thinking of this made Li Quyin’s heart itch uncontrollably.

Xia Xixi looked at him without speaking.

Li Quyin asked him to come to a lover’s hotel. Moreover, Li Quyin didn’t look like something wrong had happened to him at all.

“Ahem cough cough, Let’s sit down.” Li Quyin’s voice was hoarse. After speaking, he wished to slap himself.

Sit down? Where to sit? In the hotel?

I especially invited someone to the lover’s hotel just to go in and sit down. Who will believe it?

Li Quyin felt that he was looking like a big bad hungry wolf who was planning to eat someone.

Hearing this, Xia Xixi stared at him slightly. His dark eyes staring straight at him looked like a little rabbit who was trying to protect himself from a big bad wolf who was trying to pounce on him.

The surrounding was completely silent when a guy from the front desk of the hotel came in front of them.

He blinked ambiguously at the two of them, “Recently we have an event going on. After ten o’clock, we will give the customers our special lubricants and lotions for free!”


The author has something to say:

Li Quyin: Wait!!! What??? I can explain!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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