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ICAA Chapter 1

To get divorce, please make an appointment first

  The sun in July was sparkling brightly.

  On the camphor trees in the coastal Lu Hua area of Z city, the noises of the cicadas were getting louder and louder.

  On the seawall at the end of Binhai Road, a few couples in wedding dresses and suits were taking wedding photos.

  The sea breeze blew the photographer’s voice to pieces. He was about to raise his voice to remind something to the couple when he caught a glimpse of a tender yellow thing. He turned his head and looked at it then subconsciously suppressed his voice.

  There was a figure in a light yellow dress sitting on a lounge chair under the shade of a tree by the road.

  She was dozing off with her head slightly sideways. Her delicate and beautiful face had a gentle light makeup.

  Long and straight black hair hung softly on her shoulders and soft white bare arms. Her lightly closed eyelashes were thick and long.

  The warm wind was blowing from the seaside, lifting up her light yellow skirt, revealing her jade-like ankles.

  She rested peacefully in the sun. Even the camphor tree that was swaying in the wind couldn’t bear to bother her, so it was moving gently.

  Unwilling to be lonely, the wind gently stirred up the lace necklace of the same color tied around her neck. The knotted cord rubbed her beautiful collarbone, disturbing the beauty’s light sleep.

  The beauty’s eyelashes trembled slightly and she woke up slowly.


  Mu Mu opened his eyes in a daze and instantly closed again because of the direct noon sun above him. He raised his hand and tried to block some light.

  With this raising of his hand, Mu Mu vaguely noticed that he was still holding something in his hand.

  Mu Mu: “?”

  Did I fell asleep with my phone again last night?

  Mu Mu dazedly tried to remember things.


  He was indeed online with his mobile phone last night.

  Because of a novel.

  Speaking of this novel, Mu Mu was very angry.

  He has been following the book “I Was Reborn After Marrying Black Widow” for more than half a year.

  It was a typical modern-day rebirth novel that was popular among males.

  At the beginning of this novel, the male protagonist tortures the woman who was the cause of his death in his last life. He made her frightened every day but she always had to surrender to her increasingly powerful husband.

  After that, the male protagonist started his killing spree. He stepped on the feet of those who had bullied him before and then climbed all the way up.

  The novel’s plot up to here is pure and cool.

  It wasn’t until the protagonist reached the pinnacle of his life that the author suddenly discovered that his protagonist hadn’t even had sex with a girl despite being a married man.

  On that day, the author finally realized that the novel’s literary name was not “Rebirth of Life”, but “I Was Reborn After Marrying Black Widow”.

  So, when the readers protested the author to make the novel a perfect ending by hooking the protagonist with a girl, the author decided to ruin his brain.

  With a turn of his pen, he wrote the girl who was gradually being tamed by the male lead as a ”man dressing in women’s clothing”.

  It was not over yet, the author also wrote: This person actually occupies the noble origin that the male protagonist should have.

  In the previous life, for the sake of his own prosperity and wealth, this man first acted perfectly as a girl to seduce the male lead. He secretly used the male lead’s trust in him and played the male lead to death.

  What? ? ?

  Mu Mu, at that time, felt his whole body was splitting apart. He felt his brain was smashed fiercely on the ground by the author.

  Feeling the insult of his IQ, Mu Mu was outraged and confronted the author in the book review area 24 hours a day intensively.

  As a result, his intense surfing failed to get the author’s response. He also never had to wait for the next chapter to be updated.

  Because the author posted a post saying that the plot was too messy and s/he will be scolded. You guyzz won’t have to wait for this lord anymore. BYE-BYE!

  Then the author’s typing stopped. And The Novel Remained Unfinished!

  It made Mu Mu helplessly furious!

  The plot in this novel was really not very good. The reason why Mu Mu was attracted was actually that the “Black Widow” had the same name as him.

  It was a web novel after all…he just wanted to waste his time. Mu Mu felt very exciting when he saw that there was a character in the novel with the same name as him.

  But why did things develop like this!

  When Mu Mu thought of this, he was so angry that he didn’t want to sleep anymore.

  He opened one eye and touched the side button of the phone subconsciously with his finger. But he didn’t touch the side button and it wasn’t even his phone when he opened his eyes.

