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IBKAWB Chapter 35


Chapter 35… Takeaway


Chi Zhongqiao is familiar with the role, and displays fifty to sixty percent of Shang Tang’s aura when he stays still and doesn’t speak.


Ge Fangyu watched for two seconds: “Yes, it looks like Shang Tang, but I don’t know what the filming will be like later.”


He rubbed his hands and planned to go up and get close to Chi Zhongqiao. As soon as he stood up, the tall man in front of the dressing room tilted his head and raised his voice: “Brother Xu, your phone has dropped!” When he opened his mouth, he didn’t feel like Shang Tang at all.


Ge Fangyu: “…” What a nice young man, if only he didn’t speak.


Han Xu, the head of the props group carrying the man-made corpse, turned around and saw his mobile phone on the ground. He smiled at Chi Zhongqiao and lowered his head to pick it up.


Ge Fangyu looked at it for a while, and he felt relieved that the child looked very easy to get along with.


Acting skills can’t be grind, but if he even has a bad temper, that’s helpless .


Chi Zhongqiao raised his eyes to see Ge Fangyu, and immediately walked forward: “Good morning Teacher Ge, I am Chi Zhongqiao, playing…”


Ge Fangyu laughed “Hey”, “Just call me brother , teacher sounds awkward. I know, you are playing Shang Tang. We both will play against each other in three scenes today. Let’s  play against each other while Teacher Yan is not here.”


He was relaxed and friendly, and Chi Zhongqiao also abandoned the way of dealing with the media. The two hooked each other’s shoulders and went to the scene.


Fu Jingshen: “?” Who had an opinion on Chi Zhongqiao just now?


Yan Qingbo arrived soon, her face was not very good, but when she saw Chi Zhongqiao and Ge Fangyu , she greeted them kindly.


Ge Fangyu, who was as straightforward as a bear, stood side by side with Chi Zhongqiao. When they saw Yan Qingbo, they greeted him uniformly: “Good morning, Teacher Yan.” Yan Qingbo was amused by two people . Originally, she was unwell. But her depressed mood improved a lot.


After she entered the dressing room, Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head: “Brother Fang, why are you more nervous than me?”


Ge Fangyu gestured: “Goddess, understand?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded: “Understood!”



The first scene was Ge Fangyu and Yan Qingbo’s rival scenes . Chi Zhongqiao put down the script and stood by Fu Jing Shen to watch the act of the two people.


The female detective Chen Xuling played by Yan Qingbo, is one of the intellectual leaders of the whole drama, while the male lead forensic doctor Cao Gu played by Ge Fangyu is the technical leader , responsible for various explanations inside and outside the profession,a whole mobile library.


The first scene is a dialogue between Chen Xuling and Cao Gu. The scene is a corridor. The intense dialogue is accompanied by rush steps, which can stimulate the atmosphere of the crew. This section is fast-paced, which tests the explosive power of the actors.


But for actors at the level of Yan Qingbo and Ge Fangyu, explosive power is a basic skill.


Chi Zhongqiao can feel the sense of depression in the environment when he is watching from the side, as if the urgency that is about to explode in the next moment can not be weakened even in the simple shooting environment.


These are the two leading actors of “Invisible Crimes”, which is different from the less demanding ancient costume dramas of “Muyi Tianxia”. This crew is among the best in China, whether it is Director Fu or the actors.


Chi Zhongqiao gently twisted the pages of the script. He wanted to go down to play with Ge Fang Yu now, but his role was still to come, so he could only endure standing behind Fu Jingshen.


Fu Jingshen stopped smiling since the shooting started. No matter how good the two people captured in the camera were, he stared at the small screen in front of him with expressionless expression.


If the shooting effect is not up to standard, Fu Jingshen will ask for a retake, and a section can even be repeated ten times until he is satisfied.


Fu Jingshen is a director who looks like  foolish, but is a professionally stern and demanding director.


