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ICAA Chapter 4 Part 1

how many new sides of this liar were there, that he didn't know about[1]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

There are some people who, in extreme circumstances, will burst out with potential that they don’t usually have.

But it is a pity that Mu Mu does not belong to that group of people.

He belongs to the group, where if people dare to scold him, he’ll just cry. If people dare to beat him, then…um….then what can he even do except for crying again? PLEASE Don’t expect anything courageous from him.

Except for cursing people when surfing the Internet, what can he really do? In difficult situations, he is the first one to wuss out.

Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng who had the word “angry” clearly written on his face. He silently sat up from the bed.

Hahaha, why aren’t I daring to speak at all? My dear mouth bro, please say something.

Mu Mu panicked a lot. He pursed his lips and lowered his eyes, without saying a word.

What was even there to say?

When you don’t know what to do, just bow your head and avoid the eyes, indicating that you don’t have the desire to argue.

——Although this sentence seems to be extracted from a strange wilderness survival program, Mu Mu felt that using it in the current situation seemed to fit very well.

After all, it was Qin Yucheng who was standing opposite! PURE WILD!! HAHAHAHHAHA oh god what a poor time to joke.

How funny!!! Doesn’t anyone really expect the male protagonist to have a basic legal education?? Like not killing and torturing people? NO???

The human beings who don’t follow the legal rules are beasts!

Then isn’t Qin Yucheng one of them? Yes!

Therefore, it is very reasonable to use the skills used during survival in the wilderness to deal with Qin Yucheng!

Mu Mu stood up barefoot. He looked down at his toes. He carefully raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yucheng, then instantly retracted his gaze. His scalp turned numb.

Whether this strong macho man in front of him wears pink bunny sandals or whether Qin Yucheng sleeps in the guest bedroom in his own home, these things were not worth mentioning at this moment!

Because Qin Yucheng seemed to be wanting to eat someone here!

Woo woo woo.

He deliberately avoided the master bedroom not resting in the master bedroom just because he was afraid of this happening!

It’s all Qin Yucheng’s fault for sleeping in the guest room in his own house!

Who would have thought of this? It was impossible to think of it at all!

Obviously, I’m the most innocent victim here!

Mu Mu was about to cry. He lowered his head. He was experiencing so much tragedy that he even curled up his toes.

Qin Yucheng looked at the liar in the room who had his head lowered and was silent.

He wore T-shirts and beach pants that were too big for him, making him extra slender and fragile.

His long loose hair leaked out a few strands because the owner was lowering his head slightly. The tail of the hair fell on his collarbone making people feel a bit soft when looking at it.


Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who was showing a weak and harmless posture in front of him. He curled his fingertips and even the blue veins on his forehead were emerging.

Every time……each and every time, he was deceived by this harmless posture shown by the other party, making him retreat again and again and again until he was ultimately left with nothing.

He has already suffered such a loss. He will no longer be soft-hearted.

Mu Mu could almost hear Qin Yucheng’s breathing.

He felt like a sinner who was going to be beheaded. The executioner Qin Yucheng was playing with the giant axe in his hand that was used to cut the reins, admiring the fear of the sinner before the death penalty.

Damn it!

Why was Qin Yucheng’s heart so dirty??? If he is a real man then do something already! T/N: do something in a most innocent way! LMAO!

Mu Mu couldn’t stand it anymore. He was thinking that whether he raised his head or continued to lower his head, it was stupid anyway. It’s better for him to curse the executioner and die early!

He plucked up the courage and raised his head. When he met Qin Yucheng’s gaze, the courage that hadn’t been as big as a fingernail shrank back in an instant.

There was no light in the living room. Standing at the door of the guest room, Qin Yucheng was not favored by the bright lights of the room at all. He was surrounded by complete darkness and he was staring at Mu Mu without any emotion.

Fuck !!! It’s too scary.

He looked like a ghost coming in the middle of the night to kill.