  Mu Mu stared blankly at what was in his hand.

  It’s not a cell phone.

  It’s something red!

  Upright and square!

  The two largest words on the surface could be clearly seen even with his 300 degree shortsightedness.

  -Marriage certificate.

  Mu Mu:? ? ?

  WTF? !

  Mu Mu instantly sobered up with an energetic spirit.

  The place in front of his eyes was not his dormitory wall covered with e-sports posters, but the ocean that was separated from him through only one path.

  There were waves after waves making ‘Hua la la’ sound. The sounds of the tide and the smell of the sea he smelled through the tip of his nose were extremely real.

  Mu Mu’s eyes widened.

  How come he slept all the way from the bed in the inland city to the lounge chair by the coastal road?

  Mu Mu turned his head and looked around. When he turned his head, he saw the bronze signboard that said “Civil Affairs Bureau of Jinwu District, Z City”.

  Was he dreaming?

  Mu Mu retracted his gaze and looked at the marriage certificate in his hand.

  Could it be that because he wanted a girlfriend, his brain understood him deeply? So it skipped the first process and directly gave him a wife?

  Hoooo Hooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

  Makes sense!

  Mu Mu was immediately full of energy.

  A sea breeze came along with the tide, blowing the light yellow dress on Mu Mu slightly puffed up.

  Mu Mu, who was about to open his marriage certificate to see his wife, patted the hair that was blown to his face indiscriminately.

  ”?” Mu Mu paused, “Huh?”

  Mu Mu looked at the hair he had just pulled. He then grabbed a bunch of them with his other hand.

  It was long, soft, and silky to the touch.

  He wanted to snatch some more but his scalp was hurting.

  Mu Mu felt a startle in his heart.


  There seems to be something wrong.

  He tightly squeezed the marriage certificate in his hand and glanced down sharply.

  It’s a skirt.

  It is a long skirt.

  It is a long lace skirt.


  ? ? ? ?

  Mu Mu took a cold breath.

  He pinched his leg in horror. He felt it. He then heaved a sigh of relief.

  His good Leg Brother was still there!

  But what’s going on with this skirt! ?

  Mu Mu stood up “suddenly”, but sat back down because of an unstable center of gravity. The marriage certificate in his hand fell to the ground.

  Mu Mu stretched his feet blankly and saw the slope-heel sandals on his feet.

  Oh Boy, What ! Is ! This?

  Somewhere deep in the heart, does every pure man have a dream of wearing women’s clothing?

  Mu Mu felt something was weird.

  He sighed in his heart. He then bent over to pick up the marriage certificate that had fallen on the ground and opened it.

  The man and woman in the photo were very close. Their expressions were also very intimate.

  The man especially looked really attractive and handsome in the photograph. He had a pair of peach-blossom eyes that were full of affection. His thin lips were slightly pursed. Although he was trying hard to suppress his smile, he couldn’t hide his expression of overflowing happiness.

  On the female side, she looked good. She had a pair of cat-like eyes that was drooping slightly. Her smile was sweet, with a slight shyness. She looked well-behaved and gentle.

  Wrinkles appeared on the Mu Mu’s face because of astonishment.

  Ahhhhh This…

  What’s going on?

  Doesn’t this man look like him?

  Mu Mu frowned and turned his gaze to the name of the person under the photo.

  Name: Qin Yucheng

  Sex: Male

  Name: Mu Mu

  Gender: Female


  Σ? !

  Mu Mu mercilessly slapped and closed the marriage certificate.

  He reopened it.

  Name: Qin Yucheng

  Sex: Male

  Name: Mu Mu


  Mu Mu closed the marriage certificate again.

  He opened it again.

  Name: Qin Yucheng

  Sex: Male


  The expression on Mu Mu’s face gradually went blank.

  Qin Yucheng.

  He knows this name!

  Isn’t this the name of the male lead of the novel he was still insulting passionately last night!

  Mu Mu.

  He is even more familiar with this name!

  Mu Mu held the marriage certificate. He stared at the woman’s face for a long time, and then closed it with a snap.

  It’s over.

  Looking intently, the beauty in the photo and him really seemed to look quite alike.

