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In the morning, Lin Sinian sat at the dining table and opened the news on time. In his dream, the border city murder case was shocking the country. He clearly remembered that the murderer, surnamed Yan, was killed in the case.

This case in a remote border city is coming to be guessed as the beginning of the Yan family’s bloody seizure of power. The loyal butler to Yan Zhao died on the day he returned to his hometown, and the Yan family, who never had to give birth to new power, was accepted into the new house. ‌It’s hard to say whether it has anything to do with Yan family’s butler death.

However, the domestic news was calm, and Yan Zhao still appeared on the economic forum. The trajectory in his dream seemed to have really changed. Lin Sinian was relieved and drank half-warm orange juice, but there was still concern in his heart. Will Yan’s cruel struggle for three years really pass easily?

The red-haired boy studied in the border town without knowing it, and the used draft paper became thicker and thicker like the snow on the ground.

He sat on the table with shredded pork cakes, and Yan Xuexiao sat over with coffee next to him. He quickly finished his breakfast: “I’m going to endorse.”

Ever since he washed the sheets, he was inexplicably guilty , and he never took his pillow to his brother’s bed, nor did he hug him. He even dared not look up and look straight at him.

Just as he was getting ready, the youth stretched out his hand and touched his head. For example, he would rub it in his brother’s hand at ordinary times, but at the moment, he stood up from his chair like a cat stepping on its tail and fled.

Shen Chi went to the desk and sat down, opened the vocabulary book to cover his hot face. What he didn’t notice was that the youth looked at his back thoughtfully.

There were only two of them in the house. The clock on the wall moved slowly. He felt that time was passing extremely slowly, and his breathing became long.

After reciting the words again, the students finally arrived one after another, and he lifted his head. Yan Shen was the first one to arrive. It is said that he took care of Yan Jianguo who was admitted to the hospital.

Border town is a small place, Yan Jianguo used to be a petty thief, and he doesn’t really care about it, because it’s useless to care about it. At most, he will commit the crime again after a few days in the bureau.

He doesn’t know what put Yan Jianguo into the hospital. Even his right hand is cut off, Yan Shen also avoids talking about it.

Shen Chi lowered his eyes and thought, but when Yan Shen got here, he started his class. He didn’t have time to continue thinking, but listened carefully. They learned Chinese history from 9: 00 am to 8: 00 pm.

After the class was self-study time, he silently wrote today’s notes and then took the time to do a math simulation paper, stuck on a big mathematics problem. After thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t figure out what to do.

He tried to use a pencil to outline the auxiliary lines on the graph, and noticed that Yan Xue Xiao was turning around. For some reason he could not calm down and draw the correct auxiliary lines. The graph was densely packed with lines drawn by a pencil.

Seeing that time passed bit by bit, he had to ask Yan Xue Xiao for help while sitting in a chair: “What should I do with this question?”

His voice fell, Yan Xue Xiao naturally leaned down, he was covered by Yan Xue Xiao immediately after the sky was covered with snow and pine wood, his breathing could not help but stop.

The young man unconsciously covered his hand and held the pen, and slowly connected an auxiliary line on the map. The young man’s heart was instantly lifted, and the hand he was holding was so hot that he couldn’t concentrate. He listened to the explanation with spirit, and his attention was on Yan Xue Xiao’s body.

It happened that the young man’s nice voice rang in his ears ‌: “Understand?”

As if someone rubbed his ears, the skin he touched was stained with crimson, his back stiffened suddenly, and he dared not admit that he was distracted. He stammered and replied, “I listened and understood.”

When Yan Xue Xiao left , his mind was still unable to calm down, looking at the auxiliary line in the picture, pinching the pen in his hand.

Zhuang Zhou looked at Shen Chi frequently and he noticed Zhuang Zhou’s inquiring gaze. The boy said coldly, “What do you want to say?”

Zhuang Zhou hesitated to say something but stopped: “Your face is so red.”

“You saw wrong.”

