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Real and Fake Young Master 6

Qi Xiao hugged Bai Chen all the way to the third floor of the villa.

The third floor is entirely Qi Xiao’s domain, the whole floor is opened up, and the layout is clear.

The person in his arms was very light and soft, and even his breath made Qi Xiao infatuated. Looking at the spacious bed beside him, Qi Xiao suddenly had the urge not to put the person in his arms down, he wanted to hold him all the time, hold him until heaven and earth was old.

This kind of impulse came so suddenly and so naturally, Qi Xiao didn’t have a sense of resistance.

In the end, he felt sorry for Bai Chen and wanted to make Bai Chen sleep more sweetly and comfortably. After struggling inwardly for a while, Qi Xiao put Bai Chen on the bed gently, and covered Bai Chen with a quilt with his breath.

“Hmm.” Bai Chen squirmed under the blanket, stretched out two cute white paws, grabbed the blanket, hid his head in the blanket, and rubbed with satisfaction.

Qi Xiao’s heart was stirred again silently by Bai Chen, and he involuntarily stretched out his hand to cover Bai Chen’s soft hair outside the quilt.

The soft touch, accompanied by an indescribable sense of happiness, once again filled Qi Xiao’s heart.

Qi Xiao never knew that he was so easily satisfied.

But looking at the young man in the bed, Qi Xiao felt that this was what he really needed.

His birth and his existence are precisely for this young man.

The door was knocked softly.

“Come in.”

The butler held the pajamas and walked into the room lightly. He saw Qi Xiao’s gentle and infatuated appearance facing Bai Chen, shocked, he hurriedly lowered his head, and whispered: “Sir, this is the pajamas for the little master.”

Qi Xiao without looking, as if Bai Chen’s soft hair that was exposed was more attractive,”put it down. ”

The butler put down the pajamas and went out, suddenly Qi Xiao called the butler, “Let Gao Yan come up in half an hour.”

Gao Yan is the elite man who just helped Qi Xiao drive.

“Yes, sir.”

The butler went out quietly and gently closed the door.

Qi Xiao got up, walked into the bathroom, and soon came out with a hot and damp towel.

Lifting the corner of the quilt, he saw Bai Chen’s pink and tender cheeks, Qi Xiao couldn’t help but smile, and raised his hand to gently wipe Bai Chen’s face.

Qi Xiao has never done this job of serving people since he was a child, and no one dared to let him serve this way. For the first time, he has adapted well, did a decent job, and smiled from the corners of his mouth.

After wiping his face, Qi Xiao went into the bathroom again. After coming out, he took out Bai Chen’s hands and feet one by one from the bed and gently wiped them.

Holding Bai Chen’s ankle, his index finger gently rubbed the round and pink toes on it, and Qi Xiao smiled and lowered his head to give a kiss on the soles of Bai Chen’s feet.

Seemingly ticklish, Bai Chen moved his feet and kicked Qi Xiao in the face.

Qi Xiao, who was kicked upright, buried half of his face on the soles of Bai Chen’s feet, and laughed happily.

After putting pajamas on Bai Chen, Qi Xiao took a bath in the bathroom and walked into the closet wearing a bathrobe.

The silk nightgown was covering the strong bronze skin. From the corner of Qi Xiao’s eyes, he could see the white shirt hanging on the side.

Watching Qi Xiao suddenly laugh out loud, maybe next time he can let his baby wear these shirts with his breath, it will be beautiful.

When Gao Yan came up with a pile of materials, Qi Xiao had already recovered his usual unsmiling and stern appearance.

“Adopted son?” Looking at everything about Bai Chen’s recent information, a dark light flashed across Qi Xiao’s eyes. He put the information aside, tapped his index finger on the tabletop, and made a regular low noise.

Gao Yan’s heart was tight.

“Check everything thoroughly.” The cold and stern voice carried a certain danger of wind and rain.

“Yes, sir.” Gao Yan bowed his head and listened to his orders.

“Since Wenxuan knows Yuanyuan, let him make a call to Lu’s house, saying that Yuanyuan will stay at Ji’s house for the night tonight.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Nothing more, go down.”

Gao Yan went out of the room. Only then did he breathe out quietly, he walked downstairs quickly, dialed Ji Wenxuan’s phone, and said Qi Xiao’s instructions again.

“Songyuan?” Ji Wenxuan on the other side of the phone looked confused and curious, and said, gossiping: “How did Songyuan get in touch with cousin?”

How dare Gao Yan divulge information about Qi Xiao, and hung up the phone with a vague answer.

Ji Wenxuan looked at the hung-up phone in his hand, touched his chin, and revealed a sly smile. His horrifying cousin with a dead face, this is the first time he heard about staying overnight, and he was so careful about the other person, let him call Lu’s house for their sake.

This is really incredible news.

The more he thought about it, the more excited Ji Wenxuan quickly got through to the Lu family’s phone. After working hard to deal with the various problems of father Lu and mother Lu, he rushed to the study to share this exciting event with his father and grandfather.

Bai Chen woke up in Qi Xiao’s arms the next day.