The filming of this episode was finished very quickly, and the two of them got a “passed” response before they each left to prepare for the next scene.


Chi Zhongqiao took his script and found a small folding stool 1 folding stool :



to sit next to Fu Jingshen. He was planning to pin himself next to Fu Jingshen.


Fu Jingshen got up to get a water glass. When he turned his head, he saw Chi Zhongqiao who was eagerly sitting there and was surprised. “What are you doing?”


Chi Zhongqiao held the script and said, “I  am watchinhg them act.”


Fu Jingshen “…Can you say a word before you sit here?”


Chi Zhongqiao: “Yeah.”


Fu Jingshen: “I really want to trouble Mr. Lu to take you back now.” You are Mr. Lu’s heart, you are amazing.



Because the first day was filmed with a few starring scenes, all of them had excellent acting skills, and a few of them were NGs, so it didn’t take long for Chi Zhongqiao’s first scene.


Yan Qingbo needed makeup, so the crew rested for a few minutes. After Ge Fangyu turned his head back after the filming, Chi Zhongqiao was sitting upright on the stool, holding the script with a serious face and saying something to Fu Jingshen.


Ge Fangyu thought: Nervous, definitely nervous. Thinking about it, too, the child has no experience,  he has played only on role, and the second role starts with a big guy at the level of Teacher Yan. Can you not be nervous? There is a nephew in Ge Fangyu’s family who is about the same age as Chi Zhongqiao. Seeing that young people in their twenties always subconsciously bring a sense of responsibility into their elders, after discovering that Chi Zhongqiao is “nervous”, he immediately began to worry.


“Come on, take a deep breath.” With a loving predecessor’s heart, Ge Fangyu ran to Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi ZhongQiao said inexplicably : “Huh?”


Ge Fangyu: “Aren’t you going to shoot the first scene with Teacher Yan later, I’m afraid you are nervous. Come on, relax and take a deep breath.”


Chi Zhong Qiao pulled him: “I’m not nervous, I can relax, Brother Fang, don’t get in the way, I’m going to shoot .”


Ge Fangyu dragged him to give him psychological counseling: “Ms. Yan will touch up her makeup for a while, sit down.You can tell me, don’t be nervous. Although our director is strict, he is quite tolerant to newcomers, so you can act normally. The scene is actually relatively smooth, with less conflict, and Teacher Yan’s aura will not be too overwhelming…”


After Chi Zhongqiao was drunk, he liked to drag others to give councelling . With this trick, he beat the invincible drunkard, and he never expected to be the target of councelling today.


He was pushed on the small bench by Ge Fangyu, and listened to Ge Fangyu’s long-winded voice.


Yan Qingbo finished her makeup and came across these two. One had to tug to talk, and the other with his head drooped and didn’t want to listen. Yan Qingbo let out a chuckle—she knew Ge Fangyu, and he was also a leading male star in the circle. He was especially concerned about the younger generation, so he was so kind that he had nowhere to put it. It is estimated that Chi Zhongqiao is forced to take psychological comfort.


Seeing her come out, Chi Zhongqiao quickly cast a look in his eyes for help.


Yan Qingbo walked over, “What’s Xiao 2 Xiao : Little Ge doing? Don’t wrinkle ZhongQiao’s clothes. Later, if director Fu  sees it ,  he will scold you.”


Thinking of Fu Jingshen’s curse, Ge Fangyu’s scalp exploded. Shivering, he  let go quickly.


Chi Zhongqiao quickly took two steps to escape Ge Fangyu’s claws: “Yes!” He patted his clothes and walked to the built scene.


When the actors for this scene arrived, Fu Jingshen finished smoking a cigarette and sat back on his director’s throne, waiting for a few actors to take their place.