Having said that, Shen Chi touched his face expressionlessly. It was really hot. He pretended to walk to the town and washed his face with cold water, and the blush on his face disappeared.

He returned to his position and sat down and continued to do the simulation roll.

Zhuang Zhou beside him whispered, “You have been making mistakes recently.”

Even Zhuang Zhou realized that something was wrong with him, Shen Chi pursed his lips and did not speak, and squeezed the pen in his hand tighter.

“The pressure is too great.” Zhuang Zhou’s voice is even lower. “Do you want me to share a film with you, and I have not told Shi Liang the resources that I have finally found. I am sure you can relax after watching it .”

“What film?”

Zhuang Zhou is mysterious: “You will understand when you look at it.”

Zhuang Zhou secretly sent a link, but Shen Chi didn’t open it immediately. He concentrated on doing math test papers. After a day of exhausting study, he changed into pajamas and lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling for a while. He smoothly open the website.

The web page loaded very slowly. The moment he was impatient and wanted to close it, the page suddenly loaded, and the low gasp|groan came out of the phone unexpectedly, and one sound was more intense than another.

The boy who has always been expressionless is stunned, his thick eyelashes blinking slowly, with a trace of bewilderment, slowed down the volume by half a beat, and closed the half-open door.

In the picture, a pair of men and women are entangled. It is reasonable to say that they will blush and heartbeat, but he has no response. He looks at his pants and feels that there is really something wrong with him.

There are other video recommendations next to the video. He tentatively clicked on the same-sex video,the other person was pressed against the French window, his white and slender neck was gnawed with red marks, and he kept hitting the window, sending out unbearable emotions. The sound, through the screen, can feel pain and resistance, and the eyes are full of lust.

Despite only a short glance, he quickly turned off the phone, his lips and teeth were dry, and his heart was beating.

The intercourse picture still remained in his mind, and even gradually changed to Yan Xue Xiao’s face, Yan Xue Xiao kissed his neck, forced to lean back to cater to the neck… He closed his eyes and still lingered. , Even getting clearer.

He can no longer deceive himself, realizing that he seems to be treating his brother as a sex|fantasy object, which is not a normal thing.

After taking a cold shower, he walked out of the room, sat back at the table to do the test paper, immersed himself in the question, and restrained his dangerous thoughts.

He told himself over and over again that he was alone with his brother for too long and he needed to keep a distance.

Yan Xue Xiao walked out of the room to make coffee. He immediately collected the half-finished paper, quickly stood on the chair, and walked towards the bedroom as if nothing happened.

Fortunately, Yan Xue Xiao did not stop him. He walked to the door and was relieved. However, as soon as he put his hand on the doorknob, the youth’s voice rang from him: “You are avoiding me.”

‌ Shen Chi’s face was hot, and he controlled his thoughts of running away, refuting without confidence: “No.”

He realized the lack of confidence in his words, and added: “Really not.”

His brother is very nice, but he doesn’t know how to face himself like this. For example, if his brother knows his own thoughts, he will avoid him. If he is far away, he can’t imagine him. Brother will loathe him someday.

Yan Xue Xiao said lightly to him: “Come here.”

His body stiffened and his scalp tingled. Yan Xue Xiao walked into the room, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to lift his head, and asked anxiously, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Xue Xiao took a cup of coffee and handed him the exercise book that was corrected today. All the wrong questions were outlined, and the knowledge points were also marked on the title.

Seeing that it was the exercise book, he couldn’t help but relax, the air was tense, he didn’t want to stay in the room too much, and he stood by the bed and asked, “Is there anything else? If there is nothing wrong–”

He didn’t speak yet. The next second, a hand grabbed his waist and hooked him to the bed. When he didn’t react, Yan Xue Xiao hugged him and put his chin on his head and said, “Alright.”

Translator’s Note: Wtf is Zhuang Zhou sending to the cub?! okay I actually thought he would be caught by Yan Xue Xiao watching that video but that didn’t happen.
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