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IBKAWB Chapter 17

The beautiful hand


Chapter 17… The beautiful hand


Different from the procrastinating dramas in recent years,the rhythm of “Muyi Tianxia” is tight, and there is no water injection plot * [ T/N ; plot that doesn’t effect or not directly related to the original story] throughout, and as the plot develops, the world in the play slowly spreads, extending from a small house to  the home country.


As written in the original book, “Muyi Tianxia” has just been aired for more than ten episodes. Because of its tight rhythm and sophisticated costumes and makeup, it has become a well-deserved dark horse in TV dramas in the second half of this year.


While Chi Zhongqiao pays attention to “Muyi Tianxia”, he also pays attention to several TV dramas in the same period. However, after the broadcast, Chi Zhongqiao didn’t find many optimistic dramas.


“There was no good drama in the first half of the year,” Chi Zhongqiao said, “If you want to win a prize, then only “Aroma through the bones” can compete with us.”


“Aroma through the bones” is somewhere on the stage. The broadcasted costume idol drama is also a new drama forced by Qingquan Video, and the male and female starring actors of “Aroma through the bones” are all popular traffic. They have been anticipated by many fans before the official promotion, and this drama is indeed very conscientious.


So at present, “Aroma through the bones” is still steadily above “Mu Yi Tian Xia” in ratings. This drama is similar to “Mu Yi Tian Xia” in terms of themes, but the tone is completely different. It is relaxed and bright. From the point of view of the broadcast, the crew looks like a sugar shop, and each episode is stuffed with a lot of sugar, for fear of being immortal.


Lu Yuzhou said: “Then Brother Qiao thinks which one is more likely to win?”


Chi Zhongqiao asked, “Which one does Yuzhou prefer?”


Lu Yuzhou said lightly, “I don’t like any TV series, I only like Brother Qiao.”


Chi Zhongqiao  couldn’t help but reflect on whether the snack I brought to Lu Yuzhou in the afternoon was too sweet.


“Brother Qiao hasn’t answered me yet.”


Lu Yuzhou sat next to Chi Zhongqiao , waiting for the people around him to speak.


Of course he knows the final result. “Muyi Tianxia” won the Best Director Award, Best Screenplay Award and Best Supporting Actor Award. It can be described as the biggest winner in this year’s TV series.


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and said, “Sweets will make you greasy in the end. “Aroma through the bones ” is this dessert, the sugar is too heavy and loose. And from the recent episodes. Look, the follow-up may not be able to stabilize the rhythm, which means that 90% of it may collapse.”


“The story of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” is very ups and downs, there are even more tears than laughs, but the more bitter it is, the sweeter it is. It’s more memorable. “Mu Yi Tian Xia” so far, the ratings and popularity have been poor. “Aroma through the Bones ” is quite good, but the plot of the former has not yet been rolled out. Its real reputation and ratings will break out in the middle and late stages.” To put it bluntly, the stamina of “Aroma through the Bones” is insufficient. But “Aroma through the Bones” is still a good TV series, but unfortunately this plate of top-notch desserts was messed up by the pastry chef, otherwise “Mu Yi Tian Xia” may not have overwhelmed the other party.


Lu Yuzhou said, “Because tragedies are always more touching?”


Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head for a moment, then shook his head: “Strictly speaking, “Muyi Tianxia” is not a tragedy. It can even be said that the ending is satisfactory, but it  only left a regret.”


And this regret is Mu Yan. The male and female protagonists are complete, but Mu Yan, who goes to the battlefield for his family and the country, and lives and dies for his lover, chooses not to marry all his life.


Mu Yan is not the protagonist, but he is bound to become the most classic and most moving character in the whole show, so this year’s best actor, he is probably determined.


“You really chose a particularly good role for me.” Chi Zhongqiao sighed.


Lu Yuzhou raised his eyebrows lightly.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Old man told me, this drama is actually your investment, and you chose the role for me.”


“The vision is really good, boy.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled.


Lu Yuzhou quietly admired this face close at hand: Well, he also thinks he has a good eye.



As Chi Zhongqiao said, the ratings of “Muyi Tianxia” have steadily increased.


The early stage of the play was a popular face-slap-up story. Generally speaking, it was bright and bright, but when the story progressed to the point where the heroine and the general had to be separated, the tone of the whole play suddenly became heavy. CP fans have been abused to death in every episode, and super talk and major topics have been occupied.


In the early stage, the momentum was extremely fierce, and the popularity of “Aroma Through the Bones “, which the audience could not bear, gradually dropped. Many audiences felt that the later stage was pure and awkward, sweet and sweet, and couldn’t stand it anymore.


On the contrary, the word-of-mouth of “Mu Yi Tian Xia” began to explode, and the topic level far exceeded that of “Aroma through the Bones”. When Mu Yan rushed to the battlefield in the mid-term, the fans who stood by the male and female protagonist CP at the beginning were heartbroken, and Mu Yan’s  fans were already crying.


The character of Mu Yan is portrayed too well. He is different from those infatuated but always trapped by his parents. He is willing to fight, and he has the ability to fight, but it is a pity… the two love each other. In the end, under the weight of the family and the imperial power, they were torn apart.