Ge Fangyu was worried, sitting on Chi Zhongqiao’s folding stool and muttering: “Old Fu , I tell you, Zhong Qiao is a newcomer, you can’t be so strict with him, be more relaxed, and if he doesn’t perform well later, , You have to teach him nicely , don’t be fierce. Nowadays,  children can have glass hearts…”


Fu Jingshen got a headache when he kept talking : “I really want to kill you.” It’s better to change Ge Fangyu and let Chi Zhongqiao sit behind him. Well, at least he doesn’t say anything.


Ge Fangyu was not convinced.


Fu Jingshen pointed at him: “Make a bet. Just bet on whether ZhongQiao and Qingbo can get through this scene in one shot .”


Ge Fangyu: “Just bet on it. I can’t bet. You will lose this time. The second half of the play is not easy to perform. If your standards don’t go down, just wait for NG.”


Fu Jingshen: “I’m betting,” he said loudly, “Every crew is in place-Action!”


This scene of Chi Zhongqiao was a scene where the police came to ask questions. Generally speaking, it was relatively smooth and it was convenient for the actors to enter the state. But as Ge Fangyu said, the separate shots in the second half of this passage are not good.


Inside the lens,


, “the victim is a 17-year-old woman, someone saw her come into your house before she was killed the night before? Do you remember what you did that night?”


Yan QingBo played as Interpol Chen Xu Ling was sitting opposite a young man , asking softly.


The young man who had just entered the police station was wearing a pair of thin-rimmed glasses and holding a pen .


Shang Tang frowned slightly, seeming to recall the scene at the time, “She came to practice piano with my daughter… Maybe she stayed for half an hour, and then went back.”


Chen Xuling said, “Did you find anything unusual in her during the period? For example, compared to before, was it more extreme or more negative?”


Shang Tang shook his head: “That’s not true, it feels normal.” The young man scribbled hard.


Chen Xuling asked some more questions. During the period, she kept observing Shang Tang’s expression quietly, but the other party’s reaction was flawless, just like an ordinary person who was startled by the news of the neighbor’s death. Chen Xuling couldn’t investigate the abnormality, so she got up and left.


Outside the camera, Ge Fangyu and Fu Jingshen became nervous at the same time-the second half is a scene with Chi Zhongqiao alone. There is no line and no psychological monologue will be added in the later period. It is supported by Chi Zhongqiao’s expressions and actions.


This is the hardest part of this paragraph.


In the play,


Shang Tang sent the two to the door. After the long sound of the police siren disappeared completely, he closed the door gently. He walked a few steps to the vase on the coffee table, sat down and looked at it for a while. After a while, he picked up a pair of scissors.


Shang Tang’s eyelashes were half-falling, and he had a wonderful face. The corners of his eyes and lips were full of affection. He held this incomparable skin and gently cut off a bud that was about to open.


Inexplicably scary.




Ge Fangyu developed a layer of goose bumps outside the play, and finally deeply realized the good intentions of the screenwriter-it is no wonder that they were looking for a young and tender-skinned young man to play, the gentle scum still has to look good , the more beautiful, the more scary .


Fu Jingshen called to stop, Chi Zhongqiao sat on the sofa and didn’t move. Together with Yan Qingbo, he waited for Fu Jingshen to decide whether to stay or not.


Fu Jingshen held his chin and watched again, and waved his big hand, “Okay, it’s over!”


Chi Zhongqiao’s aura was immediately put down. His morning scene was just this one, and the two afternoon scenes were still evening scenes. , There is a lot of free time in between. He is now going to greet to Fu Jingshen and leave early and take Lu Yuzhou to dinner.


Fu Jingshen waved his hand to let him go. When Chi Zhongqiao was gone, he turned around and asked Ge Fangyu, “Does your face hurt? Newcomer? Don’t be too strict?”


Ge Fangyu was sluggish: “Sorry, I don’t have eyesight, I apologize ”


A few minutes later , Ge Fangyu yelled: “Clothed beasts are too exciting!” Fu Jingshen was frightened by him: “Are you sick? Don’t sit behind me and roll around. Go away.”




