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IBKAWB Chapter 36

Changing Agents


Chapter 36… Changing Agents


   Chi Zhongqiao met his partner, Shen Xue, in the afternoon.


   A little girl with a cute face and good acting skills.


   Shen Xue is only eight years old this year, but she is already an “old drama bone”. She has participated in five TV dramas in her childhood where she played the heroine, and she is recognized as someone with good acting skills among her peers.


   Shen Xue was sent by her mother Shen Ting.


   Shen Ting took Shen Xue by the hand and sent her to the crew. Shen Xue is not shy at all, facing strangers from the crew, and greets them generously.


   Chi Zhongqiao was playing against Yan Qingbo and Ge Fangyu. When they saw Shen Xue, the three of them put down the script at the same time.


   Who doesn’t like a pretty and cute girl?


   Fu Jingshen introduced three people to Shen Xue one by one, and finally pointed at Chi Zhongqiao and said, “This good-looking brother Chi will be your partner in the future.” Chi Zhongqiao squatted down and looked at Shen Xue, “Hello, I am Chi Zhongqiao, please give me more advice during filming.”


   Shen Xue said openly, “Brother Chi, just call me Xuexue.”


   Shen Ting: “Xue Xue is usually very obedient and well-behaved. If there are any shortcomings in acting. Director Fu and Brother Qiao can talk about it to her, she will definitely pay attention.”


   She paused, and said to Chi Zhongqiao, “But Xuexue is still young, sometimes she may be stubborn . If she does something bad , You must tell me , I will definitely educate her when we go back.”


   Actually, Ge Fangyu and Yan Qingbo are older, what Shen Ting is most worried about is the younger Chi Zhongqiao.


   After all, in the next month or so, Chi Zhongqiao is the one who will spend the longest time with Shen Xue on the crew. And Chi Zhongqiao looks too young. She remembers online information saying that Chi Zhongqiao was only 21st this year.


   Can a young boy in his twenties have the patience to take care of children?


   Chi Zhongqiao smiled at Shen Ting, “Sister Shen, let’s add a friend. Usually when Xuexue is on the crew, you definitely can’t be with her all the time. Our crew will definitely pay attention to it every day. I’ll report to you.”


   This is so considerate.


   Shen Ting nodded repeatedly.


   The two added friends, and Shen Ting kissed Shen Xue, “If you are not behaved, Brother Chi will tell me.”


   Shen Xue: “I am behaved.”


   Shen Xue was teased by a group of adults. Although Shen Ting was reluctant, she Still rushed to work. After all, Fu Jingshen is a great director, and she has collaborated once before, so she is more at ease. If she changes it to someone else, she will accompany her daughter even if she has to ask for leave and not go to work.


   Shen Xue was not afraid of people, so she took her own script and went to play with Chi Zhongqiao.


   One young man and one little girl sat on a small bench and spoke to each other.


   Yan Qingbo was greedy.


   Luck has been there with her all her life , if there’s anything left out, that’s a child. She hasn’t been able to be pregnant for many years, is in good health, and her lover is in the prime of life, but she can’t get pregnant all this time. This incident has become Yan Qingbo’s heart knot.


   She just happened to have finished the performance, so she walked over and sat with two people.


   Shen Xue opened her eyes wide, “Sister Yan.” The little girl is the sweetest. Greeting everyone as brother and sister, the voice of the little girl makes people excited.


   Chi Zhongqiao put down the script: “Sister Qing.” Yan Qingbo smiled and asked, “Is it not going well with the scene?”


   Shen Xue said milkyly : “It’s going well, Qiao Qiao is great.”


   Chi Zhong Qiao rubbed the little girl. Her hair has come and go: “Xuexue is also great, and her lines are accurate and quick to remember.”


   Shen Xue blushed with the praise.


   Yan Qingbo also wanted to say a few words to Shen Xue. Fu Jingshen already shouted from the side of the camera: “Qingbo, Zhong Qiao, the next scene is ready to shoot!”


   Yan Qingbo quickly gave Shen Xue a cup of hot water, and told Shen Xue: “Be careful not to burn your tongue . Xiao Xu will take care of you, I’m going to film.”


   Assistant Xiao Xu agreed and walked over to sit down with Shen Xue.


   Yan Qingbo and Chi Zhongqiao walked towards the set scene.


   Chi Zhongqiao : “Sister Qing likes Xuexue very much?” Yan Qingbo sighed, “I really want to have a daughter like this, even  in my dreams.”


   Chi Zhongqiao understood . Yan Qingbo has been married for five years and has no children. Everyone familiar with Yan Qingbo knew that, but Chi Zhongqiao didn’t know why Yan Qingbo wanted children so much.


   Chi Zhongqiao comforted her: “If you have a chance, you will definitely have  a daughter like Xuexue by your side, maybe Sister Qing will be busy after this time.”


   Yan Qingbo sighed, “I accept your auspicious words. “




   The filming of “Invisible Crimes” went so well that Fu Jingshen didn’t expect it-the three poerful actors are so powerful that they can even avoid NG for a day in the state of acting .


