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IBKAWB Chapter 23

Phone Call


Chapter 23… Phone Call


Number of viewers: 12 million.


The barrage was densely brushed, and the entire live broadcast room was stuck.


Zhong Yin was stunned. It’s not that he has never seen a live broadcast of millions of fans on a big V, but this kind of viewership that far exceeds the number of active  fans …he really has’t seen many.


Zhong Yin thought: It’s really red, the number of fans is not fake at all.


Chi Zhongqiao knew that he had chosen a good time-when the TV series just finished the live broadcast, there must be a lot of fans who came to it, but even so, the number of viewers was terrifying.


Zhong Yin was holding the phone with a thin layer of sweat on the palm of his hand. Chi Zhongqiao was the first artist he has worked with, so this is also the first time Zhong Yin has managed a live studio with so many people.


He looked down at the barrage, and was dazzled by the thick barrage with just one glance.


“My baby Qiaoqiao!”


“Look, look, isn’t my Qiao good looking even without makeup?”


“Ahhh, I really exploded in place!”


Chi Zhongqiao picked up a few barrages and replied, ” Um, no makeup. It’s not a plain face, it’s a beautiful face.”


“When will I pick up the new show?” Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head and thought, “Actually, I’m also thinking about it . Do you want me to act in another one?”


“Yes, there are sixty-five episodes of “Muyi Tianxia”, which is almost finished.”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Are there any activities on the live broadcast? Yes, the first activity is now in progress: chatting. ”




“Let’s talk hahaha.”


“Is there a second event?”


Chi Zhongqiao stood up, turned sideways, and let the audience in the live broadcast room see clearly what was placed on the table behind him. Of course there is a second event: Do you want to see the talent show?”




“Brush and paper…Qiaoqiao wants to write?”


“Wow, does Qiaoqiao know calligraphy?” “I’m not good enough for my cub, I’ve a dog crawling calligraphy .”



Chi Zhongqiao said after arriving at the table, “New Year’s Eve is almost coming, I will write two couplets for everyone, and I will give it to everyone.” As he bent down, Zhong Yin quickly tilted the camera down, but Chi Zhongqiao suddenly raised his head and smiled at the camera. “Nationwide free shipping, dear.”


Zhong Yin: Can you say this with such a good face! What the hell is the full Taobao * style!


[T/N : Taobao : a Chinese online shopping platform.]




“My male god is poisonous.”


“My Qiao is so skinny.”


“His tone  is a little cute, Qiaoqiao be relieved, mother will always love you!”



Chi Zhongqiao’s pen is different from his soft face, He practiced Liu style, but it was different from the orthodox style of Liu style-pen and ink lined on paper, the traces were graceful and sharp, like the bones of a thin hand.


“I’m rubbing… this is too good to look at, I thought Qiaoqiao was joking about talent.”


“This word can be framed, right? Who is willing to hang it outside in the sun?”


“I’m willing to pay Fifty thousand, can Qiao Qiao write a copy for me alone?”


“Seriously the one who came out with fifty thousand in front?”


“The one in front, I just practice calligraphy, tell you it is really worth this number.”



Chi ZhongQiao after writing  a total of five pairs of couplets, he put down his pen, “Just write this much, and ask for a good luck.” He put the five pairs of couplets on the table and waited for the ink to dry.




“More than ten million people grabbing five sets…This is so special that it can only be drawn by the luckiest one, right?”


“How do you win? Brother Qiao wrote it by hand. I really want QAQ.”


Chi Zhongqiao said , “I will post a Weibo at 10:30. Everyone pay attention and then like and repost it. From the repost, tomorrow morning, people will be drawn. ”


Chi ZhongQiao looked at the  heavy barrage  and the rows of” its so few how to do, “a suggestion:??” or do you try to look forward to my koi bag ”




” I can get Qiao ”


Why didn’t I expect it!”


“Qiao Qiao, you are such a clever ghost~”


Chi Zhong Qiao glanced at the time. It was almost ten o’clock, so he planned to end the livebroadcast .


The barrage was very reluctant, and just as they asked if it could be broadcast for a while, Chi Zhongqiao’s cell phone rang.


Chi Zhongqiao looked down at Lu Yuzhou’s call. He apologized to the audience in the live broadcast room: “I will answer the call and be back in a while.”


The fans in the live broadcast room watched him walk away after picking up the phone. between a little, leaving a straight shot back, deliberately suppressed voice floated vague live –


“. ah, a little later on the next broadcast ”


“you happen to have something done …… down?”


bomb Mu: “?? WHAT? Who is my Qiao talking to? Girlfriend?”


“This tone is…too pampering .”


“Ah! Assistant brother with a mobile phone, can you tell us  Who is on the call will Qiaoqiao? ”


“Am I the only one who is entangled with Qiao Qiao’s five couplets?”


“Me too! Please Qiao Qiao hurry up to post on Weibo, I can’t wait!”


Zhong Yinxin said : You forgive me Well, I dare not.


Just when Zhong Yin was almost unable to deal with the audience, Chi Zhongqiao finally hung up and greeted the fans in the live broadcast room with a smile: “You all can’t wait to turn to Weibo? Then let’s go, I will send Weibo now. , Everyone will leave the live broadcast room and turn to Weibo later.”