Chi Zhongqiao took out his cell phone and called Lu Yuzhou: “You finished the meeting? I’ll go there now?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “I’m in Liuxiang nearby. I can’t go away for the time being. I ordered takeout for Brother Qiao, don’t go out to eat.”


Chi Zhongqiao was a little bit lost, “Okay, I’ll hang up.”


Chi Zhongqiao came back to the crew, dragged out Little folding stool found a place in the balcony to sit down. .


Zhong Yin was sitting next to Chi Zhongqiao, “Brother Qiao, what are we doing now?”


Chi Zhongqiao slowly looked at the script , “Waiting for the takeaway.”


Not long after they squatted down, Yan Qingbo’s assistant suddenly ran out, and soon came back carrying a large bag and a man came in.


The man walked in a hurry. Chi Zhongqiao hurriedly glanced at his face. He felt familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him.


A few minutes later, Ge Fangyu, who finished the filming, also dragged the little folding stool over, holding a large bag of things in his arms, and went to the two of them, and took out desserts and fruits from it to share with them.


Chi Zhongqiao picked it up and smelled it, and the soft and sweet scent was tangy: “Sweet , this stuff is quite expensive. Was this given by one of our crew members ?” Teacher Yan didn’t give such a thing when she joined the crew.


Ge Fangyu: “Where, it was sent by Yan’s lover. He himself is not in our circle. He came to visit teacher Yan’s class.”


Zhong Yin envied, “They have such a good relationship. They came to visit the class on the first day of filming. ”


Chi Zhongqiao ate a piece of fruit,” dog food tastes really sweet. ”


He misses Lu Yuzhou who said that he’ll order takeaway, tasted the dessert, its taste is quite good .


Ge Fangyu was hungry a long time ago, and gnawed off a sandwich in twos or twos, “Yes. Teacher Yan has a very good relationship with her lover. Pity our single dogs can only be greedy, but some of them are good. Oh, Zhongqiao, are you in love yet?”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head: “No.” He is more pitiful than Ge Fangyu, and has been alone for two lifetimes!


Ge Fangyu sympathized: “Poor baby, no one wants such a nice kid . It’s okay, Brother Fang will accompany you, Brother Fang is thirty-five this year and there is no target. The media are too lazy to shoot me.”


Chi Zhong Qiao was saddened by what he said–who wants to be a bachelor in his 30s with Ge Fangyu?


Ge Fangyu is good at unraveling himself, and the benefits of bachelor have aroused thousands of words of emotion.


Although Chi Zhongqiao’s ears were erected, he didn’t actually get a word into his head.


Zhong Yin moved a little to the side: Mom , there is actually someone more talkative than Brother Qiao.


At the critical moment, Lu Yuzhou’s takeaway arrived.


Said it was a take-out, but it was not delivered by the take-out guy—six or seven people came to the door of the crew holding an incubator. A small group leader called Chi Zhongqiao, and Chi Zhongqiao learned that Lu Yuzhou had ordered a meal for everyone.


Zhong Yin was holding a lunch box with the Liuxiang logo, and his hands trembled: “Unexpectedly, I can still eat this kind of restaurant takeaway in my lifetime.”


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t have time to play with him, and called Lu Yuzhou with his mobile phone. .


Ge Fangyu, who was interrupted by the long talk, was stunned: “This is…”


Zhong Yin held a piece of spare ribs in his mouth and said vaguely, “Mr. Lu gave it to him. This time, we are treated by Brother Qiao.” In order to order the meal for Brother Qiao alone, he simply ordered a meal for the entire crew, and Mr. Lu deserves to be the real boss.


Ge Fang Yusuan stuttered a few times: “…should only I be a bachelor until 30 years old?! Which white, beautiful and long-legged sweetheart is President Lu?”


This kind of rich lady, introduced me to one too . Ah hello!





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