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IBKAWB Chapter 16


Chapter 16… broadcasts


“Why do they have NG clips?!”


Xu Xingzhou held the phone tightly, and the veins burst from the back of his hand.


“I asked, and they said it was going to edit the film and wait for it to be released after the broadcast, so the NG clips were kept and not deleted! I said Brother Zhou, you should not provoke Chi Zhongqiao! I said before He came here from the investor’s side. Although we don’t know the specific background, he is also a person with a background ! We have no background and no reputation, why bother?”


What’s the use of hindsight? !


Xu Xingzhou smashed his phone and turned around like a trapped animal.


He took a few deep breaths in place, barely calmed down, bent over and picked up the phone. Fortunately, the quality of the phone was good and not broken. He opened Weibo, and Chi Zhongqiao had reached the third most searched list, and the number of forwardings and messages below was astonishing.


Xu Xingzhou’s agent is requesting Shui Jun to comment and delete comments, but even so, some mocking remarks can still be seen on Weibo. Some fans defended Xu Xingzhou, saying that Xu Xingzhou had no idea about this, and was immediately scolded back.


Xu Xingzhou squeezed the phone, his face uncertain under the light. It took a long time for him to make a call: “Hey, Brother Song, it’s me , I want to ask you for a favor.”



Chi Zhong Qiao carried a bag of milk tea and snacks, and first knocked at the assistant’s door next to the president’s office .


Assistant Qi Chuyang said: “Please come in!”


Chi Zhongqiao grabbed the door: “Is Yuzhou in the office? Is he busy now?”


Qi Chuyang quickly said, “He’s there, he had a meeting earlier , he shouldn’t be busy now.”


Chi Zhong Qiao put a cup of milk tea on the water dispenser near the door, “Afternoon tea, it’s hard work. Now there is still a while to leave from work, drink a cup of milk tea to cushion your stomach.”


Saying so Chi ZhongQiao gently closed the door and entered the president’s office.


Qi Chuyang did not stop him, nor did he inform Lu Yuzhou in advance. He stayed next to Lu Yuzhou for a few months. Although he has not yet figured out Lu Yuzhou’s temperament, he has consciously figured out the relationship between Chi Zhongqiao and Lu Yuzhou- absolutely brothers! Let’s not talk about living together. After all, living together doesn’t mean that the relationship is good. Roommates still quarrel.


Brother Chi came to the office at least once a day. Once President Lu was in a meeting, Brother Chi was in the waiting room. President Lu gave him a second key for the office the next day.


What does this mean? Master Chi can freely enter and leave Mr. Lu’s private realm!


Therefore, Qi Chuyang would not inform Lu Yuzhou in advance, anyway, Brother Chi would knock on the door when he entered the office.


Qi Chuyang took a sip of milk tea contentedly: It’s great to have Brother Chi, every time he brings some afternoon tea.


Chi Zhongqiao knocked on the door and walked slowly into the office after obtaining Lu Yuzhou’s permission.


Lu Yuzhou took off his glasses, his shoulders were a little stiff, he moved a little, turned his face to see Chi Zhongqiao, his cold brows couldn’t help softening.


“I guess you are hungry.”


Chi Zhongqiao put down the bag and took out a box of freshly baked soft snacks from it.


Lu Yuzhou was indeed hungry. He was growing up at his age and was usually busy, so he was hungry faster. Chi Zhongqiao was also here at this age, and he knew the feeling of being hungry and flustered all the time, so he often relied on the relationship between the two and came to Lu Yuzhou’s office with food at the time of afternoon tea.


Lu Yuzhou has a light taste and doesn’t like sweets. The roasting point of this box of matcha is Lu Yuzhou’s favorite food.


Chi Zhongqiao put down his snack and slumped into the sofa.


He walked lightly, with almost no sound. When he turned his back to Lu Yuzhou, the white T-shirt and jeans cut out a tall and straight back. He was obviously a tall adult man, but for no reason, he could give people a youthful sense of youth.