Qin Yucheng’s refusal to star in a horror film is simply a huge loss for the film industry!

Mu Mu instantly tightened the hand holding the phone, thinking in horror that if Qin Yucheng really violently came to hurt him, he wouldn’t have time to call the police before the other party rushes over.

If he is lucky enough to survive, he must go to the sacred mountains and temples to worship and drive away evil spirits.

Qin Yucheng lifted his hand and rubbed his aching forehead. He took a deep breath.

Mu Mu was taken aback by his sudden movement and stared at Qin Yucheng with his round eyes.

Qin Yucheng said coldly: “Get out!”

Mu Mu: “?”

What? That’s it?

This kind of good thing actually exists?

Mu Mu was stunned.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu’s stunned expression and repeated: “Go away.”

Mu Mu almost laughed out loud.

He stopped his smile instantly. He lowered his head with his lips tightly pressed, fearing that his joy would be exposed to Qin Yucheng’s eyes.

Barefooted, he quickly walked to the door. He carefully bypassed Qin Yucheng, walking very quickly and energetically. He went straight to the main door of the apartment.

Qin Yucheng was very angry. He subconsciously said, “Where the hell are you going?”

Mu Mu was taken aback. He stopped, turned his head, and pointed at the main door. He whispered: “…getting out?”

Didn’t you ask me to get out?!

Qin Yucheng glared at Mu Mu. He felt that he was going to choke with anger. He even felt that he was losing his reasoning ability.

He himself hadn’t expected this problem to have this kind of solution—normal people’s understanding should be to get out of the room, right? This liar was getting out of the entire apartment!!!

Mu Mu was stared at by Qin Yucheng. He finally realized that he seemed to have done something wrong.

Mu Mu: “…”

Mu Mu silently retracted his foot towards the main door. Under Qin Yucheng’s gaze, he slipped into the master bedroom.

In order to avoid being caught by that bloody killer in the middle of the night, Mu Mu directly locked the door as soon as he walked in. He even put a lock on it.

He didn’t know why but the master bedroom had an anti-theft lock. This is suspicious. Didn’t Qin Yucheng feel something was wrong before?


Mu Mu went to the washroom and washed his feet, feeling a little misguided.

He came in without slippers.

Mu Mu stood on tiptoe. He looked at the sunglass and wildly supported his fake breast.

Fortunately, he had worn it on just in case. Otherwise, Qin Yucheng would have watched his B-cup wife become flat-chested in a second. Then he would have had a psychological shadow left forever.

That would have been really weird.

As soon as he avoided the ”danger” Qin Yucheng, dear otaku quickly returned to his optimist self and patted his fake breasts with joy.

My good fake-breast brother! I’m really grateful to you!

He gave his good breast brother a fake compliment but in the next second, he ruthlessly left his good-breast brother in the bathroom and climbed onto the bed.

The bed in the master bedroom was different from the bed in the guest bedroom. This bed was extremely soft and skin-friendly.

But Mu Mu felt uncomfortable when lying down. He likes to sleep on hardboard, with a cotton mattress at most. The guest bedroom had a hardboard. He felt very accustomed to it.

Mu Mu continuously twisted his body on the bed. He was not accustomed to sleeping here. He frowned and lifted the bedsheet.

Ten layers of sheets were stacked under the bedsheet and the bottom layer was the cotton mattress. Mu Mu stretched out his hand to touch the upper layers. He had an expression of his soul leaving his body from shock.

What a good bastard was that sick Mu Mu!!! Sleeping on ten layers of silk sheets as a mattress. Are you the modern version of the princess pea[from the fairy tale The Princess And The Pea]?

Is this the legendary ”luxurious” life?

Mu Mu remained stunned on the bed.

Qin Yucheng stopped at the door of the guest bedroom.

He heard the sound of Mu Mu locking the door of the room. He tilted his head and glanced at the closed master bedroom’s door. He then withdrew his gaze unsurprisingly.

