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IBKAWB Chapter 34

I want Him

Chapter 34… I Want Him

During the phone call between Father Chi  and Lu Yuzhou, Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes were blank, and he listened to Father Chi and Lu Yuzhou making a call.

“…Is the old man there? Say hello to the old man, has the old man  returned to his hometown?” Chi Zhongqiao’s ears gradually stood up, and his eyes with no focus suddenly gathered up and stared at him.

When the old man returned to his hometown, why was Yuzhou still in the company? Wouldn’t Yuzhou celebrate the New Year with him?

Chi Zhongqiao frowned quickly.

Father Chi said a few more words and then hung up the phone. He turned around and looked at Chi Zhongqiao with a baffling expression: “The Chinese New Year is coming tomorrow. What are you doing with your frowning eyebrows?”

Chi Zhongqiao: “… It seems that YuZhou didn’t go back to celebrate the New Year with the old man .” Father Chi was stunned: “Then Young Master Lu is alone at home?”

Chi Zhongqiao was still uneasy, “Probably… when I called him before, he was still in the company. I didn’t see the old man this morning.” Father Chi stared at him for a while, and slowly said, “Our family has always been taken care of by the old man. How much love have you inherited from the Lu family since you went to college?”

Chi Zhong Qiao lowered his head for a moment and shook his head, “It’s too much, I can’t count it.”

Father Chi decides: “You will call the old man later, if Young Master Lu is alone, you should not stay at home this year. Go Stay with Young Master Lu.” If  Young Master Lu is left to see the company when the whole family is gone, then Young Master Lu probably won’t be able to leave, so he told Zhong Qiao to go back.

Chi Zhongqiao slowly raised her head: “Really?”

Father Chi said, “Anyway, you haven’t been home for the New Year in a few years, and there is no shortage of you this year.” At this time,  mother Chi wiped her hands and came out of the kitchen, and she could hear what they were talking from the kitchen.  At this moment, she looked at Chi Zhongqiao’s bedroom and suddenly said in surprise: “Old Chi! That’s right, Zhong Qiao didn’t even open his suitcase, tell him to go back tomorrow.”

Chi Zhongqiao: “…”

Facing the beaming Chi father and Chi mother, he couldn’t help but wondering if he entered the door and exposed the truth that he was a “fake son.”

Otherwise, the original book is wrong, and the original body and parents have a plastic relationship .

Dear Father Chi and Mother Chi , your Baby Qiao  has not come back for two or three years!

The day Chi Zhongqiao went home was the 28th, and the day of his return was the 30th day of the new year.

The day before New Year’s Eve, Lu Yuzhou gave a few people left in the company a holiday. He stayed at the company until more than nine o’clock until the lights in the entire building were off, and then he took the key and went downstairs.

However, it was empty when he returned home, and Lu Yuzhou took off Chi Zhongqiao’s coat.

Facing the dark room, he let out a long breath, and put himself into the sofa where Chi Zhongqiao often lay. He forgot to eat dinner, and he was so tired that he didn’t want to move. He took Chi Zhongqiao’s coat and covered himself . He only planned to lie down for a while, but fell asleep shortly after closing his eyes.

After eleven o’clock, Lu Yuzhou heard the rattling sound of unlocking the door in a daze, and it seemed that someone approached him gently. He struggled for a while in his sleep, suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed one of his wrists, before turning over, raising his eyes, he just saw a pair of familiar eyes.

When Chi Zhongqiao first opened the door, he almost thought that Lu Yuzhou hadn’t come back at all, but the unlocked door and the key left in the hallway showed that there was a human inside .

Is he asleep? Why doesn’t he even lock the door?

He walked into the living room lightly and glanced at the figure on the sofa in the dim moonlight, covered with a coat that he knew very well.

During the reunion of thousands of families, Lu Yuzhou actually guarded the black hole house alone.

Chi Zhongqiao: “…” The cold and dark room seemed to have taken a bite in Chi Zhongqiao’s heart, and Chi Zhongqiao was so distressed.

When he walked to the sofa, Lu Yuzhou was asleep. He looked at Lu Yuzhou’s face and was a little reluctant to call him up. He stood on the side and watched for a while, then stretched out his hand to lift Lu Yuzhou’s coat.

As a result, as soon as he stretched out his hand, Lu Yuzhou grabbed him, his slender fingers gripped Chi Zhongqiao’s wrist .

“It’s me.”

Chi Zhongqiao curled his lips to Lu Yuzhou.

Lu Yuzhou felt that he might be asleep, otherwise, how could he see Chi Zhongqiao who only went home yesterday?

The thin and warm wrist held in his hands proved that the person in front of Lu Yuzhou was a living person, not the fantasy that Lu Yuzhou saw when he fell asleep.

