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IBKAWB Chapter 19



Chapter 19… Acting


No one knows why Yan Qingbo appeared in the public dressing room, Chi Zhongqiao suppressed his doubts.


Yan Qingbo walked into the dressing room and looked at Chi Zhongqiao, with amazement: “Very well said.” Although understanding the character is only the first step, and how to behave in the follow-up is still a problem, but not knowing the level of understanding  many actors tripped up.


Chi Zhong Qiao: “I’ve made the teacher laugh.” Yan Qingbo smiled at him, her eyes soft, “No, it’s amazing. And I am a loyal fan of the young general. Seeing real people, I found that it is better than in the TV. You are pretty good-looking.” She said this honestly, not to mention that Chi Zhongqiao is a newcomer, even those actors who have been acting for many years can’t figure out a character so deeply.


Yan Qingbo is thirty-two this year, but she still looks like a young girl. She raised her eyebrows slightly when she praised him.


The super first-line international actress, in addition to the good acting skills, of course also has a stunning beauty.


Chi Zhongqiao was a little surprised, but he didn’t expect Yan Qingbo to still chase drama.


Chi Zhong Qiao leaned slightly, his eyes down seemed to be a little shy, and his voice was slightly lowered, “You are very kind.” Yan Qingbo almost shouted out, covering her mouth . The moment Chi Zhong Qiao lowered his head and spoke, she almost thought it was the shy young general who came to her across the virtual world.


Without the editing filter, Chi Zhongqiao still perfectly copied Mu Yan’s image.


Yan Qingbo couldn’t help sighing in her heart: Now the newcomers are all little monsters, and the acting skills are on the same stage as the old actors she has worked with, and she was even brought into the play just now. Yan Qingbo just thought that if she was a fan of Mu Yan, she would’ve already screamed. She really likes the role of Mu Yan, and she likes to follow the drama on the way to shooting a movie.


Yan Qingbo said, “There are so many people, and the makeup artist is also busy, so just go to my place. They just happened to be on the desk together.”


Indeed, the public dressing room was crowded with people, and Yan Cheng came early and queued in front. Xu Xingzhou came in and waited in line, not knowing how long he has  to wait.


Yan Qingbo made a reasonable point, and the two people went down the steps to Yan Qingbo’s separate dressing room.


On the way out, Chi Zhongqiao looked back, the little girl who gave him the make-up was looking at him with a bated breath. Chi Zhongqiao smiles at her pointing to the red bean milk on the table :  “Drink it while it’s hot.”


This little girl used the items in the personal cosmetic bag for him, and he could feel the texture different from those on the table when she put it on his face.


The makeup artist blushed and turned her head. She was full of sweetness before drinking this cup of red soy milk-my son is so good.


The little girl thought dizzyly.




Single dressing room is also high grade, this level is not on the surface, but in the bottom of people’s hearts. Yan Qingbo’s single dressing room is not much smaller than the public dressing room, which is specially prepared for the famous artist .


It is the first time that Yan Cheng and Xu Xingzhou have been in a single dressing room of this level, and Xu Xingzhou’s ugly face has improved a lot. For newcomers like them, being able to have contact with the queen is a good thing that I can’t even think of.


While Yan Qingbo closed his eyes and put on make-up, Xu Xingzhou wondered how to talk to the shadow queen.


Unlike Xu Xingzhou, who is utilitarian, Yan Cheng is Yan Qingbo’s diehard fan, the genuine kind. From the moment she saw Yan Qingbo, she blushed and looked like a little sheep who had just drunk wine.


Chi Zhongqiao whispered, “Let’s ask Teacher Yan for a few autographs before the recording starts. Do you have anything with you?”


Yan Cheng took out the phone case and took out some pictures from it. Take out a set of well-sealed shirts from the bag.


Chi Zhongqiao: “???” What is this?


Yan Cheng slapped the shirt bag and whispered: “The shirt that Teacher Yan wore, bought at the auction with a lot of money.”


Chi Zhongqiao: “… Admire and admire.” He took out two portraits, which he prepared in advance. It is normal for a newcomer like him to ask for two autographs when he saw his senior. He was also worried that Yan Cheng didn’t bring anything. I plan to give Yan Cheng one.


Yan Cheng happily hugged the shirt: “These two of you are also good-looking. They are still limited editions. I don’t have them. Can you sell them to me when Teacher Yan signs them? Oh, Brother Qiao, if I want five autographs, no Will it be too greedy?”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “I don’t know if you are greedy or not, but I can’t give you my portrait. I also like Teacher Yan very much.” The original body can also be regarded as a fan of Yan Qingbo, and he walked through it. Later, I have seen a few movies starring Yan Qingbo, each of which is a good one. Chi Zhongqiao also deliberately took out a film to ponder over and research, so he can be regarded as a fan of Yan Qingbo.


Yan Cheng: “Brother Qiao!”


“What are you talking about, so lively?”


After Yan Qingbo finished putting on makeup, she looked back at the two and laughed.


She pointed to the makeup artist and said softly, “Come here and put on makeup.”


Xu Xingzhou had to swallow the words that were about to be spoken, barely smiled, nodded to Yan Qingbo, and sat in a chair waiting for the makeup.


Yan Qingbo sat on the sofa and saw the photo on the coffee table. He couldn’t help but smiled: “What is this going to do?”


