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IBKAWB Chapter 25



Chapter 25… Sentimental


Dazedly sending Fu Jingshen and Li Xi away, Chi Zhongqiao didn’t even pay attention to what he said.


May be a little drunk.


Chi Zhongqiao’s cheeks were hot, but his ten fingertips were cold in his pockets. He stood on the spot, thinking calmly: it’s almost time, maybe it’s a bit late.


Many plots have been advanced, and Li Xi should have appeared earlier.


Chi Zhongqiao gently pressed his eyebrows, only to feel the pain in his brain.


Lu Yuzhou buttoned his hat and stroked the end of his hair with his fingers inadvertently: “Is it cold?” The wine was too hot, and the air conditioner was turned on in the Cantonese restaurant. When he came out, he might catch a cold when the wind blows.


Lu Yuzhou held Chi Zhongqiao’s neckline, “Get in the car.”


Chi Zhongqiao was stuffed into the car by Lu Yuzhou, his forehead lowered against the cold window and his eyes closed.


He suddenly saw Li Xi, as if he poured a bucket of ice water  in a big winter, and he woke up all of a sudden. He finally realized one thing clearly-what he had penetrated was a Danmei novel. That delicate and elegant Li Xi is Lu Yuzhou’s favorite person in his life.


It’s not that Chi Zhongqiao had any romantic thoughts about Lu Yuzhou, that’s . When he came to this world, his emotions were completely blank-no matter whether his father, his mother, or Elder Lu, including those old friends who have never been in contact with each other, their care or devotion to family and friendship, in fact They all belonged to the real Chi Zhongqiao, and had nothing to do with him.


Only Lu Yuzhou, he did not have much intersection with the original body, the part of the feeling he showed was the most real to Chi Zhongqiao, and that was for the current Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao’s mentality is like a person who suddenly fell into the water. He did not see the shore from left to right. After floating for ten and a half months, he grabbed a piece of driftwood and regarded it as his only property. Although he would not take it as his own. If he was asked to send this piece of driftwood out suddenly…he would feel emotionally imbalanced.


But this was not appropriate. Chi Zhongqiao felt that he was Lu Yuzhou’s half brother, and he couldn’t destroy Lu Yuzhou’s destined fate.


Just idle…


Chi Zhongqiao opened his eyes and thought to the street lamp passing by the window: Keep a dog, pick a silly one, it’s better to play with it.


“Yuzhou,” Chi Zhongqiao turned his face to look at Lu Yuzhou, “You say can I adopt a dog after the Chinese New Year?” He likes cats and dogs, but in most cases, dogs are more clingy than cats. .


Lu Yuzhou naturally thought he was going to raise a dog where he lives now, and asked, “Brother Qiao likes large dogs or small dogs?”


Chi Zhongqiao said , “I prefer large dogs… but big dogs occupy space… …I’ll think about it again.” Whenever he has a dog, he can move out anytime.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed slightly.


He pressed things in his heart, and raised his eyebrows unconsciously. As soon as he finished speaking, his eyelashes fell. Probably because of drinking, Chi Zhongqiao’s expression management is hard to get in control , his emotions are on his face, and the whole person looks a little worried.


Lu Yuzhou noticed his abnormality: “What’s wrong with Brother Qiao? Did you catch a cold just after blowing the air?” He stretched out his hand to reach Chi Zhongqiao ‘s forehead, but was gently held by Chi Zhongqiao.


Lu Yuzhou: “Brother Qiao?”


Chi Zhongqiao in turn lightly patted Lu Yuzhou ‘s hand: “It’s okay, but my head is a little dizzy.”


He was indeed a little drunk, his cheeks were steamed with alcohol and his lips were bloody. , Coupled with a bad mood, it seems that there is a little pitiful grievance.


Lu Yuzhou stared at Chi Zhongqiao for a while, and said in a low voice, “Okay.”


He retracted his patted hand and gently rubbed it between his jaw.





Chi Zhongqiao was sitting on the sofa waiting for the show to be broadcast. He came back early today. Before Lu Yuzhou arrived home, he was alone in the empty living room.


He sat for a while, feeling a little hungry, so he reached out to touch under the coffee table and searched for a few minutes. He found nothing except paper towels and Lu Yuzhou’s glasses case.


“You finished the cookies two days ago.”


Lu Yuzhou’s deepening voice suddenly fell to his ears, and one hand placed a small box of snacks by Chi Zhongqiao’s hand, “freshly baked little biscuits.”


