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FERWP Chapter 12

I miss you.

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

“Come in.”

Xia Xixi pushed the door and walked in, followed by Old Man Liao.

As soon as he entered the door, Xia Xixi saw an old man who looked rather haggard. His name was written on his patient cloth, You Hai.

You Hai had worn a patient gown. When he saw them, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, “Why are you guys here?”

The ward was a single-person ward, and the space was not large. There were a lot of fruits on the table beside him. It must have been brought by his family members who had come to see him.

“We came to see you.” Xia Xixi put down the flower bouquet he had bought.

“I worried you guys.” You Hai looked a little embarrassed. In terms of status in the industry, he could match with neither Xia Xixi nor Old Man Liao.

Although Xia Xixi was still young, no one in the circle was dissatisfied with his aptitude and ability.

The people of their circle are very dependent on their own strength. Showing off just because he was older and he had more experience wasn’t acceptable.

“Are you okay?” Xia Xixi asked.

Old man Liao looked around and found a place to sit down. “I heard that you were pushed down. What did the police say? Has that bastard been found?”

It was unknown whether if it was just Xia Xixi’s illusion. But when talking about this, You Hai’s eyes flashed momentarily, as if he was not willing to bring it up.

“They haven’t found that person yet. There were no security cameras there. It can be said that it will be difficult to find that person.” You Hai replied.

Xia Xixi was slightly confused. You Hai didn’t seem to want that person to be caught.

Old man Liao was busy paying attention to You Hai’s legs. He immediately became angry when he heard his words: “Don’t worry, even if the police cannot investigate this matter, it will be investigated by the union. We will get you the justice.”

“No…. no need…” You Hai quickly refused.

Xia Xixi’s was about to say something but he stopped

It seems that You Hai really didn’t want them to investigate this matter, which was very strange.

“Did that surnamed Shen threaten you? If so, just say, we…” Old man Liao frowned.

When a person gets older, their body is already very weak enough. Being pushed down the stairs might be a dangerous accident even for a young person.

But for someone so old like You Hai, it might be deadly!

While talking, Xia Xixi’s phone suddenly vibrated.

He glanced at it. It was a call from Brother Wu who was waiting in the parking lot.

“I’ll go out to answer the phone.” Xia Xixi went out and walked towards the safe corridor.

There was no one there and he will not disturb others who were resting.

The door closed and soon it was opened again.

Old man Liao thought it was Xia Xixi who came back. He opened his mouth and said, “It’s impossible to just forget about it, right?”

While talking, he looked at Xia Xixi and when he looked up, he found that the person entering the door was not Xia Xixi, but a young man wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Old man Liao was stunned and then looked at You Hai on the bed, wanting to see if he knew him.

“You are……….?” The old man looked at Li Quyin who had just entered the door. His eyes were wary.

“Hello! I am Shen Bailou.” Li Quyin took off his glasses.

He wanted to knock on the door before entering, but he was afraid that people outside would discover his identity. If it caused a commotion, it would cause a lot of trouble to the patient and the hospital.

“Ohh?? It’s you?” Old man Liao stood up. “What a great timing! The culprit himself has come here.”

Old man Liao doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, but he still knows Shen Bailou.

“What are you doing here?” Old man Liao asked.

“You are……?” Li Quyin looked at Old Man Liao.

“My surname is Liao. I’m his friend.”

“I came here today to confirm with you about someone being pushed down the stairs…” Li Quyin had come here personally just to find out what happened.

He will never allow anyone to do anything wrong in his name, let alone hurt others deliberately.

“Do you still need confirmation?” Old man Liao frowned.

“Are you sure Miao Mingyi pushed him?” Li Quyin asked.

“Who?” You Hai, who was sitting on the bed, didn’t know what to think of and his expression was a little ugly. “I don’t know who you are talking about, but this matter should have nothing to do with you.”

“Are you sure?” Li Quyin was surprised.

Old man Liao was also surprised.

“Actually, I probably know who had pushed me. It’s my personal business. Please keep this a secret for me. Don’t tell others, lest my family worry about it.” You Hai said.

“Do you really know who was it?” Old man Liao didn’t believe it. He still felt that it was Shen Bailou’s doing.

“Just leave this matter here. Don’t take this matter to the union either.” You Hai refused, he didn’t want to make the matter big.

“But…” Before he finished speaking, Old Man Liao was interrupted by his cell phone’s ringtone. Xia Xixi had called him.

Old man Liao felt inexplicable. Didn’t Xia Xixi went out to receive the call, how come he was calling him instead.

In doubt, Old Man Liao answered the phone.

“My car was smashed. I’ll go downstairs to see how Brother Wu is.” Xia Xixi spoke and ran downstairs quickly.

Just now, he suddenly received a call from Brother Wu.

There was a lot of noise on the other side, and it seemed that someone was hitting something. After a while, Xia Xixi figured out that his car had just been smashed and Brother Wu had been hit.

The other party’s action was clearly targeted at him. Xia Xixi was worried about Brother Wu, so he directly went downstairs.

In the ward, the old man Liao was anxious when he heard about this, he turned around and ran out of the door. Before leaving, he thought about it and pressed the bell next to the bed to let the nurse come over.

Leaving You Hai alone, he’ll not be at ease.

If You Hai’s firm attitude of just now made him a little shaken, then now after hearing Xia Xixi’s words he was completely sure that this matter cannot be separated from Shen Bailou. Otherwise, how can everything be so coincidental?

