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IBKAWB Chapter 24

The original protagonist

Chapter 24… The original protagonist


With the help of the efforts of people eating melons and of the people behind the scenes,  related topics quickly became hotter.


#Little fresh meat is suspected of being fostered? #The topic of  has also rushed to the top of the hot search list.



If it’s okay to send your boss in the car, and it’s okay to ride in the same car with your boss, then entering the same residential area as your boss is a problem, right?


what? Is it normal to live in the same neighborhood with your boss? Please, what kind of artist is czq? Can he afford a house in Biting Garden? He is surely kept.


Just say, how could he rise so fast without a backstage?


The black fans are logically meticulous and without flaws. The people who eat melons waved their flags and agreed. The fans of the Qiao family who missed the live broadcast last night were pitifully besieged and hugged together one by one.


When the Qiao family fans arrived at the scene, they witnessed such a tragic scene.


Just as the main forces rolled up their sleeves and were about to tear apart the black fans without leaving them, they saw the big picture of Chi Zhongqiao sending someone to the car. Although this picture was taken secretly by a paparazzi, the face of Chi Zhongqiao is too good, and they actually photographed a kind of hazy beauty and vague ambiguity.


Therefore, black fans love to use this picture to explain things, this picture can be said to be extremely widespread.


The main force who was going to tear it apart:…Is this black material just for having fun ?


I listen to your voice in the wind. V: EMMM, isn’t this Qiaoqiao’s brother?


Darling Qiaoqiao: Well… I was going to curse… Now…


I’m listening to your voice in the wind. V: Now I feel a little bit stupid . The person is the brother of Qiaoqiao, the link is here, take it away. #Chi Zhongqiao’s Live Broadcast #


No one on the wild crossing: The current media is disgusting enough, and the heart is not clean, they see everyone like a goldmaster. Sisters, check the link, don’t quarrel with them, so as not to lose the goodwill of passers-by, giving our Qiaoqiao more black material .


Jiuqu: Sisters, don’t swear, remember that one fan is equal to ten black fans, Qiaoqiao is so gentle, we also want to be gentle !


Chi Zhongqiao’s fans were unexpectedly cohesive. At the beginning, a few fans said to brush the link, so they copied the link piece by piece.


I am pleased with you: please don’t get us Qiaoqiao. Sisters, remember to go to the broadcasting platform and give directions. # Chi Zhongqiao’s live broadcast#


sister also:  121 minutes and 12 seconds, direct airborne sound of wailing for Chi Zhongqiao  # Chi Zhongqiao’s live broadcast #


pickled fish: Do acting and also practicing calligraphy with a cute look#Chi Zhongqiao’s live broadcast#


Although there were some irrational remarks, they were quickly suppressed by the sensible fans. Some passers-by couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts: What’s the f*ck is wrong with being a little cute?


I have to say that this wave of fans attract fans. For passersby who purely eat melons, such polite fans are too rare. They became curious about the brother Qiao in the fans’ mouths and clicked on the links provided by the fans. The attraction of fans was successful under the guidance of the head fans.


They saw a young man in a trench coat opened the door, walked silently to Chi Zhongqiao, and suddenly yelled “Brother Qiao.”


The calm young man was frightened as if he was caught in a bad thing. When he jumped, the phones  fell down, and the boy caught it.




“Hahaha, the boss is a little bit bad, and he deliberately frightened Brother Qiao.”


“Really, it’s too sweet to call brother.”


When the dialogue between the two was recorded, passers-by were speechless. It’s no wonder that fans are not willing to deal with black fans. They only said yesterday that they were family friends and lived together. The next day someone took a bunch of photos and slandered them. If they were fans, they would probably be dumbfounded now.


Others also raise artists , which goldmaster calls the kept artists Brother?


How nasty is this to see someone with a little difference in identity, just think about it?


Just as the passers-by were complaining , they found some real-time barrage: “Since it’s here, let’s watch it for a while. There will be a show of Brother Qiao’s talent in the 91 minutes and 8 seconds.”


“Lovely Qiao Qiao, find out about online calligraphy! “I’ve come here, just look at Qiao Qiao’s handwriting, it is very good.”



Passerby: This fan is too interesting , you are so kindly invited, we had to take a look at it reluctantly.


