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ICAA Chapter 6 Part 1


Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The scene was very awkward.

Brother……big brother please listen to me.

This is scary. ohhhh NOOOOOOO This is EXTREMELY scary.

Qin Yucheng’s haunting habit is really too damn suitable for making ghost movies.

Mu Mu was so scared that his brain trembled.

What was even more terrifying was Qin Yucheng’s “you kid tried to cheat on me” expression. It was as if he was about to kill someone in the next second.

He must think of a way to deal with this killer!

Qin Yucheng skipped the frightened Mu Mu and looked at Liu Gaoming. He had a slight impression of this red-headed dude.

He had no choice, this red-headed guy is really too hard to forget.

He remembered that this guy was a resident of the same community, living in the building next door. He could often see this dude’s red selfie portrait appearing in the chat records of the residents’ group.

He loves to wander around the community when he has nothing to do. He often finds faults in the property and makes the community chief work hard to ”fix” that. He forcibly enhanced the living experience of the other residents of the entire community by himself.

Qin Yucheng had thought that the person who would find fault like this would be a more serious and mature person, but he didn’t expect this person to be so young.

Qin Yucheng indeed had such an impression of Liu Gaoming. But this guy was definitely a stranger to him too.

Linjiang Yipin Pavilion has a total of six buildings, each with six floors and two elevators for six households. The neighbors of the same building might not meet once or twice a month, let alone the same community.

Qin Yucheng retracted his gaze and turned to Mu Mu: “You are back.”

Mu Mu was taken aback. He pursed his lips and nodded: “Hmm…”

He responded, raised his foot and walked into the elevator, standing beside Qin Yucheng. He uncomfortably combed the hair that fell between his arms.

Mu Mu couldn’t remember how long no one had said this to him.

He looked down at the toe of the shoe in a daze, until Liu Gaoming called him back to reality.

Liu Gaoming looked at Qin Yucheng and asked Mu Mu, “This is?”

Mu Mu opened his mouth. He paused for two seconds and replied with a blank face: “He…… uh, he’s my hus… husband.”

Liu Gaoming was taken aback.

How saaaaaaad! THIS WORLD IS SO UNFAIR! HUHU Such a beautiful girl got married so early!

Qin Yucheng glanced at the absent-minded Mu Mu. He then stretched out his hand to Liu Gaoming: “I’m Qin Yucheng. She’s Mu Mu. May I know your name?”

Liu Gaoming was still going through the tragedy of this little sister being married. So he stretched out his hand instinctively: “My surname is Liu and my full name is Liu Gaoming. Let’s get to KNOW each other. We might be NEIGHBOURS in the FUTURE!”

Qin Yucheng showed a fake smile and talked a few words with Liu Gaoming.

Mu Mu couldn’t really involve himself in such a ”real and sincere” conversation where both parties were showing very ”real and sincere” smiles. When he noticed that Liu Gaoming still wanted to talk to him, he quickly turned his face to one side and looked at the mirror in the elevator.

The ”girl” in the mirror was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans with long black hair and a beautiful and youthful face. ”She” ‘looked like a little girl who had just enrolled in the university.

Mu Mu: “.”

Oh my dog…. WHO IS THIS FAIRY who is so good-looking!

Mu Mu looked at the beautiful sister in the mirror and touched the bangs on his forehead.

After the bangs that had been tossed for two hours this morning were served by the bangs spray, even if it was pressed by the cap for a whole day, it still stuck to its proper shape without any distortion.

Mu Mu put down his hands and couldn’t help shaking his head.

The fixed bangs swayed, the shape did not move at all.


I, Mu Mu, wholeheartedly admire you, dear bangs brother.

He looked at the mirror and couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful sister in the mirror. Seeing that the beautiful sister also smiled at him, he suddenly felt sweet in his heart.

Hi! sister!

Suddenly he didn’t hate this face so much.

Mu Mu smiled stupidly and was admiring himself making weird expressions. When he looked up, he saw the other three tall men in the elevator all staring at him.

Mu Mu: Σ? !

Mu Mu froze.

Qin Yucheng: “…”

Mu Mu remained silent. He shrank to the corner of the elevator and lowered his head against the wall.