  Mu Mu couldn’t help but pinched his leg again.

  His good Leg Brother was indeed lying there peacefully.

  OH BOY!!!.

  Mu Mu felt his scalp numb when he thought of the man on the marriage certificate.

  Things he currently knows:

  Qin Yucheng married Mu Mu.

  Qin Yucheng is the hero of “I Was Reborn After Marrying Black Widow”.

  Mu Mu[original body] is the female scum of “I’m Reborn After Marrying Black Widow”.

  He also knows:

  His name is Mu Mu. That female scumbag is also called Mu Mu.

  He now has long hair, is wearing a skirt, and is holding the marriage certificate of Mu Mu and Qin Yucheng in his hand.

  The picture of the woman on the marriage certificate is very similar to him.

  It is proved by:

  Mu Mu = Man in women’s clothing

   He = was now wearing women’s clothing


  He = Mu Mu = A scum man in women’s clothing that did fraud marriage = Qin Yucheng’s legal wife


  Who the hell thought of it? The wife he was searching for in the certificate was himself!

  You are quite awesome, huhh? Mu Mu.

  You are now even capable of dreaming of yourself wearing women’s clothing to do fraud marriage!

  Mu Mu couldn’t help reflecting on it. He felt that this was probably because he was still online with people in the book review section before going to bed last night.

  As the saying goes, ”Think continuously during the day and you’ll dream about it at night.” It was very reasonable.

  Mu Mu thought that this dream was really nonsense. He didn’t want to see it anymore.

  Mu Mu simply stretched out his right hand and pinched his left arm vigorously. He was shaking with pain. Thank god! He didn’t scream out.

  But not only did he not wake up, but the pain was also solid. There was no change at all.


  Mu Mu pinched himself again.

  Everything in front of him did not change.

  The tide slowly smashed the breakwater, making a “paaa” sound.

  Mu Mu waited quietly.

  Few drops of sweat formed on Mu Mu’s forehead.

  Mu Mu’s expression gradually stiffened.

  No way, no way, no way, no way?

  That fashionable novel trend going viral these days called ”transmigration”, could it be he also transmigrated into the novel just like this?

  Wasn’t he just cursing and harassing the author? They won’t punish him like this just because of that, right? ?

  Mu Mu rubbed his left arm that quickly turned red and blue by his own pinch. He felt a little panicked.

  He remembered the supporting roles and cannon fodders who had opposed the protagonist in the novel. The one who was trampled the least was bankrupt. Most of the others were notorious for betraying their relatives and even their families were destroyed.


  Mu Mu’s expression distorted into the shape of a mask full of pain.

  If he knew this, he wouldn’t have rushed to curse the author. He would have first coaxed the author to finish the novel. Then only he would have shown him[author] his real face! Humph!

  Mu Mu hugged his head.

  What should he do now? !

  Mu Mu squeezed the marriage certificate, anxiously clenching his fist.

  The time now should be when the male protagonist had just received the certificate from the fraudulent marriage.

  Then the most critical question is –

  Is that male protagonist the one who is reborn?

  If he wasn’t the one who was reborn, he can just divorce him[QYS] directly.

  But if he was the reborn one ……

  Mu Mu thought hard, and at last, he closed his two eyes.

  If he[QYS] was the reborn one… he will still divorce him!

  Mu Mu couldn’t think of a perfect solution that could satisfy both parties.

  Could he, an unarmed otaku, smash the head of Qin Yucheng who goes to the gym every day?

  Mu Mu frowned.

  He reached out to support the armrest of the lounge chair while standing up. He walked a few steps tentatively and breathed a sigh of relief.

  These shoes were quite comfortable if he walked with preparation.

  Thanks to this scum sister, no, this scum brother that he hadn’t worn high heels. Otherwise, he might be performing a series of splits for innocent passersby.


  Qin Yucheng stood behind the tree in Binhai Park, carrying a bag of wax apple in his hand. He was watching a familiar figure that was running and jumping around the lounge chair from the distance.

  She, no…it should be he, he seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the shoes on his feet. His running and jumping movements were a bit clumsy and jerky.

  He looked like a soft and ignorant rabbit who didn’t know the world’s affairs.

  Rabbit. huh!

