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FERWP Chapter 9

Formal confrontation

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

    The notification did not display the content of the email but only notified that it was from an unfamiliar number.

    Li Quyin is familiar with this situation. It is obviously spam. He also often receives spam advertisements or harassing emails from unscrupulous game dealers, which is annoying.

    Xia Xixi was probably afraid of missing important messages, so he had set up a double reminder for his mailbox. As soon as the email was sent, his phone vibrated and made sounds.

    In addition, the mobile phone was placed on the glass tea table and it was night again. So, the vibration became more and more vigorous.

    Listening to the movement, Li Quyin looked at Xia Xixi.

    Xia Xixi had already frowned as if he was about to be awakened.

    Li Quyin quickly reached out and took the phone and pressed the lock screen button to quiet the phone.

    The vibration calmed down again. Xia Xixi moved his head unconsciously and fell asleep again soon after.

    Li Quyin breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t help but curse that maniac sick person who had sent the message. People who send harassing messages like this should be put in a lunatic asylum. They should be arrested.

    Putting the phone back on the table, he took the stool and sat down beside Xia Xixi. He looked at Xia Xixi’s sleeping face quietly under the faint moonlight.

    When he had first seen Xia Xixi, Li Quyin, who was used to seeing all kinds of real or fake beauties in the entertainment industry, was a little surprised. It turns out that there were such good-looking people in this world.

    Xia Xixi’s good-lookingness is not the kind of beautiful face that looks so exquisite, but a kind of temperament beauty that comes from the inside.

    He has a cold and elegant temperament that no one else can imitate.

    It’s really a bit of the feeling of a noble from the ancient world.

    Probably he was bewitched by that beauty, that’s why he went over to strike up a conversation with Xia Xixi when his brain had heated up. He then met Xia Xixi’s eyes full of disgust.

    Thinking of what happened at that time, Li Quyin’s chest felt uncomfortable.

    Why does Xia Xixi hate him so much?

    Li Quyin took out his mobile phone and asked his assistant, “Where is the list I had asked you to make?”

    It’s already been two days.

    “Boss, don’t joke…”

    “Who is joking with you?” Li Quyin looked down. Does he seem to be a joke?

    “Then, should I really make a list?” the assistant said.

    Li Quyin raised his eyebrows. So the list was already made?

    “Email me.” Li Quyin replied.

    A minute later, his cell phone rang and he received a new email in his mailbox.

    Li Quyin opened it. When he opened it, he saw a message saying that it was oversized mail and he should pay attention to the flow. The corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably.

    Oversized mail?

    Did he do so many hateful things?

    Li Quyin’s eyes were slightly cold. His assistant was really honest.

    “Boss, you asked me to sort this out. I just sorted out all your black materials that can be found on the Internet as you said. The content is not related to me…”

    As if he was aware of his thoughts, the assistant immediately sent a message to shirk responsibility.

    Li Quyin ignored him and held his mobile phone.

    He hugged and held Xia Xixi to go downstairs and settled down. After returning to his room, he took out the phone again.

    The villa is in deep mountains and forests. So, the signal is not very good and the network is delayed. There is wifi in the villa but it can’t be used downstairs.

    Sitting on the bed, Li Quyin looked at the email he had sent to the expert before going to read the other email.

    The other side hasn’t read it yet and naturally, there was no reply.

    Mail is different from messaging. It is not read by the recipient.

    Li Quyin is not in a hurry, he is patient.

    After closing the email, Li Quyin opened the oversized email sent by his assistant.

    In the email, the assistant had thoughtfully pushed forward his black materials from the most recent and listed them according to time.

    Li Quyin flipped through it roughly. The little assistant actually listed dozens of them for him.

    As a star, not to mention a big star that has attracted much attention, it is impossible for him to have no black spots. Even if he doesn’t have, the entertainment reporter paparazzi will arrange a bunch for him.

    Eight out of nine of the events in that pile of the list were false news. The remaining one or two were also distorting facts.

    For example, at the awards ceremony, he scolded the female artist beside him and made her cried.

    Li Quyin remembered that there was a lot of mess going on at that time. Many entertainment media have talked about it.

    Some said that he was arrogant, some said that he was cold and some said that he was unreasonable to bully newcomers.

    However, no one was willing to report that the female artist’s original seat was not by his side. The female artist’s company deliberately arranged it and transferred her near him.

    As for the intention, anyone with a little brain can guess it.

    Moreover, the other company not only adjusted the seats but also squeezed the little actor who should have won the prize and replaced him with the female artist.

    Li Quyin doesn’t care what the other party’s thoughts are. If someone does this, it is unforgivable.

    So after the whole awards ceremony, he never gave the other side a good face. No one knew that the female artist cried because of herself.

    In addition to this, there were many incidents in the email saying that he suppressed the newcomers, leaned on his fame, and did a lot of bad things. Li Quyin even found one or two complaints about his ugly face…

    Looking at the ugly photos listed there, Li Quyin’s eyes were deep and cold.