This is too embarrassing. huhuhuhu How will I face this cruel world from now on??? Tell me you losers ..tell me!

Mu Mu couldn’t wait to find a well to jump in. If conditions permit, he wants to leave his mortal identity and live in the sacred mountains being a nun…nono..being a monk. OH GOD! PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FORGETTING PILLS. huhu

Qin Yucheng retracted his gaze falling on Mu Mu. He turned his head and saw that Liu Gaoming was staring at Mu Mu, like a dog looking at a delicious fleshy bone.

Qin Yucheng instinctively looked at the mirror. He glanced at the top of his own head and then withdrew his gaze with a black face. T/N: …..Is……is he ….is he jealous of Liu Gaoming’s red hair? bwahahahhaha

With a ”ding” sound of the elevator, they reached the fifth floor.

Liu Gaoming looked at Mu Mu, who was lowering his head against the wall and hiding his hands behind him. He turned around and followed the agent into the house on the fifth floor.

The elevator door closed. Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu through the mirror: “Do you know him?”

Mu Mu was still immersed in the thoughts of being a monk. Hearing Qin Yucheng’s question, he raised his head, thinking that it doesn’t matter whether he says yes or not. The two would know each other later, so he simply shook his head.

“I don’t know him. We just met downstairs.”

Qin Yucheng expressionlessly said: “You guys just met downstairs and he tried to help you to hold your bag??”

“Yeah.” Mu Mu nodded, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Yucheng: “…?”

Mu Mu: Hehe.

You shouldn’t have expected that huhh? Mr. Qin! Mu Mu felt proud.

He had already figured out how to deal with things during the embarrassment!

——As long as he questions the opponent’s question back, as long as it is reasonable and he is courageous enough, everything is under his control(evil maniac laugh) bwahahaha!


How could there be such a witty otaku in this world!

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu’s disapproval look. He always felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong for now.

The elevator door opened. When the two entered the hallway to change their shoes, Qin Yucheng glanced at Mu Mu’s paper bag. He found that the brand name written on the paper bag was of a cheap brand and Mu Mu was wearing the clothes of that brand.

Qin Yucheng frowned.

He is very familiar with this brand. When his adoptive parents were still there, most of the wardrobes were of this brand, which was cheap and durable.

But for Mu Mu, this should be a brand that he would never even look at.

Let alone buy clothes.

Today, Mu Mu has not put on makeup or sprayed perfume.

Qin Yucheng paused.


This is abnormal.

It seemed that Mu Mu has become very strange from the time he had asked to file for a divorce.

Qin Yucheng changed into pink bunny sandals and stared at Mu Mu who went straight to the room after changing his shoes.

These changes that were not in his memory made Qin Yucheng extremely vigilant.

When a liar acts abnormally, either he is going to run away or he’s planning some trap.

No matter which one, Qin Yucheng will never let him do what he wishes.

Qin Yucheng carried his computer bag thinking of the newly purchased security camera. He no longer hesitated to use it and lifted his foot into the house.

Mu Mu took the rubber band and rolled up his hair casually.

On the first day, the experience of wearing women’s clothing was extremely bad. With long hair, he looked like a fairy who sweat a lot. It was so hot that everyone might want to learn how to stick out their tongues like a dog, but even their tongue will be fried by the sun.

Mu Mu washed his face with cold water and glanced at the time. It was almost six o’clock.

The gentle and kind girl should now cook dinner for someone who has worked hard all day.

Mu Mu: “…”



Being a girl is really hard.

If he still has a chance to go back, he will pinch that author’s neck to death and desperately make him delete these two words “gentle and kind”. And at the same time, he’ll ask that asshole to replace the name of Mu Mu’s character with his own!!!

Mu Mu took a deep breath. He turned his head and walked out of the room.

Qin Yucheng was in the study room.

Mu Mu knocked on the door. After receiving Qin Yucheng’s response, he probed in: “What do you want for dinner?”

Qin Yucheng raised his eyes to Mu Mu.

He really didn’t expect this to happen again-it seems that this little liar really desperately wants to divorce him.

Mu Mu: “?”

Qin Yucheng: “Whatever you want.”

Mu Mu responded hmm and closed the door.

The heat of midsummer really makes people feel depressed, lack of energy, and poor appetite.

