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Real and Fake Young Master 4

“Mom, I don’t want to go abroad.”

If the original body is really an adopted child, then going abroad is the best choice, but the original body is the biological son of the Lu family, and Bai Chen has to fulfill his wish for the original body to expose Lu Qing and Zhao Jun’s conspiracy to overthrow the Zhao family, and going abroad will only increase the difficulty of the task.

Finally, when Mother Lu left Bai Chen’s room, she still cried.

Bai Chen looked at the back of Lu’s mother leaving, with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Bai Chen: [Why is she so sad?]

System: [Because she loves her children very much, this is the greatness of maternal love.]

Bai Chen felt he understood a little bit.

He stood there in silence for a while, and his body suddenly shook.

System: [Little Master, what’s wrong with you?]

The sound of the system brings a rare hint of eager worry.

Bai Chen raised his eyelids with some difficulty, [So sleepy.]

The system relaxes: [Little master, let’s go to sleep.]

Bai Chen nodded, swaying step by step toward the bed. As soon as he touched the bed, he fell asleep before he could cover the quilt..

The delicate teenager sleeps unsuspectingly on a pure white bed, wearing shirts and jeans that are too late to change. His face is slightly pink because of the sweetness of sleep, and his mouth slightly open to breathe and you can see the tenderness inside. The cute little tip of the tongue, he looks so cute and well-behaved, which is so pitiful.

At the other end of the bed was a neatly folded white cartoon quilt. The breeze blew in gently from the open French window, blowing the curled ends of the young man’s head. No one saw it. In the breeze, the neatly folded quilt seemed to be pulled up by an invisible hand, and then lightly fell on the boy’s body, covering the boy’s body.

“Hmm.” The young man gave a soft cry, his body moved slightly, curled up in a small arc, and buried his head in the quilt, leaving only his short, slightly curly hair exposed.

System: [Little master, you will be fine.]

Halfway, mother Lu came up and asked Bai Chen to eat, seeing that Bai Chen sleep soundly and did not respond, mother Lu look for a moment, hand gently stroked the top of Bai Chen’s hair, finally did not have the heart to wake up Bai Chen from a deep sleep and went downstairs to eat lunch alone.

Bai Chen slept directly until dinner time.

System: [Little Master, Lu Qing is back, and he is telling father Lu about your fight at school.]

Bai Chen: [Oh.]

Bai Chen rubbed his sleepy eyes, he staggered out of bed with a look of tiredness and walked to the bathroom, pat his face with cold water, only then did he wake up.

After taking out a set of home clothes from the closet, Bai Chen stepped downstairs.

Downstairs, mother Lu was not in the living room. Lu Qing stood in front of father Lu with his head down and a little nervous, his fingers churning the corners of his clothes because of anxiety, “Dad, I don’t know too well.” He looked up and blinked innocently. “I’m a little worried about my brother, I want to go up and see my brother first.”

System: [Little Master, the enemy’s acting skills are good, so be careful.]

Bai Chen nodded and walked slowly toward father Lu side, “Dad, you’re back.”

Father Lu turned around with his back to Bai Chen, stern eyes swept through Bai Chen’s body with hidden worries, then the worries dissipated, and his complexion instantly sank, “Fighting at school?”

“Dad, don’t blame my brother.” Before Bai Chen could speak, Lu Qing stepped forward and stood in front of Bai Chen, “My brother will hit someone, it must be the other party that upsets my brother.”

Don’t know which words of Lu Qing poke father Lu switch. He pushed Lu Qing away, “Unhappy? Not happy again! How did I teach you before? Look at you recently, drinking and clubbing, now it’s another fight. What else do you want to do in the future?”

Bai Chen didn’t care about father Lu’s anger, he raised his eyes to Lu Qing who was pushed aside by father Lu.

Lu Qing did not guard that Bai Chen would look at him at this time. The gloating under his eyes was caught by Bai Chen. He lowered his head in panic and pretended to be well-behaved.

System: [Lu Qing is very scheming. He used to pretend to the original owner in this way and smear the original owner.]

Bai Chen knew it in his heart.

He raised his head and looked at father Lu with a pair of clear black eyes, “Dad, you don’t believe me.”

Father Lu looked at Bai Chen’s eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts, not knowing why he was a little guilty of his reprimand. Miraculously, the anger in his heart was quickly extinguished under Bai Chen’s gaze.

“Dad, I beat him because he didn’t let me study and said that I was not your son.” Bai Chen blinked, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to school to find out.”

Looking at the distrustful son who calmly accused him, father Lu was stunned.

He suddenly remembered that his son was also a growing child, and he would inevitably feel sad and disappointed in the face of the changed life experience. He would do something justifiable to relieve the depression in his heart.

But at the same time, he didn’t make any exceptions when he did these things. Instead, he restrained his bottom line. The son he raised did not live up to his expectations.