Yan Cheng blushed, “I, I’m a fan of Teacher Yan, so I want to ask Teacher Yan to sign…” The more she talked, the lower her voice, but her face became redder and redder. She really didn’t have those two.


Chi Zhongqiao took up the portrait and put it in his arms. The meaning is obvious: Don’t think about it anymore!


He really likes Yan Qingbo, but he doesn’t protect things to this point. He is so precious to these pictures, just because Lu Yuzhou found them for him.


Yan Cheng withdrew her eyes in disappointment.


Yan Qingbo was amused by them. He signed the names for the two of them. By the way, she chatted with them: “There is a talent show later, do you want to practice again?”


Yan Cheng reported that she was playing the flute, but Chi Zhongqiao  actually chose calligraphy.


Yan Qingbo was very curious: “Qiao Qiao practiced calligraphy?” She smiled embarrassedly after she called, “Your fans call you that. Can I call you that?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded. “Of course. I have studied calligraphy for a while, and the writing is good enough to read.” In the early years, he frequently hit a wall on the road of luck . He was uneasy, so he had to develop a hobby to be calm and control his temper, so as not to be killed by all kinds of troubles . However, he is not very old, and his hobbies have developed a lot, but most of them are casual play. Proficiency is far from being counted. It can only be said that he has a little knowledge. Only calligraphy has been studied. After eight or nine years of practice, he has already written very beautifully .


Yan Qingbo couldn’t help but said, “Isn’t the shot of Mu Yan writing a letter at home in the thirty-first episode written by you?”


She remembers that handwriting was beautifully written. The young general was writing under the lamp, and the pen was turned around. The handwriting fell sharply, and that scene really deserved a beauty like jade.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and nodded.


Yan Qingbo exclaimed, “If such a good handwriting is also called so so, that would make us unable to live.”


Yan Cheng also envied: she has a dog crawling handwriting. She was really greedy after looking at the letter for a long time. Without him, the characters are too beautiful!


While several people were talking, Xu Xingzhou’s makeup was also done, and he quickly got out of the chair .


Xu Xingzhou smiled and sat on the sofa. He listened for a long time with his ears erected while putting on makeup. As soon as he sat down, he interjected neatly: “Ms. Yan reported that it is a song to sing. I especially like the theme of “Farewell” by Ms. Yan …”


Yan Qingbo’s smile remained unchanged, her eyes softly listening, but she didn’t speak much.


Yan Cheng turned to make-up, and she rolled her eyes when she heard Xu Xingzhou’s words: Xu Xingzhou couldn’t even blow a rainbow fart, he was not sincere at all.


Yan Qingbo’s silence gave Xu Xingzhou the courage to continue talking. Xu Xingzhou wanted to set up a modest and studious personality for himself, so he diligently asked Yan Qingbo for acting skills.    It happened that Xu Xingzhou said that his weakness was explosive power. Yan Qingbo thought for a while and told him gently: “Let’s give a specific example, such as the episode aired last night, the scene between you and Xiaochi. Play…”


Xu Xingzhou’s face gradually turned green. Chi Zhongqiao almost laughed, and quickly lowered his head to pretend to be playing with his mobile phone. Ruthless , Xu Xingzhou’s face hurts like he has been stepped on by high heels.


After Yan Cheng finished her makeup, people from the show team came over to invite them to rehearse. After all, although the show is not live, there will be audiences on the scene.


The rehearsal went smoothly. When he was about to take a break at noon, Chi Zhongqiao suddenly received a call from Lu Yuzhou, and he answered, “Hey, Yuzhou? Well, I won’t go back at noon, what’s wrong?”


Lu Yuzhou stood in front of the bedroom window. Staring at the dry branches downstairs: “Would you like me to bring you food?”


Chi Zhongqiao leaned on his chair and smiled when he heard the words: “Nosy. It’s a few tens of minutes’ drive away from here. Why don’t you get a good night’s sleep at home?” ”


He listened to Lu Yuzhou’s tone, and he was a little bit coquettish, so he coaxed him in a low voice, “I will go back when I finish recording here. It won’t take long. Will I go back and bring you something?”


Lu Yuzhou listened to his voice and his  spirit gradually relaxed, sitting on the window sill and slowly responded, and the two spoke for a while. Lu Yuzhou wanted to let Chi Zhongqiao eat earlier, and then hung up the phone.


Yan Qingbo laughed and joked: “What’s wrong, girlfriend is nagging ?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and shook his head: “No, a kid in the family.”


Yan Cheng said, “Brother Qiao, you just said that tone, just coax your girlfriend. So, which family coaxed children so coaxing? Did they recruit them truthfully? Did they talk about it?”


Chi Zhongqiao said calmly: “This general only has family and country in his mind. Life and death are a matter of fact, let alone the love of children.”


Yan Cheng said with contempt: “The little general is not tough, the little general is cute to me.”


Yan Qingbo was amused by them and laughed.


However, Xu Xingzhou thought about Yan Cheng’s unintentional saying, “That’s it for my girlfriend.” Combined with Chi Zhongqiao’s expression on the phone, his eyes gradually became more subtle.


For a male artist who has just made his debut and relies on skin to gain attention, having a target must have a serious impact on his career, so big that if it breaks out, it is likely to cause Chi Zhongqiao to lose more than half of his fans.


After all, the main fans of a male celebrity are his girlfriend fans and his wife fans. Once in love, these fans will definitely be lost!



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