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ICAA Chapter 3 Part 2

Qin Yucheng, a man with a wife actually sleeps in the GUEST ROOM in his own house!!! [2]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

  Mu Mu was deeply concerned over Qin Yucheng’s ability to do that.


He sighed. He suddenly felt that he himself didn’t seem so miserable in comparison to Qin Yucheng’s broken fate.


He put down the fake breast of his hand and took off his skirt. He then saw an old scar across his thigh.




Why is there such a scar on this body?


Mu Mu was stunned.


Before, when Mu Mu used to be surrounded by his friends laughing at his feminine looks, Mu Mu was once a naughty monkey who used to love running and playing around.


At that time, there were single paralleled bars in the yard but the protection measures were not done well. The scar on Mu Mu’s leg was caused when he fell down from the single paralleled bar while playing.


This scar has been with him for almost 20 years. He used to see it every day when he changed his clothes and took a bath.


  Mu Mu touched the scar on his leg feeling that this scar was exactly the same as his own.


Mu Mu frowned and put on beach pants covering the scar of his thigh.


It’s weird!!!


Could it be that Mu Mu here also broke his leg by falling from the single paralleled bar when he was a child?


Mu Mu couldn’t guess.


He glanced at the box of hair bands of the washroom’s cabinet. He tied his hair strangely. Picking up the fake chest, he hesitated for a long time and put it on again just in case. His expression was full of pain like he had suffered from a huge punishment.


——As soon as he took the initiative to put on that thing, something seemed to have left him.


T/N: Guys guess what left him??? Muahahahaha


Mu Mu put on a T-shirt with an expression of finally understanding this cruel mortal world. He was carrying the weight of this fake chest. huh! He turned his head and pulled the slippers to find the phone.


He hoped to get some useful information from the phone. He rummaged around but couldn’t find any unusual information that someone could get from the phone of a decent person.


The files, contacts, and social software all were named “Mr. X” or “Ms. Y”.


There were no signs of the original owner contacting his parents. The chat history was incredibly clean.


Mu Mu sat on the sofa and went through various APPs but didn’t find a single fucking thing.


OHHO!!! How can we forget?


He was a brat who could even deceive our beloved protagonist. No matter how you think, that brat will not leave any loopholes in the phone.


Maybe even this mobile phone number is new. Humph!


After all, that bastard could even fake the gender on his ID cards. He even used this trick to get Qin Yucheng into the fraud marriage!


Mu Mu sat cross-legged on the sofa, lost in thought.


That lazy author hadn’t spent any words on Mu Mu’s family and his other relations in the original text.


Probably the author realized that the readers of the Rebirth Novels were impatient to watch the content of the protagonist being abused before the rebirth. So the beginning of the novel was the plot of Qin Yucheng selling this wedding house.


Mu Mu put down the phone, looking sad.


From the current situation, it seems that he is still before the beginning of the plot. ——Or, after Qin Yucheng left him just now, he must have gone to sell the house.


Mu Mu knew that Qin Yucheng himself had a different place to live.


In the original text, after Qin Yucheng stuffed the original owner into a low-rent housing, he didn’t live there. He just went to the original owner every other time to torture him and show the original owner his own existence.


Qin Yucheng has a self-built house on the outskirts of the city, which was left by his adoptive parents.


Mu Mu recalled the plot. He felt that nowadays, he was the person who knew Qin Yucheng the most in this entire world.


Qin Yucheng’s life before his rebirth had many ups and downs. He was born in an orphanage and was adopted by a very ordinary working family. He had spent a peaceful and happy childhood.


He was clever, very good at studying, and very independent. He belonged to the kind of straight-A student who won various competition awards. But all these good things ended in the summer when he had just finished his college entrance examination.


He encountered a landslide while traveling with his adoptive parents. Fortunately, that day, Qin Yucheng had a stomach ache and hadn’t gone climbing the mountain but sadly his adoptive parents died in the accident.


