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FERWP Chapter 11

Are you sure, it wasn't you?

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After sending the email angrily, Xia Xixi threw the phone on the sofa.

He didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this. He hadn’t even more expected that Shen Bailou would be so unscrupulous. This simply broke through the lower limit of his understanding of Shen Bailou!

Shen Bailou was somehow a celebrity after all or someone with extreme popularity. Xia Xixi originally thought that even if he had bad morals and he was not a good person, at least he would not show it blatantly.

Unexpectedly, he dared to do it directly.

Xia Xixi looked at the coffee in front of him. He lost his mind to drink. He picked up the phone and called the old man Liao.

Old man Liao lives in the same community as his. His house was after two buildings next door.

    The phone got through and Xia Xixi was straightforward, “Where does that person live?”

“Huh?” Old man Liao who had just arrived home felt inexplicable.

“The member of our union who was pushed down the stairs by the people of Shen Bailou.” Xia Xixi’s cold voice was as cold as ice. He was furious.

“Why are you asking this for?” Old man Liao was confused.

“I want to go and see him.” Xia Xixi paused. He sounded a bit apologetic, “Didn’t you just say that he hasn’t woken up yet and you don’t know what his current situation is? This incident happened because of me. I can’t just sit back and watch.”

A few years ago, the people of their group had chatted with each other, and finally, they had created their current union together.

The union has not formally registered. So there aren’t any rules. Even the venue was borrowed from an old vacant factory of an old guy of the union.

They call it a union but it is not more than a tea drinking and gossiping place for those old guys.

Usually, people from the union will go over to have tea and chat if there is nothing to do, and occasionally exchange information about the industry or work. But it’s mostly gossip.

Sometimes members will bring some friends over for tea, and those who can chat will join the club.

After so many years, their union has slowly become larger, and now there are about hundreds of members.

The union has held three large-scale events, a contract bridge competition, and two product appreciation meetings.

The bridge game ended with a group of old men being unconvinced and they quarreled with each other. The product appreciation meeting became a large-scale quarreling event when a group of old men used their valuable items to show off others. All of the three events ended up with a group of people arguing.

After even the third event ended up in a quarrel, Xia Xixi, who was forced to act as a referee in the past, gave a harsh statement that if anyone dared to hold such an event in the future, he will not be the president of the club anymore!

In the future, if any urgent cases occur, then don’t even think of asking for help from him!

Xia Xixi is the president of the union and the reason why he became the president was not because of his outstanding ability, but because he was young.

According to that group of old men who made their own decisions, only young people are able to toss around energetically and run the union accordingly.

Xia Xixi naturally didn’t want to become one. But regardless of whether Xia Xixi was interested or not, he became the most suitable candidate in the union anyway.

After that, he would often receive some inexplicable calls asking him to get something or do something. He completely became someone who has to do everything.

Xia Xixi was quite unhappy that those old men were using him to do everything for running errands, but he did not refuse. Who told those guys to be so old? Even the youngest one was in his fifties.

Xia Xixi wasn’t willing to let them toss around.

Now that something wrong has occurred with the member of the union, although it was a newcomer, Xia Xixi, the president of the union, couldn’t just watch and do nothing.

“OH WOW!!! I just told you so much serious things but you didn’t even hear a word.” Old man Liao was speechless. Hadn’t he just told Xia Xixi not to randomly run around?

He had just finished talking and had come back but Xia Xixi was already talking about running around.

“I’m going to the hospital, not to the dark alley. No matter how courageous they are, they won’t dare to do it in broad daylight.” Xia Xixi said.

“The person who was pushed down was pushed during the day.” Old man Liao really hated Xia Xixi for his uncompetitiveness.

Xia Xixi was silent. The older the people get, the more likely they are gonna act like a child. Old Man Liao was particularly good at messing around.

“Are you really thinking of going there?” Old man Liao asked again before waiting for Xia Xixi’s answer.

“I’ll go by car. I’ll take the car from the house and I’ll only get off at the hospital.” Xia Xixi said.

“Why are you so panicked?” Old man Liao scolded. After scolding, he asked again: “When are you going? I’ll go with you.”


“Okay. You wait for me at the gate.” Old man Liao muttered and hung up the phone.

Xia Xixi put on the jacket that he had just put in the room after returning. He then took the key and went out.

After a while, Xia Xixi received the old man Liao who was waiting on the roadside. Then the two went to the hospital in his car.

Not long after the car left the community, a few punks who had squatted far away stood up and confirmed that the license plate was the same as in the photo they had obtained. A group of people hurriedly got in the car to follow.

The car drove to the area of the hospital. They waited for a while and when they saw Xia Xixi getting out of the car, then only they found a place to stop their car and get off.

Amidst the chaos, one of them’s cell phones suddenly rang.

“How’re things going?” Miao Mingyi’s voice came over the phone.

“Brother Miao, don’t worry! We have already seen him getting out of his house and now we are following him! We had been squatting at that gate for a day, and finally, we saw this kid going out.”