Lu Yuzhou spent two seconds deciding whether to indulge. He saw that his sanity collapsed when Chi Zhongqiao turned around . He got up and hugged Chi Zhongqiao from behind. “Where is Brother Qiao going?” Chi Zhongqiao turned and hugged him. Patting his tight back: “I won’t go, I’ll pour you some water.”

He coaxed a few words and saw that Lu Yuzhou didn’t mean to let go, so he simply let him hold it like this, stretched out his hand around Lu Yuzhou, and gently patted Lu Yuzhou on the back.

Suddenly a bunch of grand and brilliant fireworks exploded outside the window, and the bright and colorful light suddenly filled the entire living room. Chi Zhongqiao squinted his eyes for a while, and suddenly smiled and said softly, “Happy New Year’s Eve.”

Lu Yuzhou was wrapped in Chi Zhongqiao’s warm hug, hearing his heartbeat gradually out of control in the glow of the room, and finally he was amid the scream of blood. Hear a voice clearly—

I want him.

Want him to belong to me.

He was the biggest delusion in my previous life.

… After

a long time of calming down, Lu Yuzhou let go of Chi Zhongqiao.

Chi Zhongqiao picked up the coat on the sofa and moved himself to sit next to Lu Yuzhou.

Lu Yuzhou’s gaze stuck to his jacket, he was now a little guilty-falling asleep under Qiao’s jacket, there was a subtle ambiguity everywhere in this matter, if Qiao was more sensitive, he would immediately notice something was wrong…

Lu Yuzhou pursed his  lips.

Chi Zhongqiao disliked the coat as an interference , “If I  knew earlier, I wouldn’t give you this, and made you sleep on the sofa, next time I will just give you the quilt.” Lu Yuzhou: “…” He was really sleepy,  brother Qiao is not sensitive.

Chi Zhongqiao touched a ripe orange and slowly peeled it off: “Tell me, why didn’t you go back to celebrate the New Year with your old man ?” Lu Yuzhou briefly narrated it, and Chi Zhongqiao nodded: “He thought well for you , it just made our Yuzhou wronged.” Lu Yuzhou: “Why is Brother Qiao back again?” Chi Zhongqiao spread out the peeled oranges: “When I left, you were still in the company, so I called and asked the old man if he has already left, and he said yes, I guessed that you celebrated the New Year alone.”

He stuffed a piece of fruit into Lu Yuzhou’s mouth, “Tell me about you, you are usually the most spoiled, but when you really want someone to accompany you, you are not making a sound. ”

   When Chi Zhongxiao said this ,Young Master Lu’s  straight spine relaxed enough, he  wished he could stick himself to Chi Zhongqiao :”Brother  Qiao, I want you . “

   Chi Zhongqiao :” I went for one day and you already wanted me, during the time of “invisible crime” shooting, I am going to be away for  half a month , what will you do then “?

Lu Zhou encounter:” If you go for one day,I will think about you for one day,  I will think about for two days ,if you go for two days. If Brother Qiao goes for a month, I will think about you for one month until Brother Qiao comes back.”

Chi Zhongqiao : “…” What did this young master grow up eating? It’s terrible to be so sweet.

The two ordered takeout and had a reunion dinner for two.

For Lu Yuzhou, with Chi Zhongqiao by his side, he didn’t have a headache to sort out the intricate relationships in the company. He even accompanied Chi Zhongqiao to draw a huge relationship tree one afternoon, filling in name and position one by one .

Chi Zhongqiao fell asleep in less than half an hour under the ravages of dozens of branches and hundreds of people.

Lu Yuzhou was left alone, he slowly perfected his relationship tree in the warm winter sun.

Unfortunately, within a few days of leisure, the filming of “Invisible Crime” started.

Because the actors are all old drama bones who are not short of drama (except Chi Zhongqiao), and the schedule is tight (except Chi Zhongqiao still), the start-up time of the “Invisible Crime” crew is earlier than the average crew.

“I have a meeting today, and I can’t accompany Brother Qiao.” Lu Yuzhou put a hat on Chi Zhongqiao, “I have contacted Brother Qiao’s agent, and I will be able to come by next week at the latest.”

Chi Zhongqiao nodded: ” Your focus has recently shifted to Lu’s headquarters, so don’t always worry about the trivial things on Zhaohui’s side. I can handle it by myself.”

Lu Yuzhou raised his eyes, “Grandpa taught me a truth when I was young…”

Chi Zhongqiao: “What?”

Lu Yuzhou said slowly: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, it’s just a matter of priority, and everything that comes in hand has to be dealt with, just in order.” It’s just that he puts Brother Qiao first.

Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head for a few seconds, and thought it made sense,

“Understood ,work at your pace, I’m leaving.” Lu Yuzhou: “Brother Qiao, pay attention to safety on the road and ask the driver to drive slowly.”

Chi Zhongqiao Waved at him.


When Chi Zhongqiao arrived on the crew, the leading actors hadn’t arrived yet. Fu Jingshen was discussing the opening scene with several deputy directors.