At this time, sweet and sour ice drinks and appetizers are especially popular.

Sweet and sour… appetizers…

Mu Mu looked at the ingredients in the refrigerator. He closed the refrigerator and exhaled a deep breath.

He’ll have to go out and buy some ingredients.

Qin Yucheng was in the study when he heard the noise of the elevator. He walked to the door and took a look and found that the elevator had gone down.

Seeing Mu Mu going out, Qin Yucheng lifted his sleeves and went around in the study. He looked for a place suitable for hiding the camera and allowing the entire study to be monitored.

The main purpose of this little liar is to steal his property, so he will definitely come to the study while he is away.

Qin Yucheng thought maliciously.

Later, when he will get tired of this thief’s idiotic performance, he will take this camera’s data to report his crime. Even if this thief has his family backing him up, it will be enough for him to control Mu Mu.

Mu Mu returned from the supermarket with a bag of ingredients. Then he met Liu Gaoming downstairs.

Liu Gaoming was drooping his shoulders and was talking to the agent. His eyes lit up when he saw Mu Mu. He straightened his back at the speed of light.

He called Mu Mu loudly: “Mu Mu!”

Mu Mu paused. He nodded back to Liu Gaoming. Then he headed towards that red-headed dude.

Liu Gaoming leaned forward and wagged his tail: “We will be neighbors from now on!”

“?” Mu Mu was taken aback, “What?”

“I’m going to buy the house downstairs.” Liu Gaoming spread his palms, “Fifth floor!”

“Fifth floor?”

Mu Mu was shocked.

Wait…………………. why is it the fifth floor?

Shouldn’t you wait for Qin Yucheng to sell the house on the sixth floor!?

Mu Mu didn’t expect such a change. So he was dumbfounded on the spot.

Liu Gaoming nodded: “Yes, fifth floor!”

Mu Mu recovered and stumbled: “Nooooo…….. I mean.. I think you should consider a bit more.”

Liu Gaoming shook his head: “I don’t have to consider. There are only two houses listed for sale in this community. One is here on the fifth floor and the other is in the next building.”

Mu Mu:  ? ? ?

Qin Yucheng didn’t sell the house? ?

Mu Mu was stunned.

Mu Mu’s heart broke.

If Qin Yucheng didn’t sell the house, wouldn’t he have to face this ancestor day and night before they could successfully divorce?

Mu Mu didn’t feel that he had the ability to get rid of Qin Yucheng at all.

WHAT A JOKE!!! Qin Yucheng is the PROTAGONIST!

Of course, this is not important now. The important thing is that the plot has changed!

Mu Mu’s whole body froze.

No, no, no. Maybe it’s not the right time yet to sell?

What if Liu Gaoming was Bill Gate’s son, and he will buy the fifth floor and the sixth floor as well when Qin Yucheng sells the house?

Mu Mu took a deep breath to calm down. He nodded to Liu Gaoming and politely congratulated him: “Congratulations on buying the property. Welcome.”

“Ahem haha~” Liu Gaoming smiled. He touched his pocket and took out a crumpled business card, “This is my business card!”

“…Thank you?” Mu Mu subconsciously took the business card. He really didn’t know how to deal with this type of situation. He immediately chose to leave, “I’m going home first. I still have to cook.”

“Okay, okay.” Liu Gaoming nodded again and again. When Mu Mu wiped his face and entered the door, Liu Gaoming again called him and asked, “Can I contact you if I have any questions?”

Mu Mu: “…”

I don’t think you should.

Because I may have more problems than you. HEHE HOHO

Thinking of this, Mu Mu shook his head very firmly and solemnly. He then turned his head and entered the building door.

Liu Gaoming, who hadn’t expected that one day he would be rejected, was stunned. He suddenly turned his head to look at the agent on the side.

“I was rejected?!” Liu Gaoming was shocked, “Am I too ugly?!”


You aren’t ugly brother, you are a handsome little psycho.

Liu Gaoming reacted as if the sky was falling down: “I was actually rejected?!”

The agent was speechless.

  Liu Gaoming’s reaction was too obvious–or that he had no intention of hiding it at all. This person has put that girl in his heart.

The agent couldn’t help reminding: “Mr. Liu……. this lady is already married.”