   Shen Xue’s acting skills are steady, and Shang Lin is an innocent girl in the script. Shen Xue can be said to be an innocent girl. With three superb acting adults, there is no difficulty in completing the performance.


   So good actors will have wonderful chemical reactions together.


   However, the good day will come to an end.


   Fu Jingshen sighed: “Other characters are going to join the group. I really hope to continue to maintain this kind of progress.”


   For Chi Zhongqiao, it will not be too good for some time in the future-Zhou Yun will enter the group in two days.


   There was actually nothing wrong with Zhou Yunmo. The problem was that Chi Zhongqiao changed his agent.


   Lu Yuzhou said that he would change Chi Zhongqiao’s agent within a week, and he really changed it within a week. It was the famous gold medal agent in the circle, Du Yusheng.


   Du Yusheng broke up with his original artist and company. When he was looking for the next home, Lu Yuzhou dug him to Zhaohui, and even several apprentices who had followed Du Yusheng for several years were dug up.


   Lu Yuzhou gave excellent conditions, with only one requirement-to be an agent for Chi Zhongqiao.


   Du Yusheng had heard about the new popular fresh meat , Chi Zhongqiao, and about Chi Zhongqiao’s “background”. Now he is sitting in front of this “background”, raising his eyebrows and asking, “I can only take him and no one else?”


   If Chi Zhongqiao is an actor at the level of Ge Fangyu, Du Yusheng doesn’t even need to ask to know that he can only take Chi Zhongqiao alone. But Chi Zhongqiao is just a newcomer who has just acted in a TV series. If Lu Yuzhou makes this request, Du Yusheng will reconsider whether to join Zhaohui.


   Lu Yuzhou tilted his head and glanced at the group photo on the table. The crystal ball sent by Chi Zhongqiao was placed next to the group photo, leaving a warmth in the pile of documents.


   So Du Yusheng watched Mr. Lu, who had been expressionless since the meeting, stared in one direction for a few seconds. When he turned his eyes, even his voice became a little softer.


   ”It is not required to bring only Brother Qiao. There is also an artist named Yan Yiyun under Zhou Yunmo. I think she is a good seedling. Brother Qiao also said that she has a good aura. If you are willing, you can take it with you. “


   Lu Yuzhou paused, “I suggest you bring Yan Yiyun. Brother Qiao has praised her many times. He has a good vision and won’t be bad.”


   Probably only Lu Yuzhou knows his how much vinegar was filled in his last sentence.


   Although Du Yusheng, a straight steel man, could smell the sourness, which spread everywhere, but he didn’t think anything was wrong. He still sighed in his heart that the two brothers Lu Yuzhou and Chi Zhongqiao had a good relationship.


   He finished with emotion, and asked, “If I may ask, I remember Chi Zhongqiao had an agent before, why did you want to change?” Lu Yuzhou: “The original agent Zhuang Fu couldn’t cooperate well with Brother Qiao professionally. The most important problem is that he didn’t treat everyone equally. This is the most taboo thing for the agent, isn’t it? Mr.Du , what do you say ?”


   Du Yusheng was shocked.


   Lu Yuzhou: “He has an uneven bowl of water, 1 uneven bowl of water : refering to Zhuang Fu’s unequal treatment of the artists under him . so I have to let him hold the bottom of the bowl.”


   Zhou Yunmo is the bottom of the bowl, and Yan Yiyun is half of the bowl, but Brother Qiao is a bowl of water himself. Hard to add it to the half -filled bowl , the only result is to overflow. 


   Du Yu said sternly, “I understand.”


   Lu Yuzhou nodded, “Brother Qiao has a good temper, and I have to trouble you to worry about some things.”


   Du Yu agreed on his face, but didn’t take the point of “good temper” in his heart–really. If he has a good temper, how does Lu Yuzhou know that his agent was eccentric?


   This time Chi Zhongqiao just finished filming his own scenes, and Shen Xue’s scenes today also ended. Chi Zhongqiao called Shen Ting and learned that the other party happened to be working on the opposite side of Zhaohui. After asking for the consent of the other party, she left the set with Shen Xue.


   After sending Shen Xue away, Chi Zhongqiao took the elevator into the company.


   His new agent, Du Yusheng, was waiting for him upstairs.


   Du Yusheng is nearly forty years old. He is a standard northern man with straight facial features and a height of nearly 1.9 meters. He does not look like an agent, but more like a fitness coach or a sportsman model.


   ”Hello, Du Yusheng, I am your future agent.”


   Du Yusheng stretched out his hand first.


   The voice is gentle and deep, not in line with his looks. As soon as Du Yusheng spoke, the daunting aura brought by that body shape weakened a lot.


   Chi Zhong Qiao: “Chi Zhong Qiao, lucky to meet.”


   Du Yusheng sat down and said gently, “I read your information. Are you currently filming “Invisible Crimes”?”


   Chi ZhongQiao nodded, “Yes, following the schedule , it’s about a month and a half left to finish filming.”


