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Real and Fake Young Master 5

The door to the driver’s seat opened, and a man in a suit and leather shoes as an elite came down. The man was about 30 years old, wearing a pair of gold-framed eyes, with a touch of gentleness in his ability.

“Hello, are you hurt?” The elite man took a look at the intact Bai Chen and felt completely relieved.

Bai Chen didn’t reply to the elite man’s words, but turned his head and stared at the front glass of the car in a daze.

The black car looks low-key and luxurious at night. The glass in the front of the car seems to be specially made. From the outside to the inside, one can only see darkness, and can’t see anything. Even so, Bai Chen still looks at it persistently, as if there are things or people in the car that he cares about.

The elite man followed Bai Chen’s gaze, and was immediately frightened in a cold sweat. At the same time, various conspiracy theories were born in his heart.

The boy in front of him rushed up deliberately for his master.

Who leaked the whereabouts of the master?

Various thoughts flashed in his mind, the elite man became more and more calm, and at the same time became impatient and vigilant towards the ‘unfriendly’ Bai Chen.

However, he still maintained the most basic courtesy. The elite man took out a business card from the pocket of his suit and handed it to Bai Chen: “Look, this young man, I still have something to do. I can’t delay it. If you have something to do later, you can call the above phone number. Whether it is physical or mental compensation, I will definitely implement it for you.”

Bai Chen still stared at the car glass and did not move, as if he hadn’t heard the other party’s words.

This is a little bit ignorant. The elite man frowned impatiently. He thought of his master temperament, and was about to step forward to block Bai Chen’s gaze.

“Woof woof.”

The little yellow dog in Bai Chen’s arms suddenly barked, pulling Bai Chen’s thoughts back. He looked down and saw that the little yellow dog was pulling his arms and wanted to jump off.

Bai Chen squatted down and put the little yellow dog struggling to get to the ground down.

The little yellow dog seemed to have accepted the love, stretched out his little tongue and licked the back of Bai Chen’s hand, barked, turned and got into the green belt beside the road and disappeared.

Seeing Bai Chen’s attention returned, the elite man took the opportunity to pass his business card to Bai Chen again.

Bai Chen glanced at the business card handed over by the elite man, and did not reach out to accept it. Instead, he stepped past the elite man and walked to the back seat of the car.

The elite man was immediately scared into a cold sweat by Bai Chen’s actions, and he hurried to stop him. Bai Chen had already reached out and knocked on the back seat glass window.

It’s over, it’s over, the elite man’s heart can’t help crying, but his face is still very calm, stepping forward, blocking the front of the car window, looking at Bai Chen, his eyes are slightly cold, “This little boy, please respect yourself.”

“Step aside.”

The low and cold voice behind him made the elite man’s heart tremble, his back straightened involuntarily, and he stepped aside respectfully.

With this movement, the elite man saw that the window of the car that had just been blocked by him had been rolled down at some point, revealing a handsome and indifferent man’s face.

“Sir!” The elite man bent slightly and respectfully said.

The man in the car is wearing a black suit without a tie. The suit is slightly open, revealing the white shirt inside. It seems that because there is no other person in the car, the man’s shirt button is not button to the top one, but opened up at will, revealing the bronzed skin inside.

The man has a thin lip, pursed slightly, carrying a smell of ruthlessness, but that pair of long and narrow eyes is not angry. Even if he is sitting in the car, it does not affect his aura at all.

The aura of the powerful upper ranks person in his body can not be ignored. He sits there, like the noble emperor of China in the dark night.

The elite men no longer dare to speak or look anymore.

At the moment when he saw the man, Bai Chen’s heart that had been beating at a constant speed suddenly accelerated frantically. He stepped forward eagerly, bent down, grabbed the car window, and stared at the man with bright eyes.

When seeing the man, the surrounding scenery automatically turns into a phantom, and even the sound becomes nothingness.

Bai Chen heard his own voice, “Who are you?”

“Qi Xiao.”

The elite man standing beside him couldn’t help but shake his hand, his heart was shocked.

“What about you?” Qi Xiao asked.

“Bai.” The name that Bai Chen was about to say paused.

System: [Little master, you cannot reveal your identity. Once it is discovered that you are not Lu Songyuan, we will be expelled by the world consciousness.]

Bai Chen lowered his eyes, the hand holding the car window tightened unconsciously, with a bit of reluctance and grievance, “My name is Lu Songyuan.”

“Lu Songyuan.” Qi Xiao repeated the name on the tip of his tongue. Looking at Bai Chen’s thin household clothes, he stretched out his hand to cover Bai Chen’s hand on the car window.

The soft and delicate touch made him feel a little bit itchy, and there was an urge to hold onto it and not want to let go, but then the cold temperature on Bai Chen’s hand made Qi Xiao frown, and he opened the door switch, “Come in.”

This time, Bai Chen didn’t have to learn the pictures given by the system to know, a big smile naturally appeared. He opened the car door and sat in as Qi Xiao moved inside.

The elite man standing outside the car was a little messy. He felt that his master was either lost or he was sleeping and had not awakened, and he was having a nightmare about his master.

“Drive.” A cold and solemn voice came from inside the car.

The elite man couldn’t help shaking his body, waved away the messy thoughts in his mind, respectfully closed the back seat door, sat in the driver’s seat without blinking, and controlled the eyeballs that wanted to peek into the rearview mirror. He started the car slowly.

