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Red Rope

Yan Xue Xiao’s expression could not be seen in the dark. He felt the person’s departure, and let go and at the same time, he felt slightly disappointed.

He seems to be a child forever in Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes. He suppressed his thoughts and closed his eyes and fell asleep, half-wake and half-dreaming.

In the dream, Yan Xuexiao pressed against him and kissed his neck. He couldn’t move and could not resist, ‌he could only lift his head to withstand deeper and deeper kisses, swallow all the whimpers into his abdomen, and hum on the bed…

When he woke up, Shen Chi sat up from the bed, the feeling under the pajamas was sticky and moist, and even the sheets were stained with traces. Shen Chi’s eyes were at a loss, and he sat down on the bed with his head hanging down.


Biancheng, West Railway Station.

Gao Bo slowly walked out of the station with the help of his nephew, and more than half a hundred old people looked at the familiar railway station: “So, the border town is still the same.”

“There is no development. Some people said that they want to develop tourism, but there is no movement.” The nephew helped Gao Bo, “This kind of grave relocation can be done by our juniors, Please ask your old man to come from home in person. ”

“Moving the grave is a big deal .”

Gao Bo coughed, and he looked at his hometown intently. He stayed in Yan’s house for half his life, and has not come back for a long time.

Yan Jianguo at the railway station looked at the gray-haired old man with a complicated expression. He didn’t know why someone would spend 200,000 yuan on a life, and even asked him to hide his eyes and pretend to seek revenge.

He lives by pickpocketing and knows how to approach a person quietly, without attracting others’ attention.

Yan Jianguo quietly walked behind the old man, and drew a sharpened knife from under his clothes. He needs to use this knife to cut the old man’s throat.

‌ However, his hands were shaking, and the knife fell on the ground with a click. The old man’s nephew turned his head and saw his face: “Yan Jianguo, what do you want to do!”

He forgot to pick up the knife on the ground in a panic.

“I didn’t beat you enough for stealing last time?” A deep disgust flashed across the face of my nephew, “You have hands and feet but still not working, it’s no wonder that even your son looks down on you.”

The nephew turned his head and said to Gao Bo: “Don’t worry about it, just a thief.”

Gao Bo worked in Yan’s family for half a lifetime, looking at the sharp blade on the ground, and rising up to guard against it: “I think it’s still up to you to worship the ancestors, I’ll go back to Yan’s family first .”

Watching Gao Bo turn to enter the train station, Yan Jianguo quietly let go. When he picked up the blade from the ground, someone came out in front of him, and his tone was extremely indifferent: “Success is not an option.”


At eight o’clock in the morning, the hour hand on the wall pointed to 7: 10, fearing that the traces on the sheets would be seen, Shen Chi sat on the bed and still didn’t get out of bed.

“Still won’t get up?”

Yan Xue Xiao in a white shirt walked over and sat next to him. Even though he was touching his red hair, he still froze.

He didn’t know why he had that dream last night. It seemed so real. He felt embarrassed about his dream, and he didn’t know how to face his brother.

Yan Xue Xiao took a panoramic view of the few reactions, and his eyes fell on the wet sheets. The mood in his eyes was dark and unclear: “Adolescence is normal.”

Shen Chi’s face turned red, and he couldn’t wait to find a seam to drill down. He still kept his head down when he took the clothes from Yan Xue Xiao’s hand, and did not dare to look at Yan Xue Xiao’s calm eyes.

After changing the pajama pants with traces, he repeatedly told himself that it was normal, suppressed the images that shouldn’t exist in his mind, and made preparations for half an hour before leaving the room.

Zhuang Zhou has come. He pulled out the chair and sat down, and handed the finished love letter to Zhuang Zhou.

Zhuangzhou immediately put the love letter small into the inner layer of the school bag, then took out two strawberry-flavored little cakes from the school bag, and handed them to Shen Chi, when he saw the sheets hanging under the air outlet: ” Did you wash the sheets in the morning?”

