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ICAA Chapter 6 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

  Thinking of this, Qin Yucheng stretched out his hand expressionlessly. Before he picked up the bowl, he saw Mu Mu’s chopsticks poking on the sauced pig’s trotter.

Qin Yucheng: “…?”

? ? ?

  Something’s wrong.

Qin Yucheng raised his eyes to Mu Mu.

Mu Mu immediately regretted poking the pig’s trotter.

He looked at the pig’s trotter in the bowl and began to seriously ponder “how to gnaw off a roasted pig’s trotter gracefully”.

He always felt that if the original owner could lie to Qin Yucheng for so long, his image must have been perfectly maintained.

Eating barbecue at a food stall while making the mouth oily, eating spicy foods to make a swollen mouth, or eating chicken feet and trotters in the street, these kinds of ”inelegant” things, the original owner definitely didn’t use to do it.

So here comes the problem.

How to eat these tasty pig’s trotters while maintaining elegance?

Mu Mu frowned as he looked at the sauced pig’s trotter in the bowl.

Qin Yucheng stared at Mu Mu, who was looking at the bowl as if he was seeing its lifelong enemy. He then looked away after a while.

This liar doesn’t want to eat that food.

This idiot is just trying to eat the foods that he(QYC) likes and please him.

Qin Yucheng took a sweet and sour rib with his chopsticks and said to Mu Mu, who was still deeply thinking about trotters, “Liu Gaoming is Liu Qing’s grandson.”

Mu Mu looked up blankly: “?”

Qin Yucheng reminded: “That Liu Qing, who is known as the land king of Province G.”

Mu Mu didn’t know why the hell was Qin Yucheng telling him about this. But since the great great great protagonist has spoken, he, a minor peasant must compromise. Even if he couldn’t figure out the situation, he met Qin Yucheng’s gaze and nodded.

Qin Yucheng observed Mu Mu’s expression and realized that there was really nothing on his face except for loss and confusion. He withdrew his gaze and asked, “What did you guys talk about just now downstairs?”

Mu Mu’s brain with 134749 IQ immediately came to its sense after he heard this!

Mu Mu sat up straight and crazily hinted: “He said he wants to buy a house on the fifth floor.”

Qin Yucheng nodded: “Then what?”

Mu Mu:?

Ehhh Ehhh Ehhh What’s the matter with you, huhh? little brother?

Don’t you want to sell the house?

Don’t you think it’s a pity to miss such a rich customer?

Mu Mu was anxious and continued to hint: “He seemed to have made a decision on the spot.”

This customer is the son of the Wealth God who is particularly quick and generous in giving money. Don’t you idiot feel tempted? !

“What then?” Qin Yucheng nodded again, waiting for Mu Mu to mention a topic related to “refusal”.

Before he was reborn, Mu Mu had nothing to do with Liu Gaoming on the surface. But who actually knows how many people’s properties this thief wanted to steal?

Qin Yucheng wanted to know what Mu Mu had just refused.

“…” Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng, who was not a bit excited while hearing about this generous customer. The energetic feeling he had just felt started fading a little bit, “That’s it.”

Qin Yucheng had heard Mu Mu saying this and had just looked up when he found that the plate of boiled lettuce hadn’t been moved at all, but the sweet and sour pork ribs and meaty winter melon were about to be finished.

Qin Yucheng moved his chopsticks.

Did he eat so many dishes just now?

Qin Yucheng glanced at Mu Mu’s bowl, which was full of heavy fat. This guy obviously just ate a lot of meat dishes.

Qin Yucheng’s gaze shifted between the boiled lettuce and Mu Mu.

No, there’s something wrong…

Mu Mu had the habit of eating everything clean. Seeing Qin Yucheng not touching the lettuce, he simply moved the lettuce plate in front of him and served the remaining meat and vegetables.

Although he doesn’t like eating vegetables, he can’t waste food!

It’s ok, it’s ok! After eating the lettuce, he still has the roasted pig’s trotter as a reward that he has temporarily set aside because it can’t be eaten elegantly!

Mu Mu comforted himself and ate the lettuce firmly.

Qin Yucheng watched Mu Mu eating vegetables silently. He frowned.

…………Is this thief trying to please him?

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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