Inside the car.

Bai Chen kept staring at Qi Xiao’s wide palm that had just held his hands, and finally, following his inner desire, he pulled Qi Xiao’s hand over and covered his palm again.

Qi Xiao did not refuse, even lightly squeezing it when he touched Bai Chen’s palm.

“Is it cold?” Qi Xiao squeezed his hand, the white and tender palm that did not belong to him, and asked with concern. Then, without waiting for Bai Chen’s answer, he turned to the elite man and said, “Turn on the heating.”

Turned on the heating in the early autumn weather…the elite man did not dare to think what kind of evil hit that wise master who had been wearing a suit in his own home, he turn on the heater obediently.

The car passed on the driveway and climbed to the mountain road surrounded by the Luye Xianzong community.

Bai Chen didn’t pay attention to the direction of the car, he put all his attention on Qi Xiao’s body, and quietly moved to Qi Xiao’s side.

When he touched Qi Xiao’s body, Bai Chen squinted his eyes with satisfaction, his lips curled up slightly.

“Like it?” Qi Xiao held both hands of Bai Chen, warming Bai Chen’s cold palms with his big hand.

“I like it.” Bai Chen nodded, his frank appearance made Qi Xiao heart itch, with some unexplained pity and pain.

Qi Xiao restrained himself, but did not restrain the desire that suddenly ignited in his heart, reached out his hand to lift Bai Chen, separated Bai Chen’s legs, and let him sit on his lap face to face.

The intimate posture of the two made Qi Xiao sigh contentedly, as if getting along like this made him look forward to it for a long time.

The elite man secretly looked at the rearview mirror. When he saw this scene, his whole body shook. He almost smashed the car into the side of the mountain because of his shaking hands. Fortunately, he had been with Qi Xiao for more than ten years and it was not for nothing. When an accident is about to happen, the front of the car will be turned back.

He stared, with the illusion that he was dreaming, the master who had been abstinent for a long time actually took the initiative to hug a teenager! ! ! Although this young man is exquisite and beautiful, what kind of beauty hasn’t the master seen before, and now he hugs him so intimately! ! !

The elite man feels that he must be dreaming.

Qi Xiao hugged Bai Chen steadily, without letting Bai Chen suffer a little bump, his narrow eyes looking at the elite man coldly.

The elite man instantly felt drowned by hail, his body trembling with cold, but miraculously sweating on his back, he tried his best to stabilize his hands that wanted to tremble, and clenched the steering wheel, “I’m sorry, sir.”

“No next time .” Qi Xiao said coldly, then retracted his gaze and put it on the person in his arms.

For the first time being held so intimately by a person, Bai Chen was a little nervous, but at the same time he felt sweet and happy.

He was very happy that Qi Xiao treated him this way. He liked that Qi Xiao treated him this way.

Bai Chen cautiously stretched out his hand cautiously, and put his arms around Qi Xiao’s neck. After hugging, he seemed to notice that he had not asked for Qi Xiao’s consent. He raised his head with expectation and a trace of anxiety, “Can I hug you like this?”

Qi Xiao’s lips curled up. He didn’t know what kind of magic power the boy sitting on him had, which made him want to be trapped in his arms forever when he first saw him.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed the top of Bai Chen’s soft hair, in his eyes there was a pampering that he hadn’t noticed, and his voice was gentle, “As long as you want, you can.”

The elite man looks at their nose and heart . He deeply felt that it was either the master who was hit by the evil spirits or he was hit by the evil spirits. He tried hard to shield all the pictures and sounds behind the car, drove the car steadily, and dutifully be a wooden person.

Qi Xiao’s words seemed to have turned on a certain switch on Bai Chen’s body. He bent his eyes, hugged Qi Xiao’s neck tighter, and buried him in Qi Xiao’s arms.

For a long while, Bai Chen shook his legs, and his voice was filled with joy and affirmation, “I like you.”

A short sentence, with magical powers, softened Qi Xiao’s momentum suddenly, and the depths of his eyes were a dull smile. At this moment, the eyes overlooking the rivers and mountains on weekdays only have Bai Chen, and only Bai Chen alone.

Qi Xiao held the person in his arms and stretched out his hand to pat Bai Chen’s back, only feeling that he had not been so happy in the past twenty years.

There is even a slight sense of happiness.

He couldn’t help lowering his head slightly, and pressed a soft kiss under Bai Chen’s hair.

When the car stopped at the top of the mountain, Bai Chen was already asleep in Qi Xiao’s arms.

The elite man didn’t dare to make a sound, and moved carefully to stop the car steadily, after reaching, he opened the door for Qi Xiao.

Qi Xiao took Bai Chen out of the car and walked to the villa with the open door. When entering the villa, Qi Xiao turned his head and whispered to the elite man: “Give me a copy of his information.”

The elite man understood. “Okay, sir.”

T/N: I guess this is the start of toothaches and diabetes (*≧▽≦)

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Avatar ARRSS says:

    I wouldn’t say the translation is the best, sometimes it’s confusing because of words that are missing.
    But I really like this cause it’s still understandable. Than you for very much for translating this novel!

  2. Avatar Somenonameshit says:

    I was like 😱, Bai Chen is so straight forward! I like his character 😏.

    More dog foods in the future. Goodluck to my single self 🤧.

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