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ICAA Chapter 2 Part 1

Such a good thing actually existed in this world!

Mu Mu had thought of countless scenarios, but he hadn’t even once thought that the biggest obstacle to his divorce would come from the Civil Affairs Bureau!

Who the hell will not cry out after experiencing such a good thing!

Unimagined and undefined obstacles had increased.

Mu Mu was in front of the window. After a moment, he whispered, “Could you please make an exception?”

“This…” The young lady at the window shook her head in embarrassment. She then lowered her voice, “The rules are like this. I can’t help it.”

Mu Mu was about to say something again.

Qin Yucheng reached out and knocked on the countertop.

Mu Mu immediately closed his mouth.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu from top to bottom.

This liar still had unfailing anxiety and helplessness on his face. He[MM] tilted his head slightly but didn’t look at him.

Maybe he dared not.

Qin Yucheng thought casually.

In all fairness, Mu Mu was really good-looking.

It’s not the kind of cheerfulness and liveliness that plunges into people’s hearts at first glance, but the kind of sweetness that makes people can’t help but smile along with him when he smiles.

But now Qin Yucheng had no intention of admiring it.

He was full of malice, thinking about whether to take off this liar’s face in public in the broad daylight.

Qin Yucheng squinted his eyes and thought of Mu Mu’s appearance just now of awkwardly running and jumping.

He and Mu Mu had been married for four years. He remembered that his wife had been in poor health, so they had stayed with each other for four years in Platonic marriage[1].

No need to think about how difficult this was for a man who was both physically and mentally normal.

Qin Yucheng once was willing to be considerate to the other party, but when he thinks about it now, he only finds it extremely ridiculous.

Qin Yucheng’s mind was filled with four years of memories. He really couldn’t remember Mu Mu’s appearance when they had met for the first time.

But he could tell that Mu Mu at this time was not used to wearing high heels.

If it was his old self, he would have probably only thought that this was clumsy and extraordinarily cute. He would have told Mu Mu that if he was uncomfortable, he should not force himself to wear high heels.

Qin Yucheng opened his mouth and said sarcastically: “Are you even accustomed to wearing these shoes?”

Mu Mu didn’t react, and replied dully: “Huh? Huh? Ohh I’m used to it!”

Mu Mu’s confused state caused the sarcastic expression on Qin Yucheng’s face to stagnate. He subconsciously restrained a little, and then he fell gloomy at the moment he realized that he was soft-hearted.

He remembered some bad things.

——Those memories should have originally been warm and wonderful. But under the naked truth revealed today, now it only makes people feel chilling.

The person who looked timid and weak in front of him had already betrayed him.

Their love and marriage were a scam from the beginning—A scam that Mu Mu planned with another person.

Qin Yucheng closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and settled his emotions.

Mu Mu watched Qin Yucheng’s reaction, panicking inwardly.

He didn’t know how the original Mu Mu acted like in front of him[QYC]. He was fearing being seen through.

The author did not spend many words on the role of Mu Mu.

After all, it was a novel popular among males, the focus must be on the main character(wink). In addition, the author put all the cool points of the novel on his[QYC] career, so much that in the whole novel, there were almost no girls with names.

Mu Mu only remembers that at the very beginning of this novel, this wife of the protagonist who was mentioned once was a very gentle and kind girl.

He was a good…sister.

Gentle and kind.

But what are gentle and kind girls like?

Mu Mu’s mind was blank.

He really is not smart and he really doesn’t like to socialize. He even used to takes orders through the internet at work, and then he used to do the handwork by himself.

Please don’t ask him about what the gentle and kind girls are like.

He barely had any contact with any girls. He doesn’t even know how they chat with others, let alone acting as a gentle and kind-hearted girl.

Mu Mu only felt his brain collapsing.

And now does Qin Yucheng exactly know or not that his wife is a man…… Ahhhhhhh wait?

Mu Mu found a loophole.

He remembers Qin Yucheng’s marriage to the original owner was close to four years before he was reborn.

For four years, if Qin Yucheng didn’t know that his wife was a man, wouldn’t that mean- (shocked emoji)

Qin Yucheng didn’t… uh, didn’t…. omg… he didn’t had sex?

Mu Mu was shocked by the truth he had guessed and he was also somehow…. umm…. amazed.

Oh my god! Author!

Your dear son’s ..that thing doesn’t seem…doesn’t seem to work! !

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who was showing a stupefied expression. He asked impatiently: “What’s the reason?”

Mu Mu returned to his senses: “Huh? What?”

Qin Yucheng: “The reason for the divorce.”

When the topic of divorce was mentioned, Mu Mu immediately became energetic.

“I just think it’s too fast.” He whispered while observing Qin Yucheng’s expression.

Qin Yucheng lightly scoffed: “You were the one who asked for the marriage. It’s too fast now?”

Mu Mu: “!”

That was the case after all!

Mu Mu was stunned for a moment and then went with the flow: “I’m really very sorry, I just regretted it.”


Qin Yucheng realized that this little liar seemed to be too eager to have a clear relationship with him.

Although he didn’t understand why, and there was no such thing in his memory, he didn’t want to act according to Mu Mu’s intention: “I don’t agree.”

“?” Mu Mu couldn’t understand, “Why?”

Qin Yucheng just silently looked at him with arms folded.

Mu Mu thought about it and found the important possibility with his poor social knowledge.