Lu Yuzhou gradually lost his mind: He still only reaches Chi Zhongqiao’s eyebrows, but recently he has begun to draw a long stature. By the time he was twenty…should be taller than Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao shrank on the sofa and stretched.


Lu Yuzhou woke up, “Is someone pestering you again?”


“Xu Xingzhou.”


Chi Zhongqiao tilted his head when he heard the words and replied. He was drowsy by the winter sun, and he spoke in a warm tone. .


He had finished his vocal music class today, and there were always some newcomers in the classroom who came up to talk. He didn’t want to deal with it, so he simply avoided everyone and sneaked into Lu Yuzhou’s office.


Although “Mu Yi Tianxia” has not been broadcast yet, thanks to Xu Xingzhou’s magical operation, Chi Zhongqiao made a face in front of the public, and it also greatly increased the popularity of the crew.


After all, the few pieces of NG that were released are too appetizing. Just looking at that little piece, the rattling atmosphere will flow out of the screen, making people’s curiosity rise.


Chi Zhongqiao’s current Weibo fans have risen to two million, but unlike other artists, his account has not yet bought fans, that is to say, these two million fans have no water at all.


And Chi Zhongqiao himself also has a mobile phone addiction. He posts on weibo very diligently, often once a day, so although he has only acted in one TV series and it has not been broadcast yet, the fans under Weibo are already very active.


After Lu Yuzhou finished processing a document, he raised his head and asked, “Why?”


Chi Zhongqiao popped his head from behind the sofa, resting his chin on the back of the sofa, half-squinting his eyes and saying, “For the blessing of Senior Xu, I have 2 million fans on Weibo, and “Muyi Tianxia” is considered to be popular before it is broadcast. Isn’t this the equivalent of Senior Xu spending money to buy us a hot search?”


Lu Yuzhou said : “Well, Brother Xu loves younger generations and is very self-conscious. The spirit of dedication.”


Xu Xingzhou would probably be furious directly when he heard these two people talking.


Chi Zhongqiao was amused by him, “”Muyi Tianxia” will premiere in two weeks, and then I should get busy.” He blinked, “Yuzhou has to go to school and work again, are you tired? ”


Lu Yuzhou said : “The classes are not busy, but there are a lot of activities.”


Chi Zhongqiao put down the milk tea and said, “Be careful, relax, is your sleep okay these two days?”


Lu Yuzhou thought for a while, “It’s okay.”


Chi Zhong Qiao sitting in a chair next to Lu Yuzhou, stretched out his hand: “Don’t look down, I’ll take a look.”


Lu Yuzhou followed his hand and lifted his face.


Chi Zhongqiao carefully examined his face for a while, frowning and said, “Your complexion is not so good, you haven’t slept well these two days?” Lu Yuzhou: “Brother Qiao…”


Chi Zhongqiao was focusing on studying Lu Yuzhou ‘s face, and he was puzzled when there was a grunt.


Lu Yuzhou: “Your posture… is like molesting.”


Chi Zhongqiao was shocked, and then he shook his shoulders and laughed out: “Hahaha I’m sorry.” Lu Yuzhou is too young for him, and looks too good . So Chi Zhongqiao sometimes couldn’t help but get started.


“It would be great if I had a brother like you.”


Chi Zhongqiao sighed.


He felt from the bottom of his heart that Lu Yuzhou was obedient and sensible. This was probably what Chi Zhongqiao had imagined as his younger brother.


Lu Yuzhou: “…Brother Qiao.”


Chi Zhongqiao still stared at him-Lu Yuzhou is so good, and I feel refreshed and happy to look at it more.


Lu Yuzhou simply put down the pen and looked at Chi Zhongqiao, “So Brother Qiao just likes me because I look good.”


“Am I such a superficial person?” Chi Zhongqiao smiled at him, “Lu Zhuo looks good, Do you think I treat you well?”


Lu Yuzhou raised his eyebrows.


Chi Zhongqiao enjoyed the winter sun for a while. Then he turned over lazily and said, “I won’t disturb you, work hard, I’m going out.”