“I know.” Liu Gaoming didn’t care. He even gestured excitedly, “But she is really good-looking. She is so cute, uwu!”

“…” The agent wanted to speak but stopped…….. but he still decided to remind again ”But she’s already married.”

“?” Liu Gaoming was puzzled, “Oh god bro. I know I know.”

After he finished speaking, he paused. He suddenly became enlightened and slapped his thigh: “Damn, did you just indirectly say that I’m trying to let that person Qin receive……….a green hat?” (green hat means cheating on partners)


Weren’t you thinking of that?

“Dirty-minded! Pervert! Disgusting!” Liu Gaoming scolded, “I just appreciate all the beautiful things and people!”

The agent was still suspicious: “…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???”

Liu Gaoming nodded firmly. Then with long steps, he pulled and took the agent outside, yelling: “GO GO GO. Hurry up and contact the original owner to sign the contract. The sooner the better. I want to live here from tomorrow!”

The agent almost fell because of Liu Gaoming’s pull. But for the sake of the money, he smiled fakely at Liu Gaoming.

Qin Yucheng stood on the terrace, watching the farce that had just ended downstairs.

The first conversation could not be heard on the sixth floor. But Liu Gaoming’s loud voice when he couldn’t believe he was rejected fell into Qin Yucheng’s ears completely.

He stared at that red dude’s back. He then turned his head back to the study.

Mu Mu walked into the hallway to change shoes. He put the ingredients in his hand into the kitchen and glanced at the crumpled business card.

On the card, Liu Qing Holding Co., Ltd. was written as well as Liu Gaoming’s name and his contact information.

Without hesitation, Mu Mu turned to find Qin Yucheng.

He now, eagerly wants Qin Yucheng to hook up with Liu Gaoming quickly. It will be better if Qin Yucheng sells the sixth floor before Liu Gaoming buys the fifth floor so that he could avoid the possible nightmares.

As long as Qin Yucheng sells the house, he will be able to show his talents freely in the low-rent housing.

Mu Mu is looking forward to his bright future.

”Qin Yucheng!” Mu Mu shouted Qin Yucheng’s name unaccustomedly and probed into the study.

Qin Yucheng raised his eyes to look at him.

“I just met Liu Gaoming downstairs. He gave me his business card.” Mu Mu said shaking the business card, “This is useless for me. Do you need it?”

Qin Yucheng looked at the business card in Mu Mu’s hand. He was not sure about Mu Mu’s purpose.

Acting sincere? Selling benefits? Or trying to dispel his vigilance?

Qin Yucheng stretched out his hand while guessing.

Mu Mu walked into the study. He handed out the business card in his hand. He didn’t even glance at the study room. While tying his loose hair again, he walked out without looking back and went straight to the kitchen.

Qin Yucheng looked down at the crumpled business card. He glanced at the company name and turned on the computer to search the name Liu Gaoming.

Mu Mu prayed that Qin Yucheng could hook up with Liu Gaoming while cooking.

He just wants these two to immediately be good friends. Then they will be best buddies. One will sell his house and another will buy that house. As for him, he will get his freedom.

He doesn’t know if it’s useful to desperately beg all the gods that exist in this world, but at this point, he can beg anyone.

While chanting mantras and sutras, Mu Mu made meaty winter melon and sweet and sour pork ribs. He put the tomato and egg soup on the table and the pork that he had bought from the supermarket.

He added another piece of boiled lettuce, and placed all meat and vegetables together!

If someone has a bad appetite in summer, then they should eat dishes with strong flavors!

Of course, in winter, you should also eat heavy-tasting dishes as an appetizer. Only by eating more healthy dishes can you withstand the cold!

Mu Mu aka strong-flavored food lover was righteous and confident!

Dinner was not divided like in the morning. Mu Mu had to sit opposite Qin Yucheng to get food.

When Qin Yucheng saw the table full of these dishes, his sitting down motion froze for a moment.

He remembered that Mu Mu had a light taste and preferred the original flavor of the ingredients. Contrary to Mu Mu, his taste was very heavy.

And the dishes on the table were almost all heavy flavors.

Mu Mu would only drink some soup plus that dish of boiled lettuce.

So, the rest must have been made especially for him.

This little liar really worked hard to please him.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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