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ICAA Chapter 2 Part 2

Such a good thing actually existed in this world!



If he got the wrong key, will he be killed on the spot??? !!!

Mu Mu’s whole body froze.

“What’s wrong now?” Qin Yucheng frowned. He felt that this person was extraordinarily stupid today.

He directly stretched out his hand, took out his car’s key from Mu Mu’s bag, and sat in the driver’s seat.

Mu Mu hesitated between the co-pilot and the back seat. He finally opened the back seat’s door to show his determination to divorce.

Qin Yucheng paused slightly. He felt a little uncomfortable with Mu Mu’s action of sitting in the back seat of the car.

He frowned and glanced at the bag of wax apples that was put aside by Mu Mu.

——This is Mu Mu’s favorite fruit.

When he came back from rebirth, he was carrying that bag of wax apples. Obviously, he had especially bought it for this liar.

Qin Yucheng suddenly felt necessary to vent his pent-up feelings.

He calmly asked, “Don’t you want to eat a wax apple?”

Mu Mu: “?”

Mu Mu turned to look at the bag of wax apples.

He doesn’t like to eat this.

Mu Mu loves food with a strong taste. The wax apple tastes too bland for him.

What did Qin Yucheng specifically mention this for?

Mu Mu hesitated.

He only felt that every movement of Qin Yucheng seemed to be a trap set for him.

He recalled the tragic ending of that buddy who had cuckolded Qin Yucheng!

Mu Mu obviously has no hope for the protagonist written by that damn mother fucking author!

Qin Yucheng looked at him through the rearview mirror: “It’s been washed.”

Mu Mu: “…”

The main point here is not whether it has been washed or not.

Mu Mu suspected that these wax apples had flaws—such as it was poisoned…. or it was poisoned ……or……….. um… it definitely was poisoned or something.

Although in the original text, the original owner had somehow survived until the late stage of Qin Yucheng’s career. Who knows if it was because of the original master’s intelligence or because Qin Yucheng was not prepared to kill him from the beginning?

Mu Mu was very self-aware of himself. He definitely didn’t have the original owner’s brain and intelligence.

Mu Mu was extremely vigilant and cautious: “…I can’t eat. I don’t have an appetite.”


Qin Yucheng retracted his gaze and started the car indifferently.

The car was so quiet that the sound of needles falling could be heard.

Mu Mu stared outside the window. He was anxiously buckling his toes fearing that Qin Yucheng would suddenly ask some tricky questions. He was even more afraid that Qin Yucheng would turn the car and directly take him to some wild place to bury him alive.

Wu wu wu. [T/N: Cute way of crying]

Mu Mu choked.

Damn this fucker. :'(

I’m just an innocent otaku. Why must I go through this!

But fortunately, the car had been heading towards the bustling area. The liveliness around the surrounding made Mu Mu relax a lot.

They arrived at a traffic light intersection.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu through the rearview mirror who was leaning against the window in a daze. He found that the other party was frowning slightly as if he was suffering from something.

The car’s light-shielding glass could not block the sunlight of the Binhai city. The pair of feather-like eyelashes trembling under the light printed a hazy shadow, like butterflies struggling to flap their wings. It looked fragile and beautiful.

Qin Yucheng subconsciously softened his voice: “What are you thinking about?”

As soon as his voice fell, his[QYC] face turned green.

Mu Mu was slightly startled and recovered from the dazedness. As soon as he looked up, he saw Qin Yucheng’s bleak green face in the rearview mirror.

He[QYC] must have been disgusted by his own sudden care for Mu Mu out of habit.

Mu Mu: “…”

If so, won’t divorce solve his problem? Why are you forcing yourself like this my cute big bro?!

I beg you to pursue your own freedom. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to let me go at the same time too? 😉

Mu Mu had never known anyone like Qin Yucheng who liked to harm both others and himself.

This pretty boy is speechless! HUMPH!!! >:(

Qin Yucheng had a calm face. He stopped talking.

He didn’t say a word but Mu Mu was greatly relieved.

Mu Mu really didn’t know how to deal with this sudden incident. He felt that in such a short period of less than an hour, he had already drained his wit.

There was a mess of things in his mind. The question that took up 90% of his thinking space was whether he could go back or not.

He always felt that the chance was very slim.

Fortunately, he has been alone for many years. At least he won’t let others worry about him.

For the time being, he could find some comfort from this point.

Mu Mu was thinking wildly, playing with his skirt with his fingertips while frowning.

The car drove slowly into the underground parking lot.

Mu Mu glanced at the signboard hanging in the parking lot.

Linjiang Yipin Pavilion.

Mu Mu tried hard to dig out a memory from his brain.

Linjiang Yipin Pavilion in Z City is a high-end community located in a corner of the central business district of Z City. The entire community is a six-story small western-style building with two staircases and one household on separate floors.

Mu Mu remembered that Qin Yucheng had just started his career and had just entered the business circle of City Z. This apartment in the city center was bought because he was going to get married. It was not top-notch.

In the novel, the first decision Qin Yucheng made when he came back from rebirth was to sell the apartment here. He then set up a low-rent housing and stuffed the original owner he hated to death there.

The decision to sell this apartment also brought Qin Yucheng his first loyal little brother.

It is also the only character that Mu Mu can recognize at a glance with confidence—because this buddy has orange-red hair, the one that needs to be re-dyed regularly every month.

Aside from these incidental things, this not-so ‘top-notch community’ was already very luxurious in Mu Mu’s eyes.

He has never been to such a luxurious community in his life.

But when he thought that he would have to fight a battle of wits and courage with Qin Yucheng under the same roof, Mu Mu didn’t have the joy and excitement of coming to the world of the rich. He only felt suffocated.

Damn it, this haunted house is not exciting at all! Humph!

Mu Mu sat inside the car that had already stopped. He was holding the bag in his arms. Like a penguin who had lost his group, he was stiff and at a loss. He could only raise his eyes to look at Qin Yucheng who was sitting motionlessly in the driver’s seat.

Mu Mu was very anxious.

Qin Yucheng didn’t take the lead in making the move and he himself didn’t know how to proceed.

Qin Yucheng coldly looked at Mu Mu in the rearview mirror who was bewildered.

The frost on Qin Yucheng’s face was almost solidified.

He was tired of the innocent look that this liar always put on in front of him.

He just feels disgusting.

He felt so nauseous that just thinking about being in the same room with him made him unbearable.

“Get off.” Qin Yucheng said coldly.

Mu Mu took the bag of wax apples and got out of the car obediently. He stood by the side of the car waiting for Qin Yucheng to get off too so that he could follow the other party to find a place to live.

Mu Mu concentrated deeply. He was prepared to meet the violent storms that followed.

Who knew why but that Qin Yucheng didn’t get out of the car at all. Instead, he kicked the accelerator and left without turning back.

Mu Mu stared at the Qin Yucheng’s car heading straight to the exit. He was stunned.

He………left……….he left????? OMG!

Mu Mu was stunned for a moment. He then slowly moved his sight away.

‘He felt so much joy,

coz he was now free from that bastard boy’…… hahahahaha  [T/N: Mu Mu made a poem in case you guyzz didn’t get it lol]

Such a good thing actually existed in this world!

Mu Mu almost fainted because of the excessive happiness he felt.


Thank you guyzzz for reading. 🙂 Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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