In the past, Mu Mu had to lock ”herself” when ”she” slept. ”She” used the excuse that ”she” was afraid to sleep with others and unable to fall asleep.

It all seems unreasonable now. But when a person falls in love with that person unconditionally, then no matter how much nonsense that person says, he will blindly believe it.

Qin Yucheng realized that something was wrong now. But he didn’t bother to investigate it for the time being.

There is still a lot of time in the future. He has got a chance to be reborn. If he uses all of the time he got to confront this liar, then it’ll be a bit of too much honor for the other side.

Thinking of this, Qin Yucheng turned his head and turned on the lamp of the study room.

The biggest advantage of being reborn is that he can control the future. He can use this advantage to avoid the pits that he had stepped on before starting his own business and allow himself to climb faster.

Qin Yucheng sat down on the office chair and became familiar with the existing resources and business.

He had no impression of the furnishings of his study room of a few years ago. So, he did not notice that Mu Mu had come in and roamed around in the study room.

However, the study room must be equipped with a monitoring system. He will install it tomorrow.

Qin Yucheng thought casually.

Mu Mu, who didn’t know that he had just escaped from huge trouble, was still sitting on the bed and wondering whether to take off a few layers of sheets to sleep well.

A human’s physique cannot be judged by only one standard. Mu Mu is the kind of person who is not used to sleeping on soft beds and pillows.

On the one hand, he felt that it was a pity not to sleep here where he was getting such a luxurious opportunity. On the other hand, he felt that he would feel sore all over tomorrow if he slept on such a soft bed.

In the end, the urge to experience the life of the rich won over his reasons. So Mu Mu quickly adjusted himself on the bed.

Before sleeping, he held his mobile phone. He opened the alarm clock app and fell into deep thought.

Mu Mu is a person who never likes to wake up early but he feels that it is necessary to consider getting up early for the sake of his own life and health.

——Well……umm……Of course, it’s not just this reason he wants to go to bed early and wake up early!

Mu Mu felt that a gentle and kind girl should……….should get up early to make breakfast for her husband/boyfriend, right?

Although he certainly wouldn’t let his wife/girlfriend get up early and work hard.

After all, he is an asshole himself. As a person who himself has difficulty in waking up early, how embarrassing will it be to ask others to get up early and make breakfast for him!

But Mu Mu here should get up early to make breakfast for Qin Yucheng, right?

Mu Mu hugged the quilt and struggled for a full 20 minutes choosing between “not being afraid of that powerful bro and continue lying in bed” and “wronging himself but acting as a good wife”. He then finally set the alarm clock at 7 o’clock in the morning with tears.

Although many people wake up even before six o’clock, Mu Mu ain’t waking up before 7 o’clock for anyone.

After graduating from high school, he never got up before 7 o’clock!

Seven o’clock is his bottom line. If Qin Yucheng gets up at six o’clock then let him just kill Mu Mu!

Even if he is killed by that cold-blooded dude, he ain’t waking up!

Mu Mu was extremely determined. And then after around ten minutes, he silently added an alarm at six-thirty.


After all, life is the most important thing. Sad life!!!

After setting the alarm clock, Mu Mu closed his eyes and fell asleep on the spot.

The lights in the study room were on all night.

Mu Mu was awakened by the alarm clock at 6:30. He was still feeling too sleepy. Sure enough, he felt sore all over his body.

Until he lazily washed up till 7 o’clock, he didn’t hear any movements from Qin Yucheng.

Wearing the pink-blue colored one-piece home cloth that he had taken out from the cloakroom, Mu Mu instinctively relaxed his steps when passing by the study room—-although there was no sound of his footsteps because he was walking barefooted.



Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    MC’s thought or OS is so funny…
    The translation is really good and smooth
    Thank you translator sama

    1. Avatar prakritibhatta says:

      I doubt your sincerity while thanking

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