Lu Yuzhou nodded, “Brother Qiao will go back ahead tonight. I’ll be late. You can leave work at 1 o’clock.”


Chi Zhongqiao said: “Okay, pay attention to your body, don’t get too tired.”




“Muyi Tianxia” was bought by Jiangtang TV and played every Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. , Two episodes a day. This time period can be said to be very, very good. It is said that there was a problem with the review of the originally scheduled film, which made “Muyi Tianxia” cheaper. And this Wednesday is the premiere of “Muyi Tianxia”.


The old man had been in front of the TV early in the morning, and couldn’t even watch the news broadcasts that he used to watch most seriously. He muttered, “How come it’s less than 7:30? .”


Lu Zhuo poked out half of his body from his room and choked out. He glanced at Chi Zhongqiao: Dove occupying the magpie’s nest, he really thinks he belongs to the Lu family!


He stared for a long time, and when he was swearing in his heart, Chi Zhongqiao downstairs suddenly raised his head and glanced at him.


Lu Zhuo suddenly became guilty, retracted his head and closed the door.


Chi Zhongqiao slowly retracted his gaze, lowered his head and drank black tea. He is also looking forward to the premiere in his heart, after all, “Muyi Tianxia” is his first TV series in this world, which is very meaningful to him.


Lu Yuzhou hasn’t watched TV for a long time, and always feels that the advertisements after the news broadcast are too noisy.


“Here it comes!” The gentle opening song sounded, and Father Lu couldn’t help sitting upright.


Just listen to the jingle of  pearls and jade gradually clear, as if someone is walking from a distance, the pearl hairpin on her head is shaking, the ancient painting scroll is slowly unfolding, a girl with a double-ringed bun is coming along with the gentle singing.


The old man stared at the TV closely, his mouth still not forgetting to comment: “This song is not bad… Oh, I saw Zhong Qiao, how beautiful it is!”


Different from the gentle appearance of Chi Zhongqiao, in the film, his first shot in the opening song is the scene where blood is dripping on the sword’s edge, and he raises his eyes from the yellow sand field of life and death and gives him a glance.


There is no sorrow or joy, his eyes are as bleak as the distant sky at sunset, and they seem to be full of numbness after being relieved. Anyone who meets such eyes will be deeply attracted.


Lu Yuzhou’s heart trembled when he saw it, and he subconsciously tilted his head to look at Chi Zhongqiao beside him.




Chi Zhongqiao bit a finger biscuit, and looked at Lu Yuzhou innocently, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “…It’s okay.” It’s different from the image on the screen, maybe this is acting. .


……The long-awaited netizen stood in front of the TV.


Many of the younger generation of netizens can no longer follow TV series. Many of them are used to watching TV series on their mobile phones, but the APP will not update the first episode until 12 o’clock in the morning.


Some netizens who couldn’t hold back their curiosity squeezed into the sofa with their parents.


“Aren’t you not watching TV?”


The mother whose remote control was touched by her daughter was very dissatisfied. She hadn’t finished watching the battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law yesterday.


The daughter pleased: “I’ll give you a new one. Make sure it looks good. If it doesn’t look good, I will eat the remote control!”


Mom gave her a blank look.


The opening song was finished soon, and the first episode began. Ye Yupei, played by Yan Cheng, went to Beijing with her parents in the first episode. When she settled down at the inn, she ran into the honorable prince who was ordered by the emperor. The two had their first encounter. Then Ye Yupei entered Beijing and was framed at the flower viewing party. She strayed into the front yard where the male guests gathered, and saw the son of the general , who had come out to hide from the wine, Mu Yan.


He stood under the bamboo forest like a bright moon.


Ye Yupei took a few steps back in surprise and almost fell.


Mu Yan thought he was scaring the other person, a thin blush appeared on his face, and he lowered his eyes: “It’s rude.” The girl covered her mouth and yelled in her heart–how could there be such a good-looking person in this world!



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