  Qin Yucheng sneered. The memory in his mind surged condensing the affection in his peach blossoms eyes into a cold fierceness.

  He lowered his eyes to look at the bag of wax apple in his hand.

  This is Mu Mu’s favorite fruit.

  Once Qin Yucheng firmly believed: Mu Mu liked him.

  Even when he saw Mu Mu, who was supposed to be his wife, dressed in men’s clothes was following the person in charge of the Mu family frequently in and out of social places, Qin Yucheng had always believed this.

  Even after knowing that Mu Mu was actually a man, Qin Yucheng still believed that this was not unacceptable.

  Later, a major bidding case of his company was leaked. When Qin Yucheng wanted to use his own funds to save it, he discovered that the weak lover who was behind him had already partnered with his opponent and had already transferred his[QYC] fortune very cleanly not leaving him a single penny.

  What was the final result?

  Qin Yucheng narrowed his eyes.

  The final result was that he was swept out of the house. Seeing his lover and opponent being intimate, he encountered an accident in the anger of being betrayed.

  But who would have thought that he had a chance to start it again?

  He returned to the present from the future.

  Now he has just married Mu Mu. Those terrible things haven’t happened yet. So it’s too early to talk about it. He’ll settle the accounts slowly.

  Qin Yucheng’s hand holding the bag of wax apple clenched into a fist, almost pinching out blood.

  That clumsy figure still looked gentle and lovely.

  But he only felt cold.

  The scorching sun at noon in July did not seem to convey the slightest warmth.

  Qin Yucheng touched the marriage certificate in his pocket through the cloth. He raised his free left hand and looked at the ring on the ring finger. The diamonds on the ring shined with magnificent light under the sunlight.

  He took off the diamond ring blankly, stuffed it in his pocket, and walked towards the figure.

  Mu Mu was rehearsing in his mind how he should raise a topic of divorce with Qin Yucheng.

  If it was the sweet Qin Yucheng in the photo, then he[MM] would act like a ruthless and capricious scumbag, and coldly announced that he would divorce him!

  If it was the blackened Qin Yucheng who was reborn, then he…he would just cry and beg him for a divorce, hoping that Qin Yucheng would not kill him!

  Just when Mu Mu became proficient in walking with these shoes on and was confident that he would not lose his feet when he walked, he heard someone calling him.

  ”Mu Mu.”

  Mu Mu turned his head subconsciously.

  He just at a glance saw the deeply satisfied and happy guy in the photo in front him.

  It’s just that now he has a gloomy look. When their eyes met, Qin Yucheng twitched the corner of his mouth, revealing a grim smirk that showed the expression of wanting to eat his blood and flesh.

  Mu Mu’s legs softened.

  It’s over, it’s over.

  This is the one who came back from the rebirth.

  Yes, if it was the one who came back from the rebirth, he… Did he know that “Mu Mu” was actually a man?

  Mu Mu’s heart trembled.

  Damn, that fucker author didn’t write it! !

  It was the part that the author had abandoned! !

  How hateful that fucker is!

  Mu Mu felt weak in his legs and almost choked up, “Qin, Qin Yucheng?”

  Mu Mu was an otaku. He couldn’t keep up with nutrition since he was a child. He was a thin male but looked like a female. The age where his voice should have changed seemed to abandon him, making his voice always neutral.

  These things caused him to be teased from junior high school to college, which led to his dislike of face-to-face conversations.

  And to this day, when his voice is low while speaking slowly, he still sounds very girly.

  Qin Yucheng approached and looked down at this harmless liar.

  Qin Yucheng is 1.89 meters tall.

  Mu Mu is shorter than him being 1.73 meters. Even if he wore three centimeters wedge shoes, he was still a head shorter than Qin Yucheng.

  Qin Yucheng stood in front of Mu Mu. He blocked the sunlight, and easily pulled Mu Mu into his shadow.

  He watched Mu Mu lift up his face and look at him. The neckband tied with the neck ornament was long and graceful. Just like a swan’s slender neck, it was as if he can easily pinch off this beautiful and fragile neck as long as he stretches out his hand.

  Mu Mu felt a chill rushing up, and his neck was chilly.