    He thought about it and decided to deduct the little assistant’s bonus.

    This month, all of them are deducted.

    He has every reason to suspect that the assistant deliberately stuffed these photos in the list. He couldn’t be so ugly.

    After reading the email, Li Quyin leaned on the bedside table in a daze.

    Although there is no evidence, Li Quyin just thinks that Xia Xixi hates him but not because of this messy and false news.

    Xia Xixi is not the kind of person who has no brains. On the contrary, he is very smart. So he would never judge a person’s quality based on some messy news, let alone hate it.

    But if it’s not because of this messy news, then why?

    Have he and Xia Xixi met in reality?

    When, why didn’t he remember?

    If he had seen Xia Xixi before, with Xia Xixi’s temperament, he could not have been unimpressed.

    Li Quyin pondered for a whole night but still couldn’t think of a reason.

    The first thing Li Quyin did when he got up the next day was to read his mail.

    The email he had sent to the expert yesterday has been received, but he searched through the mailbox and found no reply.

    Li Quyin thought about it a little and then sent another post, “Hello, this is Shen Bailou. I want to talk to you personally about asking you to participate in the production of the film. Maybe there is a misunderstanding between us.”

    If there is a choice, Li Quyin will never be so stalking but the other party did not give him a chance to change.

    The other party did this much, obviously because he just didn’t want him[LQY] to find other people. He[LQY] can’t find anyone else, so he can only look for him[XXX] again.

    When the email was sent, Li Quyin sat on the bed and waited.

    In the next room, Xia Xixi, who was awake for a while lying on the bed, turned over and fumbled on the side of the bed with his eyes closed when he heard the prompt.

    Finding the phone and reading the mail in a daze, he was mostly awakened from sleep in an instant.

    “Don’t bother me again.” Xia Xixi’s tone was bad. No one’s tone could get better after experiencing all of those these days.

    What made Xia Xixi even angrier was that the other party couldn’t get through his phone, so they actually started harassing him through email.

    This mailbox is his work mailbox and he usually communicates with very important people. He doesn’t want to be unable to even use this mailbox because of the other party.

    “Maybe there is some misunderstanding between us, why don’t we sit down and talk?”

    Xia Xixi sat up, “There’s no misunderstanding. Don’t bother me again. If you are really so sincere, why don’t you change the protagonist of the movie? Change the protagonist and I will talk to you.”

    His[XXX] meaning is already obvious. The other party shouldn’t bother him anymore.

    A flash of anger flashed in Li Quyin’s blade-like eyes. Change the protagonist?

    He is the absolute protagonist of that movie. It can even be said that the movie was specially made for him. It seems that the opposite party is really targeting him.

    “I really want to know where I offended you?  Why did I make you target me like this.” Li Quyin asked.

    He thinks he is not a perfect person. But he is not so bad as to be so despised.

    Xia Xixi almost laughed out loud. Offended? Targeted?

    Who the hell was targeting him?

    Shen Bailou really is a wicked guy!

    This was the first contact between him and Shen Bailou since that time a few years ago. Shen Bailou succeeded in making him hate him even more.

    “You should be well aware of what you have done.” Xia Xixi didn’t even bother to talk nonsense with the other party.

    If it weren’t for him not wanting to get involved with the other party forever, he would want to pull the other party directly into the blacklist.

    Li Quyin gritted his teeth. His eyes were as cold as ice. What did he do?

    “I have a clear conscience. If you just want money, tell me the price.”

    “Are you sick? I said don’t bother me again. Can’t you find someone else, why do you have to pester me?”

    “What the hell do you want?” Li Quyin felt that he had never been so temperamental before. He actually talked with that madman for so long.

    The other side asked him to find someone else and at the same time asked others to boycott him. He should ask the other party instead of what he had done.

    Isn’t this guy crazy?

    Li Quyin waited for a while before replying. He sent an email again, but the system prompted the other party had rejected it. Obviously, he had been blocked.

    Li Quyin was immediately delighted, what a lunatic!

    Throwing the phone, Li Quyin got up to wash.

    He hadn’t recovered from that anger until the breakfast downstairs.

    At the dinner table, Xia Xixi put down his spoon.

    “Are you OK?”

    Li Quyin’s face was even more ugly than yesterday. Although he had been reluctant to show it in front of him, Xia Xixi could see it.

    “Sorry.” Li Quyin smiled apologetically, hating that lunatic more and more.

    Because of him, this rare date between him and Xia Xixi was disturbed.

    “If you encounter any troubles, you can also tell me. Although I may not be able to help, I can listen to you.” Xia Xixi smiled softly.

    While speaking, Xia Xixi moved his fingers lightly to release a certain psycho that had been pulled into the blacklist in the morning.

    “Thank you.” Li Quyin’s mood instantly cheered up although he was not prepared to let Xia Xixi worry too.

    Li Quyin was very happy when his phone rang. He took a look and his face turned blue.

    “If you harass me again, I’ll call the police.”

    “L U N A T I C!!!”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts.

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