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ICAA Chapter 3 Part 1

Qin Yucheng, a man with a wife actually sleeps in the GUEST ROOM in his own house!!! [1]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Mu Mu stayed in place for a while and determined that Qin Yucheng had really left and did not come back.

He shook his whole body. He suddenly felt that his waist was no longer sore and his legs were no longer in pain. He even felt the wedge heels becoming exciting.

As long as there is no Qin Yucheng around, Mu Mu feels that there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome!

No, let’s say, without Qin Yucheng, everything becomes simple.

Mu Mu carried the bag of scary wax apples, which was scaring him to death, found a trash can, and threw it in. He then lowered his head and took out his mobile phone.

Thanks to the high technology !!!! Thanks for the fingerprint unlocking!!!!!

Mu Mu unlocked the phone and found Taobao[1] in a dazzling pile of apps.

No contemporary young people can escape the clutches of online shopping!

Mu Mu quickly turned to the delivery address.

No. 0306, Linjiang Yipin Pavilion, Binhai Street, Jinwu District, Z City, G Province.

Mu Mu couldn’t remember the details of this apartment. Maybe he forgot or that damn author didn’t write it at all.

He could only silently recite the phone number of the receipt while searching for the entrance that might be 0306.

Generally speaking, when parking a car, people should subconsciously stop at the place closest to the destination. When going home, people rush directly to the parking space. It should not be difficult to find it.

Sure enough, Mu Mu quickly found the nearest elevator entrance, where the word ”THREE” was written on it.

It seems that 0306 referred to the third building’s sixth floor.

Mu Mu stopped in front of the security door outside the elevator entrance. He froze for a moment. He lowered his head and turned over the bag and took out the set of car keys left in the bag. But he found that the car’s keychain only had the car’s door opening button and start key. It wasn’t in the shape of a key of a security door.

Mu Mu: “…”


He looked through the bag again and found something that was probably a key card, but there was no functional area for swiping the card on the security door.

Mu Mu looked at the security door in front of him and choked.

Difficulties that he had never imagined appeared.

Mu Mu was standing in front of the door carrying the bag, feeling the soles of his feet aching tormented by the wedge heels.

Those girls who can wear high heels without changing their faces are really the greatest fairies in the world!!!

Mu Mu stood in front of the security door for a moment. He took a deep breath and took out his mobile phone. He confirmed that the payment password was also a fingerprint and then began to search for the digital ID.

After all, the original owner was a bold liar. He had made a lot of preparations. All the digital documents in the applet were available.

Very good, at least it means that if he couldn’t stay here, he could still stay in a hotel.

Mu Mu breathed a sigh of relief and began to probe his head around this area.

If possible, of course, he still hopes to search for a place without Qin Yucheng, so as to confirm what situation he currently was in.

Mu Mu looked around and finally found a hidden switch panel on the door.

He stretched out his hand and pressed it once. The hidden panel opened revealing the face recognition system behind it.

Mu Mu: “???”

Why the fuck would you hide this damn thing!

Mu Mu clenched his fists.

He shook his body in front of the surveillance camera like there’s no tomorrow. The security door finally opened.



Long Live High Technology!!!

Mu Mu looked at the opened security door and felt very moved from the bottom of his heart. He almost wanted to sacrifice his head for the scientist guru who made the face recognition system.

Mu Mu walked into the elevator and took the door card and used it. He looked at the button on the sixth floor that was lit up and exhaled very gratefully.

All in all!! Finally!!!  In conclusion!!!

In short!!! To sum it up!!!

………….. He finally went in.

Although it was much more difficult than he had imagined, he finally came in.

It’s good that he came in.

While Mu Mu was thinking, he heard the “ding” sound of the elevator reaching the 6th floor and raised his head.

Opening the elevator door, there was the entrance. He went in.

Mu Mu took off the torture of his feet and looked at the same pink and blue bunny sandals in the hallway. He was silent for a long time. He turned around and opened the shoe cabinet to try to find the guest’s sandals.

But no, maybe they weren’t prepared to welcome guests yet. humph!!!

