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IBKAWB Chapter 18

Movie Queen Yan Qingbo

Chapter 18… Movie Queen Yan Qingbo


Because it was the first time recording a variety show, Zhuang Fu was worried that Chi Zhongqiao would be nervous, so he planned to follow along.


Chi Zhongqiao was surprised when he saw Zhuang Fu and Zhong Yin both of them were there, “Are you all here?” The  large living man of 1.70 meters tall, stood in front of the car, and he didn’t know how Chi Zhongqiao could completely ignore it.


Zhuang Fu, who was treated as an invisible person, smiled awkwardly, “Yes, yes.”


Zhong Yin blinked and smiled at Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t seem to realize how embarrassed they were. He kept a perfect smile and spoke to the two of them. Only then did Chi Zhongqiao get into the car with Lu Yuzhou.


Lu Yuzhou deliberately changed to a spacious SUV, they sat in the back row, Zhuang Fu and Zhong Yin naturally could only sit in the middle.


“Are the exams over?”Chi Zhongqiao remembered Lu Yuzhou’s studies, and asked, “After the exam, you can relax a little bit.”


Lu Yuzhou replied, “There are two exams left, but I can rest recently. ”


He has been really tired recently, and now even sitting in the car, he feels sleepy.


Chi Zhongqiao only saw the exhaustion on his face when he approached. He couldn’t help but regret letting Lu Yuzhou follow. He thought for a while and said, “There is a long way to reach there. Just sleep in the car for a while.”


Lu Yuzhou actually wanted to talk with Chi ZhongQiao for a while , his nerves have been too tense recently, and he can only relax when he sees Chi  ZhongQiao. He originally wanted to chat with Chi ZhongQiao while on the road, but he was too sleepy when he got in the car. .


Chi Zhongqiao looked at the dark circles under his eyes and couldn’t help frowning: “Go to sleep,don’t force yourself to stay awake.” Lu Yuzhou couldn’t hold it anymore and fell asleep in the gentle voice of Chi Zhongqiao. Dimly, he felt a familiar smell leaning over, and gently covering him with the soft fabric.


This smell…is the men’s perfume on Brother Qiao.


Lu Yuzhou came up with this thought in a daze, and was soon dragged into his sleep by the sleepiness.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed as he watched Lu Yuzhou’s face: The teenagers are the most sleepy, but this child is busy and stressed and prone to anxiety. It is estimated that he can’t fall asleep in bed for many nights.


Although it is uncomfortable to sleep in the car, it is good to be able to sleep deeply.


Chi Zhongqiao simply found a magazine and flipped through it slowly.


Lu Yuzhou fell asleep. It was the first time that Zhuang Fu had approached Lu Yuzhou, the prince of Zhaohui, at such a close distance. Knowing that he may not see him again , he couldn’t help but look frequently in the rearview mirror. He was very curious about the relationship between Lu Yuzhou and Chi Zhongqiao, and he had speculation in his eyes.


Who thought that Chi Zhongqiao would suddenly raise his head and smile into the rearview mirror!


Zhuang Fu’s heart jumped, and he turned his head subconsciously, feeling that the partition behind him was slowly lowering, and he didn’t dare to look back at Chi Zhongqiao’s face.


Zhuang Fu endured the embarrassment. When he lowered his head, he couldn’t help but glance at Zhong Yin next to him. This usually less speaking assistant has been playing with his mobile phone since he got in the car and didn’t look behind him.


Chi Zhongqiao sighed in his heart: Zhuang Fu, as an agent, is too unqualified. In this case, he should do his own thing as honestly as Zhong Yin and not radiate his curiosity.


He didn’t need to guess that Zhuang Fu was curious about the relationship between him and Lu Yuzhou. The agent could indeed get involved in the private life of the artist, but if you have any questions, you can ask him in private, and frequently looking at Lu Yuzhou while sitting in a car… It’s too rude.


