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IBKAWB Chapter 27

European emperor

Chapter 27… European Emperor


At the same time, #Chi Zhong Qiao Live Broadcast Red Soy Milk# was escorted by huge traffic and rushed into the top 20 in the hot search.


And under the hot recommendation video of Xiaoyun Window, official account of ‘a little sweet’ posted a comment: The handsome little brother also likes to drink red soy milk, the little fairies buy a cup of red soy milk to confess to your male god!


And the hot comment below is that from the angle of Chi Zhongqiao’s multiple shooting highlights, he drinks red soy milk, and finally asks: My Qiao, how much do you like to drink red soy milk?


A group of diehard fans of red soy milk have said that they will never betray red soy milk in their lives. With the efforts of foodies across the country, the topic of red soy milk has been on the hot search with Chi Zhongqiao. The pursuit of deliciousness keeps this topic hot.


In China, if one day, celebrities’ emotional scandals are not on the hot search, “eating” is definitely the hottest topic.


So it’s not the traffic of Chi Zhongqiao that is a bit sweet, but the popularity of the red soy milk. After all, a company of this grade, the last time someone invited to do an endorsement is also the first-line traffic. As far as Chi Zhongqiao’s current coffee position is concerned, they still look down on it.


When Chi Zhongqiao and Zhong Yin were watching the video together, Zhuang Fu chattered on the side: “I have already helped you with the ad. Don’t underestimate the endorsement of this new drink, A little sweet. After all, it’s a big company. The endorsement of red soy milk will definitely be the best endorsement you can get in a short period of time, there will not be one of them…”


Although this passage was directed at Chi Zhongqiao, Zhong Yin was still proud by the recitation. , He glanced at Chi Zhongqiao and found that Brother Qiao was smiling and nodding at Zhuang Fu.


How could Chi Zhongqiao underestimate a little sweet’s endorsement? He cherishes every worthy announcement and endorsement. Besides, it is an honor to do food advertisements.


Who doesn’t like to eat?


“The day after tomorrow, there are no other celebrities except you. You are shooting for the first time, but I can’t accompany you the day after tomorrow. I want to take Yunmo to the audition for “Invisible Crimes”…”


Zhuang Fu hesitated and said in a low voice, “If Yunmo can try it, please take care of him in the crew.”


“Invisible Crime” currently only has a role for Shang Tang, and there is no shadow of the male and female lead, but According to the inside information of director Fu Da, the female lead is likely to be Yan Qingbo.


Yes, Yan Qingbo, who hasn’t made TV dramas for many years, has a high chance of participating in “Invisible Crimes.” If the female protagonist is Yan Qingbo, then the male protagonist’s position and strength must not be inferior, and it is estimated that they are also the few powerful factions who are vying for the title of movie emperor through this script.


It is impossible for Fu Jingshen to invite a vase, and the life of a little fresh meat is not in his consideration. So at that time, the “small flow of fresh meat” in the crew is likely to be Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and picked out a possible role from the script: “He wants to try Xu Chao?” This is a very pleasing and tragic role in the script with few scenes. If Zhou Yunmo can try this role , And show this role well, even if he can’t follow the flow of traffic in the future, he can earn a reputation as a low-key acting school by playing steadily.


With good luck, a small burst is not impossible.


Zhuang Fu was a little surprised-can you guess this? With so many characters in a book, Xu Chao is not the best. Chi Zhongqiao can remember this character, probably after reading the script many times.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled at Zhuang Fu, “Brothers under the same agent , we should help each other.” Zhuang Fu sighed: He wasn’t very worried that Chi Zhongqiao would not take care of Zhou Yunmo, and the little prince could hardly follow Zhou Yunmo. It’s good now.


He was worried that Zhou Yunmo would feel unbalanced. After all, Zhou Yunmo has been out for three years, but compared with Chi Zhongqiao, who has just debuted for less than a year, both resources and reputation are more than a bit inferior. It’s hard to be calm after changing anyone.


Chi Zhongqiao’s luck was so good. The first work of his debut broke out, and then he received a script like “Invisible Crimes”, and even successfully received an advertisement that they didn’t dare to think about with his current popularity .


Too smooth. Few people blocked him along the way, and even if there were, they resolved it inexplicably. Previously, Xu Xingzhou didn’t black out Chi Zhongqiao in that time, but instead sold a wave of new fans and praises to Chi Zhongqiao.


From the perspective of an outsider like Zhuang Fu, Chi Zhongqiao’s debut year was simply smooth and unimpeded, like a magpie with no obstacles.


Oh no, the current version is koi.




The commercial shooting of ‘A little sweet’ is scheduled in the morning. If the shooting goes well, the work can be finished at noon.


