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Film Emperor's Little Wife 7

As long as Bai Chen is by Jian Li’s side, he will be sweet and obsequious with a sticky spirit, always thinking of sticking to Jian Li’s body.

Jian Li drove the car, Bai Chen couldn’t sit on Jian Li lap, so he could only sit aggrieved in the passenger seat, he was afraid of disturbing Jian Li’s driving, so he silently stretched out his little hand and grabbed the corner of Jian Li clothes, a pair of clear eyes looked at Jian Li’s driving side profile seriously.

Jian Li was watched by Bai Chen heart and soul, he almost dropped the steering wheel and carried Bai Chen into his arms. Fortunately, his self-control was good, but at every traffic light, Jian Li would take advantage of that time to bring Bai Chen in his arms and bully him.

Bai Chen liked Jian Li bullying him very much. Every time Jian Li bullied him, he would open his mouth obediently, allowing Jian Li to take everything, even occasionally proactively sticking out his pink tongue.

Jian Li said he didn’t want to go out anymore, he wanted to turn the car and go back home.

Little fairy.

By the time the two arrived at a private music studio, Bai Chen’s mouth had already become red and moist.

Jian Li looked at Bai Chen’s ruddy lips, adding a touch of temptation to Bai Chen for no reason, so before getting off the car, Jian Li took off his peaked cap and put it on Bai Chen, covering Bai Chen’s appearance.

This private music studio was opened by a big man in the singing industry. It not only contains a lot of instruments, but also countless professional books. It even includes the study notes and experiences of many composers in the circle singing, so people who learn music and know this music studio like to come here to buy things.

There are few people in this place and the secrecy measures are very good, so Jian Li is not afraid of being secretly photographed.

The staff in the music studio are all well-versed, and they have met many stars in the singing industry. Therefore, when they first saw Jian Li came in, although they were thrilled to death, but they remained calm.

When Jian Li walked away with Bai Chen, the two employees couldn’t help but whisper with excitement.

Employee A: “Ah, ah, that’s Brother Jian, it’s the first time I saw Brother Jian, the real person is much more handsome than on TV.”

Employee B: “Ah, ah, so excited, for a lifetime, but why did Brother Jian come to us, and who is the girl next to him? Oh, ah, no matter what, so handsome, my saliva is overflowing. My legs are soft.”

Employee A: “Isn’t it his girlfriend? This morning, brother Jian public his relationship on Weibo, ah, ah, so happy. I was the first fan to see brother Jian’s girlfriend. I can die without regrets.”

Employee B: “Brother Jian’s girlfriend is in good shape. Although her face is hidden from view by the hat, she must be no different, having that figure. Brother Jian is really blessed.”

Employee A: “Brother Jian and his girlfriend are so sweet, you see that he kept his arms around her waist and didn’t let go.”

Jian Li’s hearing is good, and he hasn’t walked far, so the low-pitched discussions of the two employees still intermittently passed into his ears.

Listening to the excited words of the two employees, Jian Li raised his eyebrows handsomely, and then lowered his head to nibble on Bai Chen’s tender cheeks.

Employee A: “Ah ah, brother Jian kissed!!!”

Employee B: “Ah ah, it’s really sweet. It’s hard to control the situation in public, the strength of feeding dog food, there’s no doubt it was true love.”
Jian Li listened to the words of the two employees, and held Bai Chen to the shelf with satisfaction.

Bai Chen was gnawed on his face for no reason. He raised his head and looked at Jian Li suspiciously. When Jian Li stopped, he touched Jian Li’s lips and licked with his tongue.

ALi must want to be intimate with him.

Jian Li was about to reach out to take the book on the shelf, but was attacked by Bai Chen and almost swept the book to the ground with shaking hands.

Jian Li took a rough breath, retracted his hands, clasped his hands on Bai Chen’s waist, turned his body, and pressed Bai Chen on the bookshelf.

He licked his lips, especially with Bai Chen’s temperature, and said in a low voice: “Baby, you seduce me again.”

