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IBKAWB Chapter 33

"Meeting parents "

Chapter 33 …”Meeting Parents”

   Chi Zhongqiao was actually not awake at all. He half-opened his eyes, felt a warm heat source less than a few centimeters away from him, and subconsciously rubbed it.

   His cheeks were slightly cool, his hot and humid breath fell on Lu Yuzhou’s neck, his two eyelashes were half drooping, and his dark eyes were covered with sleepy water.

   Without hearing a response, Chi Zhongqiao repeated it again: “What’s wrong?”

   Lu Yuzhou said, “…It’s nothing, go to sleep.”

   He lowered his head, Chi Zhongqiao was too close to him, so close that Lu Yuzhou had the illusion of touching his ears and temples. .

   Chi Zhongqiao was very obedient, closed his eyes and continued to dream the later half of his dream.

   Lu Yuzhou breathed lightly, the heating in the car turned on, Chi Zhongqiao’s cheeks were steamed red, and he slept dimly. Lu Yuzhou felt that the softest part of his heart melted when he looked at it.

   The atmosphere in the car suddenly softened, Zhong Yin covered his head and stared at Chi Zhongqiao with tears: Thanks to Brother Qiao for saving my dog’s life.

   Just as Zhong Yin was relieved, Lu Yuzhou suddenly raised his eyes, “You didn’t finish just now, continue.”

   Zhong Yin: “…” How can I say so that you can believe it? Brother Qiao really didn’t feel wronged. He almost made Xu Xingzhou crazy. The one in your arms is really a little devil.

   But he didn’t dare to say that, he could only sum up the entire “drinking and talking” incident with  trembling eyes in front of the big boss.

   Lu Yuzhou’s expression was subtle after listening. He remembered the time he was nagged by Chi Zhongqiao when he smoked, and he was also taught a lesson. Although it was not a long story, it was a headache.

   Zhong Yin said dryly: “So our brother Qiao didn’t suffer. He is also a master of drunk cats even when he is drunk.”

   Lu Yuzhou looked down at the sleeping Chi Zhongqiao, and reluctantly agreed with this statement.


   After a farce last night, both parties forgot about it, but the hot search the next day caused both people to be shocked in a cold sweat at the same time.

   Chi Zhongqiao spent more than ten minutes holding the mobile phone and couldn’t remember what he did last night. He didn’t care about the time and directly dialed Zhong Yin’s phone.

   ”Hey, Zhong Yin.”

   Zhong Yin hasn’t woken up yet, “Hey, Brother Qiao, I’m here.” When Chi Zhong Qiao saw the post, he bounced off the bed. He flipped through the article and asked. “Did I do anything extraordinary with Xu Xingzhou last night?”

   Zhong Yin became sober: “You were photographed? Nothing, you two talked about ideal values ​​in life or something.”

   Chi Zhongqiao: ” ……” After reading the article, his tensed  body relaxed-there are only photos and no videos and audio recordings throughout the article, so he can still come back.

   The author of the article released only four photos. Xu Xingzhou stumbled and walked over to him . He stretched out his hand to hold Xu Xingzhou and they were already squatting together. Anyway, just looking at the pictures, it is totally impossible to guess what they are doing.

   And the article itself does not mean to mobilize the relationship between the two people to eat melons, only that the two actors of “Muyi Tianxia” became drunk and went crazy and seemed to have a good relationship.

   Chi Zhongqiao was completely relieved. He clicked into the comment area and found that the top comment was:

   Lizi is not a chestnut: My mother! I am laughing so hard, what are these two people doing? My Qiao is too cute , but he looks a little silly.

   Chi Zhongqiao turned off the phone, with a blank face: You are so stupid .


   New Year’s Eve will be in a few days, and Chi Zhongqiao will return to Chi’s house the next day, so he will start packing today.

   ”Brother Qiao is really leaving tomorrow?” Lu Yuzhou turned his back to Chi Zhongqiao, and gave Chi Zhongqiao a blank expression. Because he didn’t want his disappointment to be too obvious, he tried his best to make his tone sound the same as usual.