  He couldn’t help taking a small step back and said like a mosquito: “Um…T… This peasant has a humble idea.”

  Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who was showing helplessness. He tugged at the corners of his mouth stiffly: “What?”

  Mu Mu took a deep breath, trembling: “let’s… let’s… let’s get a divorce.”

  Impulsive marriage is not advisable. It’s not good for you, not good for me, and not good for everyone.

  Mu Mu looked at Qin Yucheng nervously.

  That’s right, in the original plot, Mu Mu and Qin Yucheng had instantly fallen in love and had instantly married.

  If the divorce is done, they can instantly divorce too.

  That sounds really awesome, Mu Mu thought.

  Getting both marriage and divorce certificates from the same office the same day in a smoooooooooth way will give you a different life experience. HaHaHa

  Qin Yucheng’s already stiff expression became even more rigid, and he stared at Mu Mu unblinkingly.

  For a moment, he spoke with a hoarse voice: “You… want to divorce me?”

  Mu Mu nodded frantically.

  This is different from before.

  Qin Yucheng recalled.

  Mu Mu never mentioned a divorce to him before, nor did he call him “Qin Yucheng”.

  He always called him either ”Yucheng”, or “Mr. Qin” intimately.

  Did he just change his calling way just like his gender?

  Qin Yucheng stared down at Mu Mu.

  Qin Yucheng guessed that perhaps it was the emotions and expressions he showed now that Mu Mu realized that something was wrong.

  Otherwise, how could this little liar who could lie and conceal his identity by his side for several years easily utter the word “divorce”?

  It’s quite a sign of alert, Qin Yucheng thought.

  But thinking of it that way….

  How come this liar was so sensitive? He[QYS] just showed fierce expression once and he[QYS] has long been seen through.

  Thinking of this, Qin Yucheng let out a sigh. He looked at the liar in front of him coldly, and twitched the corners of his mouth perfunctorily: “We just got married half an hour ago.”

  Mu Mu was cautious: “Then let’s divorce while it’s still hot?”

  Qin Yucheng: “…?”

  Mu Mu stretched out a hand to test carefully: “You…if you don’t speak, I will assume you agree?”

  Qin Yucheng stared at Mu Mu.

  He didn’t speak.

  Mu Mu was very anxious. With one hand he reached out and grabbed Qin Yucheng’s sleeve, and with the other hand he picked up the bag on the lounge chair, and immediately decided to act, “Let’s go and get divorced!”

  Qin Yucheng simply followed his strength and walked forward, staring at Mu Mu, wanting to see what kind of fucking act this liar was going to perform.

  Mu Mu hurriedly pulled Qin Yucheng into the Civil Affairs Bureau, staggering several times in the middle because he was not used to wedge shoes.

  Qin Yucheng didn’t mean to help either. He took Mu Mu’s every move into his eyes, and his expression was cold.

  The Civil Affairs Bureau was very empty. It seems that not many people came to handle business today.

  Mu Mu’s eyes turned dark thinking about marriage and divorce. He hardened his scalp and rushed to the window. He put the marriage certificate in his hand and the set of documents that came out of the bag to the window: “Hello, we came for a divorce.”

  The young lady at the window looked at them in dismay. She remembered that half an hour ago, the two had just stamped their marriage certificate.

  It is true that the young lady who has never seen this kind of development speed was dumbfounded for two seconds before subconsciously replying: “Sorry but you have to have an appointment for registering a divorce case.”

  Mu Mu: “?”

  ? ? ? ?

  HUHHHH? ? ? ?



Mu Mu felt that his brain was smashed fiercely again.

  Mu Mu turned his head and glanced at Qin Yucheng.

  Qin Yucheng snorted lightly, with an expression of “I want to see what EXACTLY you are doing” on his face.

  Mu Mu: “…”

  WOW! I’m grievously wronged!

  Mu Mu turned back his head. His expression was calm and his voice trembled: “Pl… Pl… Pl…, please make an appointment for me.”

  ”Sorry, we are full in the next two months. For now, you can only make an appointment for filing a divorce in advance.”

  Mu Mu:? ? ?

  What? ? ? ?

  Fuck you guys! Fuck YOU ALL! !


The author has something to say:
He is quietly digging the pit for himself

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