Chi Zhongqiao was shocked and said, “Why didn’t I hear the sound of opening the door?” He said that and he unpacked the biscuits with ease. He is not fat enough to not eat, and his usual exercise volume is not small, so he is not like other artists. Controlling their diet too strictly for the sake of figure, and occasionally eating snacks.


Lu Yuzhou hung up his coat and said, “Brother Qiao is thinking in his mind too seriously.”


Since meeting Li Xi that day, Chi Zhongqiao has been thinking about moving out, not to mention being at home. Sometimes he would be distracted in class, but after thinking it for a day or two, he still didn’t think about how to tell Lu Yuzhou about it.


However, the development of Yuzhou and Li Xi’s relationship is still to come, so he doesn’t need to move out in such a hurry, as long as he leaves before Yuzhou and Li Xi fall in love.


Chi Zhongqiao  waved towards Lu Yuzhou: “Come.”


Lu Yu Zhou sat beside Chi ZhongQiao. Chi Zhong Qiao tilted his head and looked at him for a moment, reaching out and gesturing : “It seems to have grown taller again.”


During time of one year, Lu Yuzhou had slowly lost the sense of youthfulness, his eyebrows became deeper and deeper, but he did not appear soft, and he looked colder than when he first saw. He sat next to Chi Zhongqiao, but his expression was relaxed. The stature has also grown a lot, almost as tall as Chi Zhongqiao, and it is estimated that in two or three years, he will be able to surpass Chi Zhongqiao.


It’s time to fall in love at this age.


Chi Zhongqiao was a little melancholy for a while-Lu Yuzhou had a home after all, but Chi Zhongqiao was a bachelor in his previous life, and he hasn’t settled in this life, and his first love is still in his hands.


Chi Zhongqiao walked away, but Lu Yuzhou couldn’t bear his staring like this. He lowered his head to avoid his sight, “Brother Qiao?”


Chi Zhongqiao recovered and smiled, “It’s okay.”


He probably really needs to look for it. Putting his feelings on something living, otherwise it would be too bad to always look like this when he sees Lu Yuzhou.


It just so happens that the commercials on TV are also finished, and the opening song of the “Encounter with you” has already started.


The first half of “Encounter with you”  was Yan Qingbo’s home court. Lu Yuzhou couldn’t take interest, so he fumbled through the book slowly.


Chi Zhongqiao ate  a meal, and his mood had returned to normal channels. He was very happy watching the show and ate a bag of biscuits.


The book in Lu Yuzhou’s hand gradually stopped turning. He quietly looked at Chi Zhongqiao for a while and asked, “Does Brother Qiao like Yan Qingbo very much?”


He remembered that Chi Zhongqiao asked him to buy Yan Qingbo’s portrait before. .




Chi Zhongqiao reacted and shook his head, “It doesn’t count as I like it very much. Teacher Yan is like a senior I admire.”


Chi Zhongqiao slowly retracted into the sofa, here is him and Lu Yuzhou. Personally, he doesn’t need to straighten his back all the time to make an impeccable appearance.


He looked at the glamorous and beautiful Yan Qingbo on the screen, and said, “It’s a complete accomplishment to be able to walk to this point in the circle.” Lu Yuzhou asked, “When Brother Qiao also reaches this position, what will Brother Qiao want to do? ??”


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, “I’ll only shoot one movie every year, and I’ll go to all the places I can go when I finish shooting. If I meet someone I like, I will stay with the other person and never leave again.”


Lu Yuzhou thought about something , and quickly frowned.


Chi Zhongqiao felt that he was quite romantic, so he picked up a pillow and stuffed it into his arms to continue watching the show. Little did he know that Lu Yuzhou’s eyes were obscure.


At this time, the show had already reached the second half, and the crew of “Muyi Tianxia” came on stage. Lu Yuzhou finally put down the book in his hand and watched the show with Chi Zhongqiao.


When the two saw Chi Zhongqiao going to get the light card, the corners of Lu Yuzhou’s slightly taut lips curled up slightly. “Is Brother Qiao still holding the light card?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “Of course, just Put it in the bedside table.” He turned over enthusiastically, and gestured to Lu Yuzhou, “You know? I saw a fan made of a light card in Super Talk that day. It was two meters long and required two people to hold it. , The light is big red, especially bright.”


Lu Yuzhou: “…that should be pretty.” After the second half of the show was broadcast for a few minutes, Chi Zhongqiao was surprised to find that he had not many shots, and he even kept silent in many places. Chi Zhongqiao made up a lot of late stages, such as the second event in the second half, he was crazy in the late stage.


The second activity theme is ancient knowledge of science popularization, this time the popularization of science is the decorations of ancient women. For this link, the program team also specially brought some hair and face accessories .