Bai Chen was trapped between Jian Li and the bookshelf. He breathed in Jian Li scent, Bai Chen squinted, he liked the feeling very much.

He hugged Jian Li’s waist, rubbed his cheeks against Jian Li’s shoulders, his voice was soft, sweet and obsequious, and his words were very candid, “ALi likes it, and I like it too.”

Jian Li’s breathing suddenly changed. It got even more rough, the flames in his heart were tumbling intensely, and he almost couldn’t control his body reaction.

Jian Li’s hand on Bai Chen’s waist tightened tightly, he lowered his head and kissed Bai Chen’s lips forcefully. Bai Chen raised his head, expecting and obediently accepting Jian Li’s fierce kiss but in his eyes it was a gentle aggression.

When Bai Chen was out of breath and couldn’t breathe, Jian Li let go of Bai Chen.

He lowered his head to Bai Chen’s ears, and the hot breath sprayed into Bai Chen’s ear: “Baby, I really want to go home and take care of you right away.”

Bai Chen’s face blushed, he was rarely shy. He buried his head in Jian Li’s shoulders, his fingers touched Jian Li’s waist and whispered: “Okay.”

In the end Jian Li still didn’t take Bai Chen home to do indescribable things, and the two picked a lot of the book from the music studio go to checkout.

When passing by the musical instrument area, Jian Li looked at the piano not far away, his eyes flashed, and asked Bai Chen: “Baby, do you know how to play the piano?”

Bai Chen nodded in confusion. The piano was his first instrument he learn in the two world, although he hasn’t taken the piano grade test, he seems to have learned pretty well from the reactions of people around him.

Jian Li looked at the piano and didn’t know what he thought of, the corner of his mouth hooked up. He leaned slightly to be level with Bai Chen, stroked Bai Chen’s cheek with one hand, and chuckled lightly, with a look of expectation in his dark eyes: “Baby, next time play the piano for me, the sound of baby must be very beautiful.”

Although Bai Chen felt something was wrong, he never refused Jian Li’s request, and subconsciously nodded in agreement.

After setting the piano and paying the money, Jian Li picked up the book and Bai Chen returned to the car.

“Where do you want to go next, or what do you want to buy, baby?” Jian Li bent over to fasten the seat belt for Bai Chen, gave Bai Chen a kiss on the face, and then fastened himself.

Bai Chen thought of what Jian Li said in the music studio. He wanted to say it back, but the system suddenly appeared.

Listening to the system, Bai Chen tilted his head and said to Jian Li, “I want to buy something for live broadcast.”

Bai Chen currently does not have a fan base, nor the slightest exposure rate. If he wants to quickly gain fans by singing, the best way is to participate in a talent show or have a strong entertainment company to promote his debut.

However, there are no talent shows recently. If he want to make his debut through entertainment companies, although the system is sure that with Bai Chen’s qualifications he will be selected, the speed is too slow. In addition, entertainment companies generally have to start as trainees. Not only is it tiring, but there also because of many people, if he compete for a spot, there will be more scheme.

It is naturally impossible for the mother system to choose this difficult path for its little master, even if its little master will not be bullied.

Compared with the above two methods, although live broadcast is not high enough, but it is free and easy to attract fans, and as long as he have the strength, it will not be difficult to sign an entertainment company when he gets hot, let alone Bai Chen’s figure looks pretty good.

Before Bai Chen entered this body, although the original owner was good-looking and beautiful, he was relatively dull and had a low sense of presence. Even if he had a good pair of skins, he was always neglected. This is why he was a crew actress for a year, the reason the agent noticed him.

But Bai Chen is different. Although Bai Chen looks blank and indifferent in the eyes of people other than Jian Li, no one can ignore Bai Chen existence. Bai Chen’s temperament is too cold in the eyes of others, but there seem to have some kind of magical power in Bai Chen’s body, which makes people involuntarily want to look at him.

