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IBKAWB Chapter 31

Annual drama event

Chapter 31… Annual Drama Event


However, no matter how hard the heart is burning, he dare not burn it to the surface. It was trapped in his internal organs, and his heart and lungs hurt.


Lu Yuzhou didn’t dare to say, probably because he liked it to the extreme and he naturally cherished it to the extreme, even that little love felt abrupt and presumptuous.


This is his brother Qiao , not anyone else.


Lu Yuzhou lowered his eyes and deliberately avoided Chi Zhongqiao’s sight, “Well, I remember what Brother Qiao said. After the New Year starts , Brother Qiao will change his agent.” At the end of the year, there are a lot of things about the company and artists. Suddenly changing the agent must have a lot of work to be handed over, but at that time, it will make brother Qiao’s arrangement go wrong.


Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head and said, “What about Yan Yiyun?”


Lu Yuzhou sipped his saliva and said lightly, “Since he likes to lead Zhou Yunmo so much, let him concentrate on it. No one is forcing him to lead more people.”


Lu Yuzhou had already made a decision in his heart. After speaking, he put the topic aside, “Brother Qiao is determined to go back this year?”


Chi Zhongqiao was worried when he mentioned this , he picked up a pillow, and said sincerely, “As a child and not a public servant, it is too much for me not to go home for a few new year. ”


He was more worried than what he showed. After all, he is not the original body at all, how can he get along with the original body’s parents? He also has to play the original temperament meticulously…it’s boring, after all, Chi Zhongqiao hadn’t had time to figure out the original owner’s personality before he entered the book. It may be very problematic to fool the parents of the original owner.


Although Lu Yuzhou guessed the result, he couldn’t help being disappointed when he heard the answer.


Although Chi Zhongqiao was always worrying about going home, he couldn’t see Lu Yuzhou worrying about it with him, so he changed the topic and turned Lu Yuzhou’s attention to the new year drama event.


Lu Yuzhou felt soft, and dragged the topic away along the steps of Chi Zhongqiao.



With the eagerness of many artists and fans, the annual drama event finally opened.


Lu was one of the sponsors. Lu Yuzhou was doing his own business for personal gain, and he insisted on asking for a spot to represent the Lu Group.


It’s a pity that Chi Zhongqiao has to follow the crew of “Muyi Tianxia”, and they have to separate after they get out of the car.


Lu Yuzhou raised the collar of Chi Zhongqiao’s coat, and said in a low voice, “Brother Qiao is dressed thinly today, so remember to put on a coat when you come out.”


Chi Zhongqiao wore a white suit made by Lu Yuzhou today with soft hair.


Men’s formal attire is difficult to put on without being out of style. This suit tailored by Lu Yuzhou is well tailored, but in addition to adding more decorations, it is appropriate and low-key classic style.


However, the more the pure color matched the beautiful color, the more Chi Zhongqiao seemed like an uncrowned little prince.


However, the better-looking the clothes are , the colder it is , wearing such a suit, there must be too many warm linings inside.


Chi Zhongqiao posted a few warm babies on his body, and his whole body was warm. He waved his hand: “I can’t freeze, I have posted several warm stickers. There is air-conditioning in the lobby. Go ahead, don’t let the hosts wait. .”


Lu Yuzhou looked back at him several times, and then followed the receptionist away, feeling uneasy .


Guo Ancheng came over and said, “It’s strange, I’ve never seen Yuzhou so careful.”


Chi Zhongqiao was in a good mood, and veiled his non-existent tail. “Well, Yuzhou is sensible.”


Why are you proud of when I praise him?


Guo Ancheng gave him a blank look, hummed and stepped forward.


For Guo Ancheng, regardless of whether “Muyi Tianxia” wins or not, this is his best performance so far. Guo Ancheng is very satisfied with the status quo. Anyway, he is old and he doesn’t eat the director’s rice. 1not eat the director’s rice : being is a director is not the only way for him to earn money. It is pure fun to make TV series. As for what happens in the future, he doesn’t even think about it.


The crew of “Muyi Tianxia” quickly gathered together .