“Brother Qiao close your eyes.” The makeup artist held Chi Zhong Qiao’s face with one hand. He was holding such a face, and he didn’t dare to use force at all.


He painted thousands of faces of men and women, but when Chi Zhongqiao raised his face, his jaw stretched out, and a pair of delicate facial features were placed in front of the makeup artist, the makeup artist still had his heart beating.


Chi Zhong Qiao closed his eyes, and the two rows of thin eyelashes fell down.


The makeup artist said in his heart: “My mother, it’s so beautiful.”


Why can people grow up like this? !


Makeup artist didn’t want to cover this beauty under thick makeup , then said in a negotiating tone : “Your skin is good, I won’t put too thick makeup , so it will be naturally photogenic”


However, some celebrities will deliberately pursue thick base makeup, trying to make themselves look more like a dummy in front of the camera.


Chi Zhongqiao is still at the level of handicap in his makeup, barely able to apply the base makeup, so the makeup artists always do what they want , unless it is too ugly, otherwise he will not comment on makeup.


“It’s okay, look at it.” The makeup artist changed a piece of foundation beautifully, and said: “Brother Qiao has a very good temper.” This is a little fresh meat that has become popular overnight and is too hot. There is no arrogance at all. .


Chi Zhongqiao closed his eyes, his lips twitched upwards, “Make-up, you are professional, of course I listen to you.”


The makeup artist was exuberantly praised.


After putting on makeup, Chi Zhongqiao thanked the makeup artist and went to the shooting location.


There was a Zhong Yin behind him to help him with his coat, except for that, there was no one around him.


The makeup artist sighed with emotion: It’s really unassuming.



The ad for red soy milk is a short story ad. Chi Zhongqiao holding a thin two-page paper, standing next to the director, listening to the presentation of the advertizing speech.


Director Dai Ru saw Chi Zhongqiao at first glance and couldn’t help but look up and down for a while. She was very satisfied with his appearance, and the expression on her face improved.


She beckoned and motioned Chi Zhongqiao to come to her: “In fact, this plot is not complicated, the center is European emperor . Because it is an advertisement, your expression and body language can be a little exaggerated…”


Dai Ru had known this new man in advance. Famous little fresh meat, I heard that his acting skills are very good, but he has not received commercials before, so he may not understand the commercial shooting.


There is still a difference between the performance of commercials and TV dramas. She hopes that this very pleasing-looking young man can put aside the burden of idols and shoot this commercial well.


Chi Zhongqiao nodded. As an actor with good business ability, he is still very sure of the control of his facial expressions.


“Okay, I remembered.”


This advertisement is very simple. After Chi Zhongqiao’s European emperor bought a bottle of red soy milk, he won the lottery in a row, and finally emptied all the red soy milk in the small supermarket.


This is the form of exaggeration commonly used in advertising, and there is no difficulty in the whole process.


That’s right, in order to more thoroughly remove the heat of this wave of red soy milk, the ‘a little sweet’ official decided to use the method of bottle cap lottery as the benefit of the new product launch.


After Dai Ru finished the plot, he asked Chi Zhongqiao if he was ready, and after receiving a positive answer, he signaled that the staff could start filming.


“Be sure to let go!”


Dai Ru still felt uneasy, and emphasized it again with aggravated tone.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and nodded while holding his little script. He didn’t have a haircut or dyed his hair. There was only a thin layer of makeup on his face, and his expression was soft, like a soft bread stuffed with butter.


Dai Ru was in a much better mood – Dai Ru had told him four or five times just now, and he didn’t see any impatience from Chi Zhongqiao.


With such a good attitude, Dai Ru’s face couldn’t stay cold.


The commercial started shooting-


European emperor 1 [T/N: European emperor : in China, calling someone ‘European’ mostly means someone with a good luck.] Zhongqiao walked into a small supermarket, took a bottle of red soy milk on the shelf, checked out, and unscrewed the cap.


The boss behind the counter craned his neck and stared at the bottle of red soy milk with wide eyes. Chi Zhongqiao’s face was like frost, and he clicked-he didn’t unscrew it.




Chi Zhongqiao was expressionless, but he couldn’t see the problem, so he lowered his eyes and deliberately showed a solemn expression, taking the opportunity to add some strength to unscrew the bottle cap.


No one found anything wrong, including the partner standing in front of Chi Zhongqiao.



Dai Ru watched Chi Zhongqiao’s performance, and her frowning brows gradually relaxed-Chi Zhongqiao obviously took advantage of his looks. His expression was not exaggerated, but he could clearly convey all emotions and be contagious. People can’t help but follow his mood.


Chi Zhongqiao raised his eyebrows slightly when he noticed the words “One more bottle” written on the inner bottom of the bottle cap, as if he was a little surprised but took it for granted, which was in line with the personality of the emperor.