However, he grew up very well and he was able to recover from the trauma. He still worked hard to move ahead and achieve success. He reorganized a happy family, had an ideal wife, and had a wonderful marriage.


……Who knew he was actually fooled by the original owner. Bahahahaha!!!




You are so miserable and pitiful dear Qin Yucheng!!!


Mu Mu calmed himself down for a while, thinking that he almost felt sorry for that damn Qin Yucheng.


It’s normal for the life of a human being to have various ups and downs. But if it’s like a roller coaster in a continuous series of big circles, it will definitely make a person crazy.


Mu Mu sighed. Uff!!!


He put that useless phone down that didn’t give any information. He was going to search the study and bedroom.


The original owner was such a daring and bold brat. If he could fool Qin Yucheng then he must have prepared some backup plans just in case, right?


It’s showtime!!!   …..Oh no no, it’s time to find some loopholes guys!!!


Mu Mu stood up and began to rummage through the boxes and cabinets.


The original owner has a family and the family background should be very good too. Because in the plot written by the author, Qin Yucheng happened to find an old business giant with the surname Mu. He went to talk and learned that the other party had a young son named Mu Mu.


The author finished that chapter there with a “Cut!”, leaving readers in a cliffhanger with a sentence “Replacing raccoon with a prince[1]”, without mentioning Qin Yucheng’s reaction towards this matter.


Then the book review area exploded and everyone started cursing that damn author. Then the overly ”loved” author quit the burden of continuing the novel.


Now Mu Mu was confused and trembling in fear. He didn’t know whether Qin Yucheng knew the original owner was a man, or whether Qin Yucheng knew the original owner accidentally stole his life.


It hurts. wu wu wu!


Mu Mu looked through the bedside tables and window cabinets of the master bedroom but did not find anything worth researching.


He sighed, turned his head, and went into the study.


The study’s interior was different from the warmth decoration of the outside. It had a very serious business style decoration. The bookcase that occupied a whole wall was filled with many books that Mu Mu couldn’t understand at all.


…….It seems that only Qin Yucheng was using this room.


Mu Mu hesitated but stepped into the study. He rummaged through the bookcase and desk drawers.


At this time, Qin Yucheng had just started his business, but there were piles of messy documents and contracts.


Mu Mu couldn’t understand a single damn thing about those contracts, but the number and weight of those document bags were enough to prove Qin Yucheng’s ability.


Mu Mu carefully searched. Out of fear of affecting Qin Yucheng’s thoughts on doing things, he carefully restored the place he had turned over to the original.


His ”research” resulted in nothing as always.


Mu Mu took a long breath. He stayed in the living room for a long time and threw himself into the sofa arrogantly.


He gave up!!! He was annoyed to death!!! He wants to destroy everything now!!!


Mu Mu turned over and buried his head in the pillow. He collapsed for two seconds and after kicking the air a few times, he dropped the pillow and walked into the kitchen.


He was hungry.


He will continue his ”research” after eating something.


Mu Mu opened the refrigerator.


Tonight, he will rest in the guest room. He’ll continue his ”research” tomorrow.




Qin Yucheng was sitting in a street cafe, looking at the shining lights. His eyes were gloomy. The more he thought about it, the gloomier it became.


Why did he leave?


Because of disgust.


But no matter how you think about it, he shouldn’t be the one who should have left, right?


That was the house he had bought. His name was on the real estate certificate. Mu Mu had just simply brought a bag and had started to live there.


No matter how you think, it should be Mu Mu instead of him that should have gotten out of there.


Qin Yucheng had a cold face. He drank the coffee from the cup in one breath. He took a deep breath, paid the bill, and prepared to go back and find that little liar to settle the account.


Once he got married he will never divorce. The more Mu Mu wants to divorce, the more he will not divorce.


Regardless of whether it was a marriage or a divorce, he won’t be at any loss as long as he is defensive against Mu Mu.


But that little liar definitely would be anxious.


Qin Yucheng got into the driver’s seat and started the car dully.




Mu Mu sighed while lying on the bed of the guest room holding the phone.