It didn’t happen once, but twice.

“I’m warning you, surnamed Shen! If something happens to my Little Xia, I will never let you live in peace!” Seeing the nurse enter the door, Old Man Liao immediately left in a hurry.

Li Quyin frowned. As soon as he entered the door, he realized that the surname Liao disliked him very much, which also made him unhappy.

With that, he thought of that lunatic who had contacted him by email.

Are all of these experts so crazy?

He stood in the ward for a while chatting with You Hai. He then left after seeing that the other party was sure that the matter had nothing to do with him.

“By the way, who is that Little Xia he just mentioned?” Li Quyin remembered that the nurse said before that there were two people who had went upstairs first.

“Oh, it’s the president of our club.”

Li Quyin didn’t think much and took the elevator downstairs to leave.

When he came to the parking lot and got in his car, Li Quyin saw a group of people gathered around to watch the chaos from a distance. There seemed to be a police officer among them.

In the car, Li Quyin took off his hat and glasses and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“A group of people suddenly rushed out over there and smashed a car. The driver was also beaten up. It made a lot of noise. It seemed that they had called the police…”

The assistant had obviously watched many similar chaoses in the past. He loved to gossip very much. After speaking, he was still trying to guess if the other party had offended someone.

“Let’s go back.” Li Quyin interrupted him.

The little assistant quickly shut up.

“Don’t forget what I explained before.” Li Quyin reminded.

“Huh?” The little assistant looked puzzled.

Li Quyin looked at him dully. Just because people around him were such stupids, so he couldn’t find someone to replace Miao Mingyi.

“Investigate Miao Mingyi.” The driver reminded with a smile.

“Oh…. oh… oh! I will never forget it. Don’t worry, boss.”

Li Quyin only felt a headache. It ached so much that he wanted to deduct this stupid’s wages.

Because this matter delayed the announcement, Li Quyin didn’t go to the company at all in the afternoon but accepted the invitation of a friend.

Li Quyin had a friend with whom he had grown up together. He was named Shang Que, who also lived in this city.

The two had quite different personalities, but they were still able to communicate properly. Coupled with the fact that there were still business contacts going on within their families, Li Quyin would go to sit there when he is not busy.

At night, at Shang Que’s house, Li Quyin was sitting on the balcony looking into the distance with a wine glass in a daze.

He was still thinking about You Hai and about that car incident.

He didn’t trust Miao Mingyi, but You Hai insisted that this matter had nothing to do with Miao Mingyi.

“What are you thinking?” Shang Que came over.

In the hall downstairs of his house, a group of young people was having fun. Shang Que has liked to be in a crowded place since he was a child. He has never loved being alone.

Li Quyin glanced at him and said coldly: “Are you sure, you have been in love before?”


“The method you said didn’t work at all.” Li Quyin’s eyes were faintly dark. Li Quyin felt embarrassed after thinking about it. Fortunately, he didn’t take out his money card in front of Xia Xixi at that time.

Shang Que was stunned before reacting. He had a wicked expression on his face, “No…. you… you really have a boyfriend?”

Last time Li Quyin suddenly ran over and asked him with a serious face what gift he should give to his boyfriend. At that time, he thought Li Quyin was joking or was making a movie or TV series, so he had just told some funny tricks.

He had never expected that Li Quyin had actually come for asking that? !

Shang Que’s expression was so complicated that his facial features were distorted.

Who doesn’t know that Li Quyin is an ice cube that is close to neither men nor women? He, who can harshly scold the people who come to throw themselves at him publicly was actually in love?

Shang Que couldn’t help reaching out to touch Li Quyin’s forehead, “Is your brain okay?”

Li Quyin slapped his hand away, “What you said were all useless things.”

“Who is that person? Do I know him or not?” Shang Que wanted to start gossiping.

“You don’t know him.”

“Is he cute?” Shang Que could hardly imagine what kind of person Li Quyin would like.

Xia Xixi’s eyes that always made his heart beat faster appeared in Li Quyin’s mind. His throat was hoarse, “Yeah.”

“When will you arrange for us to meet?” Shang Que suggested. He was really interested.

He didn’t think that Li Quyin had really liked someone. He understands the adult world. He was just wondering who could make Li Quyin’s heart melt.

And it seemed that Li Quyin was quite satisfied with this little lover.

“No.” Li Quyin refused without thinking.


Li Quyin took a cold look at Shang Que, then turned and walked away. He couldn’t say that Xia Xixi didn’t even know that his boyfriend was Shen Bailou.

He was not going to tell Shang Que, otherwise, it would be equivalent to telling the whole world.

“Oh, don’t be so stingy!” Shang Que was about to follow Li Quyin, but from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Li Quyin’s mobile phone on the railing.

He hesitated for a moment, then gave a smirk.

After a while, he found the number that was saved as the ‘little prince’ on Li Quyin’s phone. He typed something and sent it out.

When Xia Xixi returned home from the police station, the phone rang as soon as Xia Xixi sat down. Li Quyin had sent him a message.

Xia Xixi opened it immediately. But when he saw the content, he was stunned.

“I miss you.” Li Quyin.

Xia Xixi’s cheeks felt slightly hot. Li Quyin had never said anything like this to him before.

“I have booked a hotel. It’s room no. 703 on the 17th floor of xx hotel. Can you come over now?” Li Quyin.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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