As long as Bai Chen can sing a good song, it is inevitable to become popular.

“Live broadcast?” Jian Li was a little surprised, because Bai Chen didn’t seem to like to do this.

“Yeah.” Bai Chen nodded and explained to Jian Li earnestly: “I want to get started quickly and become a top-tier traffic actress.” After completing the task, he can stick to Jian Li’s side and accompany him wholeheartedly.

Jian Li was stunned. Regarding the gender issue in Bai Chen’s statement, Jian Li automatically skipped over. He thought his baby just liked singing, but he didn’t expect to become a first-line traffic star.

Of course he must fully support what his baby wants to do, all kinds of thoughts flashed in Jian Li’s head.

In an instant, Jian Li had already drawn up several plans for Bai Chen, but they all needed some time to prepare. At present, letting Bai Chen do live broadcast is also favorable for future arrangements.

The best way to buy a computer is to go to the computer store, which has the most complete and best computer configurations. It’s just that the flow of people has increased a bit.

But Jian Li didn’t give up.

Jian Li’s peaked cap was still on Bai Chen’s head. He lowered his head and touched Bai Chen’s forehead, then stretched out his long hand, took out a wrinkled hat from the gap in the back seat and put it on his head then he took out a pair of sunglasses and put it on. After the assembly was completed, he got out of the car with Bai Chen.

Bai Chen didn’t know anything about computer configuration. He directly asked the system to make a list for him, and then let Jian Li picked one of the largest computer stores and walked in.

There was a list so it should have been bought quickly, but Jian Li wanted to buy the best and most beautiful for Bai Chen. After the configuration requirements were met, he talk about the appearance. Fortunately, this computer store has all kinds of stocks. After choosing for half an hour, Jian Li finally picked one for Bai Chen that satisfied all his requirement.

Jian Li paid, and Bai Chen stood by and waited. Suddenly he felt a fiery gaze staring at Jian Li’s back, and occasionally swept over him. Bai Chen suddenly turned his head to look vigilantly and saw a beautiful-looking girl with bangs from time to time staring at Jian Li’s back covertly. There was a trace of confusion and uncertainty in her eyes, as well as faint excitement and enthusiasm.

Bai Chen frowned subconsciously.

He didn’t like Jian Li being stared at with fiery eyes like that, Jian Li was his.

Bai Chen’s eyes were cold like sharp thorns as he looked at the little girl. The little girl was awaken by the sight on her, she subconsciously turned her head to look at Bai Chen. Then she was frightened by the coldness in Bai Chen’s eyes, she turn back quickly.

Bai Chen stared at the back of the little girl’s head for three seconds. After making sure that the little girl would not look at Jian Li again, Bai Chen turned his head back with satisfaction and took hold of the person, who had already settled the bill and confirmed the delivery address with the store. Then walk outside the store with Jian Li.

Behind them, the little girl who had just been frightened back by Bai Chen’s eyes turned her head to look at them, especially Jian Li. She always felt that this figure was familiar, but she didn’t dare to confirm it.

Suddenly the little girl’s eyes lit up when she saw Jian Li’s profile.

It was really the person she thought of.

The little girl couldn’t help suppressing the emotional excitement in her heart. She screamed: “It’s Jian Li! Ah, it’s really Jian Li!”

Bai Chen was hugged by Jian Li and walked out of the store. Just as they walked to the door, Jian Li suddenly found that the hat on Bai Chen’s head was a bit crooked, he habitually turned his head to adjust it for Bai Chen, and Bai Chen stopped slightly to followed Jian Li’s movements.

As soon as his hat was adjusted, Bai Chen hold Jian Li and continue walking outside. Suddenly he heard a sharp female voice calling Jian Li’s name loudly, for a moment, the people in the computer store followed the voice and cast their eyes on Jian Li beside him.

Bai Chen was subconsciously displeased, but before Bai Chen could glared back, Bai Chen suddenly felt his body lighten, and then his feet left the ground, the scenery on both sides retreated quickly, and at the same time many young men and women screamed while holding their mobile phones and chasing them.