“Okay then, act smartly! Call me, once the matter is done. I will directly transfer the money to your account.”

“Good! We’ll do it. You can rest assured.”

Miao Mingyi hung up his cell phone impatiently. His face looked a little ugly. He contacted these people yesterday afternoon, but it took a day for them to see Xia XIxi now.

“Useless trashes.”

When he was cursing, his cell phone rang.

He saw the caller ID above. He changed his face in a second and quickly connected the phone with a smile, “Little Shen, what’s the matter?”

“Miao Mingyi, what have you done?” Shen Bailou’s tone on the other end of the phone was not friendly. He was trying to suppress his anger that was about to explode.

“What?” Miao Mingyi snorted. A bad premonition grew in his heart but he immediately calmed down after thinking twice, “Did something happen?”

“About that expert’s incident, were you behind that accident?” Shen Bailou asked.

Since the moment he received that lunatic’s email, Li Quyin was really angry. His whole person was on the brink of an explosion.

He is not usually such a person who can’t control his anger, but that lunatic can always make him so angry that he exploded easily.

After that, he replied to the email again, asking what the fuck was going on? The other party never responded.

Li Quyin didn’t want to doubt his own people, but looking at Miao Mingyi who was named by the other party, he became a little uncertain.

If Miao Mingyi could be trusted wholeheartedly, he wouldn’t have thought of replacing him.

So after calming down a little bit, Li Quyin immediately called the company and asked what Miao Mingyi had done in the last two days. As a result, he found the expert that Miao Mingyi had visited yesterday was admitted to the hospital.

“Expert… you mean the expert we have been trying to invite? Then you really wronged me. I didn’t do anything.” Miao Mingyi’s heartbeat accelerated. He hadn’t expected Li Quyin to mention it.

“I’m staying at home today and I haven’t gone out yet. Even if something happened to him, it has nothing to do with me.”

Li Quyin frowned. Miao Mingyi really didn’t seem to be lying. He didn’t seem to even know that the person he had visited yesterday was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon.

“Are you sure, it wasn’t you?” Li Quyin was extremely distrustful.

“I really didn’t do that. The security guards of my community can testify. If you really don’t trust me then you can come over and check the security cameras.” Miao Mingyi promised his innocence but he was already a little panicked in his heart.

Those people actually acted so fast??? Weren’t they still following Xia Xixi just now?

And how did Shen Bailou know about this?

“You better pray that it’s not you.”

“I really didn’t do that. Let’s not talk about it. I will go to the company to find you now and we will talk later.” Miao Mingyi didn’t want to talk more. He was anxious to call those few people from before.

If things go wrong, he will never let them live a peaceful life!

“No, I’m already on my way to the hospital. The expert you visited yesterday had an accident. I’m going to check his situation.” Li Quyin said.

“What?” Miao Mingyi felt inexplicable. He had asked those people to deal with the expert who had messed with them. But it was not the one he had seen yesterday.

Yesterday, he deliberately brought a gift to an old expert living nearby. He was acting fine before Miao Mingyi entered the door, but when the other party heard that he was from Shen Bailou’s side, he immediately changed his face and drove him out.

Having been out for so many years, especially after acting as an agent for the great actor Shen Bailou, he has always been proud in front of others. When has he ever been so much humiliated?

On the way back, Miao Mingyi became angrier and angrier. So he contacted those punks who he was talking to before…

“That’s it.” Li Quyin hung up.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked at the silly assistant who was staring beside him, “You will help me find someone to check Miao Mingyi in your own name later.”


“Check what he has done behind my back in recent years, and what happened to that expert this time, to see if it has anything to do with him.”

“Check Mr. Miao?”

Li Quyin gave him a cold look.

“Miao Mingyi.” The young assistant immediately changed his words. Miao Yi always likes to be called Mr. Miao.

“Don’t let him know.” After a pause, Li Quyin said again, “Don’t find spies from our circle. So that he won’t notice that spy.”


As he was talking, the car had slowly driven into the hospital parking lot.

“Boss, do you want me to go up with you?” The assistant handed Li Quyin’s hat and sunglasses.

“No, you can just wait for me here.” Li Quyin put on his hat and glasses. He looked outside the car again. Seeing that there was no one around, he got out of the car.

After walking through the parking lot he found the in-patient department. Then he entered the lobby on the first floor. Then, Li Quyin went to the front desk to inquire about that expert’s ward number.

   “Fifth floor 502.” The nurse at the front desk said without looking up, “The patient has just woken up but there are already so many people coming to visit him. The wardroom shouldn’t be too noisy. The doctor has said that the patient needs to rest. Can you guys cooperate for a moment?”

“Is there anyone else in the ward?” Li Quyin asked.

“Well, just two minutes ago, two people went there.” The nurse looked up and saw Li Quyin, who was tightly wrapped in a hat and big sunglasses. She was stunned.

Li Quyin quickly turned and walked towards the elevator to go upstairs.

Upstairs, Xia Xixi looked at the number plate in front of him. He determined that the room number was 502. Then he lifted his hand to knock on the door.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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