   Chi Zhongqiao heard a bit of disappointment that was so well-concealed, he sighed, in fact, he didn’t want to go back, and he was so slow to pack things today. He panicked when he thought of such a pitiful little boy going back to the Lu family to face irresponsible parents, an unsuspecting brother, and only the old man in the entire Lu family who really loves Lu Yuzhou.

   Chi Zhongqiao almost wanted to dump his suitcase on the spot and not go anywhere.

   He picked up the coat he often wore, walked quietly behind Lu Yuzhou, and eagerly stuffed the coat into Lu Yuzhou’s arms.

   Lu Yuzhou hugged his coat: “Brother Qiao?”

   Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “I can’t stay behind as I’m leaving, so I have to find something to give you, so that you can think about me.”

   Chi Zhongqiao uses a niche man Perfume all year round, low-key and light, this coat is often worn, it seems to be stained with that kind of light smell, in Lu Yuzhou’s arms, it exudes the breath of Chi Zhongqiao.

   Soft, familiar, relaxing and warm when he thinks of it.

   Lu Yuzhou’s inexhaustible reluctance was increased in this tender fragrance- he actually began to miss him even before he left .

   However, he  still has to go, and the flight waits for no one.

   The next day,

   Lu Yuzhou sent Chi Zhongqiao to the airport, “Brother Qiao remember to come back early.”

   Chi Zhongqiao : “Okay, come back early.”

   Lu Yuzhou urged in detail, “Don’t eat too much cold after you go back, and wear more clothes when you go out ……”

   Chi Zhong Qiao responded with a smile.

   Lu Yuzhou had nothing to say, and the two of them were speechless. Lu Yuzhou whispered, “Brother Qiao is going now?”

   Chi Zhongqiao spread his hand and smiled, “If you don’t let me, how can I go?”

   Lu Yuzhou still kept his suitcase in his hand. It was not until Chi Zhongqiao mentioned that he handed the black suitcase to Chi Zhongqiao.

   Chi Zhongqiao took the box and suddenly leaned forward to hug Lu Yuzhou, “Wishing you a happy new year in advance, and I’m leaving.” The shoulders in his arms were no longer the youthful skeleton, and he was almost relieved.

   Chi Zhongqiao said softly, “You are as tall as me.”

   Lu Yuzhou responded softly.

   Chi Zhongqiao hugged him and let go.

   Lu Yuzhou said, “Brother Qiao, may you have a smooth journey.” If it’s convenient, remember to miss me.

   Chi Zhongqiao smiled, picked up the suitcase and left.

   It wasn’t until his figure completely disappeared from sight that Lu Yuzhou picked up the cell phone that was buzzing, “Grandpa?”

   ”Yuzhou, I just discussed it, I will go back to my hometown this year to celebrate the New Year.”

   Lu Yuzhou frowned subconsciously: “Go back?”

   Elder Lu: “Yeah, I will go back to celebrate the New Year. I haven’t gone back for a long time, and I will go back to worship my ancestors this year. I guess you don’t want to go back. There are so many relatives in your family that you may not be happy. . I mean you just stay here. It’s not just the New Year’s Day. Several people in the family are going back. Although the company is on holiday, it can’t be left unattended. If you stay here, I’ll Ask someone to change your position.” The old man ‘s words were vague and unclear, but Lu Yuzhou understood it all at once.

   The old man is getting older and ready to delegate power, but he can’t just let it go. The most reassuring thing for so many years is the grandson Lu Yuzhou. Father Lu and Mother Lu are too partial. The eldest grandson is not short of love and money. The younger grandson is the only one who makes him feel distressed. Can he not worry?

   Since Father Lu and Mother Lu didn’t pay attention to him, he had to be more caring about Lu Yuzhou. Lu Zhuo received more from his parents than Lu Yuzhou, so the old man made it up for Lu Yuzhou elsewhere.

   Anyway, in terms of ability, Lu Yuzhou is much more outstanding than Lu Zhuo, who always doesn’t follow the right path.