“Baby, lowered your head, don’t be photographed.” Jian Li ran quickly with Bai Chen on his back, reminding Bai Chen.

Bai Chen will make his debut afterwards. Once exposed as his lover, it will adversely affect the development of Bai Chen’s future. Although he can have a lot of exposure and headlines as his lover, he will inevitably be labeled as someone who relies on him. Labels, no matter how hard Bai Chen works and how strong he is, in the eyes of netizens Bai Chen relies on him. Even though he can also take Bai Chen to the top of the singing industry.

Jian Li wanted to give Bai Chen the best. Although Bai Chen said that he only wanted to be a first-line traffic star, Jian Li still don’t want any flaws on Bai Chen’s path.

His baby should wear the most shining halo and accept everyone’s love and flowers, instead of being entangled in a bunch of foul language on the road to success until sitting at the top and unable to get rid of it.

Bai Chen leaned on Jian Li’s back obediently when he heard the words, and buried his head on Jian Li’s shoulders.

He don’t know how long he ran, until the excited screams gradually disappeared behind him, Jian Li finally put Bai Chen down in a toilet cubicle.

Bai Chen frowned and looked up at Jian Li.

No matter how good Jian Li’s physical fitness is, he ran all the way with Bai Chen on his back. This would be exhausting. He stretched out his long arms and took Bai Chen into his arms, burying his head on Bai Chen’s shoulder and panting slightly.

Bai Chen painfully stretched out his hand and patted Jian Li’s back to help Jian Li breath easier.

It took five or six minutes before Jian Li recovered.

“You, have you been like this before?” Bai Chen suddenly said. He didn’t like Jian Li’s embarrassed appearance. Bai Chen always felt that Jian Li shouldn’t be like this. He should, he should, should…

“Ah” Bai Chen covered his head in pain, and slid to the ground feebly.

“Baby?” Bai Chen’s sudden change frightened Jian Li. He quickly reached out and hugged Bai Chen, who was about to fall, and called out anxiously.

“Baby? Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Baby? Baby? Baby?”

System: [Little master! little master!]

“Baby? Don’t scare me.”

[Little master, don’t think, relax, don’t think.]

Bai Chen was holding his head in pain, and the pictures in his mind flashed quickly and alternately. Bai Chen subconsciously felt that those pictures were very important. He wanted to capture those pictures and see the contents clearly, but no matter how hard he tried and how he shouted, those images still quickly slipped from his gaze and between his fingers.




Bai Chen shouted in his heart and opened his eyes abruptly, looking at Jian Li.

System: [Little master!]

“Baby?” Jian Li suddenly see Bai Chen open his eyes, he hurriedly put down the phone to call 120, cautiously calling Bai Chen.


Bai Chen looked at Jian Li and listened to Jian Li’s call. Gradually, the call in his ear slowly faded away and became nothingness.

Suddenly a nice voice came into Bai Chen’s ears from the void.

“Chen is the rising sun, welcoming the light, from today onwards, your name is Bai Chen, coexist with the light.”

“Do you like it, baby?”

A tall dark figure seem far yet near, Bai Chen opened his eyes and tried his best wanting to see the appearance of the dark shadow, he didn’t know why he wanted to do this, but his intuition tell him that this person was very important to him.

However, no matter how hard Bai Chen looked at, he still couldn’t see the man’s appearance. He could only vaguely see that the black robe worn by the man was embroidered with intricate and magnificent golden patterns.

This is?

Without waiting for Bai Chen’s to understand, the black-robed man in front of him suddenly disappeared into the air like a bubble, leaving no trace. At the same time, Bai Chen rolled his eye and fainted in Jian Li’s arms.

T/N: hmmmm…..Baby…..(◕3◕)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So Mr golden patterns gave our MC his name, interesting. Poor ML is going to loose his mind after his baby fainted!

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