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Film Emperor's Little Wife 6

Jian Li v: Mine, baby [Picture] [Picture]

Jian Li posted a photo and a moving picture. The picture is a picture of him and Bai Chen holding hands. The moving picture is Jian Li saved from the news, it the picture of him lifting Bai Chen from the ground in the rain.

Because of the hot search event, there were already many fans and reporters waiting for an explanation from Jian Li and his studio’s Weibo to get first-hand news. When Jian Li’s Weibo was posted, Weibo exploded instantly.




These three topics suddenly emerged, and after getting rid of the hot search topics in the front row, they reached the top three within fifteen minutes.

Jian Li’s Weibo and the studio’s Weibo have become the sura fields in a short period of time.

[Uuuuu, husband, you are actually in love, heart twisted in pain!!!]

[Brother Li, although you are in love make me very sad, but I wish you and your girlfriend happiness.]

[Quickly, I can’t breathe anymore, I need brother Li artificial respiration.]

[Brother Li, can you send a frontal photo? I just want to know how I can’t compare to your girlfriend.]

[Congratulations to ten thousand years single dog brother Li, who has successfully taken off from the singles, sprinkled flowers.]

[My brother Li must be a good man, I envy brother Li’s girlfriend.]

[Brother Li, you have to take a kissing photo to show your love publicly, ah, tongue kissing is the best.]

[Brother Li, it’s beneficial to open up your relationship ah, but show off your abs, I’ve been greedy for it for a long time, brother Li quickly look at me, on behalf of all the fans that want some benefit.]

[Also ask for benefits, by the way, ask for a frontal photo of my sister-in-law.]

[Jian Li is really disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, vomiting, the word “baby” is too greasy, you think you are a novel master, really disgusting!]

[Waste Studio!!! Why don’t you look after brother Li, my brother Li was just taken away!]

[Haha, they will definitely break up, don’t be afraid, I still have a chance.]

[Ask, is brother Li’s girlfriend an insider or outside of the circle, I would bless those outside the circle, and those in the circle should break up as soon as possible, except for Zhao Xueqin at present, no one is worthy of my brother Li.]

Liu Fang also noticed Jian Li’s Weibo for the first time, and immediately launched a naval control review, suppressing some foul language in the first place, putting the praise on top, and finding someone to write a title according to Jian Li’s meaning.

The comments on Weibo about the public romance that Jian Li personally posted are fine, but the other studios and news reporting can’t be read at all. Liu Fang and the people in the studio have been busy for a long time and haven’t reacted to it yet, but those reporters start to make trouble again, some people have speculated about who Jian Li’s girlfriend is, the actresses who have cooperated with Jian Li or just entered the circle who want to be hyped were all put out by their studio.

Liu Fang knew Jianli’s temper, and immediately used the studio’s Weibo to make a statement, slapped the faces of those reporters and the 18th-line actresses who were trying to get hot.

There was chaos on the Internet and the studio was busy, but Jian Li, who posted a Weibo, leisurely turned off the phone and hugged Bai Chen, who was in his arms, and went back to the bed to sleep for a while.

It wasn’t until three poles at nine o’clock that Bai Chen was pick up by Jian Li from the bed.

“Baby, get up for breakfast.” Jianli coaxed Bai Chen to wake up, pick him to wash and dress, and then hugged him to the dining table.

The breakfast was made by Jian Li. After making breakfast, Jian Li deliberately took a photo with his mobile phone. Regardless of the fans who are still exploding on the Internet and the group of people in the studio who are already busy with dogs, he sent it willfully anyway, showing off his love on Weibo.

Because of Jian Li’s show-off operation, the Weibo system that had just been maintained was paralyzed once again, and the hard-pressed programmers had to yawn with dark circles to urgently repair the server again.

Jian Li, who showed off his love and affection, put down his phone very contentedly and started feeding his baby.

Bai Chen wore Jian Li’s large pajamas and ate a familiar breakfast, then his eyes suddenly became red.

“Baby? What’s the matter?” Jian Li noticed that Bai Chen’s emotions were not right, and immediately threw down the tableware in a panic, and took Bai Chen from the side to his arms.

But this action didn’t stop Bai Chen’s tears from falling, on the contrary, it made the tears in Bai Chen’s eyes fall more diligently.

“Did you burn your tongue? Don’t like to eat? Stop eating, I’ll cook something else for you, or order takeaway.” Jian Li patted Bai Chen’s back at a loss, trying to ease Bai Chen’s emotions.

Bai Chen shed tears for a while, and then shook his head in Jian Li’s arms.

He just suddenly became a little greedy and a little bit wronged. When he ate this familiar breakfast, he wanted Jian Li to remember the bits and pieces of the two previous worlds between the two of them.

Bai Chen sniffed and hugged Jian Li tightly, feeling a little nostalgic for his attachment: “It’s delicious. I like it very much.”

Jian Li was taken aback.

Bai Chen repeated it again.

Jian Li looked at Bai Chen in his arms, and suddenly realized that Bai Chen was not crying for the reasons he thought. Although he didn’t know why Bai Chen shed tears, Jian Li’s heart was sore inexplicably.


Jian Li gently lowered his head to kiss the tears on Bai Chen’s face, and whispered, “It’s a bit salty, delicious, but I don’t like it.”

This time it was Bai Chen’s turn to freeze.

He blinked with misty eyes.

Jian Li said: “I like watching baby laugh.”

Bai Chen looked at Jian Li suddenly relieved, he laughed happily, it doesn’t matter if there is no memory, his lover still loves him very much, even after changing world, the cooked dishes are still the same.