Mu Mu wrinkled his face and put on those pink bunny sandals. He almost wanted to engrave the two words “bearing humiliation” on his legs.

He hadn’t worn such a girl’s slippers in his entire life.

(long sigh) A new life, a new experience. (huh)

While thinking about it, Mu Mu explored this house that was too large for him.

Unexpectedly, the interior decoration was of a very warm style. It was about 300 square meters with four rooms and a hall that was spacious and bright. There was also an open-air balcony. There were stairs on the terrace leading to the roof garden.

Mu Mu stood in the living room and looked out. The outside terrace was full of flowers and grass, full of greenery and scattered flowers.

Mu Mu was stunned. He didn’t know that the original owner could actually take care of these plants. It is impossible for Qin Yucheng to do these things. He is fighting for his career outside every day, so he is not a person who has time to play with flowers and plants.

Very good, Mu Mu thought.

He and the original owner can be regarded as having a common hobby.

But Mu Mu had no time to admire the green plants now. He apologized to the original two owners of the house in his heart and began to explore the room.

The four rooms- the master bedroom, guest bedroom, study room, and home cinema room. At first glance, they were prepared for the couple to spend their days together. There was no room for the housekeeper and the parents at all.

There was a cloakroom between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom.

Mu Mu looked down at the skirt on his body. He hesitated and walked into the cloakroom, and saw himself in the mirror.

The person in the mirror had thick black hair, long and straight, with the tips of his hair curled slightly inward. The corners of his lips were naturally upturned, making him look like smiling all the time.

The yellow ribbon neck ornament on the neck covered his adam’s apple, while the three-quarter sleeve lace dress of the same color outlined his body curve exquisitely.

Mu Mu: “…?!”

Curved……….Curved body?!

Mu Mu lifted his hands and touched his chest. He wanted to cry.

He quickly opened the closet and at a glance saw the new and branded collections of home clothes with tags still hanging.

Mu Mu clenched his fists tightly.

Damn it!

Is this the legendary ”rich man’s house”!

The clothes they bought were hung like this without even cutting the tag!

Mu Mu picked up the tag sourly and glanced at the price. With a stiff expression, he quickly put it down. He turned his head and took a large-size T-shirt and beach pants that seemed to be cheaper and went into the bathroom.

Putting on and taking off the side waist zipper skirt is not a problem for Mu Mu.

This otaku’s job was to take personal hand-made customization orders. In order to earn money, he had done everything from making paper lamps to baby clothes, making model customization, and other handicrafts. He could also earn money from uploading videos of the production process.

Mu Mu had met many customers with weird requirements. The mere skirts with zippers on the waist won’t bother him at all.

What a fucking joke???

What weird things has this otaku not seen?

Mu Mu looked up confidently and saw the silicone hanging on his chest. His expression instantly blanked.



This otaku has never seen this thing, motherfuckers!!!

Mu Mu looked at the fake chest in his hand blankly, feeling that he was dirtied from the body to the heart.

He couldn’t help but start to think, why did the original owner stay for so long?

With this fake breast?

With this face?

Even when Qin Yucheng couldn’t do that…………um cough cough?

No matter how you think, Qin Yucheng can’t do it, right?

This fake breast will be easily pierced once you roll on the bed. If the original owner could stay for so long then it must be because Qin Yucheng couldn’t do that, if no then there was no possible way to explain it!

Mu Mu looked at the mirror and wiped his face.

Although he doesn’t like his face that was very feminine, he has always known that he was very good-looking. He belonged to the type of “if this face is put on a girl, then he can also be the most beautiful girl.”

Looking at the wife with such a face, Qin Yucheng actually didn’t do anything??? Hah!!! He must have some hidden illness.

No wonder the author never wrote about this male protagonist doing something with girls!

Oh my! Qin Yucheng, you are so pitiful!!!


[1] Taobao is a Chinese online shopping platform

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts.

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  1. Avatar Mier says:

    Ml is so pitiful.
    Getting scammed by the original owner and being sympathise by mc.
    Though of course mc was even more pitiful.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. LittleYen LittleYen says:


    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      (doubtful emoji)

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