Chi Zhongqiao saw Xu Xingzhou, who was very energetic, slowly following Guo Ancheng, and didn’t want to meet Xu Xingzhou very much.


Fortunately, Xu Xingzhou was full of today’s awards, and he didn’t pay attention to Chi Zhongqiao at all.


Xu Xingzhou was nominated for the best actor and most popular actor awards. Before unveiling the list of awards, he would always be in a mood of excitement and anxiety.


Stepping on high heels , Yan Cheng directly ignored Xu Xingzhou and walked over beamingly and took Chi Zhongqiao’s arms.


Chi Zhongqiao: “Sister, you can’t hold me on the red carpet later.”


If Xu Xingzhou is not there, he doesn’t mind being the male companion, but Xu Xingzhou is on the side, and Yan Cheng, the heroine, abandons Xu Xingzhou. Turning to be with him is simply sending topics to the media.


Yan Cheng whispered to him: “I know, I just want to talk to you – look at Xu Xingzhou.”


Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head and his eyes fell on Xu Xingzhou.


Yan Cheng said in a low voice, “Look at his outfit, he’s spent a lot of money. He thinks he’s really going to win Best Actor, doesn’t he?


Yan Cheng said, “As far as his acting skills are concerned,he can just think about it.”


Although “Muyi Tianxia” is a hit this year, Xu Xingzhou is not. Among the two dark horses that have sprung up this year among the actors, one is Chi Zhongqiao and the other is the male protagonist of a realistic niche TV series. The TV series ratings are average, but the reputation is very good, and the male lead Shao Zong’s acting skills are basically to beat the other male leads of several TV series this year.


Moreover, the subject matter of Shao Zong’s drama is much better than “Muyi Tianxia”. Although the ratings are average, it is better than them in terms of winning awards.


Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor are not the same level of awards. Xu Xingzhou… 80% of his hopes are lost this time.


Chi Zhongqiao was distracted and his eyes were very dull. When he followed the crew slowly and moved forward, he suddenly thought of a question-how did he remember that Xu Xingzhou was awarded the best actor in the original work? Or did he remember it wrong?


But there was not much time for Chi Zhongqiao to think about it-they entered.


The annual drama event reviews all the TV dramas this year, selects the entries that meet the requirements, and sends invitations to the award candidates. Until the award is announced, no one except the judges will know the result.


Especially candidates will never receive so-called “inside news.”


Chi Zhongqiao sat in his own court and looked around. He was looking for Lu Yuzhou, but unfortunately the area was very large and densely packed with heads. Lu Yuzhou, as a sponsor, should be sitting at the forefront. Chi Zhongqiao was sitting in the middle and back row. A familiar silhouette was recognized from a piece of human head.


Guo Ancheng whispered: “What are you looking at?”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, “Nothing, it’s about to begin.”


The whole show was broadcast live, no matter what kind of urgency or impatience is suppressed in his heart, he tried his best to adjust to the most suitable moment. The expression of the person in front of the camera shows a side that fits the human setting.


Chi Zhongqiao sat with Guo Ancheng on his left, Yan Cheng on his right, and Xu Xingzhou on his right.


It is the first time that Yan Cheng has been nominated for Best Actress and Most Popular Actress, but she knows that it is unlikely that she will win Best Actress.


The same sentence “Muyi Tianxia” itself is a small-format script, and the big pattern of family and national feuds is basically on Chi Zhongqiao. To put it bluntly, although the drama has exploded, but the style is not enough, compete for the prizes.


Yan Cheng leaned over and said eagerly: “Brother Qiao .” Chi Zhongqiao lowered his head: “Huh?”


Yan Cheng whispered, ” I don’t want the best actress. Can you say that the most popular actress can be mine? ? ”


Chi Zhongqiao said in a low voice:” I do not know, but I guess there’s no problem. ”


In the original story, there is not much about “Muyi Tianxia” , after all, it was just a small turnaround for Lu Yuzhou . Chi Zhong Qiao only vaguely remembers that “Muyi Tianxia” did win a few awards, but he is not sure which ones.