When Dai Ru saw the end, she had to admit one point-among the artists she had worked with, Chi Zhongqiao’s expression management ability could rank in the front row.


After the first filming, Dai Ru studied for a while. Chi Zhongqiao’s performance was impeccable. Even if she wanted to find fault, she would only be whispered in private by others, “Bullying the newcomer.”


And Dai Ru now looks very pleasing to Chi Zhongqiao, not because of anything else, she is very satisfied with this business ability alone. And not being troublesome is good enough , so why are you doing it so well ? This is the type of artist who makes the director worry the most. Dai Ru secretly thought: If tomorrow’s shooting can also meet an artist with strong professional ability like Chi Zhongqiao.


It’s a pity that tomorrow there will be a big coffee, and he is notoriously hard at the backstage and difficult to serve.


A faint sadness surged in Dai Ru’s heart.


Dai Ru said, “Okay, no problem. It’s over, let’s finish work.” The voice fell, and the people who dared not move a sigh of relief, and happily began to watch the equipment and prepare to go home.


It’s been over again!


The actor who played the supermarket owner also breathed a sigh of relief. He had the intention to say a few words to Chi Zhongqiao, but as soon as he opened his mouth he couldn’t make a sound, Chi Zhongqiao’s assistant rushed to Chi Zhongqiao’s side handing out a cell phone that is buzzing.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled apologetically, and the actor had to smile back awkwardly, and reached out for Chi Zhongqiao to answer the phone first.


“Hello, Yuzhou?”


Chi Zhongqiao answered the phone.


A low voice came from the thin mobile phone: “Brother Qiao is finished?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “It’s finished. You really pinch to make a phone call, more accurate than the alarm clock.” The other end smiled softly . After two beeps, “The alarm clock can’t wake Brother Qiao.”


Chi Zhongqiao leaned one ear on the phone, and he suddenly felt half of his ears become hot. He coughed slightly and took the phone away.


Lu Yuzhou’s body shape, face, and voice have already lost his youthfulness, especially his voice, his voice is low, his speaking speed is steady and slow, and his words are in his ears.


Lu Yuzhou asked, “I guess Brother Qiao should have finished the filming, and he is downstairs now.”


Chi Zhongqiao pinched his earlobe twice, “Why are you so clingy?”


Lu Yuzhou was in the back seat of the car, staring at his slender fingers. He thought for a while, and said, “Brother Qiao thinks I am annoying? Then I will leave now.”


“Don’t don’t, I’m done shooting, go down now.”


Chi Zhongqiao took the jacket and said apologetically to the actor waiting aside: “I’m sorry, my brother urged me.”


Seeing that the actor couldn’t catch up, he had to squeeze out a dry smile: “Okay, okay.”


The staff who was waiting on the side rushed to Chi Zhongqiao and said, “That brother Qiao, wait a minute!” She waited for a long time, but she was embarrassed to step forward. Seeing that Chi Zhongqiao was about to leave, she bit her scalp and went in front of Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao was taken aback, and said to Lu Yuzhou first: “Wait a minute, there is still something to do. I’ll go on after I finish it. Don’t come out and be careful not to catch the cold.” The staff held her mobile phones and a handful of cards, anxiously. Her face flushed, “Yes, it’s like this, we have another tidbit here… Can you cooperate a little bit? Just draw lots, just draw one from here.”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Oh, good. Are you ready to shoot now?” The staff quickly called out the shooting mode, pointed the camera at Chi Zhongqiao, and handed the cards to Chi Zhongqiao with the other hand.


“Draw?” In front of Chi Zhongqiao was ten slips of paper.


The staff’s height barely reached Chi Zhongqiao’s shoulders. In order to prevent Chi Zhongqiao from seeing the writing on the front of the note, she had to raise her right hand as much as possible, trying to make the note line with Chi Zhongqiao’s sight.


But this is just a saver, for the effect of the video broadcast, she still has to get Chi Zhongqiao to draw something good.


The staff member opened his mouth to remind Chi Zhongqiao but the other party had already raised his head and smiled at the camera, then picked out a piece of paper and pulled it out, opened it, and smiled at a glance.


staff member:? ?


So accurate?


Chi Zhongqiao flipped the cards and faced the camera, “You guys are the ones who count? You really want to give me a box.”


The card in his hand says “One more box.”


He drew it casually, and he got the biggest prize among the ten slips of paper!


The staff opened his mouth: Mother, this is a true European emperor.




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    [T/N: European emperor : in China, calling someone ‘European’ mostly means someone with a good luck.]
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    You know, those memes of reposting Zhongqiao to gain luck aren’t wrong! Our lucky koi strikes again!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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