He suddenly said, “I just want to get a divorce. I don’t want anything from you. I can leave penniless without taking any property after the divorce.”

When Qin Yucheng heard him say this, he thought of his properties that were transferred cleanly before his rebirth. His expression instantly distorted.

He looked at Mu Mu. He didn’t want to do what Mu Mu wanted: “I don’t agree.”

Mu Mu: “…?”

What should he do in this situation?

Mu Mu found himself at loss.

“You can try to convince me with better reasons.”

Qin Yucheng stretched out his hand to take away the documents on the table. He shook them in front of Mu Mu’s eyes, and looked down at Mu Mu who was shorter than him.

“Or maybe you can try to please me more. Maybe I’ll agree as soon as I am happy?”

Mu Mu’s hand holding the bag suddenly tightened. His scalp turned numb.

He remembered this line.

Qin Yucheng had also said this to the original Mu Mu—He[QYC] had said this to the original owner who had come over to negotiate after Qin Yucheng had dealt with his opponent.

——”Try to please me more, maybe I will let him go as soon as I am happy?”

What then??????

Then that buddy who had cuckolded Qin Yucheng with the original owner died after his private plane arranged for him by the original owner crashed while leaving the country.

He fell into the vast ocean. Even the body was not found.

Mu Mu: “…”

He was frightened.

At that time, when he had read the novel, he had only found it cool!

Terrible! Unbelievable!

Can this thing really happen under the rules and laws of contemporary society?

Author, can’t you write logically!

Mu Mu almost choked up.

Qin Yucheng didn’t bother to stay there anymore. He placed the bag of wax apple that had been in his hand into Mu Mu’s arms and turned around to leave the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Mu Mu stayed in place and did not follow.

Isn’t this nonsense?

When people get married, most of them live together. Only he dared not follow him[QYC]!

Al….Although his ID documents were taken away, he still had a mobile phone that could solve part of the problem for the time being. And if the original owner had a digital ID then the problem would be even smaller.

Mu Mu was holding the bag of wax apples and the bag that had the mobile phone and other things. He looked at Qin Yucheng’s back eagerly, praying that the other party would better walk without turning his head back.

But Qin Yucheng was not ready to let him go.

At the moment when he was about to step out of the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Qin Yucheng paused and turned to look at Mu Mu who was still inside.

“Aren’t you going?”


He really didn’t want to go.

Mu Mu felt bitter.

You can go alone, brother. I’m just an innocent passerby who got involved and I’m not worth your attention!

Mu Mu raised his foot with tears in his eyes and moved forward taking the tiniest step ever.

The ”Window Lady” who had been watching them behind tapped on the countertop.

Mu Mu immediately turned to look at her as if being pardoned.

”Window Lady” lowered her voice: “Sister, you guys… were you deceived by this scumbag?”

Mu Mu choked when he heard her calling him “sister”: “?”

”Window Lady” showed a bit of indignation: “I heard it all! He asked you to please him! It was not like that when you first came to get married. Did he showed his true self after receiving the certificate?”

Mu Mu was taken aback and explained. “No, it’s just me who wants to leave unilaterally, it has nothing to do with him…”

“Sister, don’t worry, I will make an appointment for you here. I will notify you as soon as possible.”

Mu Mu got stuck. He quickly stopped the explanation he was about to give.

Qin Yucheng leaned on the door frame of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He folded his arms and urged impatiently: “Hurry up.”

Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng, who had just been labeled as the ”scumbag” on his back in the blink of an eye. He bowed and deeply apologized to him[QYC] in his heart. He then boldly walked to Qin Yucheng’s side.

Seeing him following, Qin Yucheng didn’t say much. He turned his head and left.

Mu Mu followed Qin Yucheng, not daring to take a single wrong step.

Jokes on you, he actually didn’t dare to take a single step at all.

Mu Mu’s vision was dim.

He didn’t know which car belonged to Qin Yucheng. He didn’t even know whether Qin Yucheng had driven his car here today or not.

His eyes darkened. He didn’t know a single thing and was ignorant about everything. He didn’t even know where he was going to live!

If he were to find the wrong car or find the wrong door, wouldn’t he be directly exposed on the spot in vain.

Mu Mu felt that neither the option of “Let Qin Yucheng discover that this Mu Mu is not the Black Widow herself” nor the option of “Let Qin Yucheng think that this Mu Mu was still the Black Widow herself” was a good choice.

But the result of the latter was still predictable, while the former was a completely unknown road.

Comparing the two, it was safer to go with the flow.

Holding the bag of wax apple, Mu Mu followed Qin Yucheng step by step. Mu Mu, who didn’t know anything about the car, had a sullen face. After looking at it for a long time, he still couldn’t figure out the brand name of the car.

Qin Yucheng searched in his pockets and found that he didn’t had the car’s key.

He turned his head and stretched out his hand: “Give me the key.”

Mu Mu looked at the hand stretched in front of him. He raised his eyes, looked at Qin Yucheng for two seconds, and then opened the bag.

Mu Mu looked at the two keys inside the bag, feeling helpless and shocked in his heart.

Damn, how come there are two keys ahhhhhhhhh!

Mu Mu, who had never touched the driver’s seat and who had never even wanted to take the driver’s license test, wanted to cry without tears.



[1] A platonic marriage is a legal union based on spiritual connection or practical love, rather than on sexual or romantic love.

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