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FERWP Chapter 10

I will never let you go!!!

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

    Li Quyin’s face turned pale. He immediately typed the message and responded, “What the fuck do you want?”

    He clicked to send, but the system reminded him that his message was rejected again.

    Although the other side released him for a moment, after sending the message, he again immediately blocked him.

    Li Quyin looked at the phone. His whole body was trembling with anger.

    This feeling that only the other party could scold him and he couldn’t curse back, he almost choked with the pent-up rage.

    Looking at the phone and then at Xia Xixi, who was a little worried on the other side, Li Quyin took a deep breath, trying to calm his mood.

    Only Xia Xixi is good.

    Xia Xixi looked at Li Quyin, whose face was changing. As soon as he was about to ask again, Li Quyin’s cell phone rang again.

    For a moment, Li Quyin thought that the other party had released him from the blacklist again, but when he took a look at his mobile phone, it was his assistant who had sent him a message asking when should he drive over to pick him up today.

    He has an announcement tomorrow. He has to start preparing in the evening.

    When reminded, Li Quyin remembered that today was the last day of his date with Xia Xixi. His mood cleared up again.

    After thinking about it, Li Quyin decided that the assistant’s bonus will be gone next month too.

    The reason is that he disturbed his boss’s date.

    After replying, Li Quyin put away the phone and made up his mind not to look at it again. He didn’t want to waste the remaining half a day on that lunatic.

    After breakfast, the two walked around the villa.

    However, the weather was not cooperating. The sky suddenly became overcast at ten o’clock and it started raining not long after.

    Fortunately, the two were sitting in a pavilion not far from the villa, so they didn’t get wet.

    Running back to the villa all the way, Xia Xixi patted the few drops on his body. He was about to find a towel when a towel hit his head, blocking his vision.

    Li Quyin wrapped his head with a towel and rubbed it lightly, “Don’t catch a cold.”

    Xia Xixi lifted his hand and wanted to do it by himself, but was slapped by Li Quyin.

    He had to lower his head quietly, feeling Li Quyin’s gentle and powerful movements.

    Li Quyin had a faint smell, not perfume, but some smell like shower gel or laundry detergent. It smelled very good.

    Xia Xixi sniffed the smell and peeked at Li Quyin’s chin from the gap in the towel.

    Li Quyin and Shen Bailou really look alike.

    If it wasn’t for the one who kept his expression cold every time as if the whole world owed him money, and the other who seldom laughed in front of outsiders, but was always gentle in front of him, Xia Xixi would have doubted that these two people were the same person.

    “What’s the matter?” Li Quyin noticed and slightly lowered his head to look in through the gap.

    Xia Xixi shook his head quickly. He was a little uncomfortable. He actually stared at Li Quyin in a daze.

    “I’ll take you back after lunch.” Li Quyin took away the towel. His raised hand paused suspiciously after the towel was removed and a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

    Xia Xixi had some doubts at first, but then he reacted.

    Li Quyin rubbed his hair into a mess. As if he suffered from an electric shock, his everything….. no only his hair stood up.

    Xia Xixi hurriedly pulled his hair with his hands. But his hair that had been tangled in the rainwater was very disobedient. The more he pulled, the messier it became.

    This made his head look furry, like a little lion.

    “Don’t try to straighten it. It’s cute too and the more you pull it, the messier it gets.” Li Quyin laughed out loud.

    While speaking, he reached out and pressed the two strands of cat-like hair on the top of his head for Xia Xixi.

    The hair was very stubborn and persistent. As soon as Li Quyin let it go, it stood up again.

    Li Quyin was amused. He simply pulled two strands of hair upwards, making them rise up like cat ears.

    Xia Xixi noticed that and he hurriedly covered the two strands of hair with his hands to prevent them from turning up. The look he sent to Li Quyin through his eyes also brought a bit of blame and dissatisfaction.

    Li Quyin was all to blame. If it weren’t for him, his hair wouldn’t have messed up.

    Although he has a lot of hair, they like to get fluffy every time he just washes his hair. But most of the time they are very good.

    Being watched by Xia Xixi’s eyes, Li Quyin became more and more cheerful. Sometimes Xia Xixi is really cute.

    “How about I find a comb for you?” Li Quyin suggested.

    He looked at Xia Xixi’s head, a little addicted to playing.

    Xia Xixi understood everything. His eyes were full of rejection, “I’ll comb it myself.”

    Li Quyin was disappointed, “You really don’t want me to help?”

    Xia Xixi ignored him. He didn’t want to make his hair more fluffy so that he would really become a little lion.

    When Xia Xixi pressed down the raised cat ears, it was already over eleven o’clock at noon.

    It was still raining outside. They could only stay in the villa, so the two went directly to the restaurant.

    After lunch, the two of them set off when the rain was a little lighter.

    On the way back, Li Quyin probably talked about his works for the next few days.

    He will have interviews and a variety show in the next few days. He’ll be very busy. Next time if they want to meet, it is estimated that he will have to wait a week later.

    And he still has to deal with that madman too. When he thinks about that madman, Li Quyin has a headache.

    “It’s okay, I happen to have something to do too.” Xia Xixi expressed understanding.

    He hasn’t been to the venue for a while, so he can just make an appearance during this time.

    Three hours later, Li Quyin parked the car at the gate of Xia Xixi’s home complex, “Will it be okay to just send you here?”