Shen Chi’s hand that opened the cake box stopped, and the light-colored sheets floated on the clothesline, it was crumpled because of washing, and the traces on the bed disappeared ‌.

His eyes floated in front of him. There was a scene of scorching hot in his dream, his white face was flushed, and his steady breathing suddenly tightened.

Zhuangzhou saw Shao‌’s reaction. As a boy, he instantly understood‌, and asked in a low voice: “Who did you dream of yesterday?”

Shen Chi slapped the book on the table, and coldly dropped a sentence: “No.”

Zhuang Zhou never thought that Shen Chi’s reaction would be so big. He didn’t mean anything else. He was curious about what he would dream of with his indifferent temperament.

The expressionless young man took a deep breath and forced himself to be immersed in the difficult problem. After a long period of dreaming, the picture disappeared. He devoted himself to the English problem and did not allow himself to be distracted.

After two days of long grammar practice, he built a sense of language based on a strict grammatical framework. He could understand the meaning of the sentence without analyzing the composition of the sentence. The reading speed was gradually shortened from ten minutes to five minutes, which meant that he could quickly Complete the English test paper.

When class is about to end, Shi Liang has corrected the wrong question, put away his own things, and glanced at the door: “The uncle who gave the brown sugar Guokui did not come today. The one he made is really delicious.”

Yan Shen looked at the door deeply and left a little later than usual, but no one rang the doorbell. He lowered his head and did not stay. After bowing to Yan Xue Xiao as usual, he left the warm house.

He carried his schoolbag and walked towards the residential building. The ground was covered with thick snow. He suddenly heard something rustling behind him, so he stopped.

The rusty blue trash can tremble slightly, and the blood is covered in the cascading snow. A frozen bruised hand came out from the snow, and he was wearing a crude wedding ring.

Yan Shen frowned and opened the lid of the trash can, as if he had a premonition. The lid was covered with snow, and his open hand trembled slightly.

一The short, bloody man came out at the bottom of the barrel, his right hand was chopped off, and the blood was frozen in the cramped space.

Yanshen moved his eyes from the broken elbow to Yan Jianguo’s face, and asked in a cold voice, “Stealing something again?”

Yan Jianguo slowly regained consciousness. Someone gave him 200,000 to kill an old man. He did not know the identity of the old man, but knew that he was working as a housekeeper in a wealthy family.

He wants to give his son a good living condition, even if he stole, but he knows that his son has a high regard for the college entrance examination, and he does not want to affect his son’s college entrance examination because of his imprisonment.

So he pretended to give up by shaking hands at the last moment. Of course, there was a price to give up. He was thrown into the trash can like a dog, almost thinking that he had a little life left, Yan Jianguo. His(Yan Shen) throat burned violently from the dryness, closed his eyes and said, “Don’t steal.”

“There is no truth in my mouth.”

Yan Shen carried Yan Jianguo on his shoulders, and walked towards the hospital step by step. No one cared about petty theft. Unless he provokes someone who shouldn’t be provoked, he didn’t ask any more, because it wasn’t someone like them that could intervene.

Translator’s Note: Yan Jianguo is a good father, I hope Yan Shen would realize that. Meanwhile the cub is awakening something. Happy Reading Everyone! If there is anything wrong please ping me on discord or comment down below.
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  1. Avatar 🛫JETJET🛬 says:

    It will be super funny if the cub panicked and just cut the stained sheets lol
    Too bad ahahaha

    I can’t say if Yan Jiangou is a good parent his intentions are good but by doing these things he’s not helping but adding problems I hope he realise that

    Thanks for by the chapter💕

    1. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

      Thanks for the chapter 💛

  2. Avatar Unknown nut says:

    I really pity Yan Jiangou. He tries his best to give his family a good life and to give Yan Shen opportunities to avoid becoming like him… Yet, he only create more troubles and stray farther away from the right path.
    Hopefully, he will change and Yan Shen will get into uni, clearly, he wants to study in uni, but couldn’t get into one.
    Shen Chi got himself good friends.

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