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One dozen three


“The fan in front should be rational.”

“Ren Duo doesn’t want face!”

“Maybe he will find you.”

Ten minutes later, Shen Chi finished the game and received a team invitation. The sender was Ren Duo.

“It’s really here.”

“Is it too late to disconnect now?”

“Cover my cub and go first.”

Shen Chi didn’t want to bother, but he glanced at the barrage and accepted.

“Hello, I’m Ren Duo.” A mature and steady voice came from the team’s voice channel, “Is it more than a single game?” The young man pressed the start game without saying a word.

Seeing that he was not interested in talking more, and Ren Duo had no courtesy, he started the game directly, and the helicopter moved slowly on the route.

The route cuts to the northeast of the map, passing through the school and P City, two areas rich in materials. Ren Duo chose to land in P City without thinking at all.

He looked at the small map, and Late also chose P City.

Sure enough, more than 30 people jumped in P City. Because they played as a duo the game was more concentrated, he took down seven heads in less than five minutes.

“Seven in five minutes!”

“Today he is in good condition”

“Show the little anchor a little bit of color”

He is indeed in good condition today, his gun is very stable, his highest kill count in the past was seventeen, but now the game has only been played. Halfway through the game, he has already won ten heads.

“He is going to break the record today!”

“It’s time to let the little anchor see whose the man.”

“But that little anchor seems…twelve kills.”

Ren Duo frowned, and he didn’t pay attention to the screen. The kill information, only to see the Late on the mini map shuttle constantly.

At this moment, a new kill message appeared on the screen.

“Late killed Reven with AKM”

“Late killed Alexander with AKM ”

“Late killed Mariex with AKM”

triple kill!

Not only was Ren Duo’s live broadcast room stunned, but Re Duo himself couldn’t help but be stunned. He thought that the anchor had beaten him because of his luck by throwing objects, but he didn’t expect him to be really strong.

At the end of the game, his single-game kills were eighteen, while Late’s kills reached 22.

He had to admit: “You’re great.”

Ordinary people would be more or less polite to praise, but the teenager was not polite at all, but took it for granted: “I’m always great.” Ren Duo:…

“Originally I’m quite convinced, and suddenly I feel uncomfortable again.”

“The old man is so talkative and everyone is silent.”

“This is probably…because of his ability to offend people?”

Seeing the atmosphere gradually turn rigid, Yan Xue Xiao’s eyelashes slightly lowered and opened Ren Duo’s live broadcast room.

“No need to care about kids,” the barrage reacted.

“It sounds like I’m only 17 or 8 years old, maybe I’m still underage.”

“But this is too popular.”

“Then I hope he will be caught by the teacher playing games in Internet cafes.”


Seeing that there is a step down, Ren Duo breathed a sigh of relief, and said in a harmonious voice, “I’ll have a chance to play together next time.”

Shen Chi stared at the screen, it seemed that he had been conquered by his strength, and the boy said “Uh” in a very low voice. Left the game.

The time passed quickly, and when Shen Chi returned home, he was still alone in the small room.

The boy lay on his side in the bed, curled up asleep, no one said goodnight to him, he whispered “goodnight” to himself.

*The next day, Shen Chi sat at the table eating spring rolls.

The spring rolls in Border Town are different from those in Yancheng. The stuffing inside is wrapped in oil, and he only eats the thin crispy outer layer.

Dad Ji bent over to carry the boiler. When he stood up, his back arched up, he suddenly froze. He turned his head and asked Ma Ji for help: “You can help me.”

Ma Ji raised Dad Ji, worried. Looking at him, “Your illness is getting more and more serious. Why don’t you go to the hospital today?”

Dad Ji shook his head: “How can you do it alone.”

Ma Ji looked at Shen Chi, hopelessly. He said: “Xiao Chi, would you like to go out with me? It just happens that you have nothing else.”

Hearing the last sentence, Shen Chi wanted to argue, but his eyes fell on Dad’s back, and finally he said nothing, sipping his lips and saying “Ok”.

The early stall is located at the gate of No. 3 Middle School. Many students will drop by to buy an early meal before entering the school. Ma Ji has undertaken most of the work, and only Shen Chi is responsible for collecting the money.

Seven o’clock in the morning was the time when there were most people. Even so, not much money was made, and Shen Chi collected the money silently.

“Two Steamed dumplings.”

said a social youth with a cigarette in his mouth.