They pulled the progress bar forward a bit, and they saw Chi Zhongqiao leaning down, and the tip of the brush dipped in ink fell on the paper like a dragon. As the fans said, it was a handwriting .


This talent is a bit powerful, and the fans are a bit cute…or else, try being  fans first?



“Fortunately, you let us take control of the court, otherwise it will definitely develop into a war between the two sides and insults. In the end, the innocent brother Qiao will pay for the irrational behavior of the fans.”


Sun Qi looked at the hot search and found a piece of peace. Can’t help but marvel at the sharpness of this young boss.


When Chi Zhongqiao’s fan base was just established, Sun Qi moved in with Lu Yuzhou’s salary. Her Weibo account is Yedu No one. Because of Lu Yuzhou’s relationship, she can often get Chi Zhongqiao’s first-hand information, so she is very prestigious among Chi Zhongqiao’s fans, so when she and a few other fans spoke, other fans consciously lined up and started to screen.


This wave of marketing can be scored 90 points.


Lu Yuzhou paused with his pen and said coldly, “Xu Xingzhou delivered it by himself. Have the videos and blog posts I asked you to prepare been done yet?”


Sun Qi said, “It’s done, I’ll send it to you now?”


Lu Yuzhou: “Yeah. .”


Sun Qi sent the edited video to Lu Yuzhou. Although the boss checked her homework, she was not nervous at all. She is a good fan for Brother Qiao with the salary of the big boss, but she is also a diehard fan of Brother Qiao herself. This video was cut out with full of love by her, and it will definitely be in the eyes of the big boss.


As she expected, after a few minutes, Lu Yuzhou responded to her.


“Well, yes. Send it online as soon as possible.” Sun Qi said, “Should I send it? Would you like to ask another big V?” The black ink pen turned around at his fingertips, and Lu Yuzhou said, “You don’t need to pretend to be a passerby, just use your account . If you post it as a fan, the tone can be a bit more intense. I will let other big Vs forward it.”


Sun Qi understood as soon as he turned his mind: This kind of video is not cut like a passerby at all. It is counterproductive to pretend to be a passerby. After forwarding it to properly guide public opinion, passers-by will naturally think about the gainer.


Sun Qi: “Okay, I understand, I am going to release the video now.”


Lu Yuzhou hung up the phone, and it was only then that he was surprised to find that he was actually…


He gently rubbed his eyebrows, feeling his mentality getting closer and closer to the age of eighteen.


Lu Yuzhou put down his pen, and there was a photo frame in front of him. There were only three people in it, Chi Zhongqiao, the old man, and himself. This was taken while walking in the park. Compared to Lu Zhuo’s three, the three of them are more like a family.


Lu Yuzhou’s fingertips gently rubbed the photo twice, and his usual cold expression softened slightly.


…In the afternoon, the editor of Tan Zhu’s media who wrote Chi Zhongqiao’s suspected nurturing topic published a new article. The whole article is about a pair of friends of the opposite sex who usually go in and out of the same way, but always explain to others that they are in the same way. It’s just ordinary friends. I read the whole story and even the readers believed this nonsense. Whoever wanted to come to the end, the editor turned around and said that they accidentally broke the intimate behavior of the two, and the two had to explain to the editor: in fact, they were Couples, because dating in the office is forbidden, so they usually say they are good friends.


As soon as this meaningful article was published, the unsteady people who ate melons suddenly felt that the editor’s words seemed to make sense, so they wavered on both sides.


When the nurturing incident continued to ferment, a video appeared in Chi Zhongqiao’s super chat.


And this video was reposted by  thousands of fans. Perhaps their number of fans is not too large, but each one is a genuine account and there is no water.


The original editor of the video is a loyal fan of Chi Zhongqiao. She wrote in the video introduction: In fact, I really don’t understand why there are always some messy rumors that haunt Qiao Qiao. He just didn’t say much during the promotion. Little fresh meat in the entertainment industry. How good his acting is for all to see, who has he offended? Who do we offend again?


Fans clicked into this video and found that it was a personal clip of Chi Zhongqiao. The first half is General Mu Yan in “Mu Yi Tian Xia”, and the second half is Chi Zhong Qiao who has taken off his costume.