Chi Zhongqiao dragged a chair and sat down and started to post Weibo. Just as he was engrossed in his Weibo, the door of the practice room was quietly pushed open.


Zhong Yin looked up and saw someone coming, and his phone shook in fright.


Lu Yuzhou shook his head at Zhong Yin who was about to make a sound, and walked into the camera range without any hesitation. As soon as he came in, he saw five pairs of couplets spread on the table. The red paper was so gorgeous that there was a vigorous calligraphy .


Lu Yuzhou knew that Chi Zhongqiao could do calligraphy, and would usually shrink in his room to write two characters, but he never took it out. This was the first time Lu Yuzhou saw the finished product.


It’s hard for ordinary people to understand how Chi Zhongqiao, who has such a soft face, could develop such a handsome handwriting , but Lu Yuzhou knows that his words are like his own, his brother Qiao is indeed a character which is soft outside and strong inside.


Lu Yuzhou leaned down, “Brother Qiao?” Chi Zhongqiao, who had just finished Weibo , was shocked and his mobile phone slid down. Lu Yuzhou stooped to grab it .


“Yuzhou ? Why are you walking without a sound?” Lu Yuzhou said, “Brother Qiao is too serious about playing with his mobile phone.” It is not a face saving thing to be caught by a child of the family when concentrating on playing with his mobile phone . Chi Chongqiao coughed, “Live broadcast.”


“Yeah .” Lu Yuzhou said : “Well, I saw it, is it done now?”


“Almost ,” Chi Zhongqiao said, “I have to pay Zhong Yin three times the salary again.”


Lu Yuzhou slightly curled the corner of his lips. , the deep brows softened. He raised his eyes and looked at the phone. The barrage in the live broadcast room was flashing quickly. He knew he was in the scene, but he didn’t care.




“So handsome! Is my brother half-blood?”


“Is this also an actor? Qiao Qiao’s younger brother? Looks so young , is he an adult?”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! F*ck, his eyes are too aggressive, right?”


“Little brother is twenty  yet, so handsome ah, I am not polite to inquire “!


Chi Zhongwiao saw the heavy barrage and smiled:” No, this is our big boss. ”


Chung also printed a small channel: president,” Zhaohui ”


bomb Screen:”What did I hear just now? The big boss called our Qiao ‘ brother Qiao’ ?”


“I, I also heard…”


“Didn’t it mean Brother Qiao’s boss?”


Lu Yuzhou also saw the barrage. Some people had unnecessary misunderstandings. He explained: “My family and Qiao’s family are family friends, so I can be regarded as Qiao’s younger brother.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “Of course the relationship is very good. We live together. By the way, Weibo has already been posted, everyone remember to forward it, this time it’s really going to be ended, good night.”




“It’s really good for two people to stand together.”


“It’s a little bit inexplicable . With…”


“Ahhh, I can’t bear QAQ QAQ”


Fans saw “Big Boss” unfolding a white down jacket over Chi Zhong Qiao in the first few seconds before the live broadcast room closed, and looked at QiaoQiao in the live broadcast room. Zhong Qiao also turned around and smiled at the “big boss”.


Oops, the boss and their brother Qiao are a little sweet.



“Hello, Brother Song?”


Xu Xingzhou was very surprised when he received this call. Sure enough, when the other party opened his mouth, the things he wanted to do had already achieved results.


“I took the picture. There was a picture of them driving into and out of Biting Garden in a car.”


Xu Xingzhou pressed his excitement, “Brother Song, can you send me here to see?” The other party sent a photo of Chi Zhongqiao and a strange man in a car together. Chi Zhongqiao’s profile shot is clear, and the background is Zhaohui Entertainment.


Brother Song: “I took a total of more than a dozen photos. The facts are pretty strong . You pay the rest, and I will send you all the photos.”


Xu Xingzhou quickly gave Brother Song the remaining half, and the other party immediately  sent all the photos he took.


Brother Song is a “famous” paparazzi in the industry. He has photographed a lot of private incidents with top traffic in the entertainment industry. People in the circle love him and hate him. What he loves is that he can help him find out the black material of the opponent. The thing is that he can also help the opponent find his own black material.


Brother Song charged a high price, but there is a  reason for high price – most of these photos can see the face, and the sharpness is high, not the kind of blurred figure.


Xu Xingzhou curled his lips slightly and sent these photos to the media he had contacted in advance.


… In the early hours of Thursday morning,


Tan Zhu media published an article with the names of the entire article, but a clear big picture was hung at the beginning of the article.


#shock! Fresh meat with a surname of Chi is suspected to be kept? There are pictures and the truth! #


To Know the truth, melon eating people barged in , the first thing to see is the photo – handsome youth with a gentle face wearing a white down jacket, with a slight smile on his lips , hand blocking  the door, opening the door, a tall young man was leaning down onto the car, half of his face was photographed with high eyebrows and deep eyes, and the corners of his eyebrows and eyes showed a cold handsomeness.


The young man in the white down jacket is too familiar. Isn’t this the Chi Zhong Qiao who became famous with “Mu Yi Tian Xia”?


He was actually taken care of by someone?



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