But the most popular actress award is determined by online and live audience voting. Among the actresses nominated this year, Yan Cheng is the most popular, and this award basically has no time to run away.


Yan Cheng said, “Aren’t you nervous?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled at her, “Not nervous.” He doesn’t insist on getting everything at once , fame and fortune are easy to hurt.


Yan Cheng clasped her fists, “I admire you.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and turned away. Lu Yuzhou, who was sitting in the first row, suddenly turned his head. Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes lit up. Since the camera was next to him, he did not say hello or speak to Lu Yuzhou and only smiled.


Lu Yuzhou’s eyes under the cold lenses showed a clear smile, and he turned his head when Chi Zhongqiao looked away.


“Is there someone Mr. Lu knows behind?”


The general manager of another company next to him asked curiously.


The smile in Lu Yuzhou’s eyes dissipated, and his expression had returned to his coldness. Facing the manager’s curiosity, he just said, “Well, my brother is behind.” The manager was taken aback: Master Lu Zhuo is behind?


He turned his head back in a panic, but didn’t see anything.


Lu Yuzhou lowered his head and looked at the list in his hand: He only said that it was his brother, not Lu Zhuo.



There are many awards in the annual drama event, and the first to be announced are small awards. The bigger awards such as the best actor and actress are the highlight and are placed behind.


The hostess of this year’s event is Qian Ning, a veteran host in the hosting industry, and her partner is Hu Zhenyu, a brother of variety shows.


Candidates who have been present at the annual drama events in previous years have no shortage of heavyweight actors and traffic roles. However, due to the extreme decline of TV dramas in the past few years, there are mostly second and third line actors and newcomers, which is far less than the previous sensation. The viewers in the live room and in front of the TV were somewhat uninterested.


But for the candidates on the scene, the expectation and tension will never be less than those of their predecessors.


By the time the Most Popular Actress Award was announced, Yan Cheng was so nervous that she even changed her breathing. She has always been the most self-aware, and the best actress is less than 80% of her turn, so she pinned all her hopes on the most popular actress.


When the host announced the last award and began to recite the interspersed words, Yan Cheng felt that she had to stop breathing.


Yan Cheng quickly stretched out his hand, “Quickly, Brother Qiao, give me a breath.”


Chi Zhongqiao leaned on the back of the chair, all relaxed. He looked at Yan Cheng , who was already nervous enough to not pant, and passed it. After passing through the unopened water bottle, he kindly said, “European Emperor blesses, don’t be afraid.”


In Chi Zhongqiao’s view, Yan Cheng’s most popular heroine award is pretty sure. In fact, she doesn’t need to be so nervous.


Yan Cheng held the drink bottle in both hands, looked forward, and said something in her mouth: “Brother Qiao bless Brother Qiao…”


She said quickly and vaguely, even Chi Zhongqiao next to him could not hear clearly.


Chi Zhongqiao listened intently for a while, and finally understood. He was speechless for a moment, and said in his heart: Okay, just feel at ease.


At this time, the host finally finished reciting the cross-talk, and began to hang people’s appetite instead.


Yan Cheng was very sad.


But before she coquettishly complains, the camera has been swept over. She quickly cleaned up her expression and smiled decently.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t change his expression much from beginning to end, no matter when the camera came, it could only take pictures of his facial expressions.


Too calm, not like a newcomer.


The host suddenly said loudly: “The winner of the Most Popular Actress Award of the Year is Yan Cheng!”


Yan Cheng let go, and the bottle of pure water almost fell off.


Chi Zhongqiao coughed slightly—the bottle was filled with water, and it would definitely make a sound if it fell down. Now the cameras in the hall are basically aimed at Yan Cheng. If it falls this time, it will definitely have to stay in the history. After the live broadcast, it will be searched.


Yan Cheng awoke, and quickly squeezed the  water bottle . She stared at Chi Zhongqiao in panic, and was shocked with a cold sweat on her back-fortunately, Brother Qiao reminded her, otherwise she would be ugly this time.