Father Lu is a little confused, so why is he reprimanding his son these days?

Bai Chen continued: “Dad, I just want to study hard and live a good life.”

Father Lu looked at Bai Chen’s calm eyes, and suddenly felt a little pain in his heart. He thought of what Bai Chen said just now. It was only because of others’ words on his identity, father Lu suddenly realized how wrong he was these days. It’s ridiculous, because of his negligence, his son suffered a lot of grievances in places he couldn’t see.

Inexplicably, he felt a little bit sour in his heart.

Father Lu raised his broad palm with a heavy heart, like when he was a child, slowly covering Bai Chen’s head, gently rubbing, “Yuanyuan, I’m sorry, it was dad who was wrong.”

Bai Chen called out the system and downloaded a smiling picture, with some difficulty in learning the picture, curling his lips, “Dad, I don’t care, as long as dad still loves me.”

Father Lu’s heart became more sour.

Lu Qing lowered his head bitterly and was about to crush a white tooth. He held his hands behind him tightly, his nails sinking into the palms of his hands.

It was he who had made a mistake, and he did not expect that someone who had always been proud and didn’t explain would suddenly open up.

All the hints he said before father Lu turned into a bubble at this moment.

System: [Little Master, you are really amazing.]

Bai Chen: [His parents actually love him very much. As long as they communicate well, Lu Qing’s unspoken slander is useless.]

The original owner suffers from being too proud, and never explaining in the face of misunderstandings. He always stays silent to deal with the misunderstanding. Later, the trouble with father Lu becomes more and more stiff, allowing Lu Qing to watch him take the initiative to leave the Lu family as he wishes.

System: [Little Master, do you know love?]

Bai Chen paused, remembering mother Lu’s tears during the day..

“Dad, where’s mom?” Bai Chen asked father Lu who was leading him to the dining table.

“Mom, she went out to find friends. She will be back later and will not eat at home tonight.” Father Lu explained to Bai Chen gently.

Lu Qing on the side seemed to have adjusted his emotions. He walked cautiously beside Bai Chen, as if he was afraid that Bai Chen would be angry, his actions appeared timid, “Brother, you are not injured, right.”

Bai Chen didn’t move his eyes, sitting at the dining table, his voice was slightly cold, “It’s okay.”

Lu Qing nodded in a daze, lowered his head because of being coldly treated, and muttered softly : “That’s good.”

Father Lu saw what Lu Qing looked like, and suddenly frowned slightly.

After the meal, Bai Chen, who was planning to go back to sleep, followed the system’s advice and went for a walk outside to digest.

System: [Little Master, you have to have more contact with people around you.]

Bai Chen: [It’s troublesome.]

System: [The more people we know, the more beneficial it is to complete the task, and we can also go back sooner.]

Bai Chen: [Really?]

He tilted his head and thought about his previous life, [but I also seemed to be asleep when I went back, it was no different.]

The system is a little painful, it is stimulated by the plain expression of the little master.

Thinking about the life when it was first created, and then looking at today’s little master, the system that already understands human emotions and desires is suddenly a bit sad.

System: [But if the little master does not work hard to complete the task, I will disappear after the little master disappears.]

Bai Chen was stunned, and seemed to be unable to digest the information.

After a long while, Bai Chen whispered: [I don’t want you to disappear.]

The system is a little happy: [The little master works hard to do the task, and I will always be by the little master’s side.]

Bai Chen nodded.

Lu family Villa is located in Luye Xianzong1 Community. This villa area is specially built for the rich in City A. The identities of the people living in it are among the best in City A. Therefore, this community not only has the most beautiful and best green environment in City A, but also security measures are also tight.

And the places where the rich live have one thing in common, that’s big.

Bai Chen walked around the greenery of his villa area for half an hour and got a little tired.

Bai Chen: [I’m tired and don’t want to go anymore.]

The system’s heart melted after hearing some unconscious grievances from the little master, [Little master, sit down and rest, we will go back later.]

Bai Chen nodded, too lazy to walk a step, simply sitting directly on the ground and not moving.

Fortunately, the sky was already dark at this time, and there was no one on the road.

Bai Chen closed his eyes for a while, and suddenly heard the sound of a car coming here, opened his eyes and saw that there was a light shining not far away, it was a car light.

The place where Bai Chen sat was by the road, and he was not afraid that the car would hit him when it came over, so Bai Chen did not move. It’s just that when he was about to close his eyes again and squint for a while, he saw a little yellow dog suddenly run into the lane in the corner of his eye.

Bai Chen didn’t know what he thought at the time, so he rushed up and picked up the little yellow dog.

With a sharp brake sound, Bai Chen stared at the front of the car less than one centimeter away from him, blinking his clear eyes.

1: Wild Fairy/Immortal

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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