    Li Quyin looked at the community in front of him. From the outside, this community should also be a community with relatively high-security aspects. There were professional security guards and monitoring equipment at the door. Ordinary people can’t get in at all.

    Li Quyin looked at it but didn’t think much.

    Although he also lives in this city, he doesn’t know much about it.

    After all, his home in this city can only be said to be home in name only. As an entertainer, he spends most of his time running with the crew.

    “I’ll just go up by myself.” Xia Xixi lifted the bag in his hand. He had brought two sets of clothes in total. Li Quyin doesn’t have to send him.

    “Then let’s call each other later.” Li Quyin poked his head out of the car window and waved at Xia Xixi.

    After waving, he reversed and left.

    Xia Xixi stood at the gate of the community and watched. He didn’t enter the community until Li Quyin completely drove away.

    On the way home, Xia Xixi was in a good mood. Although there were some unpleasant incidents during this date, overall he had a good time.

    After entering the door, Xia Xixi put down the bag. Just as he was about to make coffee, there was a knock on the door.

    Xia Xixi stepped on his slippers to open the door. The door opened and an old man with gray hair and bright eyes appeared in front of him.

    He was the ”young old man” who had called him before. His surname is Liao and his nickname is Old Liao.

    Xia Xixi glanced at him. He turned around and went back to continue making coffee.

    Old man Liao walked in by himself. He found his own slippers to put on. He was as proficient as he was at home.

    After entering the room, he sat down on the sofa.

    “Where have you been these past two days?” he asked.

    Xia Xixi brought the brewed coffee and put a cup in front of him.

    “Why are you still drinking this thing? Only young kids can drink these things. If you want to drink, you have to drink tea. Preserve the nation’s tradition!!!” Old man Liao glanced at the coffee dissatisfied. He had no good feelings about it.

    “Don’t you say you are still young? More specifically a ”young old man.” Xia Xixi sat down opposite.

    He took a sip of coffee and tasted the sweetness, with a faint smile on his face.

    “I am still young. Haven’t you seen that old man Wang? He is about to lose almost all of his teeth. I heard some time ago that he was secretly putting on the fake teeth without telling us.” Old man Liao said.

    As he said this, he also clicked his tongue twice looking terribly awkward. His teeth are still pretty good.

    Xia Xixi couldn’t understand a group of old men’s comparisons about the quality of the teeth but he was also already used to it.

    After all, this group of fifty, sixty, or even seventy old men didn’t have any other work except for comparing their teeth’ quality, who had diarrhea the most, who dyed their hair black secretly, etc.  After drinking coffee and tea, you have to even act normal, and say a few words to each other if nothing was wrong.

    “Are you looking for something to do with me?” Xia Xixi asked.

    Hearing this, Old Man Liao became more and more serious. He took the coffee and leaned on the sofa to pretend to be mysterious.

    After taking a sip of coffee, the soreness on his face turned into pain in an instant. He had forgotten that Xia Xixi’s coffee was always sweet and greasy.

    “I guess no one can drink this thing except you.” Old man Liao swallowed his coffee with a pained expression and didn’t dare to touch it again.

    Xia Xixi looked at his painful appearance. Doubts flashed in his eyes and Li Quyin’s face appeared in front of him.

    “Don’t waste my coffee if you can’t drink it.” Xia Xixi said quietly.

    Li Quyin said it was delicious.

    Old man Liao angrily put the coffee back on the table. Even if he wanted to drink it, he had to painfully swallow it.

    “I’ll stop talking nonsense with you. I came here to tell you something. Don’t go out recently, let alone go out alone.” Old man Liao was suddenly serious.

    “What’s the matter?” Xia Xixi raised his eyebrows slightly. He can’t be joking. Old man Liao never joked about business.

    “Our people are being schemed against.”

    “What?” Xia Xixi put down his coffee.

    “Do you remember that new old man who joined the club recently? Last night, I heard people say that he was pushed down the stairs. He was too old to bear it. He is still lying in the hospital and has not woke up yet.”

    Xia Xixi frowned.

    “He was pushed back on the way from the meeting place. It is already reported to the police. Both his home and the meeting place have been checked. He has no enemies. The only thing I can think of is that of Shen Bailou.”

    “After I learned about Shen Bailou, I called everyone in the meeting…”

    Xia Xixi only felt that the blood was pouring into his brain and there was a buzzing sound in his brain, which made his eardrums hurt.

    Shen Bailou?

    “Before the accident happened, a person named Miao Mingyi had gone to his house. He was probably there to discuss the movie, but he refused, and it happened right away…”

    Xia Xixi didn’t listen to what the old man Liao said behind him. He had the two words Shen Bailou in his mind.

    He didn’t even remember when did the old man Liao left? When he calmed down, old man Liao was no longer there.

    Xia Xixi found the phone and opened the mailbox, and released Shen Bailou who had been blacklisted.

    In extreme anger, his fingers were trembling slightly when he opened the email. He hadn’t expected that Shen Bailou would be so unscrupulous and so vicious.

    “Is Miao Mingyi your person?”

    “So what?” Li Quyin quickly replied.

    “If something happens to my person, I will never let you go.”

    He and this surnamed Shen, are destined to be enemies!


The author has something to say:

Xia: Unscrupulous and malicious garbage Shen Bailou!

Li: …TVT? ? ? (sad life)

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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