   Du Yusheng thoughtfully said , “Your schedule for the second half of the year is completely empty…I think it’s time to arrange work for the second half of the year. Another TV series or movie ,How is it? There are some endorsements…I don’t think endorsements and variety shows are in a hurry. When the status is improved in the future, these will be automatically delivered.”


   Chi Zhongqiao nodded, “Yes, Brother Du will be troubled to check the quality of the script.” That’s pretty good.


   Du Yusheng was satisfied, “Don’t worry, the choice of the script is up to you. I will make suggestions without interfering.” No way, Chi Zhongqiao’s “background” is pressed on top, he must get better opportunities than others of the same level , have more privileges.


   However, he believes that a good actor will not choose some messy scripts for himself to lose his value.


   The two chatted for a while, and they had a little understanding of each other’s personalities and business abilities, which was quite appropriate.


   Chi Zhongqiao solved the big problem of the agent and left the office happily. He finished work early today and planned to harass his young master Lu.


   Du Yusheng’s office is in the same area on the same floor as other agents’ offices, so Chi Zhongqiao ran into Zhuang Fu, who had just got out of the elevator, within two steps.


   The moment his eyes met, Chi Zhongqiao blinked.


   Zhuang Fu should have received the notification of Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Yiyun being transfered to Du Yusheng. He saw Chi Zhongqiao, the corners of his mouth twitched twice, and a failed smile was squeezed out.


   Too embarrassing, Chi Zhongqiao should have just come out from Du Yusheng.


   Chi Zhongqiao nodded to Zhuang Fu: “Brother Zhuang.”


   He didn’t feel embarrassed. Zhuang Fu had some shortcomings in his work, but after all, he sincerely took Chi Zhongqiao with him, and the two did not have any unpleasantness, even if they changed agents , there is no need to put on a posture of old enemies.


   The more calm he is, the more ashamed Zhuang Fu is.


   Zhuang Fu hurriedly nodded to Chi Zhongqiao, speeded up his pace and walked past Chi Zhongqiao.


   However, Zhou Yunmo, who was following Zhuang Fu, did not move.


   Chi Zhongqiao just walked past Zhou Yunmo just as if he hadn’t seen Zhou Yunmo’s ugly face.


   Zhou Yunmo raised his hand and grabbed Chi Zhongqiao’s arm.


   Chi Zhongqiao: “What do you mean?”


   Zhou Yunmo gritted his teeth: “I should have asked you what you meant. What’s wrong with Brother Zhuang that you want to change him? It’s fine if you change, and you have also transferred Yan Yiyun to Du Yusheng. It’s not like you don’t know that the agent’s income is related to the artist’s income, right? What you have done is amazing. Brother Zhuang has taken you for a period of time, so you can’t forget your origin, Chi Zhong Qiao.”


   Chi Zhong Qiao pressed Zhou Yunmo’s hand and pushed away Zhou Yunmo.


   Zhou Yunmo may be angry, and with great strength, Chi Zhongqiao’s forearms were faintly aching after releasing it.


   Chi Zhongqiao didn’t want to quarrel with him in public, so he took two steps closer and said softly: “I know that Zhuang’s income will be affected…”


   Zhou Yunmo suddenly raised his fist.


   Chi Zhongqiao grabbed it and pressed it down, “As soon as Yan Yiyun signed in to the company, she was given to Brother Zhuang to take her. The first audition, the first time she joined the group and even participated in the show, Zhuang did not take her. I ask you, What were you doing at that time?”


   Zhou Yunmo’s blue veins were violent on the back of his hand, and when he heard these words, he was suddenly stunned-Zhuang Fu was with him accompanying him to the audition at that time.


   Chi Zhongqiao continued: “As an agent , he doesn’t care about the newcomers under his hands to this point. Do you think he is qualified?”


   Zhou Yunmo: “I know it’s a bit unfair…”


   ”No fairness, depending on the level of the artists under the agents , the treatment is different, and it is impossible to be absolutely fair, but they have to distinguish the priorities and know when to worry about who,” Chi Zhongqiao interrupted him, “He has been a broker for almost ten years. He doesn’t even understand this. Do you think he can bring several artists at the same time?”


   Zhou Yunmo stepped back two steps and hurriedly defended: “But Brother Zhuang is also a human being. He can also be negligent, I think you should be more accommodating…”


   Chi Zhongqiao’s face was completely cold, “You think he can be forgiven, because the beneficiary is you. As a person who was benefitted, are you qualified to forgive Zhuang Fu for Yan Yiyun?”


   Zhou Yunmo : “Brother Zhuang must have regretted it. I think you should give Brother Zhuang a chance to correct his mistakes.”


   Chi Zhongqiao continued with a soft voice, “First, I gave him many opportunities; second, he didn’t need to admit his mistakes, but only had to bear the consequences; third, he made me feel that it was not the only thing where he neglected his duty. There are others. Since you have to ask, please tell him – respecting your job includes respecting your boss.”


   ”The last point is one of the reasons why I must replace him.”


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    uneven bowl of water : refering to Zhuang Fu’s unequal treatment of the artists under him .
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