Hot comment number one:


Her Royal Highness the Knight Commander: A pure passerby, you really look like Qiao, you really don’t get tired of it in a loop. But the most awesome thing is the acting, the first half and the second half feel like two people with the same face! His eyes were too strong, and when I saw it, I was really suffocating. How should I put it, there is so much slander on the Internet, it makes people feel a little bit painful to watch, it is really the newcomer who is too brilliant to attract people to jealousy.


Clicking into the account of this pure passerby, I found that this is indeed a two-dimensional star all year round, and there is no three-dimensional star in the space.


This comment is too directional, and any netizens who read it can’t help but think about conspiracy theories.


Just when the netizens were thinking about it, an entertainment big V reposted this video, leaving a vague feeling: It is mediocre if you don’t invite others to be jealous. I hope the little general can survive this level. Come on!


Jealous? Who is jealous?


Follow the big V’s words and diverge your thinking-Chi Zhongqiao just acted in a drama. Who can be jealous of him? In other words, if he is confused, who can benefit?


Of course it was Xu Xingzhou who was gradually caught up by Chi Zhongqiao.


Imagine that if Chi Zhongqiao is entangled in black material, wouldn’t the main enthusiasm and topic focus on Xu Xingzhou?


Xu Xingzhou is also poor. His acting skills are pretty good in the new generation. For the first time, he was chosen to be the leading male lead. He thought it would be the most dazzling star in the whole show, but who wants to make Chi Zhongqiao fall from the sky? Not to mention that Xu Xingzhou’s limelight was completely covered, and the heat gradually surpassed Xu Xingzhou’s ,  anyone with a narrow mind could not stand it.


Thinking about it this way, without any doubt, it was Xu Xingzhou.


Some netizens who watched the excitement did not seem to be a big deal simply went to Xu Xingzhou’s Weibo and asked Xu Xingzhou if he knew about the hacking of Chi Zhongqiao. It didn’t take long for Xu Xingzhou’s Weibo to fall. Several posts were posted recently. People keep leaving messages on Weibo. Netizens are committed to extracting and analyzing clues from every Weibo related to “Muyi Tianxia” to prove that he is indeed jealous of Chi Zhongqiao.


Most of Xu Xingzhou’s fans are young girls. When his brother was scolded for no reason, he immediately became angry and squirted back. Unfortunately, the harder they scolded, the more ruthless they were, the more they lost the goodwill of passers-by, and Xu Xingzhou’s Weibo also pinched. It was dark and there was no clean place at all.


Xu Xingzhou never imagined that this matter that he provoked would develop into this result-obviously he blacked Chi Zhongqiao , why was he the one who was dragged into the water in the end? How could it be so coincidental? He didn’t even start to black Zhongqiao, the other party clarified in advance as if  he had predicted?


Why? !


Why did he play the second male lead in the first drama? Why was the first drama so popular?


Why can someone have such good luck?


Xu Xingzhou closed Weibo comments after his anger and personally put on a disguise and went to other forums to fight. But soon, he sadly found that he could not tear others completely, and he himself  also had a guilty conscience.


Just as he defended his behavior in a disguised account , he found that an entertainment big V that he followed had reposted a video.


Xu Xingzhou clicked in and found that this was a personal clip of Chi Zhongqiao. He opened the video in a magical manner, and was shocked by the dense barrage at the beginning.


Xu Xingzhou flipped through the comments after playing the video in the small window, and found that each of the hot comments praised Chi Zhong Qiao’s acting skills and not just marveling at Chi Zhong Qiao’s appearance.


He knows how tough Chi Zhongqiao’s acting skills are. When he is playing against him, he can be so suppressed so that he can’t hold his head up, and he can easily lead him into the act.


Xu Xingzhou dropped the phone in a rage, and after the harsh voice, he sat down and thought blankly about a question: Is there really that much difference between him and Chi Zhongqiao?


It seems…really a lot…



But Chi Zhongqiao missed today’s wonderful battle-he was thinking about his new role.


This time the script was delivered by itself , and Chi Zhongqiao was surprised when he got the script.


When Zhuang Fu sent the script over, his expression was very strange, “Look at this, the director and screenwriter are contacting you, but this character is a villain.” This book is called “Invisible Crime”, as Zhuang Fu said, character given to him is a villain, and it is not this character that makes Zhuang Fu’s expression so weird, but that the director of this script , Fu Jingshen, actually called Chi Zhongqiao to act it.