【I do not understand! Why let them separate! I really can’t understand. The two of them are in love, and Shenzhi also convinced the general’s wife, why can’t we be together? 】


【Owner, wake up, they are destined to have no ending… or be careful and destined to have no good ending. General’s meritorious service is high, and Mu Yan’s military merits are outstanding, and his family holds the military power. And Peipei is the daughter of a civil servant, a combination of military and political affairs… Don’t you want the emperor’s seat? 】


【Upstairs, Peipei is the prime minister’s daughter. In order to win over the prime minister’s power, she is destined to marry the prince. The two of them were destined to be tragedy from the beginning, unless the government rebelled. 】


【How could it be possible to rebel? My Mu Yan is a gentleman (crying), he is loyal to the monarch and patriotic, but his monarch does not love him, the feudal monarchy has killed people! 】


【Mu Yan, my dear, how can you be so handsome and so milky! 】



“However, “Muyi Tianxia” can achieve this kind of achievement is all set off by peers.”


Chi Zhongqiao looked at the same period when they were throwing on the street, shook his head.


He has acted in dozens of TV dramas, and has also participated in phenomenal TV dramas. “Muyi Tianxia” is too far away from those boutique dramas. It is good luck to be able to burst into this.


This point, even Guo Ancheng has to admit.


The ratings of “Muyi Tianxia” have stabilized at around 1.5, and the clicks on the episodes on the video platform are also very gratifying.


The main actors of the TV series have ushered in a wave of craze. Among them, Chi Zhongqiao has gained the most. And Chi Zhongqiao was also completely busy, attending class while cooperating with the publicity, sometimes he didn’t get home until late at night. Tragically, Lu Yuzhou ran into the company year-end at the end of the term, and the two of them were too busy to touch them at a time.


And when the plot progressed to the middle stage, that is, the episode of the NG clip that went viral on the Internet, the explosion of discussion sent Chi Zhongqiao to the hot search.


#Chi Zhongqiao’s beautiful hand holding a sword#


Chi Zhongqiao got up in the morning when he saw this hot search. It was really dazed for a long time. He clicked on the first one, and it was a short video of tens of seconds.


It is a close-up of Chi Zhongqiao’s hands.


This episode is taken from the confrontation between Mu Yan and Emperor Yu . In the TV series, Mu Yan did not draw his sword, but in order to show the suppressed anger and murderous spirit of the character, Chi Zhongqiao deliberately added a small detail- With his hand on the hilt, his fingers kept rubbing the scabbard, as if he could pull the sword out of the scabbard at any time.


The iron armor wrapped most of the palm of his hand, with only a section of cold white fingers exposed, tightly clasped on the pitch-black sword hilt, and the rubbing movements revealed the general’s inner hostility.




[This hand, I’m crazy. 】


【I lick it! 】


【This paragraph is really so handsome, it is really a scene from the eyes to the tips of the fingers. When the lens closes up the eyes, I really almost cried. I feel so distressed, why should such a good person suffer so much wrongdoing? 】


【The acting is so good, I really cry like a dog, crying and licking his hands, I really love him, I love this man! 】


But this hot search is not for purchase, Chi Zhongqiao had fallen to the bottom of the hot search list when he saw it, and it should go down in a few dozen minutes.


Chi Zhongqiao sat up from the bed in shock-was this episode already on yesterday?


Xu Xingzhou fell a big somersault on this paragraph, whether it was the pre-shooting or the post-production. Now that this episode is broadcast, the unhappiness in Xu Xingzhou’s heart is probably turned up exponentially.


And he is going to participate in the recording of a talk show on Jiang Tang TV today, Yan Cheng and Xu Xingzhou will both participate, that is to say…


Chi Zhongqiao sighed: Xu Xingzhou is going to stumble him 80% today.


Although he is not afraid of Xu Xingzhou, it is better to do more than less. Chi Zhongqiao feels a headache when he thinks of dealing with Xu Xingzhou, who is likely to be sour into lemon essence.


With the popular broadcast of “Mu Yi Tianxia”, Xu Xingzhou’s popularity has gradually increased. Xu Xingzhou has repeatedly hinted on his fan base and Weibo that the hot search some time ago was bought by the opponent of the jealous crew, and has nothing to do with him. Showing that they had apologized to Chi Zhongqiao, the fans who had been trying their best to protect Xu Xingzhou believed these nonsense and began to spontaneously explain on behalf of Xu Xingzhou on other platforms.


The people who dispersed after eating the melons were too lazy to chew on the old melons again. Xu Xingzhou’s Weibo  can be described as quiet years. It can be said that Xu Xingzhou has got rid of the predicament of being ridiculed by the crowd.


“I hope he can really learn to be smart.”


Chi Zhongqiao put down his phone, checked his clothes one last time, and stood up.




The program invited by the crew of “Muyi Tianxia” is a veteran program of Jiangtang TV. It has been popular for many years, and the reputation and ratings are flying together. It is very happy to receive the invitation of this program.


When Chi Zhongqiao went downstairs, the phone in his pocket shook twice. Chi Zhongqiao picked it up. It was Lu Yuzhou’s phone.


“Brother Qiao, are you down?”


Chi Zhongqiao said, “I’m downstairs.”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Well, I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot downstairs.”


Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head, “Aren’t you going to school today?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “Just handing in a design to a  classmate.”


Yes, Yuzhou is out of class.


Chi Zhongqiao got off the parking lot and saw Lu Yuzhou next to the car at a glance.


Chi Zhongqiao walked forward, “how are you waiting alone in the parking lot, is it not hot?? ”


Lu Zhou encounter: “It’s nothing ,I was afraid Brother Qiao can not find me , let’s go, I’ll send Brother  Qiao to record the program.”


Chi Zhongqiao froze, “Ah? Why?”


Lu Yuzhou turned around to look at him, and smiled slightly: “Because I want to skip work today.”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled —actually, he was afraid that he was nervous the first time he was recording the show.




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