“Here?” Fu Jingshen greeted Chi Zhongqiao, “Come and sit down.” It was the first time that the two assistant directors had contact with Chi Zhongqiao, and they nodded kindly.

Chi Zhongqiao is considered to be the rarest variety in the crew-the only popular small meat in the entire crew, not to mention his origin , so far there is only one acting experience, and they don’t know what the director Fu thinks.

Fu Jingshen: “You don’t have many scenes today… Let me see, you only have one scene in the morning and two in the afternoon. This is not very well arranged.” Fu Jingshen picked up Chi Zhongqiao’s script and opened it to be filmed today. In the scene, the flat sheets of paper are filled with dense notes, and some of the blank spaces are marked with Chi Zhongqiao’s mentality of the characters in this scene.

The two assistant directors who took a sneak peek: “!”

Fu Jingshen narrowed his eyes and smiled: He really didn’t see wrong .

“You dodn’t have an act with Qingbo today. Three scenes will be acted with Fang Yu. You will play with Fang Yu later. Oh, yes, the girl you are cooperating with has been invited, and she  will join the group today. You have to be familiar with her more, you two have a lot of scenes together, so you must be good.”

Chi Zhongqiao responded.

In the play, the character of Shang Tang has a biological daughter. In addition to his pale face and white skin, the character of Shang Tang has a dark heart and soul, so the little conscience he has is all given to this daughter, and in the end, it is also for his daughter, that he voluntarily surrenders.

In the script, Shang Tang is so cruel and dark, his daughter Shang Lin is so innocent and kind. The interaction between the father and daughter can be said to have contracted half of the cuteness of “Invisible crime”.

Chi Zhongqiao nodded: “Then I’m going to put on makeup.”

The makeup and costumes of modern dramas are not as complicated as those of costume dramas. Chi Zhongqiao went in and came out after a while.

It’s cold now, and they’re shooting autumn and winter scenes.

After finishing his makeup, Chi Zhongqiao changed into a black coat that was well-fitted and straight. He adjusted his expression in the mirror a little, and the moment he squinted his eyes, he entered the state of Shang Tang.

The makeup artist was taken aback by his sudden change of aura, holding the brush and froze in place.

Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes flowed, and the coldness in his eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling immediately disappeared as soon as he gathered. He waved to the stupid makeup artist: “Thank you, I’m out.” The makeup artist: “Huh? Oh… You’re welcome.” The sweet little angel transitioned to a gentle scum in an instant, it was too scary.

Outside the dressing room

Ge Fangyu took his assistant to the crew.

He and Fu Jingshen have cooperated many times, and their personal relationships have always been good. When he came, Fu Jingshen smiled and waved to him.

Ge Fangyu walked over quickly: “Old Fu !”

He looked around, and lowered his voice like a thief: “Ms. Yan hasn’t come yet?”

Fu Jingshen shook his head, “No, it’s still early, the crew logistics are not complete. You and Zhong Qiao have to run over early in the morning to blow the cold wind, and don’t know what to think.”

Ge Fangyu: “I’m still curious about what you think. Give it to a newcomer?”

He has watched “Muyi Tianxia” and admitted that Chi Zhongqiao’s acting skill have an aura , but Chi Zhongqiao is too new, and Ge Fangyu is always worried about whether Chi Zhongqiao can perform stably.

How many newcomers play the roles in their first works full of aura, but how many newcomers can still contemplate the script and roles after they become popular?

Moreover, the role of Shang Tang is quite different from Mu Yan, and the complexity has risen several levels.

Fu Jingshen didn’t raise his eyes: “Otherwise? Shang Tang is set to be a 27-year-old high IQ villain. In order to cater to the tastes of the public, he also demands to look good, with a gentle appearance. How many meet these appearance requirements? Or is it to make you pretend to be tender? My God, the old cucumber is painted with green paint, and you are not afraid of scolding.”

Ge Fangyu wondered: “What do you think the screenwriter was thinking, making such a setting, the villain should be a villain who is intelligent ….”

Fu Jingshen resented him desperately: “I said you are such a rough man, can you stop learning from the buzzwords used by the little girls on the Internet?”

Ge Fangyu was not convinced: “What’s the matter, I can’t have a girl’s heart? Who is not the little princess?”

Fu Jingshen did not raise the bar with him this time, but stared in one direction and said, “Here, he came out. Go .” Ge Fangyu: “Huh?”

Fu Jingshen: “The panda in this crew has finished putting on makeup. You can go and pay a visit and I warn you, don’t get started with him immediately when you arrive . This is Mr. Lu’s treasure.”

   Ge Fangyu turned his head along with his eyes . A tall man stood at the door, with a black coat trimmed with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He was bowing his head to adjust his watch strap, his wrists thin. When he raised his face, his lips were thin red, and his brows were dark black.

   Those eyes are like two deep pools of water.


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