Chi Zhongqiao stared at Lu Yuzhou’s profile, feeling a little unhappy: Only because of Lu Yuzhou’s young age, he didn’t show respect for the big boss.


And for Zhuang Fu as an agent , the reaction was too slow.


Chi Zhongqiao closed his eyes.



Forty minutes later, SUV stopped under the building of Jiang Tang TV.


Chi Zhongqiao got out of the car slowly and knocked on the driver’s window.


The driver hurriedly lowered the window, Chi Zhongqiao whispered: “When you go back, drive slowly.” The driver whispered, “Don’t I have to wait for you?”


Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, “Send the young master back, I will finish recording the meeting. I will go back by myself .” The driver nodded.


Chi Zhongqiao straightened up and watched the SUV disappear into the traffic. Instead of entering the building directly, he went to the nearby store to buy red soy milk 1{T/N: * red soy milk : I don’t know why the word ‘red’ is used here, maybe because the packet was red.} and brought it in.




This popular program of Jiangtang TV is called “Encounter with You” , and often invites leading actors of the popular TV series of this station to participate in the show, so as to increase the TV series’ ratings.


Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t have enough popularity , so he sat in the public dressing room waiting for makeup. Zhuang Fu went with the show crew, and only Zhong Yin was with Chi Zhongqiao.


He came early and distributed the red soy milk he bought to the people in the dressing room to greet them.


The makeup artist is a young girl who has just started working for a short time. She is also a fan of “Mu Yi Tianxia”. Her favorite role is Mu Yan played by Chi Zhongqiao. After paying attention to Chi Zhongqiao’s Weibo, she also became Chi Zhongqiao’s mother fan.


Yes, that’s right, his mother fan.


She looks at Chi Zhongqiao now the same way she looks at her son.


Hey, my son is better-looking than on TV! So tall and in good shape!


Chi Zhongqiao was stared at by a young girl in her twenties with maternal eyes, holding the red soy milk in his hand he standing very stiff.


The makeup artist squeezed the brush and smiled shyly: “Hello Brother Qiao .” Chi Zhongqiao quickly put the red soy milk in his hand on the table, and smiled: “Just call my name. You have been working hard. Drink something. Keep warm.” The makeup artist’s expression was blank, but her heart exploded: Ah, ah, my son gave me something! My son is so good, so white and so cute!


Chi Zhongqiao carefully raised his steps, sat on the chair and looked back at the makeup artist, “Excuse me… ” The makeup artist squeezed the brush, her eyes burning: “Yeah!”


Chi Zhongqiao: “…you can give me…make-up Already?”


Makeup artist: “Yes!” I can!


No matter how slow Chi Zhongqiao was, he realized that the girl’s attitude was too enthusiastic. After a turn of his mind, he guessed that the little girl might be his fan. He softened his heart and smiled at the makeup artist.


The makeup artist’s face was flushed, and she felt that she might not be able to control it when she watched. She patted her face and lowered her head to open her personal cosmetic bag. She didn’t want to use the ones that others had used for her son, so she was relieved that she would use her own for him.


Chi Zhongqiao closed his eyes.


This time, the leading actors of “Muyi Tianxia” are not the main guests of the show . The main guest of the program group this time is the actress Yan Qingbo.


Chi Zhongqiao still had his makeup artist smearing makeup on his face while sorting out his impression of Yan Qingbo.


Yan Qingbo has now developed abroad and can be described as one of the top actors in China. This time the program team was able to invite her because they were planning to establish a close friendship 2{T/N: * don’t know what it actually means, maybe the show group and Yan Qingbo want to have a mutually beneficial relationship, the show group helping her with publicity and she helps the show group to gain more viewers and ratings. }  with this actress, or they would not be able to invite her. Some time ago, she went abroad to make a movie and disappeared for a few months. When she came  to the show this time, it was probably after the movie was finished that she came back to show her face.


But what makes Chi Zhongqiao confused is that Yan Qingbo’s level of actress , the program group should have a special show for her, how can Yan Qingbo and them be the guests at the same time?