Who is Fu Jingshen? He is a leading figure in domestic reality TV dramas. What he is most praised is that the dramas he has dealt with are very popular .


This young man in his early years has filmed five TV shows, and each of them has exploded.


These five TV series Chi Zhongqiao has watched several times . If Chi Zhongqiao has any director in this world that he particularly admires , it must be Fu Jingshen.


But when he got this script , Chi Zhongqiao’s first reaction was not ecstasy, but astonishment. Although his popularity is not low, he is still quite far away from acting under a director of this level. It is not that the popularity is not high enough, but that the so-called “character” is not enough.


Chi Zhongqiao looked through the script given by the other party, and after reading it, he couldn’t help feeling: “A good script .”


“Invisible Crime” and “Muyi Tianxia” are completely two different scripts.


Although “Muyi Tianxia” is a good drama, it still can’t get rid of the small pattern of the old idol drama. The biggest pattern is in the rivalry between the male lead and the second male, the plot and the family state above the court. The love and hatred between the two accounts for a very small proportion in the entire script, and most of the plot is focused on the love triangle .


It’s a qualified cool drama, and it’s over after you’ve watched it. It makes people unable to recall the desire to repeat it many times.


But “Invisible Crimes” is different. It is a modern suspense drama whose keynote is deep or even dark, but the most wonderful thing about this book is that no matter what kind of darkness occurs, there is still a ray of light.


The plot never ends, the light is like a sweet apple hanging in front of you walking in the desert.


The former is a downer , and the latter is sunny and snowy.


The character given to Chi Zhongqiao is the biggest villain in the whole play. Shang Tang, it is not correct to say that it is a villain. This is a very three-dimensional character. He can jump back and forth between pros and cons. . Moreover, Shang Tang’s IQ is extremely high. In the end, the protagonists took the evidence sent by Shang Tang himself, and this character was judged for his sins throughout his life.


Chi Zhongqiao has acted in plays for more than ten years, and he rarely sees such a good script. He rubbed his fingers on the script twice, “I’ll take it!”


In fact, Chi Zhongqiao didn’t quite understand how the director found him, but in the afternoon, he understood why-the director was actually paid by  Lu Yuzhou .


“Brother Qiao doesn’t have to wear that formally .”


Lu Yuzhou has a dozen ties on his hands, and his brother Qiao tends to put a few more on his arms. He stands out alive as a tall clothes rack.


Chi Zhongqiao emerged from the cloakroom, looking at him with warm eyes.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Jing Shen just wants to make friends with you.”


Chi Zhongqiao doubted: “Did you promise him any benefits?” Which big director is okay to put down and make friends with a new actor? Relations are not good either, Yuzhou will definitely benefit from it.


Lu Yuzhou shook his head, “Really not.”


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, took off his tie from Lu Yuzhou one by one, and said, “Okay, then I will wear a loose dress.”


Then he changed to a plain dress. The down jacket came out, “Is this all right? Isn’t it too casual?”


A person like Chi Zhongqiao looks good in everything.


Lu Yuzhou said, “It’s just right to wear this.” Actually, it’s good to wear anything.


They made an appointment with Fu Jingshen in a very private Cantonese restaurant in the south of the city. Although Chi Zhongqiao and the two were five minutes earlier, when they arrived, Fu Jingshen had already arrived.


In the sufficient heating of the Cantonese restaurant, the man only wore a stiff overcoat. He sat on the table behind the huge potted plants with his jaw on his folded hands and looked out the window with his face sideways. When he turned his face when he heard the movement, a smile filled his lighter eyes.


The young director is more handsome than the photos.


“Hello, Fu Jingshen.” The man stood up and stretched out his hand to Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao and him shook lightly, “Pleasure to meet , I have read every work of Mr. Fu many times.” The three of them sat down, the waiter handed over the menu, and the small book turned twice and reached Lu Yuzhou’s hands.


The two turned to look at him unanimously, and Lu Yuzhou had to open the menu and start ordering.


Fu Jingshen squinted his eyes and smiled at Chi Zhongqiao: “I am also watching “Mu Yi Tianxia”. You played the role of the little general so well. I will boldly guess at the end of the follow-up of this drama. When the king ascended the throne, will Mu Yan stay in the northwest?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded, “Yes, and never married for life.” Fu Jingshen stroked his palm: “Sure enough! The best way to make a character an eternal memory is to leave him one incomplete ending.” When the show is completely over, the happy male and female protagonists will gradually lose their color. Only Mu Yan will be remembered by the audience, because this role is all the meaning of the show. .