   Lu Yuzhou stared at the airport where people came and went, and he was silent for a moment, and said, “Okay, I know, then I won’t go back this year.” He knows the old man’s intentions. The old man is gradually losing the energy to manage the company’s affairs, worrying about getting older, unable to protect Lu Yuzhou, he had to take advantage of the situation and let Lu Yuzhou take the burden.

   Grandpa Lu was born in the army and has always been hard-hearted, but he was still reluctant to bring up his grandson, “Yu Zhou, grandpa knows that you have worked so hard for so many years, but people are like this, always carrying all kinds of pain and going forward…” The old man hadn’t comforted people for so many years, and couldn’t think of soft words to coax people, so he could only squeeze out some great principles that no one liked to listen to.

   Lu Yuzhou said softly, “I know all about it.” He understood the grandfather’s painstaking efforts.

   Old man Lu yelled twice, and said, “Well, that’s good, you are good, we will come back after the New Year, your brother Chen will not go back this year, now he is in the company, and he will follow you this year.”

   Chen Han is a capable assistant, instead of giving Chen Han a holiday this year, Chen Han and Lu Yuzhou are allowed to keep working . It can be seen that the father is determined to let Lu Yuzhou take power.

   Lu Yuzhou leaned into the Maybach and heard the words: “Okay, I’ll go to the company this afternoon.” The old man was distressed and didn’t know how to comfort him, so he hung up the phone after a few words.

   Lu Yuzhou threw away the phone, leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to rest.

   Driver: “Mr. Lu, we are…”

   Lu Yuzhou: “Go home first.”

   Although he knew that there must be a lot of things waiting in the company, he couldn’t even lift up his energy now. He has never been so tired before even when he was spinning around. It’s not physical exhaustion, but a feeling of depression from the bottom of his heart, and he has no interest in seeing anything.

   The driver turned the front of the car silently.

   Lu Yuzhou opened the door. There was only one person missing in the house, but it was as deserted as half empty.

   Lu Yuzhou lowered his eyes, threw away the key, and went straight to the bedroom. When he came out, Chi Zhongqiao’s coat was placed between his arms.

   He didn’t intend to rest, anyway, the room was empty, and there was no one who made him want to stay.


   When Chi Zhongqiao came out of the airport, the sky was already dark and the cold wind was heavy outside. He was tightly covered. People passing by looked at him at most and no one recognized him.

   He glanced at the time, it was already half past seven, Chi Zhongqiao exhaled, and the screen of the phone that had been turned off  turned on again.

   It’s Lu Yuzhou’s call.

   Chi Zhongqiao immediately picked it up, “Hey, Yuzhou, I’m here.”

   Lu Yuzhou stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, with the lights of the entire city under his feet, “I think Brother Qiao should have already disembarked from the plane. Are you hungry? Eat something to pad your stomach before you go home.”

   Chi Zhongqiao stopped a taxi: “I ate on the plane, how about you? At home or at the company?”

   Lu Yuzhou: “Still at the company, I haven’t had dinner yet.”

   Chi Zhongqiao is very worried: “You say, you are such an adult, why don’t you know to eat on time? What do you want to eat, I will order it for you now.”

   Lu Yuzhou: “Brother Qiao is not there, no one rushes me, I just get busy and forget it.”

   Thousands of miles away, Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t see him but could hear the loss in Lu Yuzhou’s tone. He suppressed his voice and laughed twice: “Little coquettish brat.”

   Lu Yuzhou turned his head, and Chi Zhongqiao’s coat was hanging on the hanger in the office, it was his silent companion during the long day.

   Chi Zhongqiao said, “Hurry up and eat, I’ll hung up.”

   Lu Yuzhou responded.

   Chi Zhongqiao waited for a few minutes, but Lu Yuzhou still didn’t hang up. There was a gentle breathing sound from the phone. Chi Zhongqiao was cruel and hung up the phone.

