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Wash the sheet

Turning off the light, he was sleeping with his brother in his arms. The two people were stuck together with their pajamas. Perhaps the heating was sufficient. He felt the temperature getting hotter and hotter.

He moved his consciousness to the side, but Yan Xue Xiao hugged him tighter, breathing on his neck. He don’t know if it’s his illusion, his brother’s lips rubbed on his neck. Slowly, his skin shivered with sensitivity.

He didn’t arched up, didn’t dare to turn around at all, didn’t want his brother to feel strange about himself, but was worried that he had to wash the sheets again.

His bow movement is fierce, and the friction between his lips and teeth is more obvious. It is like kissing his skin inch by inch. When his body is frozen, there is a cold voice of Yan Xue Xiao: “Don’t move.”

He immediately did not dare to move. Yan Xue Xiao leaned his head against his sensitive neck. He forced himself to close his eyes and fall asleep. In the dimness, he saw the sound of water coming from the toilet.

In the morning, he woke up with dark circles under his eyes, Yan Xue Xiao got up and left. He sighed loosely, and quickly put the sheets in the washing machine and replaced them with new sheets.

He hung the clean sheets on the clothesline. There were traces on the sheets, and his face couldn’t help being hot.

When Yan Xuexiao came back and stopped looking at the fluttering sheets, he blushed and explained: “The milk spilled.”

Youth faintly sounded.

Looking at Yan Xue Xiao’s insightful eyes, he lowered his head and did not dare to look at him. He didn’t even say a word when eating. He sat at the farthest position from Yan Xue Xiao.

He sipped the porridge, because the location was far away from the tissue box, and when he was about to stand up to take out the tissue, Yan Xue Xiao watched him and handed it over. He answered, “I will take it myself.”

After he took the tissues and fled away from the dining table, he deliberately kept his distance. Yan Xue Xiao also seemed to realize that the two of them remained silent. The young man who had finished the class said: “I am leaving”

Shen Chi froze, he did not think that the winter vacation would be so fast, he suddenly regretted keeping his distance ‌, he squeezed the pen in his hand tightly, his throat was dry, and he couldn’t say anything.

“Zhuang Zhou forgot to take the book.” He hurriedly got up from his seat and turned to the door, pressing down on the tumbling emotions and said, “I’ll get it to him.”

He stopped at the door for a while before he adjusted his condition and walked to the building. He handed the book to Zhuang Zhou at will. Zhuangzhou put the book in his schoolbag and asked: “Will Teacher Yan leave after school starts? ?”

Seeing the boy lowered his eyes and tacitly agreeing, Zhuang Zhou said, “Then I want to tell Shi Liang to thank Teacher Yan’s class during this time, Mr. Yan refused to accept the expensive gifts. He could only give some special products, but we do not know what he likes.”

“Mr. Yan likes to read books, but the books he reads are all foreign books. I don’t know which one to buy. Does he like oranges? But oranges are not convenient to take on the plane and have to be dried oranges. My mother makes bacon.”

Compared with Zhuang Zhou’s excitement of picking gifts, Shen Chi remained silent, not knowing what he was thinking.

Zhuang Zhou noticed that the teenager was depressed when he was talking. He immediately stopped the topic and changed to a new topic: “Will you participate in the Fog and Fire Festival tonight? A lot of people will go, and so will Xiao Zui.”

” Spring Festival?”

The teenager had doubts in his eyes. The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer. He is immersed in the book, and the Spring Festival is very simple, just put up a meal.

“I remember that you are not a native of the border town.” Zhuang Zhou patiently explained, “The Fog and Fire Festival is a traditional festival in the border town. On the last day of February, the night fog is dispelled by fire to welcome the light. It is more lively than the Spring Festival. I don’t know about Mr. Yan. Will he come? If he returns to the United States, this may be the last time he will participate in the Fog and Fire Festival.”

In fact, he left out one more sentence, saying that the Fog and Fire Festival is also a traditional Valentine’s Day in the border town. Lovers wear masks and hold hands while walking through the lights.

Zhuang Zhou’s voice just fell, he saw Shen Chi leave quickly, incredibly fast, and disappeared.

At ordinary times, Shen Chi, who runs in school morning exercises, is lazy in the countdown, only a little faster than the weak Shi Liang. He never thought that the teenager could run so fast.

Shen Chi ran home hurriedly from the building ‌, his chest still gasping slightly, he looked at Yan Xue Xiao who was packing his luggage, and asked with amber eyes, “Is the Fog and Fire Festival coming tonight?”

The youth’s tone was flat: “Not necessarily.”

This is a very gentle refusal. Shen Chi’s chest is suffocating, and keeping a distance seems to be a real distance. He hangs his head and walks through the door, paying attention to the youth watching him leave.

When receiving a call from Yan Xue Xiao, Guan Shan put on a white lab coat and prepared to go to work: “It’s normal for adolescent boys to be rebellious. The college entrance examination is very stressful. We don’t want parents to interfere with our lives. We all came from the college entrance examination. I recommended, anyway, give him more time to adjust.”

A sentence from the young man came over the phone: “I know.”

Guan Shan sighed quietly. Even if Yan Xue Xiao was a parent, he not only had to help take care of tenosynovitis, but also the work of psychological counseling. Before Yan Xue Xiao hung up the phone, he was reminded: ” Your father knows the news of you returning to China ‌.”

He and Yan Xue Xiao have known each other since they were young, and they knew that the relationship between Yan Xue Xiao and Yan Zhao was not good, and the philosophical relationship dropped to a freezing point because of Yan Xue Xiao’s insistence. If Yan Zhao knew that Yan Xue Xiao was raising an adult wolf cub in the border town. He might make a fuss.

