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ICAA Chapter 5 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

He is going to learn about the prices of this world. It’ll help him to make some preliminary preparations to leave Qin Yucheng and his original identity.

He’ll have to rent a house, buy food and basic tools for work.

Some basic tools used in handwork are not that expensive. He can simply go to the second-hand market to buy some cheap old things. After re-polishing and modifying a bit, he will be able to use them as newly bought goods.

What’s really expensive is the promotion cost that is required in order to open up the market.

Mu Mu was starting from scratch for the first time. He didn’t know much about it.

But no matter how timid his heart was, he’ll have to forget his fears and take the first step.

  Mu Mu turned on the mobile phone navigation and headed towards the direction of the nearest shopping mall.

He quickly bought a T-shirt and jeans. He also bought a pair of flat sneakers then turned around and again bought a cap and put on a mask.

He is not the original owner. If he meets someone who the original owner knows while walking on the street, and that person will come forward to greet him, then he will die on the spot because of nervousness.

Mu Mu changed his outfit. He put his previous clothes in the supermarket locker and walked around. After he found out the location of the second-hand market of Z City, he turned around and went straight to the bus stop.

Mu Mu simply took a look at the second-hand market but didn’t buy anything. He’ll have to head back to the house before it’s too late.

Things in the second-hand market were very cheap. Compared to buying second-hand goods online, Mu Mu preferred to buy things personally in the second-hand market.

Moreover, most people who set up stalls in the second-hand market are old people who have not kept up with the times. Out of a certain kind of secret goodwill, Mu Mu is more willing to come to the second-hand market to buy things.

Mu Mu got off the bus and went to the supermarket to retrieve his previous clothes. As soon as he left the mall, he couldn’t help but set aside his loose long hair.

The temperature in Z city in July made him feel too hot. The straight man who didn’t know how to tie his hair could only leave his hair open and sweat a lot on his back.

Mu Mu sighed again for the hardships that beauties have to go through. While looking down at the price recorded on the memo, he slowly walked forward under the shade of the tree.

Mu Mu was a skilled handicraftsman from head to toe.

He is from a group of people who are about to be beaten to death by increasingly advanced technologies. How will he be able to support himself if these technologies will do all of his works?

But Qin Yucheng was different. Mu Mu remembers that Qin Yucheng’s company focuses on AI development. At the beginning of the plot, he was just in the process of finding investors. Although the working scale was small, the development was stable.

Mu Mu took off his mask and hat. He wiped his face and entered the community.

Tsk tsk tsk, Qin Yucheng is the leader of that technological wave that is about to slap him and his stomach.

Mu Mu sighed.

Carrying the bag and the paper bag that was holding some clothes, he hadn’t even walked forward two steps when he saw red hair fluttering in the wind.

Mu Mu was taken aback but he reacted quickly.

That redheaded thug…oh no no…… that person with a redhead is Qin Yucheng’s first and most powerful little brother.

Liu Gaoming.

This buddy is a rich second generation. His family is engaged in real estate.

He met Qin Yucheng when Liu Gaoming had rebelliously come out to live alone. One was trying to sell the house while the other one was trying to buy a house. That’s how they came to know each other.

It didn’t take long for Liu Gaoming to randomly give Qin Yucheng a large investment. Then Qin Yucheng built an AI company for Liu Gaoming’s family. It made Qin Yucheng’s small company an instant success and Liu Gaoming’s family also made a lot of money.
Mu Mu stood at the intersection, watching Liu Gaoming arrogantly following a man in suit and leather shoes.

The man in a suit and leather shoes should be a real estate agent.

Mu Mu watched them walking towards the third building. He wasn’t surprised at all.

Qin Yucheng must be about to sell his suite. There is no problem with the real estate agents bringing the client to see the house.

This is really wonderful.

Mu Mu thought.

As soon as this suite is sold, he will have to go to live in a low-rent house. At that time, Qin Yucheng will rarely come to see him.

Then what??? He will be able to freely display his talents and ambitions. HURRAY!!!

Yes Yes Yes!!! LALALALA!!! HUHUHU!!! HOHOHO!!!

Happiness came so suddenly. What’s more, there was no Qin Yucheng nearby. So, Mu Mu laughed on the spot.

Mu Mu walked forward with joy.

When Liu Gaoming and the man in the suit heard the sound of footsteps, they stopped and turned their heads in a daze.

Mu Mu was wearing a T-shirt with Pikachu printed on it with light blue cropped jeans and white sneakers. His face was rosy after being exposed to the sun.

When he walked over, he walked energetically with a smile on his face. His long black hair swayed in the wind, like a free elf jumping happily in the wind.

Liu Gaoming, aka a brat who always fools around with a casual and careless attitude, was posing like an idiot punk. After seeing a beautiful ”girl”, he subconsciously straightened his back in an instant. He wanted to show the straight man’s charm in front of the beautiful girl.

Liu Gaoming lowered his eyes to look at Mu Mu who came to him: “…Ummm…..HI! Hello!”


Mu Mu, who didn’t want to talk with this rascal was taken aback. He nodded with an uncontrollable smile: “Hello.”

“Do you also live in this place?” Liu Gaoming asked.

Mu Mu nodded again, thinking not only do I live here, but I’m also the owner of the house you are going to see……..

“I came here to see the house.” Liu Gaoming continued to chat trying to act cool, “Third building’s fifth floor.”

“Fifth floor?”

Mu Mu’s happiness suddenly froze.

“Yes, fifth floor.”

Mu Mu:? ? ?

Shouldn’t it be on the sixth floor?

Mu Mu was confused. Could it be that it was not time for Liu Gaoming to see Qin Yucheng’s house yet?

Seeing the beautiful girl, Liu Gaoming abandoned the agent next to him on the spot and began to squeeze next to Mu Mu: “You also live here, right? How long have you lived here? What do you think of the living experience here?”

Mu Mu thought how would I know about that, you redheaded jerk.

But Qin Yucheng seemed to have lived here before he was reborn, so it should be pretty good?

Mu Mu answered the question carefully while walking towards the building entrance.


Qin Yucheng has the experience of rebirth. So his efficiency of handling work is much faster.

As the founder of the company, Qin Yucheng finished the day’s work and adjusted his strategy based on his understanding of the next few years.

Then, between trying to get in touch with new investors and going home, he chose the latter wisely.

He parked the car and entered the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the first floor. As soon as Qin Yucheng raised his eyes, he saw a person with a bright redhead who was being extremely ”kind”: “The bag is heavy, right? Let me help you.”

Following the opponent’s gaze, he saw Mu Mu who was smiling and shaking his head to refuse.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu’s smile. Then he looked at his unusual dress, rosy face, and the finger that had no wedding ring. At that time, Mu Mu walked into the elevator and finally turned his head to look over.

The smile on Mu Mu’s face disappeared instantly.

He saw Qin Yucheng’s eyes hovering between him and Liu Gaoming for a moment. Then Qin Yucheng let out a sneer.

Mu Mu: “…”

Hel…………….. help! !


The author has something to say:

Qin Yucheng: He is cheating on me (distressed)

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar JJ says:

    Thank you so much for the translation!!!! i binge read this again ♥️, lol i really love Mu Mu’s inner monologue 😂

  2. Avatar Mier says:

    Both leads are so adorable.

  3. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    The Novel and both main chara is adorable but not the translator lol hahahha

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      why would you say that miss? T_T

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