Ma Ji carefully packed it with the bag and handed it over. The man took the dumplings and turned and left. Shen Chi grabbed his arm: “You didn’t give money.”

The man didn’t panic at all about being caught. Instead, he turned to Ma Ji: “Yes, if you don’t believe me, ask her.”

Ma Ji didn’t want to cause trouble, and was used to it, she whispered to Shen Chi, “Forget it.”

But the young man’s hand still did not let go.

Under the eyes of everyone, the man had no choice but to take him. He threw out five yuan and threw it on the dirty ground: “You also want five yuan.”

Shen Chi lowered his head and picked them up one by one.

The early stall opened until ten o’clock, and Shen Chi arrived at the Internet cafe at almost eleven o’clock. He was about to pull out his chair and sit down when he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.

He turned his head, it was the social youth he had met in the morning, with two people around him, obviously he had come prepared.

“I want to fight.” The boy took off the headphones he had just put on.

Yan Xue Xiao opened the live broadcast room, and for the first time saw that the broadcast was not started, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the empty live broadcast room.


Zhuang Zhou stuffed his school uniform in his schoolbag, and walked straight to the Internet cafe. From a distance, he saw young people fighting.

Fighting is not new in border towns with strong folk customs. It is new not to fight. As long as the undead is left unattended, no one will report to the police. The police are busy dealing with smuggling drugs and is always too late.

Therefore, the surrounding shops can’t do anything with the group of young people who like to make trouble.

He didn’t intend to interfere, but he stopped after catching a glimpse of a head dyed with red hair. Isn’t it the little red hair of the Internet cafe that offended people?

Although he was not surprised by this, Zhuang Zhou was still nervous and couldn’t help stepping forward.

Unlike what he thought, the red-haired boy fought fiercely. He didn’t spare any defense, as if he couldn’t feel the pain, he beat three people down.

The boy picked up a person’s collar, strangled that person’s throat, and asked in a cold voice, “Do you know how to pay next time?”

“Know, know.”

The person nodded quickly.

Looking at the three people cowering on the ground, Zhuang Zhou finally knew how this little red hair lived until now.

Shen Chi turned and left.

He did not go back to the Internet cafe, but walked home.

The door was open, and he heard Ma Ji’s doubtful voice coming from the door: “It’s weird. When I first came back, someone gave me money, saying that he forgot to pay it before.”

“Maybe he discovered his conscience ”

” Right.”

Shen Chi lowered his eyes and walked in the door.

Before he walked into the bedroom, Dad Ji stopped him, looked at his dirty clothes and raised his eyebrows: “Xiao Chi, did you fight with someone?”

Seeing that Shen Chi did not refute, Dad Ji spoke hard once.

“Internet cafes are places where people go. Which good students do you think will go to Internet cafes? If you can fight with people today, you can commit crimes tomorrow. If Xiao Shu is still there, he will definitely not go to that place.”

The young man raised his eyes to explain, but when he heard the last sentence, his back trembled very lightly and said nothing.

He walked into the room in silence, closed the door, and leaned his back against the door.

At this time, he carefully rolled up his clothes, revealing a narrow waist and abdomen covered with bruises. In order not to hurt too much, he slowed his breathing.

The room was very quiet, as if he was the only person in the world. When he was about to put down his clothes, the phone shook and he swiped the screen.

[Yan Xue Xiao] What happened?

Shen Chi stared at the phone for a while, lowered his eyes and typed slowly.

[Shen Chi] I had a fight with a few people, and I didn’t have time to broadcast it.

[Shen Chi] However, I won

Yan Xue Xiao on the other side of the ocean looked at the reply from him. He had seen the young wolf dog raised by his brother-in-law, and he had to bite with a tone even if he was covered in injuries.

He tapped the word gently.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Where did you get hurt?

Shen Chi was stunned after seeing the reply. How did she know that she was injured? He didn’t want the girl to worry about him and denied it with a guilty conscience.1(TL: Remember Shen Chi refers to Yan as a she because he thought he is a girl)

[Shen Chi] I’m not injured

He knew that Yan Xue Xiao was very busy. He couldn’t say a few words to him every time, so he probably wouldn’t ask any more, but in the next second, another message was sent from the other side.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Apply medicine

The tone is exceptionally firm.


TL: I feel annoyed at Shen Chi’s dad comparing him. Poor Shen Chi, nobody cares for him except Yan.

  • 1
    (TL: Remember Shen Chi refers to Yan as a she because he thought he is a girl)
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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