Chi Zhong Qiao smiled: From the little girl’s house, there was no one to comfort her when she won the prize for the first time. She was probably nervous to death.


“Again in a daze, the prize you get will fly away,”


Chi Zhongqiao reminded in a low voice.


Yan Cheng calmed down after the scare just now, put down the bottle and stood up.


Xu Xingzhou was envious, and immediately gave way for Yan Cheng.


Yan Cheng took a deep breath and walked to the podium with her skirt.


Xu Xingzhou squeezed his fist tightly underneath: After the Most Popular Actress Award, the Most Popular Actor Award will be announced, and his inner anxiety is no less than Yan Cheng.


Moreover, he made his debut earlier than Yan Cheng and has not won an award. “Muyi Tianxia” is the best performance he has ever played. Although he has also received a new drama since then, the conditions of the crew and the cast are also better. “Mu Yi Tian Xia” was much better before filming, but it would be much harder to break the siege than this year.


Because this year, the entire film and television industry has been in a state of decline. It is different after the New Year. Several well-anticipated TV series will be released. Xu Xingzhou’s idol dramas have almost no sense of existence in them, just like small cannon fodder in the Shura field.


On the other hand, Chi Zhongqiao has already set a heavyweight script such as “Invisible Crimes”, even the top batch in the Shura field.


And Xu Xingzhou now only has one idol drama that hasn’t started filming. The more awards, the more he can increase his value. He hopes to have a layer of gold on the annual drama event, so that he can receive a good script with more reputation.


The most popular actor award and the best actor award, Xu Xingzhou wants to win.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t know what Xu Xingzhou was thinking, and Yan Cheng took her trophy down after saying the thank you words.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and asked in a low voice, “Happy?”


Holding the trophy, Yan Cheng nodded sweetly, “I’m glad! It’s enough for me to win such an award this time. Brother Qiao, you are such a lucky star.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled : “This is what you deserve. It has nothing to do with me.”


Yan Cheng just smiled.


Her acting skills have improved rapidly in the “Muyi Tianxia” crew, and she knows exactly how this qualitative change came about.


If Chi Zhongqiao was not willing to spend his time teaching her how to act, she would never have touched this trophy.


After Yan Cheng, the most popular actor award was announced soon after, it was Xu Xingzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao clearly found that after the host uttered Xu Xingzhou’s name, Xu Xingzhou let out a long sigh of relief and got up on stage.


Yan Cheng quietly grabbed Chi Zhongqiao: “Brother Qiao, he has come down, and it will soon be the best male supporting actor .”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded, “I know.”


He looked at Yan Cheng who’s nervous and couldn’t help but Smile: “Don’t panic, be steady.”


Yan Cheng rolled her eyes: “…You are the European Emperor , you are right.”


The two hosts have already begun to name the nominees of best male supporting actor. , “…Deng Pei, Chi Zhongqiao, Zhou Jing. So, to whom will the  award finally go to?” The camera was aimed at several male stars, and Deng Pei and Zhou Jing all smiled at the camera.


Chi Zhongqiao was stunned by Lu Yuzhou who suddenly turned his head. Although he knew that the camera was facing him, he couldn’t help but smile at Lu Yuzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao was heartless, not looking forward to it, or uneasy, patronizing and happy to Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou’s heart was softened by his laugh, and he thought helplessly: He was really big-hearted, he was worried here, but the Lord was not in a hurry, and he still had time to be silly at him.


Lu Yuzhou shook his head.


Chi Zhongqiao blinked, hewas about to look away, but the host suddenly said: “We’re about to reveal the names of the winners, so who are you looking at if not at us?”


The captured distracted Chi Zhongqiao: “…” Why would he be caught on the spot every time he makes a small  gesture? What about the European Emperor?




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    Hmmmm…. What if Shao Zong was the original second male lead of “Muyi Tianxia?” But then Chi Zhongqiao entered the book and took that role, so Shao Zong ended up playing the male lead in another drama. Which meant that he was nominated for the best actor award instead of the best supporting male actor award. That would explain why Xu Xingzhou won the award in the original book (that and him having a connection to the protagonist.)

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