This doubt can only be answered by the program team or Yan Qingbo herself.


The crew of “Muyi Tianxia” only appeared in the second half, and will be present with Yan Qingbo for activities. After Chi Zhongqiao finished applying makeup, he sat aside and shifted positions for the others who were waiting for makeup.


After Chi Zhongqiao watched the activity process, Yan Cheng also came.


“Morning, the empress is really getting more beautiful day by day.” 3 {T/N:  Chi Zhongqiao was calling her empress as she acted as the empress in ‘Mu Yi Tianxia’.}


Chi Zhongqiao put down the phone and greeted Yan Cheng with a smile.


Yan Cheng is currently in the stage of her career rising and she is in her best mood. Now when she saw Chi Zhongqiao, the smile on her face bloomed into a flower, “Good morning!” When she was on the crew, she often asked Chi Zhongqiao how to act some difficult parts, after staying in the “Mu Yi Tian Xia” crew for several months, her acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds, so she was very grateful to Chi Zhong Qiao.


Chi Zhongqiao warmed his hands with a cup of red soy milk.


Yan Cheng couldn’t wait to get to Chi Zhongqiao’s side while waiting for makeup.


“Brother Qiao, let me ask you a question.”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Just call my name.”


“No, no, Teacher Chi, you must save me.”


Yan Cheng said quickly, “The thing is that, my agent accepted a role for me. I was very confused about how to act out that role recently.”


“Mu Yi Tianxia” unexpectedly exploded, and Yan Cheng’s acting skills have also improved a lot, some of the higher-end crews  also threw an olive branch to Yan Cheng. Yan Cheng had a good vision and set up a good career path. Although she is a female supporting character , she is lovable and has enough acting skills.


But correspondingly, this role is not that easy to perform. When she performs in private, she always can’t find the smooth and natural feeling in the crew.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “What kind of character?”


Yan Cheng said, “It’s paranoid, crazy in love, but can stop in time after seeing the wrong person, but isn’t this very contradictory?”


“Contradictory ? “When it comes to acting, Chi Zhongqiao’s smile on his face is put away a little, his white fingertips clicked on the table, and he muttered, “Sister Yan finds it difficult to perform, because she hasn’t figured out the characters. A character can also remain calm when she is crazy, or she knows that she is too paranoid to pay so much for love , but she still has to do it.”


Yan Cheng took the phone to record, and nodded wildly when she heard the words: “Yeah.”


Chi Zhongqiao slowly said, “Everyone has different ways of thinking about roles and acting. I don’t have a script. Let me give you an example: I guess this character is a very calm personality. When she is obsessed with someone, she feels emotional, she becomes crazy, but the reasonable side of her must be sober, like a split personality.”


“Yes, yes, yes!” Yan Cheng nodded frantically, so godly, he can even guess the human behavior , “How do you behave?”


Chi Zhongqiao said: “Everyone has a different way of acting. If it were me, I would choose to separate the body and the eyes. When your body shows a serious infatuation, the eyes can be less affectionate.”


Yan Cheng exclaimed, ” Yeah, why didn’t I expect it.”


“Papa” hearing the applause they  turned to look at the half-covered door of the dressing room. A tall beauty looked at Chi Zhongqiao with admiration. Behind her, there was another face-Xu Xingzhou.


Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Cheng stood up at the same time: “Teacher Yan.” Shadow queen Yan Qingbo!




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  • 1
    {T/N: * red soy milk : I don’t know why the word ‘red’ is used here, maybe because the packet was red.}
  • 2
    {T/N: * don’t know what it actually means, maybe the show group and Yan Qingbo want to have a mutually beneficial relationship, the show group helping her with publicity and she helps the show group to gain more viewers and ratings. }
  • 3
    {T/N:  Chi Zhongqiao was calling her empress as she acted as the empress in ‘Mu Yi Tianxia’.}
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