Fu Jingshen said, “Have you read the script I sent over? What do you think of Shang Tang’s role? Don’t be reluctant just to take care of Yuzhou’s face. I want to know whether you want to take it or not.”


Chi Zhongqiao was very surprised. Strange: “Why do you say that? Such a good script, I can’t ask for it. On the contrary, I am more surprised. How did Director Fu think of asking me to play such a heavy role.”


“Well,” Fu Jingshen pinched his lower jaw, “Because the character of Shang Tang and Mu Yan are actually a bit similar… Okay, I admit, your external conditions are very suitable for this character.”


Director Fu  originally planned to make up a set of rhetoric on the spot, but lost in the eyes of Chi Zhongqiao.


So this kind of deer-eyed person is really taking advantage. As long as he is watched for two or three seconds, he will be overwhelmed by his father’s love and tell the truth. He is like a big man, let alone those little girls?


” “Muyi Tianxia” is this year’s hottest, and I will definitely pay more attention to it. At that time, the trailer just came out, and I saw you a glance. I felt that your face and temperament fit the image of Shang Tang very well. Later When the TV series is broadcast to the later stage, I am sure that your acting skills are enough to support the role of Shang Tang, so…As soon as the script was finished , I sent it to your agent.”


Fu Jingshen snapped his fingers. “Oh yes, thanks to Yuzhou. The last time I had a meal with Yuzhou in the movie studio, he really mentioned you often, so I paid attention to “Muyi Tianxia” from the beginning.”


Lu Yuzhou gently  coughed, the movie studio was the one he was caught smoking by Chi Zhongqiao, but Chi Zhongqiao was drunk, and after waking up, he didn’t think of anything like that.


He glanced at Chi Zhongqiao hesitantly, thinking about how he would fool him if Brother Qiao remembered this time.


Fortunately, Chi Zhongqiao’s pitiful amount of alcohol has successfully wiped out all his memories after he was drunk. After listening to Fu Jingshen’s words, although he always felt that something was wrong, he really couldn’t remember what was wrong.


Chi Zhongqiao has no problem with “the face is still right in the end”. The acting skills are really important, but if the looks are too different from the characters, it won’t work.


The two discussed the roles for a while. Chi Zhongqiao was worried that Lu Yuzhou would be bored. Although he wanted to talk more about the script with directors of this level, he quickly moved the topic away from the acting and moved to a daily routine where anyone can intervene.


When talking about how he feels like staying Lu Yuzhou, Chi Zhongqiao said naturally: “Yuzhou has a good personality and has no temper. Who is not happy to be with him?” He has a good personality? No temper?


Your filter is a bit thick.


Fu Jingshen wanted to look at Lu Yuzhou with a smile–this friend who was nearly ten years younger than him had a cold personality, good vision, and a tough wrist, so he couldn’t get along with a good temper.


Lu Yuzhou took a faint sip of his tea, and calmly looked at Fu Jingshen—You have an opinion on what Brother Qiao  said?


Fu Jingshen: I dare not dare.



Chi Zhongqiao was very satisfied with the meal, and drank a little wine later, but considering his own drinking capacity, he dipped his glass and didn’t drink much.


As for Lu Yuzhou, he was always a good boy in front of Chi Zhongqiao. He didn’t smoke or drink in front of Chi Zhongqiao, so when Chi Zhongqiao and Fu Jingshen were drinking, he calmly asked for a drink of Orange juice against Fu Jingshen’s horrified gaze.


Fu Jingshen probably understood how Chi Zhongqiao’s filter for Lu Yuzhou came from.


After dinner, Chi Zhongqiao and Fu Jingshen bid farewell to each other. When they walked to the entrance of the Cantonese restaurant, they saw a young man walking down from a black Honda, who seemed not much bigger than Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t pay much attention at first, until the man hurriedly walked up to them with a down jacket.


Fu Jingshen smiled at them and said, “This is my friend, Li Xi.”


Oh, Li Xi…Li Xi?


Chi Zhongqiao’s alcohol was blown by the cold wind, and when he heard the name, he was shocked.


The original… protagonist Shou?


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