   He closed his eyes and rehearsed in his mind the various possible scenes of entering the door later, and formulated more than a dozen plans. He immediately felt confident, but as soon as he stood downstairs, he lost confidence .

   Chi Zhongqiao held the huge suitcase, looked up at the lights on the third floor for a while, hesitated for a long time, and moved up one step at a time.

   In the few minutes he went upstairs, he felt like he was carrying a hamster on his chest which couldn’t settle down even after climbing up or down. Until he stood in front of the door, Chi Zhongqiao took out the phone and glanced at it, and a pair of frowning brows was reflected on the dark screen.

   Chi Shige Qiao lowered his mask, adjusted his expression slightly, revealing a relaxed look, and then knocked on the door.

   It was Chi Ting Yu who opened the door.

   This teenage boy hadn’t seen a his brother in person for more than a year, and he didn’t respond at first sight, “…brother?”

   Chi Zhongqiao smiled.

   Chi Tingyu quickly stepped aside: “Come in, mom, brother is back!”

   Chi Zhongqiao changed his shoes and walked in. Everything seemed a little strange.

   Chi Ting Yu said, “Brother, put the box down quickly, and I’ll pour water for you.”

   Without waiting for Chi Zhong Qiao to answer, he plunged into the kitchen .

   With a little memory, Chi Zhongqiao touched the door of his room and pushed the suitcase in. Obviously the bedroom had been empty for a long time, but the bedding on the bed is new, and there is no smell of dust in the whole room.

   Obviously there are people to clean frequently.

   Chi Zhongqiao sighed: The original body does have a happy family.

   He went out of the bedroom. The father Chi, who had been in the study, didn’t know when he sat on the sofa in the living room, holding a book with few pages in his hand.

   Chi Zhongqiao: “Dad.”

   Father Chi snorted.

   Chi Zhongqiao was embarrassed and had to turn to the kitchen.

   Father Chi squinted and realized that Chi Zhongqiao had turned around like this and immediately coughed: “Come back.” Chi Zhongqiao turned around silently.

   Father Chi said: “Sit down.”

   Chi Zhongqiao found a place not far away and sat down.

   Father Chi also took the book and slowly said, “Tell me what you have done this year.” He glanced at Chi Zhongqiao .

   Father Chi is in a public institution and has always had a demeanor of the director. Not to mention the original body that has not dealt with him since he was a child, but the always obedient Chi Tingyu is shocked when he sees his father.

   Chi Zhongqiao was sitting there , but he was not afraid of father Chi , he was only afraid that his own  performance may not make a parent feel abnormal , “At first, I did internship this year, there were some problems with the dorms , I now live in the house grandfather Lu arranged ……”

    Father Chi gradually put down the book and stared at Chi Zhongqiao seriously. When he finished speaking, he asked, “Then, did you greet your Grandpa Lu when you came back? Did you greet your Aunt Lu and Uncle Lu?”

   Chi Zhongqiao nodded.

   Father Chi looked a lot better, and said: “OK, now you call Young Master Lu .”

   Chi Zhongqiao suddenly looked up: “ah?”

   Father Chi had a black face: “People younger than you  always take care of you, you are not sensible, I, as a dad, can’t thank people for you?” He has acted in two TV series in total, and they were both found by Young Master Lu. Such an adult has no independence at all!

   However, Father Chi swallowed the second half of the sentence, so as not to piss off his son who had finally gone home.

   Chi Zhongqiao dialed Lu Yuzhou’s phone and silently handed it to Father Chi.

   Father Chi took the phone, and the phone rang only twice before being picked up. A gentle low voice came from the other side: “Brother Qiao ?”

   Father Chi said lovingly, “Is it Yuzhou ? I’m not Zhong Qiao.”

   Chi Zhong Qiao blinked from the side.

   Lu Yuzhou raised his head to signal Qi Chu to go out first, “Are you?”

   Chi Fu said, “I am Zhong Qiao’s father.” Lu Yuzhou’s pen slammed onto the table, and he was almost panicked-Qiao’s father? He, he is not ready yet.


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