Bai Chen, who had just woken up in a daze, was even more confused when he saw a large patch of smooth bronze skin in front of his eyes.

“Baby, woke up?”

A deep and hoarse sexy voice flooded into Bai Chen’s ears with hot and humid breathing, causing Bai Chen’s juvenile sensitive body to tremble, and his ears glowed pink.

“Ha ha.” Seeing Bai Chen’s reaction, Qi Xiao laughed happily, and sat up amidst Bai Chen’s still bewildered gaze, the silk slipped off, revealing Qi Xiao’s strong and powerful chest. With his breathing, his chest rises and falls.

Qi Xiao stretched out his hand and hugged Bai Chen, who was still a little confused, on his lap, rubbed Bai Chen’s soft hair, tenderly and indulgently, “Little lazy pig.”

The whole body smelled of aggression, but Bai Chen felt very relieved. He lowered his head and rubbed Qi Xiao’s chest, then raised his head and looked at Qi Xiao’s sharp and handsome face, revealing a big face. With a smile, he put his arm around Qi Xiao’s neck: “You are still here.”

The soft tone was filled with satisfaction and happiness, just like a child who got sugar.

Qi Xiao’s heart was in a soft mess, and he lowered his head to print his lips on Bai Chen’s forehead, “I’m still here, I’ll always be here.”

Bai Chen hugged even tighter.

After washing, while holding Bai Chen downstairs, Qi Xiao found an uninvited guest sitting at the table.

“Cousin, good morning.” Seeing Qi Xiao come downstairs, the unexpected guest Ji Wenxuan immediately got up obediently, said hello to Qi Xiao, and then cast his curious eyes on Bai Chen in Qi Xiao’s arms.

Today the kitchen worked very hard. There are more than a dozen various Western-Chinese style breakfasts on the table. The exquisite presentation and charming food aroma make people move their fingers.

Ji Wenxuan watched Qi Xiao, who had always been cold-faced, change his former appearance. He sat calmly at the dining table holding Bai Chen and asked Bai Chen’s taste in a low voice. His whole body was almost blown into a sunflower in shock..

My dear, the way I went out this morning must be wrong, my cold-faced cousin king yama actually have such a gentle side! ! ! My eyes are almost blind! ! ! And Lu Songyuan, who is usually so proud, has such a behaving and soft side! ! !

Ji Wenxuan was shocked and in a trance, he was about to ascend to heaven.

“Sit down and eat well.” Qi Xiao’s majestic voice came.

Ji Wenxuan’s soul that had just floated to heaven was instantly dragged into hell, and chilled coldly. He sat down obediently, took the noodles closest to him, and hulled to eat.

Sure enough, his cousin was still so terrible to him.

System: [Little master, you are very happy.]

Bai Chen: [So this is what you mean happy, um, then I am very happy.]

System: [Little master likes him, so stay with him a lot, but the little master should not forget to do the task.]

Bai Chen: [But I want to stay with him all the time, system, I don’t want to do the task anymore. ]

The system is happy and helpless: [But if the little master does not do the task, I will disappear, and the little master will also disappear, so the little master can’t be with him all the time.]

Bai Chen hand holding the spoons tightened, his excited facial features drooped.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Xiao, who had been paying attention to Bai Chen, said with concern, “Not delicious?”

Bai Chen shook his head, put down the spoon, turned his head aggrievedly into Qi Xiao’s arms, and hugged Qi Xiao’s neck tightly.

Bai Chen: [I don’t want you to disappear, and I don’t want to be separated from him.]

System: [Little Master, don’t be self-willed, as long as your Godhead is restored, you can stay with him for a long time.]

Bai Chen: [But he is a mortal.]

Even though he was in a deep sleep all year round, Bai Chen also knew that mortal life was just a few decades, a few decades is over, everything will vanish.

System: [Little Master, have you forgotten your identity? As long as your godhead is fully restored, allowing him to gain eternal life will not be just your thoughts.]

System: [When we complete the mission and leave, seal up this world, and when the little master returns, you can be together forever and ever.]

Bai Chen’s heart moved, [Then, is your strength enough? ]

The system coaxed: [When the little master completes the task and leaves, I will have absorbed enough power from this world, and there is no problem in sealing it up.]

Qi Xiao looked worried and anxious at Bai Chen, who was lying in his arms and didn’t say anything, he patiently patted Bai Chen back, he lowered his head and kissed the top of Bai Chen hair, coax said:? “Baby, what’s wrong.”

‘Pata’ the sound of chopsticks falling to the ground.

Qi Xiao eyes swept sharply.

Ji Wenxuan hurriedly squatted under the table to pick up the chopsticks and became a qualified transparent person.

“Baby, speak quickly, I’m very worried about you.” Qi Xiao called out over and over again, and the intimate nickname filled Bai Chen’s ears.

“Will you come to see me when I go home?” After a long while, Bai Chen finally raised his head in Qi Xiao’s anxious and worried gaze, looking at Qi Xiao with anticipation and anxiety.

T/N: kissing the feet again? Y is these world hopping gong like feet so much lol. Btw, Wenxuan, teach me to be a qualified transparent person please!!! o(*v*)o

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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