He has never changed, even if his appearance and identity change, he has never changed himself.

The crying episode passed quickly. After the two had finished their breakfast, Jian Li took the clothes bag placed in the living room and changed Bai Chen into travel clothes.

Jian Li asked Xiao Zhou to buy these clothes last night. When Xiao Zhou delivered them in the morning, he saw that Jian Li was not awake, thinking that Jian Li had only one day of vacation left, he didn’t disturb Jian Li, so he just put down the clothes and went back.

Xiao Zhou bought some dresses, so Bai Chen asked Jian Li to pick one for him.

“Where do you want to go, baby?” Jian Li asked while tidying up Bai Chen’s dress.

Jian Li is going to go to another place to shoot a commercial. After the commercials, there will be a movie to start shooting. There is only one day left to accompany Bai Chen on holiday, so today Jian Li wants to make Bai Chen happy.

Thinking of this, Jian Li couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. Why couldn’t he stay still before and wanted to take a movie, otherwise he would be able to hug his baby more.

Jian Li half hugged Bai Chen, gritted his teeth in annoyance.

Bai Chen didn’t know Jian Li’s psychological activities. He tilted his head and thought: “I want to buy some professional books.”


“I want to sing in the future.” Bai Chen said, this is the way the system selected for Bai Chen to enter the entertainment industry.

The original owner’s wish is to become a first-line traffic star, but did not emphasize which way to go.

After the system analyzes the current entertainment industry situation, there are three ways to become a first-line traffic star: acting in TV dramas and movies, singing, and variety shows.

Bai Chen’s temperament is not suitable for acting or variety shows.

In the crew, one must not only have acting skills, but also have qualified emotional intelligence. There is a mixture of fish and dragons in the crew, there are all kinds of people. If one is not flexible enough to receive people and things, one may offend some people in the crew, and then the possibility of being put on small shoes is very high.

From what the system checked, filming is very tiring, even if windy and rainy they still film, from time to time they have to roll in the muddy water, wear thick clothes in the summer of forty degrees, and wear short sleeves at freezing temperatures in winter….

Eliminating the problem of Bai Chen’s acting skills, the system will not be able to let its own little master suffer this sin.

As for variety shows, participating in variety shows is relatively easy, and attracting fans is also fast, but as a variety show host, they have to be fun, have more drive, and could control the field. Bai Chen only looks emotional in front of Jian Li, other times, Bai Chen was expressionless, so its silently cross out this road. However, the system thought that in the future, he could attract fans by being a guest of the show. In the past two years, outdoor variety shows have attracted fans superbly.

All that left is singing.

The singer’s most value is strength. As long as they have strength and the song is good, fans will buy it no matter how cold and taciturn they are.

In these three paths, being a singer is obviously more suitable for Bai Chen than the other two.

So the system finally made the decision for Bai Chen to take this path and become a first-line traffic star.

Bai Chen doesn’t care about singing and acting, he doesn’t have any special feelings about these, so he also obeyed the system’s arrangement.

After choosing the path of development, the most important thing now is for Bai Chen to learn how to write lyrics, compose music and how to sing.

The systems are not worried that Bai Chen will not be able to learn these thing. Bai Chen has experienced two worlds, and his godhead has recovered a little, coupled with the assistance of system energy, it is not difficult to learn these.

Moreover, Bai Chen has also learned some knowledge about music in the first two worlds.

As for the system professional teaching cases, he can collect them. Bai Chen suggest that he want to buy professional books because he just want to be quiet and alone with Jian Li.

Originally, Bai Chen preferred to stay in Jian Li’s house, but Jian Li wanted to take him out to play and make him happy, so he would naturally not refuse.

When Jian Li knew Bai Chen as the crew actress yesterday, he thought that Bai Chen wanted to enter the entertainment industry, he even secretly asked Liu Fang to find some suitable TV series and movie resources for Bai Chen, but he did not expect that his baby would want to sing.

Singing is actually very good.

Jian Li secretly thought, the environment in the singing industry is cleaner than the environment in the acting industry, he will be more at ease if Bai Chen goes to the singing industry to develop.

Thinking about this, Jian Li worried about Bai Chen’s development in the singing world again: “Baby, do you need me to find a teacher for you.”

Jian Li knows several well-known teachers in the singing industry, the two of them are very suitable for teaching Bai Chen, plus if there is someone leading him, Bai Chen will walk more smoother in the singing industry, Jian Li thought, later he can call and let them teach his baby together.

Regarding Jian Li’s proposal, Bai Chen shook his head and rejected it. He didn’t need other people’s teaching, and those teachers would hinder his learning progress.

But in order not to disappoint Jian Li, Bai Chen awkwardly explained: “ALi, I can do it, no need.”

Jian Li looked at the anxiety and self-confidence in Bai Chen’s eyes, froze for a moment, then chuckled, and kissed Bai Chen’s eyes: “Well, my baby is amazing.”

Jian Li knew what Bai Chen said. It was true. He immediately put down his plan to find a teacher for Bai Chen, and then began to think about becoming the strongest music production team in Bai Chen group.

Of course, this is not the most important thing now, the most important thing now is that he is going out with his baby.

Jian Li dressed himself up, and after confirming that the chances of being recognized by the fans became smaller, he drove out with Bai Chen.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I was wondering how on earth our MC was going to act, lol. Singing does require emotional intelligence to convey the feelings of the song (check out Lara Fabian’s live performances for a very expressive way of getting what I mean, she’s a story teller) & you do need to to interact with fans & host, but it is still much more doable.

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