Yan Xue Xiao, who was on the phone, hung up. Guan Shan shook his head, hoping that Yan Zhao was busy at work and went to the border town. Otherwise, even he would be criticized for sheltering the youth.


In the evening, a person wearing a scarf came to the square alone, he saw Zhuang Zhou and the others from afar. Around the square, many people sang and danced in the traditional lacquered blue costumes of the border town.

Children wearing ghost masks in the square sell cheap red ropes: “Tie the red rope to the hand of the person you like.”

Shen Chi never believed in this thing, and it was too expensive to spend five yuan to buy one. He stood on the edge of the square wrapped in clothes and looked around. He still had expectations of seeing the youth.

‌The color gradually dimmed. In the dark, there was an extinguished torch on the candlestick. At first, it only lit a small piece of light, like a faint fluorescent light in the night. Later, it seemed to be sprinkled with mellow spirits, and the whole city set off bright flames.

He suddenly remembered that he first came to the border town. This dilapidated and small city had no merit in his eyes. He was very eager to return to Yancheng, but the solemn and dignified Yancheng would not have such a brilliant and warm fire.

He walked along the square and ran into Zhuang Zhou, who was walking with Xiao Zui on the way. Xiao Zui was wearing a white dress. Zhuang Zhou was holding a glow stick glowing in the night. Zhuang Zhou asked Shen Chi curiously: “Did you not come with Mr. Yan ‌? I just saw him by the gate .”

Seeing Zhuangzhou’s words, Shen Chi squeezed his phone. It turned out that his brother was not late, but he just didn’t want to come. He replied with a blank face: “Yes.”

“Why don’t go with us, there is a balloon shooting game ahead, and you can also loop.” Zhuang Zhou invited.

Shen Chi looked at the girl next to Zhuang Zhou. He knew that Zhuangzhou likes Xiao Zui. He refused the invitation to go with Zhuang Zhou and walked into the depths of the square alone.

He‌ is not interested in shooting games that he has always been passionate about. He feels panicked in his chest, and something weighs heavily on the bottom of my heart.

There was a market in the square. Shen Chi walked to the market to buy a bowl of locally brewed glutinous rice wine, and the stall enthusiastically shouted: “Would you like a bowl of glutinous rice wine? A full bowl only costs two yuan, high school students can drink too.”

If Yan Xue Xiao was by his side, he would definitely not dare to drink, but today, Yan Xue Xiao was not there. He slurped a bowl of glutinous rice wine with a sweet taste, and drank another bowl of glutinous rice wine. He was holding the phone when it rang

He can usually drink two bottles of beer without gasping, underestimating the degree of glutinous rice wine, he drinks four bowls. Walking through the market he felt dizzy and stumble.
Yan Xue Xiao’s face was faintly seen in the crowd, and he thought he must be wrong. Yan Xue Xiao should be packing his luggage back to go back to the United States at home at this time.

As he was thinking about whether to go home, the whole flame suddenly disappeared, the whole city fell into endless darkness, and the boiling voice stopped ‌.

He doesn’t like darkness, it always reminds him of a small | cramped space. He squeezed the corner of his clothes, and suddenly a cold hand held him.

Northwest Qin Opera sounded loudly in the darkness, and the flame suddenly lit up for a second, and he saw Yan Xue Xiao’s dazzling face in the flame.

That face, he almost thought it was an illusion until he felt the real temperature in his hand: “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

There was a moment of silence, and suddenly Yan Xue Xiao lowered his head. The distance between the two was extremely close, and the warm breath poured in. He became tense and stiff, but the young man quickly stood up and said: “I’m drinking ‌.”

He quickly replied, “Don’t drink anymore.”

The air was silent for a second time. He is plucking up courage with the sound of his own heartbeat and asks, “Are you angry?”

A familiar hand fell on his head, and he gently rubbed his red hair: ” No I’m not.”

The invisible distance seemed to be drawn closer ‌, as if they had never been separated, and they walked hand in hand in the flames everywhere.

A child wearing a ghost mask handed out red ropes that could not be sold. He was also stuffed with two red ropes. Perhaps the stamina of glutinous rice wine came up. His brain was dizzy and pinched red. The rope asked: “Brother, is there anyone you like?”

This is not the first time he has asked Yan Xue Xiao, every time he is cautious, afraid that when he grows up, Yan Xuexiao will like others.

Yan Xue Xiao stared at him quietly for a long while, then looked away and said, “There are things that cannot be said.”

Shen Chi didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. He wasn’t sure whether he had someone or not. But in the flame of yearning for the light, the thoughts he had hidden in his heart could not be avoided. One thing that is certain is that he likes Yan Xue Xiao. The Seventeen-year-old has a crush on someone.

He liked him from the beginning. Perhaps it was because people in the dark were greedy for warmth. He wanted to be closer to Yan Xue Xiao, he grew greedy from the bottom of his heart ,but he didn’t know if Yan Xue Xiao would hate him.

He didn’t dare to ask, hiding all the unspeakable thoughts in his heart, just trying to tie a red rope quietly on Yan Xuexiao’s left hand. It seems that his brother belongs to only him.

His movements were cautious, but it seemed that he was aware of it, and Yan Xue Xiao turned his head to get a full view of his movements.

Shen Chi’s heart suddenly rose on his throat, and he had no time to explain, the young man gently pressed the red string.

putting it on.

Translator’s Note: Our cub finally realized he was in love with Yan Xue Xiao! Happy Reading Everyone and see you on Monday for the next update.

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