This pair of heads and face accessories are exquisite, not to mention Yan Cheng, but Yan Qingbo couldn’t help screaming when she first saw it.


Although Chi Zhongqiao’s aesthetics on the lights is very fascinating, his aesthetics are still very normal when he is separated from the lights. Therefore, when a group of people crowded in front of their heads to watch, Chi Zhongqiao was also anxious to see. But he stood a little far away on the previous show and was squeezed in the outermost layer. Fortunately, he is tall, and you can see the head on the table when standing behind the second road.




Er Lu is shorter than Chi Zhong Qiao, but not much shorter. Moreover, Er Lu has two strands of hair that are too curled. Although it is not completely blocked, it does obstruct Chi Zhong Qiao’s sight.


Chi Zhongqiao had to stretch out two fingers, secretly pinched Erlu’s hair, and slammed it down a bit, only then could he appreciate the full picture contentedly.


In the later period, the editing staff first gave Chi Zhongqiao who couldn’t see  clearly with an emoticon that the baby wanted to see, and then when Chi Zhongqiao secretly reached out his hand, they drew a huge Red circle on his thin white finger.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t expect their eyes to be so poisonous in the later stage, and could even detect such small movements.


He took the last small biscuit and felt that the taste was not so good. “They also added a close-up to my hand. Now Er Lu also knows that I pinched his hair. Not only him, but most of the Internet friends know it too.”


Lu Yuzhou stared at his face and whispered: “But it’s cute.”




Chi Zhongqiao held half a biscuit inconvenient to speak, so he pointed to himself, his eyes expressing a meaning. “Me, cute?”


Lu Yuzhou nodded, “Brother Qiao is really cute.”


Chi Zhongqiao swallowed the biscuits. After drinking his saliva , he suddenly raised his hand and gently pushed Lu Yuzhou: “I am so shy.”


Lu Yuzhou got goose bumps on the side While laughing.


The show had already progressed to the talent show, and Chi Zhongqiao spread out a piece of rice paper and raised his brush intently.


His posture is not like that of an outsider, and his confident appearance makes the entire show scene hold his breath. They saw Chi Zhongqiao brewing for a few seconds and then swiped a big brush, and three powerful characters fell on the fine-textured rice paper: red soy milk.


Huo Ting and Erlu, who have always had a low laugh point, laughed on the spot.


Lu Yuzhou: “…Why would you write these three words?”


Chi Zhongqiao said , “Because I drank red soy milk before recording the show.” During the show, Er Lu said, squatting on the ground and laughing: “I originally wanted to beg someone to go back and hang it, but if you really take this one back, it will remind me to drink milk tea all the time!”


Chi Zhongqiao waited for ink to dry, raised it and admired it, and said, “I think it’s pretty good. , The red soy milk is so delicious.”



Chi Zhongqiao said : “I clearly wrote these three characters very well.”


Ignoring the meaning of these three characters, just talking about the font, it is indeed impeccable.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Well, it looks good.”


Chi Zhongqiao excitedly said, “Will you go back and hang it in the study?”


Lu Yuzhou was silent for a few seconds, and euphemistically said, “I think Brother Qiao can write a new set specifically for the study.”


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while and found it reasonable.


Just when he turned his head to continue watching the show, Lu Yuzhou suddenly asked him, “Brother Qiao thought about looking for a lover?”


Chi Zhongqiao hadn’t really thought about it. He had always been one among the crowd of onlookers standing outside the door of love, he thought about falling in love or even getting married, but he never thought about what kind of person to look for. In other words, Chi Zhongqiao himself doesn’t know what type he likes, and he doesn’t even know whether it is male or female.


He stayed for a while, then shook his head and said, “I haven’t thought about it, what about Yuzhou?” After asking him, he felt stupid-Yuzhou must like Li Xi.


Lu Yuzhou shifted his gaze to the TV and slowly said, “Not very clear, but it’s better to be taller, not too thin, can talk a lot, but it must be cute, like…”


He seemed to be speechless by himself. Half of the words were spoken, and the tip of his tongue quickly rolled back to the two words that had reached between his lips and teeth .


Lu Yuzhou bit down the two words that were quick to exit, and thought almost blankly: How can I have such a mind? I actually hope that my future person has the same temper as Brother Qiao?




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    Lol, Lu Yuzhou keeps eating vinegar in a not so subtle manner.

    Also, I wonder what Lu Yuzhou thinks about Li Xi? It’s interesting that he didn’t seek him out when he was reborn or react much when he showed up.

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