He just pondered for a while and found that the APPs in this world were no different from his original world.


But there was no other Mu Mu in this world.


He finally found that his online Taobao[2] shop where he had sold more than 2000 items was gone. Apps, where he could record videos and earn him money to buy food, were gone too. He couldn’t figure out what the Mu Mu’s original source of income was.


However, his silver bank card had the amount of about 320,000, which if spent carefully can last for a long time.


But he can’t always spend the money from the original owner’s card.


In case……he is just saying that ”in case”, he could go back, if the original owner looked dumbfounded that his bank card had no money left then, …..cough cough he would be seen as a fraud.


……Although the original owner himself was definitely not a kind of a decent person.


But Mu Mu felt that he couldn’t just do things that would make him a bad person just because the other person was a bad person.


He doesn’t know how long he has to stay here. So he must think of a way to make money.


And if he can’t go back forever, he must work even harder.


In addition to the money problems, he still has to solve many problems of his current life.


The decent otaku thought about it and found that he really didn’t know anything. He could only think of doing some handwork and recording the videos.


Actually, thinking about it from another angle, if he takes the order through the Internet, even if he leaves, it seems that it will not affect the original owner.


Mu Mu put the phone down. He rolled on the bed with the quilt and rubbed the soft quilt.


The smell of the bed was very good. It had the aroma of cold pine wood.


Mu Mu was sorting out the current situation messily. He did not hear the closing of the door of the house.


The light was lit.


Mu Mu used to live in a small house with two rooms, one living room and one bathroom. He has developed the habit of keeping night lights so that he can avoid hitting the wall when he is wandering at night in a daze.


Qin Yucheng was stunned for a moment when he saw the light that was left on in the hallway when he got out of the elevator.


Mu Mu had never left the lights on before, saying that he couldn’t fall asleep when there was light on. It was so serious that even the curtains of the master bedroom were thick black curtains.


Qin Yucheng put the elevator card on the entrance cabinet. He glanced at the blue bunny sandals remaining in the cabinet. He opened the shoe cabinet but couldn’t find another pair.


He frowned. He entered the room barefoot and directly went to the master bedroom.


The door of the master bedroom was wide open but the inside was empty.


Qin Yucheng turned his head and glanced at the closed study and guest bedroom door, frowning even more tightly.


He headed towards the guest bedroom and opened the door.


Under the lights, holding the quilt on the bed, the person who was not asleep yet suddenly shrank. He might have been frightened. He looked up at him while holding the quilt with a pair of cat-like eyes staring.


Qin Yucheng stared at Mu Mu. Looking across Mu Mu’s clothes and slippers on the floor, his face got darker and darker.


The damn liar was now in his room, lying on his bed in his clothes and in his slippers.


Qin Yucheng’s lips fluttered. His anger almost condensed into substance: “WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?”


Mu Mu shrank instinctively. He cautiously said: “I’m…. um.. umm… sleeping…?”


Qin Yucheng’s words were coming out word by word full of anger: “IN. MY. ROOM?”




Qin….. Qin Yucheng’s room? !


Wait, isn’t this a guest bedroom? !




Mu Mu’s mind went blank: “…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???”


Qin Yucheng was like an irritated lion: “THIS. IS. MY. BED.”


Mu Mu finally figured out the main point from his chaotic mind.


Help, Help! !


I found something amazing!


Qin Yucheng, a man with a wife actually sleeps in the GUEST ROOM in his own house!!!


Even when he was extremely panicked, Mu Mu couldn’t help showing some pity and sympathy to Qin Yucheng.


Qin Yucheng….. this poor little dude really seems to have a hidden illness. TSK..TSK.. BWAHAHAHA!!!





[1] To substitute someone’s valuable item with another item


[2] Taobao is a Chinese online shopping platform. It is headquartered in Hangzhou and is owned by Alibaba.




The author has something to say:


The Real Iron Man: Pink Bunny Sandals


A poor guy with a fake chest: wearing a fake breast as if he was punished.


Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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